Mission 220306 Iconian Trick

Starfleet re-established its first Colony in the Gamma Quadrant on Astraios Prime on stardate 110111. SS Astraios is a space-station in high orbit above the planet Astraios Prime, to help with its protection and provide a base for the local fleet. UFS Astraios Colony and SS Astraios are tasked with the mission of ‘broadening horizons’ within the Gamma Quadrant, by exploring strange new worlds and seeking out new civilisations.

The opportunity for roleplay Missions is enhanced by the ready availability of a wide variety of locations. As well as the space station SS Astraios and on board NPC ships, including our flagship the Galaxy-class USS Neil Armstrong, there are locations on Astraios Prime (both within the Colony’s many Starfleet regions and on the rest of the planet) and more, both on 3rd Rock Grid and other Grids via the Hypergrid.

In addition to role-play, UFS Astraios hosts a weekly Starfleet Boogie each Tuesday and various events throughout the year.

Roleplay Times: Friday Noon SL
Commanding Officer: Alia Soulstar
Executive Officer: Ellemir Maven

Moderators: Ellemir Maven, Alia Soulstar

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USS Armstrong

CO: Kem Vala
Helm: Rondo Catteneo
Ops: Ellemir Mavin
Eng: Eboneezer Franklin
Mission Ops: Synar Silversun

An armada of JHalidex ships approaches us and hails the USS Armstrong. Their commander threatens us with annihilation if we do not surrender the Iconian Gateway to them. This armada comprises 18 heavy cruisers, 30 medium cruisers and 24 light cruisers, accompanied by 42 frigates. We are obviously outgunned.

I informed the JHalidex that the gateway is currently in a locked state and it would take some time to unlock it.

Dr. Kavorkian informed us that this gate has 2 modes, according to their research. One mode transfers the travelers to another gateway, where the Dyson Ring is located. The second mode transfers a ship into an outer arm of the galaxy, coordinates unknown. There is not, however another gate at that destination, making it a one-way trip.
The Doctor gives us the coordinates for the second mode and we begin to enter the data into the remote control for the gateway.

The JHallidex inform us that their fleet will arrive in 15 minutes and if the gate is not open by then, we will be destroyed. I remind the JHalidex that if we are destroyed, the gate will remain locked permanently.

We backed the Armstrong away from the gate as it opened up slowly to the new co-ordinance. The JHalidex fleet arrived just as the gate fully opened. As a ploy to get them to enter the gate all at once, I informed them that the gateway would adjust its size to accommodate them and that it would be advisable for the entire fleet to enter it at the same time to maintain temporal stability. This way, if they noticed the gateway was not going to the Dyson Ring, they would have no way to reciprocate.

The ruse worked. All JHalidex ships entered the gateway at the same time and one straggler locked on to us with torpedoes. Fortunately, that ship also entered the gate before it got a chance to fire.

Engineering sent the command to close the gate. In two minutes, the gate was closed and locked. The JHalidex fleet was trapped in unknown space.

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