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Hello Everyone,

this is just a quick reminder that Cadets are NOT ALLOWED to participate in any Sector or Station RP. Cadets during their time at the Academy are permitted to do Simulator Training and may also participate in Cadet Missions (RPs), planned and set up by the Academy or together with the Academy.

If Cadets wish to join a mission or RP so they can get familiar with the duties of their prospective branch, Cadets may OBSERVE missions and RPs... While observing, the Cadet is doing just that - observing. Occassionaly some minor tasks may be given to the Cadet but the Cadet should not take part in any major role during the mission.

Any Cadets wishing to fully participate in a RP or mission MUST OBTAIN approval from BOTH the CAMPUS DIRECTOR and the Mission CO. This should however be the absolute exception and should not be happening commonly. Please keep in mind, that missions usually last longer than just one session... having a Cadet join for one and being unable to attend on the next mission day may cause confusion. Additionally it will be hard to explain by times how a Cadet could make it on a ship or station for a mission.

Thank you for your understanding,
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Clarification: Cadets are not permitted to RP as Starfleet officers in Missions, they may RP as officers in Sim training classes only. However, I have been advised that they are permitted to "guest" as aliens in Missions if the RP requires.

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