IMPORTANT: How NOT to step on each others toes

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Hello Everyone,

since once again I have heard complaints about people getting involved in stuff that is none of their business here once more an explanation what to do and what not to do.

Sector Command

Sector Command is responsible for the Administration of the Colony and to report to UFS Command about progress and need. Sector Command hires Sector Chiefs (NOT Assistants) and coordinates resources and staff. They answer questions, resolve problems and help out where asked.

Sector Command is NOT responsible for any of the branch specific stuff unless it affects the whole Colony or its operations. That means that Sector Command has to STAY OUT of the branches and their Sector Chiefs field of work.

THE ONLY EXCEPTION is, if the Sector Chief is inactive for an extended period of time or otherwise putting the well being of UFS or the colony at risk. IN ALL OTHER CASES Sector Command directs requests DIRECTLY to the Sector Chief, so that the Sector Chief can follow up, NOT Sector Command. This means, that if a Cadet askes you something, you tell them that you will bring it up with Academy and then Academy will get in touch with the Cadet or Officer. Sector Command WILL NOT take any actions themselves.

Sector Command is NOT a RP position and hence there is NO REQUIREMENT for RP nor can RP be demanded or made mandatory. This also means that Award or Promotion recommendations cannot be made dependent on RP activity... Sector Command is a busy job and not everyone has the same lot of time as others... so while one Sector Commander might be well able to do some RP, the other may be busy enough with their Sector Command duties and does not have time for any RP.

Sector Command is compiling a monthly report to the Director of Colonization and any other places as directed by UFS Command.

Sector Command is responsible for the promotion and award recommendation of the Sectors Sector Chiefs.

Sector Chiefs

Sector Chiefs are the representaties of their branch commander in their Sector. This means that the Sector Chief has FULL and ONLY control of their branch on the colony or sector. They may implement policies, structures, hire their assistant Sector Chiefs and other personel, etc. AS LONG AS UFS POLICIES AND ORDERS are FOLLOWED!

They report monthly to their branch commander and to Sector Command about their progress, planned projects, efforts and any help or support they need. They do so WITHOUT interference from SECTOR COMMAND, unless their is due cause because of inactivity, if UFS regulations are not followed, etc.

Sector Command may help and support Sector Chiefs UPON REQUEST but not just because they feel like it. ANY AND ALL procedures, actions, ideas, etc. Sector Command has about a branch in their Sector are to be discusses with the Sector Chief of the respective branch, who has to APPROVE or DECLINE it.

Sector Command CANNOT place or enforce any policies, rules, regulations on a branch or Sector Chief but merely give ideas and recommendations.

Sector Chiefs may hire one to two Vice Sector Chiefs of their choice, depending on their need and availability. They may also hire one Yeoman to work for the Sector Chief and their assistants. The choice IF and WHEN a Yeoman or Assistant Sector Chief is hired and WHO is hired, is SOLELY at the discretion of the SECTOR CHIEF, as long as the candidates meet the requirements for the position according to UFS regulations.

Sector Chiefs are responsible ONLY for their OWN branch. They may assist and cooperate with other branches if needed or wished, however, they have no authority over these branches and should refer all questions, inquiries and issues of other branches to the respective Sector Chief.

Sector Chiefs are also responsible for all their branch staff deployed on ships and stations as well as on Astraios Sector HQ. They receive reports from these officers according to UFS policies and policies the Sector Chief has made up for their branch. While they oversee all branch staff, the sector chiefs are NOT responsible for placing officers on ships or stations... the choice who is serving on what ship and in which position is solely up to the Ship or Station CO.

Sector Chiefs are responsible to ensure that their branch specific classes are on the Academy Schedule and are taught frequently. They have to ensure that all of their branch officers are well trained and knowledgable. If classes are not taught or are outdated, the Sector Chief is responsible to find teachers for the class or get a rewrite of outdated classes done or arranged.

Sector Chiefs are responsible for the recommendation of promotions and awards to their branch staff.

Branch Officers

Branch Officers serve their branch either as regular officers or as division chiefs. If division Chief, they are in charge of the branch staff on their ship or station, reporting directly to the ship CO/XO and the Sector Chief. If regular branch officers, they follow procedures and orders as directed by their CO/XO or the ship/station CO XO.

I hope that this is the last time I have to post about this and that finally everyone will understand... I am really growing tired of issues arising because people stick their nose in stuff which is none of their business.

If you are unsure about what to do or if you should do something, please ask either myself or Commodore Reiner for assistance. Anyone still thinking they can do as they please, breaking procedures and policies outlined by UFS and by Admiral Calhoun will be subject to review of their current position, possibly resolving in relief of position or transfer to a different assignment.

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