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Orders direct from UF Starfleet Command.
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Nora Gerhadsen
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Command - Rear Admiral
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This week, ships all over the Fleet are receiving the distress call from USS Maxwell, trapped by a hostile fleet in the Hapke 5283 System, way out in the Hapke Cluster. Task Force Karuun is organizing to go and rescue the wayward ship from a species called the Karutak.

It could be a bumpy ride.

Over the next few weeks, ships from all over Federation space, including vessels from 12th Fleet, will make their way to the Hapke Cluster to encounter the Karutak. For the next four weeks, ships will turn to Task Force stories in their regular RP times. However, much as with prior Task Forces, there will be an opportunity for members not affiliated with participating ships to get into the action! During the final event, which will be a large fleet battle, an NPC ship, USS Goddard, will be available for non-affiliated members.

Here's to a fun and active Task Force! Questions about the Task Force can be directed to any of the co-creators:

Nora Gerhadsen
April Coswell
Skot Brit (ScottyBrit Resident)

In service,

Fleet Captain Nora Gerhadsen
USS Maxwell, commanding
Vice Chief, Office of UF Starfleet Operations
Rear Admiral Nora Gerhadsen
Chief of UF Starfleet Operations
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Nora Gerhadsen
Command - Rear Admiral
Command - Rear Admiral
Posts: 1339
Joined: 120908.1707
Duty Post: Chief, UF Starfleet Operations
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Grid: Second Life
Location: ME
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Following is a roster for participants in Task Force Karuun, organized by participating group (i.e. UFS ship/station, 12th Fleet ship, and Fergus IV). If you participated in the Task Force, and are not on this list, please contact Nora Gerhadsen in-world or through the Forums or Discord.

In terms of participation, this was the largest event ever put on by United Federation Starfleet, with four more participants than the previous record-holder, the Core Worlders Task Force held two years ago. The finale
on June 16 featured no fewer than 42 people on a single sim, all contributing to a single story as a fleet of Starfleet vessels defeated the dreaded Karutak. Of the 84 participants, 66 were UFS personnel; 15 were from allied groups (12th Fleet and Fergus IV). A further three were unaffiliated guests.

*Crew Roster, Task Force Karuun* total participation: 84

USS Maxwell total: 12

Commanding Officer: Fleet Captain Nora Gerhadsen
Executive Officer: Captain April Coswell

Chief of Operations/Second Officer: Commander Jayce Rebel
Ship's Cook: Te'ellis (xxFadeIntoMistxx Schism)

Chief Engineer: Lt. Commander Sandie Blackburn
Vice Chief Engineer: Lt. Commander Jak Forcella

Security Officer: Commander Marie Lawson-Calhoun (Marie Lawson)
Security Officer: Lieutenant Sinbad Naiver (Nerfstriker2010)

Chief Medical Officer: Captain Luke SpiritWeaver

Chief Science Officer: Lt. Commander Candi Quick
Civilian Scientist: Brad71 Mills


Karutak Bad Guy: Maximilian -Max- Pilumnus (Maxamillineum Resident)

SS Pathfinder total: 12

Commanding Officer: Andromeda StJohn (AndromedaStJohn Aeon)
Executive Officer: Lt. Commander Vardasilver Spearsong

Chief Engineer: Lt. Commander RuaelleLionheart Resident
Engineering Officer: Commander Jackray Toocool
Engineering Officer: Ensign Fitch Cooper (nolanperry123456 Resident)

Operations Officer: Lieutenant JG Mirona Thethin (Mironat Resident)

Chief Security Officer Captain Kondrad Hyland
Security Officer: Ensign Nems johari (KnightsPet Resident)
Security Officer: Ensign Weth Resident


Commander T'Sar (Sarheni Kanto)
Civilian Specialist Shayera Amaha (PathfinderFinanceOfficer Resident)
Captain's Yeoman: Lieutenant Mary Cantrell

USS Sheppard total: 10

Acting Commanding Officer: Commander Rich Lombardia
Acting Executive Officer: Lieutenant JG Fema Firefrick

Chief Medical Officer: Commander WilliamH Greymoon
Medical Officer: Lieutenant JG Emmy Lombardia (Emerald Parkin)

Science Officer: Commander Jim Bomazi
Science Officer: Lt. Commander Araulya Coronet

Security Officer: Lieutenant JG Talon Silvercloud
Security Officer: Commander Colin Nemeth

Engineering Officer Ensign Martian McDunmer

Civilian Concierge: Quinn Charisma

USS Thunderbird total: 11

Commanding Officer: Captain Azdra Portland (Azdra Resident)
Executive Officer: Commander Archi Merlin

Marine Officer in Charge: Master Sergeant RebelV (RebelV Resident)

Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Ariel Arrowmint
Medical Officer: Ensign Rickard Kevinson (Rickardkevinson Resident)
Medical Officer: Ensign Yumiko Cole (Valonthesoulreaper Resident)
Medical Officer: Lieutenant JG Koveneer (Koveneer Resident)

Science Officer: Lieutenant Drake Cole (Draconiator Resident)
Science Officer: Ensign Maarra (Maarra Resident)


Shaarra Resident
Gerritt Resident

USS Veracruz total: 11

CO Commodore Kinney Randt-Rhode (Kinney Randt)
XO Captain Aryela Dagger

Chief Operations Officer Commander Fred McCellan
Operations Officer Lt. Commander Leighann Mantis

Chief Engineer Lt. Commander Cyrillian Guardian
Engineering Officer Commander Moonprince Rhode-Randt (Moonprince Rhode)

Chief Security Officer Lt. Commander Kristoff Jameson
Security Officer Lieutenant Stormy Macpherson (Stormgyro Resident)

Chief Science Officer Commander Skot Brit (Scottybrit Resident)

Chief Medical Officer Commander Rodney McKay-Sheppard (Rodneymmckay Resident)

Marine Officer: 2nd Lieutenant Cura (Cura18 Resident)

SS Astraios total: 5

Commanding Officer: Fleet Captain Genny7 Markus
Executive Officer: Fleet Captain David7 Bravin

Chief Engineer Fleet Captain Karl Quar

Chief Security Officer Captain Dolfke Barbosa

Chief Science Officer Lt. Commander Flip Thatcher

UFS Affiliation total: 8

UFS Chief of Communications: Commodore Kermie Mistwallow

Medical Officer: Captain Lizzy Plantagenet (Lizzy Gracemount)
Medical Officer: Ensign Dazria Paris Mel (aadazriamel Resident)

Science Officer: Lt. Commander T'Prain (Isis Gaelyth)

Cadet Zach Starbinder (Bluedragoneye88 Resident)
Cadet Launce Kolby (LaunceKolby Resident)
Cadet Kassian (Kassian001 Resident)
Cadet Dream (DB Doobie)

12th Fleet total: 10

USS Agamemnon

Commanding Officer, 12th Fleet: 12th Fleet Admiral John T. Hartman (Archammer Resident)
Executive Officer: Captain Jeanne Falconer

Helm Officer: Marc Seven (MarcSeven Lubitsch)
Communications Officer: Lieutenant Luna ÃʍЪσŗɢίσ (Night Yakubu)

Chief Medical Officer: Lt. Commander Isabeau Nighthawke (IsabeauxNightHawke Resident)

Science Officer Lt. Commander Lina StarScale (Shannon Warden)

USS Garibaldi

Commanding Officer: Admiral (12th Fleet) Nizz Amarra (ArshesNizzre Resident)
Executive Officer: Commander Amanda Rose (amandavrose Resident)

Engineering Officer Lieutenant Smith (FaceofBoeandCo Resident)

Helm Officer: Lieutenant Terra Greythorn Boa Fallen (Tegan Jestyr)

Residents of Fergus IV total: 5

Kelly Geist (notyourchic Resident)
Gilbert Buchanan (GilbertBuchanan Resident)
Eboneezer Franklyn (Eboneezer Resident)
Mielekki (Kat Carnot)
Khazgho Zen (KhazghoZen Resident)
Rear Admiral Nora Gerhadsen
Chief of UF Starfleet Operations
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Kinney Randt
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Command - Vice Admiral
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Congratulations and thank you to all the members and visitors who made this story come to life. It is during events like this that we see UFS as a family. Not Maxwell, Thunderbird, Astraios, etc acting on their own story, but rather UFS working as a team towards a common goal.

That goal, mind you, was not the rescue of the USS Maxwell, but instead, the goal was to provide a source of fun for the UFS members. with 84 people joining in, I think we succeeded. Now the only reason we did in fact succeed was due to the tireless and endless effort of Fleet Captain Nora Gerhadsen. She coordinated the crews, as well as the people helping as NPC Karutak to make this story come to life. For that, I offer a special thank you and round of applause to Nora!

Now, if you weren't able to join in on this task force, don't worry. We are always moving forward, and the next event, when it comes, will be open to all of UFS and their allies once again. 84 is only the current record. I'm sure it can be beaten.

Commodore Kinney Randt
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