Mission 211128 Pursuit

Starfleet re-established its first Colony in the Gamma Quadrant on Astraios Prime on stardate 110111. SS Astraios is a space-station in high orbit above the planet Astraios Prime, to help with its protection and provide a base for the local fleet. UFS Astraios Colony and SS Astraios are tasked with the mission of ‘broadening horizons’ within the Gamma Quadrant, by exploring strange new worlds and seeking out new civilisations.

The opportunity for roleplay Missions is enhanced by the ready availability of a wide variety of locations. As well as the space station SS Astraios and on board NPC ships, including our flagship the Galaxy-class USS Neil Armstrong, there are locations on Astraios Prime (both within the Colony’s many Starfleet regions and on the rest of the planet) and more, both on 3rd Rock Grid and other Grids via the Hypergrid.

In addition to role-play, UFS Astraios hosts a weekly Starfleet Boogie each Tuesday and various events throughout the year.

Roleplay Times: Friday Noon SL
Commanding Officer: Alia Soulstar
Executive Officer: Ellemir Maven

Moderators: Alia Soulstar, Ellemir Maven

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Just as the USS Armstrong began to approach the J'Halidex vessel, it turned away and went into warp 7.1. We tracked the ship and pursued. After a while, the aliens changed course and headed for the Takaar Nebula, hoping to evade our scans. We'd figured out their shield frequencies, jammed their shields, and transported our emissary to the medical bay. He was unconscious and we proceeded to analyze his condition.

As we entered the nebula, the J'Halidex turned and fired on the USS Armstrong, knocking our shields down to 50%. We returned fire and exited the nebula. Setting a course back to Zanduk Prime, we noted that the J'Halidex ship did not pursue us.

The following Addendum was prepared by Ensign Ellemir Mavin, giving a synopsis of the entire series of missions:


The USS Armstrong recently responded to a humanitarian crisis on the planet of Zanduk Prime (Federation Gamma Quadrant Catalog 8675309). During the response, it was discovered that a local political figure was engaged in trade with a previously unknown alien species (See Jhalidex Intel file) at the expense of his own citizens.


It has now been established that the Jhalidex species is engaged in a trade agreement with Governor Rokine of Zanduk. The agreement has resulted in Zanduk being given advanced technology in exchange for food.

The agreement has resulted in near starvation for Zanduk citizens. The Zanduk military has been used to quell citizen riots resulting from the lack of food.

The Governor acquired an “energy cannon” of alien design and other advanced technology such as short range (non-warp-capable) shuttles. It is estimated that the weapons can destroy or significantly damage modern starships within 250,000 km of Zanduk.

The Federation emissary, left on Zanduk to oversee the redistribution of stockpiled food, has been given to the Jhalidex for interrogation.

Governor Rokine participated in the arrest and interrogation of Captain Vala.

Relevant History

The SS Astraios received intelligence pointing to a humanitarian crisis on the planet of Zanduk Prime.

The Federation responded, dispatching Armstrong to investigate.

Upon arrival, Armstrong conducted an extensive survey using sensors and communication intercepts to evaluate the situation. According to the local news sources, it was widely believed that Governor Rokine was stockpiling food instead of ensuring it was available to his citizens.

The away team, led by Captain Vala, decided to respond by meeting with Governor Rokine and representing the team as a diplomatic mission from another country, wanting to assist with the crisis.

The Governor explained that the food crisis was not stockpiling, but because of a non-local avian, the chi-ken, that had been spreading in the local area.

Upon additional investigation, it was discovered that the Governor had introduced the chi-ken to the area as an biological insect control mechanism, without the realization that the avians would eat the insects that pollinated the food crops.

Captain Vala proposed that if the Governor would agree to release the stockpiled food back to the citizens, that low tech solutions to the bird problem would be provided, and this was done.

Governor Rokine agreed that an Emissary (observer) be left behind to ensure the agreement was followed. They tracked our ship in orbit thanks to high tech gear they had acquired from an unknown source. They guessed we were aliens. At that point our cover story became that we were from a local system (accessible without warp).

On Stardate 211031, the SS Astraios received an emergency transmission from the Emissary on Zanduk, but it cut out without any intelligible message. As a result, Captain Vala ordered the Armstrong to proceed to Zanduk at all possible speed to investigate.

Once in Zanduk orbit, sensors were unable to detect the emissary or his communications device. Captain Vala decided that the away team would return to the surface, attempting to find out what happened to cause the loss of communication.

Once on the surface, the Captain contacted Governor Rokine and asked for a meeting. The Governor had selected a location outside the city and it was necessary for the away team to conceal themselves some distance away to avoid being seen. The Governor arrived in a military vehicle and ordered that Captain Vala be taken away for questioning.

The away team was unable to follow, but Commander Soulstar suggested that we split up into groups of two and search for the Captain. Her suggestion that we track him based on a theta radiation signature that is detectable in Retallians (Vala’s species) worked well and we were able to track him to what appeared to be a new military facility several kilometers from the city.

Fortunately, the new facility was not fully operational and the away team was able to slip through a gap in the force field, disable the security personnel and several defensive weapons systems without incident. The Captain was unharmed but had been interrogated and was woozy from the drugs administered. The team returned to the Armstrong so the Captain could receive medical care.

While the Captain was being checked by the Station Medical Officer, Lieutenant Cattaneo, the XO ordered that a high resolution sensor scan of the planetary surface be performed, focusing on identifying any locations with higher than expected technology.

Two sites were identified as being of interest:

A military airfield 10km from the city had two shuttlecraft sitting on the runway. Although the models are unknown to Starfleet, they are believed to be equivalent to a Starfleet Class 6, short range atmosphere to orbit with no warp capability but would allow planet to planet travel within the Zanduk system.

A significant energy source was located in a mountain valley approximately 7km from the city. Closer study revealed a complex consisting of a fusion reactor, a control building and a massive energy cannon. The output of the cannon is estimated at 500 Megawatts with an estimated range of 250,000km, limited by atmospheric attenuation.

The latter was of serious concern. A weapon of that size would be able to damage or destroy shielded vessels in orbit, anywhere within the weapons arc of fire. The weapon’s rate of fire is unknown.

The Captain and XO decided that another away mission would be initiated, with tow objectives:

Disrupt or destroy the energy cannon; and
Investigate the Governor.

The away team landed and was deployed in two groups. The Engineering team, under the command of Chief Engineer Eboneezer Franklin, and with Ensign Maven providing security, was tasked with destroying the energy cannon.

Team two, led by Intel specialist Dominique Calypso, would enter the city and attempt to gather information related to Governor Rokine and his activities. Captain Dolfke, Lt Commander Soulstar and civilian expert Naomi were all part of the intel gathering operation.

Franklin and Maven infiltrated the energy cannon site, neutralized the security personnel and entered the control center. They discovered that the “gun” had a built in self destruct mechanism, and waited for word from the Intel team, knowing that destroying the gun would result in a military response.

The Intel team was able to locate a local bar where the Governor liked to relax and drink. The Governor was careless in his drinking and became inebriated, revealing information to the Intel team. The Governor also left behind his laptop computer, which was analyzed once the teams returned to the Armstrong.

The Intel team was astounded when the Governor was discovered to be meeting with an alien race of unknown origin (See intel report on Jhalidex). The Intel team was able to monitor this meeting.


The Jhalidex are providing advanced technology such as the shuttles and energy cannon to the Governor in exchange for food.

The Governor is planning on deploying a second energy cannon.

The Federation emissary observed one of the shuttles in flight, and as a result triggered his emergency signal, but was taken into custody by the Governor before sending the message.

The Emissary was given to the Jhalidex for interrogation rather than being killed.

The Governor facilitated the kidnapping and interrogation of Captain Vala by the Jhalidex.

Unfortunately, the Governor and the unknown alien decided to visit the site of the nearly completed energy cannon to inspect it, and caught the Engineering team in the act of destroying the device.

The away team immediately transported back to the Armstrong.

Based on the results of the Intel gathering, Captain Vala returned to sickbay for evaluation as the doctor attempted to determine if the Jhalidex has been able to plant any mental triggers or conditioning that might result in the Captain being an unwilling proxy in their plans.

The Armstrong deployed a Class 5 probe in high orbit to observe the situation on Zanduk, then departed for SS Astraios. As the Armstrong was leaving orbit, sensors revealed that the vessel that had attacked the SS Astrios, or a vessel of the same class, was in orbit, providing the connection between the unknown alien species and the Jhalidex.


The humanitarian situation on Zanduk has not been alleviated. In fact, it is likely to become more severe as the Governor attempts to pay for one new and one replacement energy cannon.

If possible, the Emissary must be retrieved from the Jhalidex.

If the Jhalidex are providing advanced weapons to low technology species in the Gamma quadrant, it behooves the Federation to be especially diligent when approaching any star system.

Prepared by: Ensign Ellemir Maven, Operations Officer, SS Astraios. Stardate 211121
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