Operations rp ideas for all sectors

Responsible for keeping the ship/station running at peak efficiency but routing power where needed, monitoring deflectors and sensors, and a variety of other things.
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madadh magic
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UFS Civilian


So yeah I been quiet lately and the one thing I been noticing in the series is what operations does. and started thinking pinsari (of course the other areas can use this idea also)

Pinsari...001 colony hmmm what can we do to make operations more...interactive. ahhh got it! shuttles around on the planet talk to them as air traffic, which means shuttle pilots please start asking permission for launching/landing and rp a flight plan. (which means please rp if operations asks you please give them a answer, and give that officer respect if they ask you to land or hold station) what this means is giving more immerisian rp wise to pinsari and other colonies. an example of this is say the shogun is coming into port and is damaged...the rp could look like this.

=A= Shogun to pinsari coming into system =A=
=A= Copy that shogun scans seems that you are in major need of repairs and supplies? =A=
=A= Copy that pinsari=A=
=A= Shogun we have submitted requesition of supplies please head towards drydock 2238 and hold there for shuttles to pick up your crew =A=
=A= Copy that pinsari setting course for drydock 2238. =A=
=A= welcome home shogun =A=

Basically what you did there is welcome them home and route them to where they needed to go. now you can even expand on this and perhaps get even another rp going...

=A= Pinsari operations to Pinsari engineering, you have USS Shogun coming in to Drydock 2238 she has been damaged =A= (come up with captain damage assessment to tell enegineering)

So i urge captains to please in ufs chat let operations know of what is going on, if your coming in, leaving, even if it's something pinsari needs to know.

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