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Acting Commanding Officer - Commander Alia Soulstar
Acting Executive Office - Lieutenant Ellemir Maven
Second Officer - Fleet Captain Dolfke Barbosa


Chief Operations Officer - Vacant
Assistant Chief Operations Officer - Vacant
Operations Officer - Michel Farrell


Chief Security Officer - Fleet Captain Dolfke Barbosa
Assistant Chief Security Officer - Vacant
Operations Office - Vacant


Chief Engineering Officer - Vacant
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer - Vacant
Engineering Officer - Vacant

Chief Medical Officer - Commander Breydon Lane
Assistant Chief Medical Officer - Vacant
Medical Officer - Lieutenant Rondo Catteneo


Chief Science Officer - Vacant
Assstant Chief Science Office - Vacant
Science Officer - Vacant


Chief Intelligence Officer - Vacant
Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer - Vacant
Intelligence Officer - Lieutenant (JG) Dominique Calypso


Marine Officer in Charge - Vacant




Dori Rhapsody
Ray Dixon

> Contacts:

SS Astraios
CO: Alia Soulstar

XO: Ellemir Maven Discord Ellemir#5611

> About Us:
IC History:
This Starfleet outpost was established in 2399 after the Astraionian Council requested assistance to protect Astraios Prime, a planet that is believed to have a consciousness of its own. SS Astraios is the homebase for the ships that belong to the local Fleet.

Aims and challenges of the Colony:
IC: We are tasked with the mission of 'broadening horizons' within the Gamma Quadrant: Scientific research, exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new civilizations, and finding friends who will support the Federation vision of ‘Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations', protecting innocent peoples and planets from oppression. As the only Starfleet outpost in this area of the universe, we represent the finest ideals of UFS to those we meet. Astra’s sister planet, Treman, is a hotbed of corruption: slave traders, space pirates and other ne'er do wells populate this world and create issues for others in the Astraios Sector and beyond.

OOC: We offer an immersive Trek experience for every avatar, with a fully functioning Starfleet Academy as well as missions on the station and a variety of NPC vessels, including our flagship, the Galaxy-class USS Neil Armstrong. We aim to provide great roleplay opportunities, activities, a sense of belonging, and - most importantly - fun. We have several full-sized regions joined together, all designed with Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek in mind. Visitors are welcome to explore, observe and participate!

The future of the Colony:
IC: the Colony, and Astraios Prime, are under continued threat from forces who have their own agenda of dominance and extraction of resources. Although Starfleet’s mandate is one of peacekeeping, exploration and scientific research, we often find ourselves the only shield between the warmonger and the innocent. We will continue to stand fast against those who threaten our ideals of democracy, peace, and self-determination.

OOCly: Our UFS ship of the line, SS Astraios, has proudly served this sector since being established on January 11, 2011. Over the next year we would like to see at least one more ship launched here, on the hypergrid, where we can explore the world of Gene Roddenberry in our imaginations and virtual builds, as well as transport to a myriad of open grids for exploration and away missions (as well as shopping, social events, and virtual education). NOTE: We are UFS, just located on a different grid. If you decide to join us, your Academy and Service records come with you.

RP Location:
Astraios Colony is located deep within the Gamma Quadrant, on the edge of the mysterious and volatile Takaar Nebula, two weeks journey from Deep Space Nine even at the highest transwarp speed.

Astraios Colony is an outpost of United Federation Starfleet, located on a grid called ‘3rd Rock Grid’. 3RG is an ‘open grid’ meaning you can use it as a base to travel to other hypergrid-enabled grids, exploring the creativity and abundance of the opensim metaverse with the same avatar and inventory. Here’s how to get there:

In addition to roleplay, this outpost of United Federation Starfleet also hosts a community event on the grid each week- Starfleet Boogie is held Tuesdays at 1200noon (grid time) on Enterprize Region. For more information on our events and activities go to
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