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John Aries
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Below take a chance and ask any questions and or any assistance you require for STO
To contact for one on one help email:

Assistance is available
7am-10pm weekdays PST
8am-11pm weekends PST

For Urgent issues email: Wolfton Foulsbane at

When posting on this topic a Responce will be posted 12-48 hours after if it remains in responded after a week PM John Aries

Thanks :!:
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Any quick ways to increase diplomatic rating for promotion?
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Quiskcest way is the duty mission for your officers.

Used to be able to do some diplomatic missions at a few places

Starbase Sierra
Orbit of bajor

they all had diplomatic missions that you could undertake, wehter they are still there or not i do not know

once getting to a certain mission you also used to get diplomatic mission in star clusters, again i do not know if these work
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Thank you Sir
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