Mission 220320 Send Him Home

Starfleet re-established its first Colony in the Gamma Quadrant on Astraios Prime on stardate 110111. SS Astraios is a space-station in high orbit above the planet Astraios Prime, to help with its protection and provide a base for the local fleet. UFS Astraios Colony and SS Astraios are tasked with the mission of ‘broadening horizons’ within the Gamma Quadrant, by exploring strange new worlds and seeking out new civilisations.

The opportunity for roleplay Missions is enhanced by the ready availability of a wide variety of locations. As well as the space station SS Astraios and on board NPC ships, including our flagship the Galaxy-class USS Neil Armstrong, there are locations on Astraios Prime (both within the Colony’s many Starfleet regions and on the rest of the planet) and more, both on 3rd Rock Grid and other Grids via the Hypergrid.

In addition to role-play, UFS Astraios hosts a weekly Starfleet Boogie each Tuesday and various events throughout the year.

Roleplay Times: Friday Noon SL
Commanding Officer: Alia Soulstar
Executive Officer: Ellemir Maven

Moderators: Alia Soulstar, Ellemir Maven

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Mission 220320 Send Him Home

USS Armstrong

CO: Kem Vala
XO/HELM: Alia Soulstar
TAC: Dolfke Barbosa
OPS: Breydon Lane
ENG: Eboneezer Franklin

After sending the JHalidex fleet to some unknown destination, thousands of light years from the Iconian Gatewy, we assembled in Security to speak with the JHalid prisoner in the brig. Our intention was to return him to his people so we had to find some location to take him to.

The JHalid refused to answer our questions until I told him he would never see his "armada" again because we had sent them to some unknown location at the fringes of the Milky Way. He finally let it slip where his home planet was. We thanked him very kindly and proceeded to make way to those coordinates.

When we got there, we were confronted by an enormous ship, but we detected no planet in the vicinity. It was proposed that the JHalidex had no home planet but instead, were using enormous mother ships for their base of operations.

We hailed the JHalidex ship and informed them that we had a prisoner we wanted to transport to their location. They informed us that it was not permitted for Federation vessels to transport anyone onto their ship. They instead wanted to transport him out of our brig.

We agreed and I had TAC lower the shields. Once it was confirmed that the JHalid was no longer on the USS Armstrong, we again raised our shields and and set a course back to SS Astraios, keeping our eyes on the JHalidex ship to make sure they were not powering up their weapons.

We arrived at SS Astraios and celebrated another successful mission.

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