PRIORITY ONE MESSAGE: Starfleet Actions, post Hobus Event.

Orders direct from UF Starfleet Command.
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Mac Gaelyth
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Priority One Message

To - All Commanding Officers, United Federation Starfleet, Delta Quadrant
From - Commodore Kermie Mistwallow, Starfleet Command
Re - Hobus Supernova
Stardate - 130131

Greetings Captains,

As you are well aware by now, the Hobus Star in the Romulan system went supernova on stardate 120502. Up until now, we have been unable to send any teams in to investigate due to high levels of radiation, which have affected several planets in the system, including Romulus and Remus, both major hubs in the Romulan Empire. According to Starfleet Intelligence, These planets have been evacuated to nearby systems within the empire.

Long range sensors have detected that the radiation levels have subsided enough to sustain a heavily shielded vessel for a period of 2-3 weeks.

The Federation has asked that we begin dispatching investigative teams to determine the cause of the supernova. Early reports were that the Romulans had been experimenting with Red Matter, however these claims have been exhaustingly denied by the Romulan Government, which is why we were sent in to investigate, based on our previous dealings with the compound. The Romulan government insists that this is an internal matter, but since the immediate system has been evacuated, they have agreed to a cessation of hostilities along the Neutral Zone in that sector, to allow Federation Ships to pass through

The Diplomats are considering sending relief to the Romulans in an effort to ease ever growing tensions in the empire, and possibly strengthen ties in an ongoing effort to reach a peaceful resolution to the constant conflicts between the Federation and Romulan people.

Until that time, Starfleet has directed that all stations and ships set a readiness condition of Defstat 3.

There have been reports of at least one Romulan Warbird that was seen headed toward the vicinity of DS9, possibly to pass through the Bajoran Wormhole and make their way towards the Delta Quadrant. There may be more. Intentions are not known, at this time, but I don't have to tell you, that where the Romulans are concerned, anything is possible.

In the meantime, DS9 is on high alert, with Tachyon Detection Grids in place, and we are sending in several ships to protect the perimeter of the system. however it may be too late.

While we are primarily situated in the Delta Quadrant the fallout of this is Universal. Remember we are Starfleet Officers and treat any and all situations with diligence and care.

Stay on your toes, Captains. We can't allow the Romulans to stake Claim on any systems in the Delta Quadrant, for reasons that you already know.

Good Luck.

Commodore Kermie Mistwallow
Chief of UF Starfleet Operations
Starfleet Command, Delta Quadrant



I am authorized to inform you of the following in regards to the Romulan issue.

There are a number of Romulan Colonies in the remnant of the Star Empire, namely Rator III which have presumed the mantle of the new Romulan Captial. Obviously this will spark some contention between the Colonial Governments, Tal Shiar influence upon interimperial politics, and as well, provide a multitude of targets for hostiles.

All Romulan Worlds are to be provided aid, without bias or sense of favouritism, in order to prevent any assumption that the Federation is backing any one political group.

Be advised that there will be instances of raiding or assault between Romulan forces and Reman Separatist forces. Do not involve yourselves in any conflict between the Imperial Romulan Navy and the Reman Separatists: it is an internal matter, and is not for Starfleet to interfere in. However, if either Romulan or Reman starships prove to be agressive against aid ships, or any civilian ships in the area, you are to protect the innocent. There may be Rogue Elements from the Romulan Navy as well, as evidenced of the presence of the D'Deridex Class Battleship a week ago in the Pinastri Colony (Delta Quadrant)'s territorial space, assisting an alternate Reality version of the USS Veracruz.

Be further advised that there will likely be an increasing black market opportunity for raiders to take advantage or, particularly the more ruthless 'traders' in the area. Beware of Orion Syndicate, Nausicaan and other pirates in the Area.

We will not be aided by the Klingon Empire. Their antipathy towards the Romulan Star Empire is well known. And the Federation has caught their ire for aiding thier near ancestral enemy in thier time of need. Be aware that some less scrupulous Klingon commanders may use this as an excuse to use the Romulans as target practice... as well as certain commanders with a history from the Klingon Civil War on the side of the House of Duras may well use their influence in the region towards certain political arenas, or may indeed themselves be politically influenced by their allies to intervene against certain groups i.e. Rival Romulan Political groups and/or Reman Separatists.

Those in the Delta Quadrant, be advised of the rogue D'Deridex Starship in and around the Pinastri Sector itself. Be further advised that there are whisperings of further Romulan incursions in the area. This may be hearsay, however something has stirred the Hirogen.

the Romulan Empire is a political powder keg, ladies and gentlemen. We must do our utmost not to light the fuse, even by accident.

Commander Mac Gaelyth
Director, Strategic Operations.
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