The Operations Officer Certificate

Responsible for keeping the ship/station running at peak efficiency but routing power where needed, monitoring deflectors and sensors, and a variety of other things.
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justalt02 Resident
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Greetings everyone.

If you recall, around June or so, we discussed a set classes that would define what is it about being Operations. "Technical" Classes...a group of classes that could catch everything the Operations officer is about:


Now that the dust is finally setting down, i am pleased to announced that in terms of the graphical part of our certificate...thanks to Jamie Czavicevic, we have our Certificate:



That Certificate will be awarded either inworld or by e-mail to the officers that have completed the required classes decided on the previous June post.

This Certificate is:

* To ALL UFS members that have completed the list of classes set by the Operations Branch Command (regardless of current Branch/Division)

* An Operations Branch award

* On a first phase all ACTIVE Service Jackets will be checked for the necessary classes. Those that do not have a SJ should communicate me directly to sort it out that you without a SJ really took the classes. Though i recommend everyone updating their SJs. In the future we will have other means of figuring out who took what class but for now we are dependant of the Service Jacket.

More to Come soon...

Any questions please contact me.
Trekkieben2007 Resident
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Oooooo looks nice. I shall put in an update to my SJ now, how long it'll take for it to be updated is unknown. hehehe I've since taken a few classes since the last time that I updated it a few weeks ago.
GreyWolf Kuhr
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


That is one really nice looking Certificate, my sister did a fantastic job on it, well done Jamie, big brother loves it.
justalt02 Resident
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


I will have to figure a way out to not rely too solely on the SJs...

Also...looking at the list from June....perhaps a few changes might be needed...

I do want people to have their Certificates and not make it overly impossible.

And this is for ALL UFS UNIVERSE....including RL Chapter officers.

So i either exempt RL Officers from the practical classes (taught in metaverse)...or i simply make a list with only Theory classes for everyone.....
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