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mission 220501- Visit from the Treman Queen

Posted: 220602.1753
by Kem Vala
USS Armstrong

CO Cpt. Kem Vala
XO Cmdr. Alia Soulstar
Security Cpt. Dolfke Barbosa
Eng. Lt.Cmdr. Eboneezer Franklin
Ops. Lieutenant Elemir Mavin
Intel LTjg. Dominique Calypso
Sci. Ens. Mark Claridge
Queen of Treman- Alia Soulstar

After having been contacted by the Tremanites, we awaited the queen's arrival in our transporter room. Captain Vala met her in the transporter room and accompanied her to the briefing room where the crew awaited the meeting.

The queen announced that The J'Halidex had accused her and her cohort of pirate associates of stealing some equipment from their distribution center. She indicated that her military was not capable of facing the J'Halidex cruisers, of which there were three. She also announced that they had leveled her Winter Palace and were re-positioning themselves near her Summer Palace.

We had offered her to join the Federation as an ally, which she was skeptical of. Capt. Vala also insisted that the the Treman pirates be excluded from any alliance negotiations, and that it should be Col. Nacca who gets involved.

Obviously, the queen was staunchly against giving up any of Treman's cultural operations for the sake of the Federation. Soon after she made this known, a very apparent antipathy developed between the Queen and our Security Chief. They traded barbs until the Chief called in some security guards. As Col. Nacca was brought up again, the Queen said, "Nacca is a fool. But he is our fool." implying that she was not willing to join the Federation. She considered Federation rule as tyranny.

After being reminded that her planet was in imminent danger, she agreed to allow Col. Nacca to negotiate the terms of alliance with the Federation. She was then escorted back to the transporter room.