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mission 220508 Captured Queen

Posted: 220603.1117
by Kem Vala
USS Armstrong

CO- Kem Vala
XO- Alia Soulstar
TAC- Dolfke Barbosa
Helm- Rondo Catteneo
Ops- Elemir Mavin
Eng- Eboneezer Franklin
Mission Ops- Breydon Lane

Once we had concluded the meeting with the Treman Queen, we received an emergency subspace alert that three J'Halidex cruisers were were heading toward her Summer Palace. They had already completely destroyed her Winter Palace and were obviously ready to drive the point home that they would exact retribution for the theft of their goods from their distribution center on Treman IV.

We set a course for Treman at top speed. Once we arrived at Treman, we spotted the the three cruisers. The USS Armstrong went to Red Alert and raised all the shields. Slowly moving closer, we were alerted by engineering and TAC that our shield strength was dropping. The shields finally dropped to zero percent and engineering could not raise them again. There was only one explanation for this- we were getting hit by a Phased Polaron Beam, like the Dominion used to use during the war.

At that point we got another emergency alert, that the J'Halidex had transported the Treman Queen to their own vessel. In essence, she was being kidnapped. Then, the cruisers fired on her Summer Palace and razed it to the ground. As we powered up our phaser banks, the cruisers turned away and left at warp speed. We tracked their heading but our sensors indicated that one cruiser had turned around and was heading straight for us, firing lasers.

They fired three nuclear missiles at the Armstrong, and we realised that without shields, these ballistic weapons would do serious damage to our ship. We tried hailing the J'Halidex cruiser twice, but they did not reply. We went to Evasive maneuver Beta 2, attempting to dive under the cruiser and firing all phaser banks at the same time. The missiles were much slower than we'd anticipated and struggled to keep up with our course change.

Beta 2 reduced the J'Halidex shields to 40% so we reversed the attack and swung from their port to their starboard side. Their ventral shields were now depleted and our phasers managed to breach their hull. We then turned about and positioned ourselves 200k kilometers from the cruiser. The missiles could not keep up and drifted away into space.

Ops announced that we had successfully cut through their hull, effectively cutting the ship in half. Sensors indicated that the J'Halidex were venting gasses that we assumed were part of their life support system. Their attack ceased and they sat in space, seemingly lifeless. In the meantime, our own shields began to slowly power back up. It was determined that the J'Halidex were using a micro singularity to power their ship. We put more distance between us and the cruiser as it appeared its containment field was failing around the singularity. It was a minute or so before the entire cruiser exploded in a brilliant ball of light.

The other two cruisers had dropped off our scans. They had escaped with the Treman Queen as their prisoner. After notifying Col. Nacca on Treman prime, we headed home to SS Astraios.