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I will put my personal log here.


Week 4 final report:

I have learned so much during this time. One thing I have learned during this time is patience. Sometimes things just take time to work out but they do in the end. Not to panic just because something is not done. This came in the form of doing my self-directed project. I was extremely worried I would not get it done but it did in the final hours. This lesson I think will carry on and help me be more patient as I raise in rank.

In my self-directed project. I learned one major thing. I don’t want that captain’s chair. The strain and the pressure that the captain’s go through I don’t think it is worth it. But time will tell if I will take the captain’s chair. This project also helped me in the form of realizing these people that are on the captain’s chairs are full of passion and desire and want to make UFS strong. They are humans behind the screen and having feelings. In my 15 years or so of rping, I have always struggled with remembering that there is someone behind that screen I am talking to and they have emotions.

This was an extremely fun course. I enjoyed it greatly. I learned in each step. I learned a lot through the Academy classes and the missions that I went on. One thing I got to do which was amazing. Was watching the welcome center go for totally bare when they took everything down to the way it stands right now. Without the officer on deck which is part of the JOOP program I don’t think I would have got that chance. Or I would not have been around as much to see it happen. To see the work the passion that all those builders put in was amazing.
I learned what it is to be a Junior officer. I learned the struggles that I will face moving up through the ranks. Just by watching new people come in and seeing their struggles getting through the academy to speaking to officers that where having issues with their own rp. This course makes me wonder if I took the right branch. I am very much a fighter but I am also a great listener and maybe I can’t fix the person’s issues but sometimes they just need someone to listen to them. While I work on my Master’s program I will take the Counselor related courses and see if that is something I will like. Or maybe a negotiator.

In closing I want to thank my mentor and the director for guiding me and trying their best with the issues I was having. I learned a lot about myself and how my rp will develop with my time in UFS. I hope to be the best junior officer I can be till someone feels I have earned the right to move up into a senior officer. Thank you again ma’am for guiding me and teaching me. I hope to continue to work with JOOP and move into the next tier.

Lana Arex
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