Change of Command Ceremony - SS Astraios - 22 July noon SL

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Captain Kem Vala, after being a UFS member since 2018, is retiring.

After spending two years as Commanding Officer of the SS Astraios, he is passing command of the Helenic Class Starbase - the Federation outpost in the Gamma Quadrant - to Commander Alia Soulstar, the current Executive Officer.

You are all invited to attend the Change of Command ceremony on Friday the 22nd of July, 2022 at noon SL (pacific time)

Dress uniforms are required for UFS members.

- If you plan to attend, and already have a 3rd rock grid account, and you do not already have a UFS uniform, please contact me to arrange a time to be issued your uniform, set up an avatar, etc. I can be reached at or on discord ellemir#5611,

- If you plan to attend, and do not already have a 3rd rock grid account, start NOW. It may take a few days for your account to be created. You can sign up for a free account at Complete instructions are posted in the Astraios Mess Hall, or you can contact me for assistance. To make signing up as smooth as possible, state that you are a UFS member in the Message box on the account signup page.

Lt. Ellemir Maven
Acting Executive Officer, SS Astraios
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