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((OOC)) Astraios Chapter - (Short) Mission Log Form

Posted: 120706.1018
by Poison Toocool
((OOC)) Astraios Chapter - (Short) Mission Log Form
as of Stardate 120706

A form has been created for the use of Cadets and Junior Officers when submitting a Mission Log for Battle Drills and Official Missions.

Further, Chapter Administration has discussed the matter of Mission Logs and the CO has decided that:
- mission logs are mandatory for Senior Officers (Branch Chiefs or, if absent, their Vice);
- mission logs are strongly preferred, but not mandatory, from junior officers when their Chief or Vice Chief is absent, in order that a report from that Branch may be posted;
- mission logs are not mandatory for Cadets, however, it is suggested that the experience of writing them may serve that member well in the future (please note logs are required for SIM classes).

Senior Officers will continue to email their longer mission logs to the CO for inclusion on the forum and/or wiki.
Junior Officers and Cadets may use the forum created for this purpose, available here: ... WEdGRXc6MQ

I trust this is in order. Do not hesitate to contact myself or the XO, Cmdr Genny7 Markus, should you have any questions or concerns.

In service,
Poison Toocool, Cptn
Commanding Officer
UF Starfleet Astraios