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Lieutenant Aries and I can package up the Prophetic's bridge to be one of those gifts. When it is complete, I intend for it to be as much mesh as possible, while retaining functionality on and portability to all grids.
John Aries
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John Aries
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UFS Civilian


Recently with the Launch of Season 10 many features were updated and launched.


New Galaxy Map

This is HUGE for the game where as you were forced to go to separate sector blocks it is now possible to travel almost anywhere in game without transferring blocks. Blocks are Divided as so

*Beta Quadrant :farragut:
-Romulan Space :warbird:
-Federation Spacedock/ Sol Sector / Vulcan / K-7 :shuttle:
-Klingon Space :birdofprey:

*Alpha Quadrant :cardassianship:
-Cardassian Space / Deferi Sector :ds9:
-Ferengi now ADDED! :ferengiship:

*Delta Quadrant :voyager:

Featured Episodes
Blood of Ancients & Delta Flight

To not reveal anything all I will say is this, The Iconian War Begins as you go meet with Admiral Quinn on Earth Spacedock.

As for Delta Flight find out on your own it is a intriguing mission

Delta Recruits


*Recently I decided to find out what this entire thing of Delta Recruits is About. Well here is goes, You are sent back in time with a communicator to talk with your future self. I unlocks bonus items found in game for Iconian Weapons and so on. It also gives you a Dilithium bonus, this being said I would say create a character just to have these abilities handy. Down side is you are forced to do the tutorial all over again which is not so bad but it take a bit of time but nothing is hard as it once thought to be.

Update for UFS Fleet Status


Remember we need your help to Contribute and upgrade our base! to Join the fleet contact Grooveshark101 Resident aka John Aries or PM Me

*Starbase Status
-Upgrading to tier 2 Starbase Progress 15%
-Practice of Tactical Exercise 12%
-Ongoing Research Projects 36%

*Embassy Status
-Upgrading to Tier 1 79% ( In Need of Dilithium )
-Generate Diplomatic Contracts 73%
-Perform Recruitment Contacts 70%

*Fleet Spire
-Catalog Ancient Technology 65%
-Spire Infrastructure Support 61%

*Dilithium Mine
-Develop contact with Near Systems 65%
-Open Dilithium Trading 90%

**Updated April 23rd 2015 8:35pm SLT**

Foundry Class Update

Almost Forgot I got news on the class! The Story Arc Release is Coming in under a week (I hope). i'll post some Photos on the UFS Google + and Facebook Pages soon Stay Tuned!

End Report
Squadron Leader of STO John Aries
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am usually in STO most days of the week and yea, been quite a bit of a grind of late...
Sov Meriman
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UFS Civilian


nice work
John Aries
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UFS Civilian


Below take the time to throw some ideas of what you expect season 11 to go for and do in this exciting time after the war has ended!

SL Aries

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UFS Civilian


New starfleet technology, peace with the Romulans, the elimination of the Tal Shiar, new hope in freeing assimilated borg, an equal footing in the battle against the Undine and travel to more distant quadrants discovering new races and finding new adventures.
Kyle Asbrink
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*the character you had just spent 100+ hours grinding up to max level wakes up, it was all a dream*
You are simply a cadet fantasizing about the adventures you may have one day
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Sov Meriman
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why more grinding of course!
John Aries
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UFS Civilian


New Dawn Update Information:

The Star Trek Online team is pleased to announce the epic conclusion of the five-year Iconian War story arc with Star Trek Online: Season 11 – New Dawn!

New Dawn will rise out of the grim wartime tale to introduce an all-new story focused on rebuilding and hope. Discover a previously unknown civilization and uncover the mystery of a strange traveler from another time. New Dawn also sees the return of Chase Masterson reprising her role as Mirror Leeta from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, a returning member from the large stable of Star Trek franchise actors.

Along with new lore and story progression in Season 11, Star Trek Online will also be updated with new gameplay options in the form of the Admiralty System. Take command of your inactive starships to complete dangerous assignments and gather exciting rewards, while advancing your influence in the Admiralty campaigns. Within this system, each starship is given special traits and stats that must be used to successfully complete assignments. Plan carefully which ships are sent on which assignment in order to meet their requirements and offset various hazards, in an effort to yield great rewards across any of three separate campaigns.

There is so much new and exciting content that we can’t wait to show off! Stay tuned for more information about Star Trek Online: Season 11 - New Dawn!

John Aries
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UFS Civilian


Hi Captains,

We wanted to come back to follow up on where we currently are with the Mac version of Star Trek Online. As some of you are aware, we had issues in the recent past that affected our players from launching the client and playing Star Trek Online. We were able to work with our partners to bring the game back up and deliver all the previously available promotions that were unattainable by those players.

Following these issues, we looked at our Mac support overall and determined that we cannot promise to deliver an experience on Mac that meets our expectations of quality. After heavy consideration, we have decided to end support for the Mac version of Star Trek Online on February 5th. No other version of Star Trek Online is impacted.

Here are some important notes as we shut down Mac support:
The Mac client will be unavailable for download starting on February 5th.
Anyone with an existing Mac client will be able to play, but the game will become permanently unavailable via our mac client by Spring of this year.
We will be shutting off C-Store for all Mac users to prevent players from continuing to make purchases before it permanently shuts down.
We will be processing reimbursements and refunds over the next few weeks.
We will be canceling and refunding any active recurring subscriptions purchased between October 1, 2015 and today, including Lifetime Subscriptions. If a payment was made other than a credit card or Paypal, the value of the subscription will be reimbursed to your Arc Account Balance.
We will be reimbursing any Zen that was purchased through Arc or Steam between October 1, 2015 and today to your Arc Account Balance.
We will be reimbursing the value of any Packs purchased through Arc or Steam between October 1, 2015 and today to your Arc Account Balance.

For those looking ton continue to play our game after we shut down the Mac client, we would recommend using any of the popular programs to simulate a windows environment on your Mac, including the free software Wine.

We appreciate all the Mac Captains who have flown through the galaxy with us since 2014.

Perfect World Entertainment

If you have any questions regarding your accounts or subscriptions, please contact our support team through
John Aries
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UFS Civilian


Post from STO Blog 160505:

We're pleased to announce the upcoming expansion

Star Trek Online - Agents of Yesterday!

For the first time, players will be able to create a new character and defend the Federation as a Starfleet captain from the time of the Original Series! Fight alongside members of the classic Enterprise crew, including Chekov and Montgomery "Scotty" Scott, as you explore strange new worlds throughout the history of Star Trek.

A variety of new ships from The Original Series era arrive in this expansion as well. Fly through time and space using iconic ships such as the legendary Constitution-class Starship and the Daedalus Science Vessel.

Captains will boldly go where only one classic crew has gone before in Summer 2016. Watch the announcement trailer to take your first glimpse into the Agents of Yesterday expansion for Star Trek Online!

J.Aries :voyager:
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UFS Civilian



This new Agents of Yesterday looks like it could be real fun. The question I have is, how do I find the UFS fleet in STO?


Tfrogue Resident
John Aries
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UFS Civilian


Send a message to me ill be happy to direct you to someone that has fleet invite right or find the person whom can

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Hello, are we still active in STO as a fleet? If so, who is the leader and other contact information for them? Thanks.
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