Astraios Sector - Headquarters Staff Roster

Moderators: Alia Soulstar, Ellemir Maven

BenjaminBastian Hermans
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Astraios Colony - Headquarters Roster


Sector Commander: Ensign BenjaminBastian Hermans
Vice Sector Commander: Ensign Poison Toocool

Astraios Academy Campus

Campus Director: Ensign Jen Clowes
Vice Campus Director: Vacant

Senior Staff

Sector Chief Operations: Lieutenant Soggy Bang
Sector Chief Engineering: Vacant
Sector Chief Science: Lieutenant Commander Data Axel
Sector Chief Security: Ensign Davido Herbit
Sector Chief Medical: Ensign Dr. YsollaTorin Sohl
Vice Sector Chief Medical: Lieutenant Dr. Piper Mureaux
Sector Chief Intelligence:
Sector Chief Honour Guard: Vacant
Sector Chief Diplomatic Corps: Vacant

If you feel you are missing on this list, please contact Sector Command to get yourself added.

In Service,

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