Operations Log- LTJG Dax- Flight Ops Officer USS Thor

Responsible for keeping the ship/station running at peak efficiency but routing power where needed, monitoring deflectors and sensors, and a variety of other things.
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Walks into her quarters after returning from the shuttle bays. She goes over to the small sofa and sits down sighing. She begins to speak.

Computer begin recording..

Operations log:
LTJG Dax Amaya
Flight Operations Officer, USS Thor
Stardate: 221107

As the newly appointed Flight Operations Officer for the USS Thor, I have spent the last two days verifying the maintenance logs and statuses for all shuttle craft aboard the Thor.

Six of eight worker bees are fully operational, the other two are currently down for maintenance thanks to a couple of Ensigns playing some thing called "God of War Bingo" I need to research and figure out what that is.

All six type eight shuttle craft are fully operational and up to date on maintenance.

All six type nine shuttle craft are fully operational, two are due for regular maintenance next week.

Two of the three type eleven shuttles are fully operational, one is down for a nacelle that needs to replaced once we are back in range of Federation supply lines.

The runabout, Mjolnir is fully operational and on standby for a tasked mission once we locate this pleasure yacht we are currently searching for.

The Captains Yacht, the Odin is due for routine maintenance.

Gets knocked to the floor by the ship shuddering as if it hit something

What the hell? Computer end recording and save log

Gets up and runs for the turbo lift across from her quarters
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