Responsible for keeping the ship/station running at peak efficiency but routing power where needed, monitoring deflectors and sensors, and a variety of other things.
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justalt02 Resident


Hello everyone.

This Branch is about to become more busier than before and right now the "One-Man Show" won't cut it anymore.

The Operations Certification is a daunting task to do it alone, as it is a lot to check, certificates to be made and then of course the other Branch responsibilities regarding roleplays, class updates and class creation process and support to all of those that wish to create Operations classes need to be attended.

So i am now looking for a Vice Branch Commander and a Yeoman. The main difference between these two positions is one and simple: the responsibility is a bit higher on the Vice BC, as my Vice BC will need to represent the Operations Branch (and me obviously) in my absence. Other than that the workload is the same for both and no one pulls rank over the other. All decisions are done by me.

Who is eligible for both positions?

ALL of UFS members that currently do not have a Fleet position....this is not exclusive to the Operations Branch.


If you are not currently part of the Operations Branch and you are interested in these positions and if you get chosen you WILL NEED TO TRANSFER TO THE OPS BRANCH AND WEAR OUR COLORS. THIS IS NOT NEGOTIABLE.

What are the requirements?

I don't have a set of minimum requirements....i do however have what i call "Bonus that might get you picked but won't really be a guarantee"

And those are the following:

* Good Reputation and behavior (No...it's not the forum...it's the overall. We all know "saints" at the forum that are real "devils")

* Current and Past experience with Operations

* Academy experience (If you are a SIM Instructor double the bonus)

* Very Basic knowledge on graphic editing software (or at least willing to learn)

* Basic English (Portuguese is OK too ;) )

* Availability to communicate/visit other Metaverses (Astraios and UFSGrid)

Alright...those are the "Bonus"...but what do i really want?

I want someone with the capacity to Brainstorm about this Branch...and with ideas. I want someone that cares and tries to do a good job. Most of all i want team players...mature team players. Someone willing to kill the myth that is "so hard to make an inactive Branch...as the dull Operations branch do something"......yes thats the myth....

It is not easy since this Branch seems very "technical" and without the "flair" of Sciences....or a practical purpose of SL building like Engineering. But we are a limitless branch in terms of areas, so there is a lot we can.

If you have that way of thinking, and ready to spend a bit of time on this....Those "bonus" on the previous list won't matter.


If you are interested please either:

IM Justalt02 Resident on Second Life/Alberto Torres on 3rd grid/ Alberto Torres on UFS Grid


Send me a PM through forum


send an e-mail to rn.sl.account@gmail.com so an interview (e-mail only for RL members) can be scheduled.

Any questions contact me
justalt02 Resident


Vice Branch Commander position is already filled

Commander Madadh Magic is the new VBC

However the search for a Yeoman is still active!
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