UF Starfleet Astraios events 130603-130610

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All times 3RG/SL/UFSgrid/PDT

Immersive RP *anytime* - OOC is restricted to Welcome Centre Lobby, Cadet Lounge, R&R area, and QuarK's.

*Tue June 4- 12noon to 2pm - join Cmdr Genny7 Markus & LTcmdr David7 Bravin for STARFLEET BOOGIE at QuarK's Place, Starfleet Region (3RG)

*Wed June 5th - 10:30am - BRIDGE TEAMWORK CLASS - Galileo Classroom - with CTO Poison Toocool (3RG)
*Wed June 5th - 10:00pm - GAMES NIGHT - QuarK's Bar - join Cptn Karl Quar for Poink! (Greedy greedy)

*Thur June 6th- 10am - MEDICAL STUDY HALL - join Ensign Selenmoira Resident for any required classes or medical classes you would like. Galileo Classroom. (3RG)
*Thu June 6th - 12:00pm - "SPACE YOURSELF at The Orbit Club" - hosted by LT Saraleah Sands & Cmdr Dolfke Barbosa (located off region @ myst 5)

*Fri June 7th & *Sat June 8th
- check out the many great events on 3RG
http://www.3rdrockgrid.com/index.php?op ... 14|910|905

*Sunday June 9th - 11:50AM - OFFICIAL MISSION - **PLEASE NOTE the new routine: casual roleplay on the bridge starts at 11am, assignments as people appear. Official mission starts at 11:50am (3RG)

UFS Astraios 3rd Annual Military Ball Sunday June 16th from noon-2pm - "Masked Ball" - formal costumes from all cultures, alien & Terran, are welcome. Masks optional (& will be provided). Music by the most excellent Jeremy Nightshade!!

If you are needing a class, please contact Poison Toocool (Command/Leadership/SIMs), Dolfke Barbosa (Basic/Security/Intel), Karl Quar (Basic/Engineering), LTjg JohnnyB Guardian (Basic/Operations) or Selenmoira Resident (Basic/Medical) to arrange a convenient time, if you have any difficulty getting the class you need contact Poison Toocool immediately she will get it sorted for you!

-HONOUR GUARD - our XO came up with a brilliant idea, to become part of the Honour Guard for special occasions like the Awards & Promotions Ceremony in SL. I like this idea!! There is a class that needs to be taken, after that I can let the Honour Guard commander know who is interested. Let me know if you'd like this class.

Anyone who would like to teach in Astraios and other grids, please let me know, training is under way.

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