Redefinition of Branch goals or....

Responsible for keeping the ship/station running at peak efficiency but routing power where needed, monitoring deflectors and sensors, and a variety of other things.
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justalt02 Resident


Greetings fellow Operations officers.

I wish to point you out to an article written by me sometime ago...back in February and posted on the Delta Communicator in March 2012.

For anyone that has a doubt how the UFS Operations Branch works, this article explains it.

Some of it's information might not be up to date anymore because a lot happened and keeps happening after this article's creation. I hope you read it, reflect and criticize me on whatever is wrong.

It is almost up the time frame i set myself for my self evaluation of my work. After that self evaluation i will think and re-think the strategy for the Branch or if i have something different to offer to the Operations Branch or if it is time for me to go and give this job for someone that can do it better than me.

Any failure of this Branch falls entirely onto me ...because as far Branch's only me. No one else.

So you all realize what my plans and views were (and still are), you will have them by reading or re-reading this article.

No one is forcing me to do this, Kermie will actually be surprised by these words, but since the beginning of this "trek" i set up a 6 months time frame to have something palpable present...And right now things do not look so good in my opinion.

No one has criticized me like i did our previous Operations Branch Commander and that, believe it or not worries me, because i know if i was on your side i would be bashing my head off

I also noticed, from the Branch MSRs, that other BC's do it differently it than me, which isn't wrong as Branch structures currently have a certain degree of autonomy. For instance i am more inclined by support than the "roleplay" aspect:

A pratical example:

Other BC's do Ship inspections in character...and interact in character.

I, on the other hand, try simply to give support to any Operations Officer that requests it, especially in the academics part teaching classes by e-mail or inworld by request. Besides Roll Calls, that has been my main task.

But, perhaps what you all want is the RP type of Branch Commander...?

The following article was is re-posted here again, as some of you might have missed considering this DC issue was close with the UFS/SFR break up and you can read it here: ... icator_use
]Operations Branch Head: Foreseeable future and place in a “Post Reboot” UFS

Greetings fellow UFS members.

I am sure that i am not bringing you shocking news: the reboot has “landed” . This rather understandably “intrusive” reorganizing has perhaps shaken UFS to it’s core like no other policy implemented at UFS before did (and there have been a lot of them during the years, as any forum “bookworm” like me knows). Second Life, a platform developed and owned by Linden Labs Inc., could not be the main focus of UFS anymore. We are all aware of the land cost these days as we are also aware, i am sure, that the Pre-Reboot UFS was having difficulties in getting fresh new blood, those are facts. Whatever the reasons, the solutions we can all argue, the Reboot has happened and there is no turning back. Now...One of the changes the Reboot brought, was the one concerning Branches.

Branch divisions, Fleet positions, were always a source of internal debate at UFS. A Branch commander...what is that position?....A Roleplay one?...Is it in the chain of command? These discussions plagued us with the advent of what i want to call the “autonomous” Commanding Officer, such commanding officer of a chapter outside the UFS “Realm” were ultimately the sole financial responsible for the Roleplay area, and rightfully demanded more control over his officers, roleplays and less external fleet “interference” . Also, along the way...a profusion of bureaucracy started to, for lack of better words, “suck out” the fun of what was supposed to be enjoyable. So in this war of “who has the authority, who we report to”, Branch Commanders saw their original responsibilities become less and less.

Lets then start this exercise...comparison between the Pre-Reboot Branch Commander (latest version) and the Post-Reboot Branch Commander:

- Pre Reboot Operations Branch Commander

To avoid a direct quote of the wiki, let’s please be pragmatical and try to explain what really a Branch Commander did before the Reboot.

The pre-Reboot Branch Commander, on its latest versions sans authority (roleplay or otherwise), had the following functions:
The addition of newly graduated officers to the various Operations branch SL groups. Only with the main group could the new officer get the uniforms from Tranquility’s supply deck; to know who to add the Branch Head would follow UFSA graduation announcements. The Operations branch also had different SL groups referring to each division inside the branch.
Operations Branch Commander had the responsibility to define its branch class requirements, the whole definition of Operations academics.
Represented the Branch inside UFS. Responsibility on new ways to improve roleplay of the branch including the creation of Branch specific roleplays

A Branch Head was also a roleplay oriented duty, performing inspections on the various ship’s and station’s Operations departments.
Finally, a Branch Head was supposed to come up with a solution to every situation involving the branch.

The previous mentioned functions were, with a few variations, the main “headaches” for the Operations Branch Commander.

- Post Reboot Operations Branch Commander

The Branch doesn’t have the previous structure anymore (no more Fleet Operations, Logistics or Communications Divisions) nor the quantity of positions that it had before (no more vice Branch commander, director of communications and others).

Note.: Even though most of the old positions are inactive, that doesn’t mean - in a near future new ones reflecting the new objectives of the Operations Branch can’t be created.

The Operations Branch Heads (and other Branch Heads) are supposed to be content creators. We are required to create content about and for our Branch, from new classes to the update of the UFS Wiki and other media formats like blogs/newsletters. We should also encourage our Branch members to create content about Operations and work for a joint effort between all so to fulfil that objective.

As of now, and while the new UFS database does not comes to fruition, Branch Heads still need to take care of addition of new members to the Branch Group and are in charge of the Branch Roll Calls each month.

The Branch Head position is not a roleplay one anymore. It’s mostly a position of support and service, in many ways similar to the current Academy.

Each Branch was challenged by UFS Command to create specific Branch practical classes with a strong roleplay component. The classes, unlike Simulator Training, could focus on specific basic duties (a starship docking protocols) or in training scenarios where the main purpose is focused on the collaboration between operations department and the other branches.

Work as a support and consultant concerning Operations questions with any chapter that requires it. This will require a close collaboration with all Chapter’s Chief of Operations (or the Commanding Officers).

Finally, develop all this work with always in mind that there are other Chapters besides the ones of Second Life. This includes, besides all the other metaverse grids, the real life chapters.

These are, in a nutshell, the post-reboot Operations Branch Commander duties.

If you have been following the Operations Branch subforum, you already know what i propose myself to do for the Branch. However all of those goals are already categorized as short term and long term objectives on my mind.

The short term objectives that I hope to achieve completion in the following month are the Operations Blog (already in a very beta stage; this project is a joint collaboration with Comp Ops), a first article for the Delta Communicator (here it is) giving an overview of the future, the urgent revision of Introduction to UFS Operations (which became seriously “crippled” with the Reboot and needs to be updated to the new reality) and new branch specific practical classes.

I hope, after these urgent matters are solved, to focus on the wiki and updating it and also create a guideline for the Operations officer (which is simply a guide and not a policy, since only chapters can ultimately define policies concerning their operations branch however branch heads are supposed to be consultants).

Finally I would like to thank all the Operations Branch, those that contacted me with their concerns and ideas, those that had meetings with me and offered their help…I am counting on you and I hope not to disappoint you in the end.


Good luck on your duties, fellow Operations members…anything you need or any questions you have contact me through forum PM, Second Life IM or even through email and I will answer you as soon as possible and hopefully clearly too.

In Service

Lt Alberto Torres (Justalt02 Resident)
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