110918 – Astraios Sector Mission – “Red Alert Boogie”

Starfleet re-established its first Colony in the Gamma Quadrant on Astraios Prime on stardate 110111. SS Astraios is a space-station in high orbit above the planet Astraios Prime, to help with its protection and provide a base for the local fleet. UFS Astraios Colony and SS Astraios are tasked with the mission of ‘broadening horizons’ within the Gamma Quadrant, by exploring strange new worlds and seeking out new civilisations.

The opportunity for roleplay Missions is enhanced by the ready availability of a wide variety of locations. As well as the space station SS Astraios and on board NPC ships, including our flagship the Galaxy-class USS Neil Armstrong, there are locations on Astraios Prime (both within the Colony’s many Starfleet regions and on the rest of the planet) and more, both on 3rd Rock Grid and other Grids via the Hypergrid.

In addition to role-play, UFS Astraios hosts a weekly Starfleet Boogie each Tuesday and various events throughout the year.

Roleplay Times: Friday Noon SL
Commanding Officer: Alia Soulstar
Executive Officer: Ellemir Maven

Moderators: Ellemir Maven, Alia Soulstar

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Sector Commander's Log
SS Astraios Lounge
Stardate 110918
Position: Orbit of Astraios Prime

This weekend has been one of festivities on Astraios Prime. Something the locals call “The Big Event”, which seems to involve much touring of homes and businesses, dances in various clubs and venues, greeting relatives and friends, as well as showing newcomers around to special locations. Of course we wished to be part of the event, and held a special ‘Starfleet Boogie’ on stardate 110917.1200. Despite the fact that we were short-staffed due to an influenza epidemic that has confined most of our personnel to quarters over the past few days, my junior officers were very enthused about hosting the event and giving tours of the base and spacestation to anyone who expressed an interest. So much so, that we decided to repeat the dance the next day, 110918.1200. I was fortunate to be able to attend, and arrived at the Lounge early to assist with set-up, choose music, and mingle with my staff. The dance began, officers and civilians were enjoying themselves. Then I was surprised to receive an urgent communication from SS Astraios Operations, and had to excuse myself.

The situation was dire. An unknown alien vessel had entered the Sector. Two of our ships had intercepted it and been damaged. Our other ships were deployed at distances too great to allow them to assist. The only vessel left to us was (NPC) USS Pemmican, an old ship sitting in space dock that is used occasionally for cadet training. I immediately ordered all available personnel to beam aboard… and accepted the offer of assistance from Astraois Civilian Authority, transporting several capable civilians aboard the Pemmican to assist us on the bridge.

((OOC – we invited 3rd Rock Grid guests at the dance to join us in a good old fashioned Star Trek RP))
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Poison Toocool
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Sector Commander/CO: LTjg Poison Toocool
Helm: LT Cmdr Karl Quar
Medical: Ensign Genny7 Markus
Science: Ensign David7 Bravin
Tactical: LTjg Dolfke Barbosa

Civilian Guests:
Johnathan Raymaker – Acting as XO
Jonick Saxmundham –Engineering
Lets Rock –Communications
Whisper Carfield –Tactical
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Poison Toocool
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Command - Vice Admiral
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Poison Toocool
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Command - Vice Admiral
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MEDICAL - 110918 Sunday Mission Report

We invited people to join us for a Starfleet Boogie (it being the Big Event Weekend on 3RG) and were dancing to the music when a Red Alert was sounded. Commander Poison Toocool ordered all Starfleet personnel to the Battle Bridge of USS Pemiccan (and invited all civilians at the Boogie to join us). Our mission was to locate and engage an alien ship that had just damaged two Starfleet ships. With the help of four civilians we took the Pemiccan out to hunt down the aliens. The Mission was a complete success. Not only did we locate the alien ship, but we also managed to obtain a cure for the Bollian Flea Virus that had been causing our crew great discomfort.
Everyone on the Mission seemed to thoroughly enjoy the experience.

In Service,
Ensign Genny7 Markus (Medical Intern)


SCIENCE - 110918 Sunday Mission Report

Because of the Big Event that was taking place on Astraios Prime (3RG) on Sunday, it was decided to have an extra Starfleet Boogie organised in the Lounge and we invited Astraois civilians to join us. All was going well until a RED ALERT sounded. The Sector Commander ordered all Starfleet Officers to report to the Battle Bridge of USS Pemiccan and asked all our civilian guests at the Boogie to join us - and help defend the Colony. Five Starfleet Officers and four willing civilians made up the crew of the Pemiccan. We went in search of an alien vessel that had attacked two of our ships. All members of the crew performed their duties well, particularly the civilians who were unfamiliar with the workings of the ship. Having located and confronted the alien vessel, the situation was resolved to everyone's relief. On returning to Astraios, we celebrated the success of our the Mission back in the Lounge.

In Service,
Ensign David7 Bravin (Science Officer)


OPERATIONS/HELM - 110918 Sunday Mission Report

During a special social event we got an emergency call from our Sector Commander: two of our ships had been attacked by an alien vessel. We beamed to the bridge of the old ship in spacedock and took her out. We succeeded in managing the situation, with the help of some of our Astraois friends !

Long life to Astraios Colony !

In service,
Lt Cmdr Karl Quar (Sector Chief, Engineering)


TACTICAL - 110918 Sunday Mission Report

During the special Starfleet Boogie, at the Astraois Prime (3RG) Big Event, our Commander received an alarming subspace message, an Alien Vessel takes Astraios Sector under attack. All available civilians were asked to assist in the defense of their beloved Colony. USS Pemiccan, an older starship, but the only available for now, engaged the Alien in an attempt to stop it. Our Ship was no match for the Alien, because all our systems were failing, including weapons and Warp drive. Used to work with an Intrepid class Starship, I hate to say I made many mistakes by judging our defense and attack capabilities. Lucky for us, Ms Carfield took the right ones, and she seemed a very good marksman with the photon torpedo's. Due to an extra ordinary effort of all crew members, civilians and officers, we were able to harm the Alien engines, and stop their attack. Communication with the alien ship gave some inconsistent behavior, because they offered us some veggies, able to cure our sick personnel. The alien ship seemed an automatic systems one, no "animal" life signals were found, so we had to deal with a android robot ship. USS Pemiccan neutralized the alien vessel, cured the Bolian Flea Flu and provided veggie matter for all. She is back in the repair dock now.

In Service,
LTjg Dolfke Barbosa (Asst Chief Security Officer)

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Poison Toocool
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Command - Vice Admiral
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=^= Red Alert = Red Alert = Unidentified vessel is approaching Astraios Sector boundary. Has damaged USS Lettuce and USS Brocolli is under attack. Many Astraios Colony personnel are sick with Bolian flea flu and unable to take their places. Requesting all available Starfleet personnel and Astraios civilians (3rg community members) assist us by beaming aboard USS Pemmican to intercept the alien vessel = Red Alert = Repeat, RED ALERT - ALL HANDS TO BATTLE STATIONS! =^=

Poison Toocool: Alright people. This is the USS Pemmican, our oldest ship. She’s been in dry dock awhile. Systems may not work as usual. Engineering, do your best. Helm, prepare to leave space dock

Jonick Saxmundham.: darn.... it’s not a Unix system commander... it will take me time to get her under control

Poison Toocool: Medical stand ready for casualties

Poison Toocool: Science, scan the sector for anomalies

Genny7 Markus: Aye Commander standing by

Poison Toocool: Tactical, work on getting the weapons up

David7 Bravin: Aye Captain

Jonick Saxmundham.: Think I've got it Commander... installing a fresh OS... wait one

Poison Toocool: Alright Mr Jonick

Poison Toocool: XO the morale is your responsibility, keep everyone on their toes

Dolfke Barbosa: shields 100% commander - Phaserbanks loading

Poison Toocool: alright

Johnathan Raymaker: yes captain

Poison Toocool: Mr Quar, take her out, half impulse

Dolfke Barbosa: Photon Torpedo launchers ready

Karl Quar: calculating a road Captain

Jonick Saxmundham.: I have all systems under control... returning to nominal power levels commander

Poison Toocool: XO, monitor communications

Karl Quar: Engines engaged

Poison Toocool: excellent Mr Jonick - head slow Helm until we're clear

Jonick Saxmundham.: /phew....

Karl Quar: impulse speed

Hars Darax: RPP> SS Astraios reporting USS Pemmican clearing space dock

Poison Toocool: Lets, use long range communications and try to decipher the signal from that ship

Karl Quar: Anomaly detected Captain

Jonick Saxmundham.: sorry .. but I didn't train on new fangled stuff like this...... warp was a new thing in my day ...... mutter mutter....

Poison Toocool: Sciences please examine anomaly

David7 Bravin: Aye Captain

Poison Toocool: Tactical, have you got alien vessel on long range scans

Poison Toocool: Whisper, report

Lets Rock: The ship has no life signs, it does have a high power level and seems to have many smaller power sources, may be a robotic force with technology we have never seen

Jonick Saxmundham.: running hot on No 1 impulse chief ...

Poison Toocool: Helm, plot an intercept course.

Karl Quar: aye aye Captain

Poison Toocool: Mr Lets, open hailing frequencies

Whisper Carfield: noise

Karl Quar: interception will occur in 3 minutes Captain

Poison Toocool: =^= This is Commander Toocool of the Federation Starship Pemmican. You have entered our space without authorization. Please stop engines and prepare to be boarded =^=

Poison Toocool: Slow to warp one and tactical, prepare for evasive maneuvers

Dolfke Barbosa: aye aye, Sir

Johnathan Raymaker: Tactical, keep a close watch on any suspicious activity on the ridge of that anomaly. its appearance is a little too convenient for my tastes.

Karl Quar: engines downed to warp 1

Jonick Saxmundham.: Aye Aye Captain

Karl Quar: interception course updated to 5 min

Jonick Saxmundham.: Engines all restarted Sir

Poison Toocool: Tactical I want a battle plan ... assess their weapons

Whisper Carfield: torpedo launchers down

Poison Toocool: darn it. Do what you can to get them back up - send a team down to the torpedo bay if you need to. Stat

Dolfke Barbosa: they are no match for us, Captain

Jonick Saxmundham.: All engines have fail Captain...

Poison Toocool: what?

Poison Toocool: oh my gawd

Poison Toocool: can we keep shields up?

Dolfke Barbosa: they have only a low power phaserbanks

Lets Rock: Still no organic life signs, but a definite power increase

Dolfke Barbosa: shields are holding, captain

Poison Toocool: engineering, can you get the engines back online?

Genny7 Markus: Sickbay reports our first case of Bolian flea flu Commander

Jonick Saxmundham.: I'm working on bypassing the problem Captain... but it's an old system

Poison Toocool: work on that Medical... we need to contain the outbreak... or find a cure as soon as possible

Genny7 Markus: Aye Commander

Poison Toocool: science any word on that anomaly

Jonick Saxmundham.: Could you re-route some phaserbank power to the warp engine sir ?

David7 Bravin: Yes Captain. It seems to be of vegetable origin

Karl Quar hitting his console hoping to get good information from it

Poison Toocool: can we take power from other systems Jonick... preferably not weapons... shut down some decks and replicators

Genny7 Markus: second and third cases reported now Commander

Johnathan Raymaker: vegetable origin? is it carbon based ??

Poison Toocool: Vegetable? OMG.

Dolfke Barbosa: may I advise we target a photon torpedo to their engines, captain?

Jonick Saxmundham.: Captain, I can re-route some life support systems to give us impulse power...

Poison Toocool: Quarantine them medical and do what you can to keep us going

Genny7 Markus: yes Commander already done

Poison Toocool: Johnathan, can you evacuate some decks so we can shut down life support

Johnathan Raymaker: aye aye captain. I’ll get right on it

TORF: RPP> =^= tlhIngan maH! =^=

Poison Toocool: Huh? What is that Mr Lets

Lets Rock: Captain, It would appear that it is an attempt to communicate

Lets Rock: the translator does not know anything about this communication

Johnathan Raymaker: Computer, sound the evacuation alarms on decks 3 to 6 and use deck 8s bays for temporary quarters.

Poison Toocool: Excellent. Mr Johnathan, figure out who is sick with this flea flu and assign those duties to other personnel

Lets Rock: I am searching the Data base

Poison Toocool: Tactical, are they powering weapons?

Johnathan Raymaker: Computer, locate Doctor McCormick

Poison Toocool: Science, is the vegetable anomaly anything to worry about?

David7 Bravin: Yes Captain. Especially if we try to eat it

Jonick Saxmundham.: Commander, I'm now using the life support power from decks 3 to 6 to give us impulse power...

Poison Toocool: Medical, can you take a look at the vegetable life form and record data, report

Lets Rock: Captain, this is a bit strange, the dialect is ancient Human but the occupants are not organic

Genny7 Markus: yes Commander

Poison Toocool: Hmmm...

Johnathan Raymaker: Doctor Mc Cormick, scan all personnel coming into the bays on deck 8 and set up a quarantine area near the emergency venting latches, just in case. report back as soon as you have made your assessment. Raymaker out

Poison Toocool: non organic alien vessel attacks our ships and enters the sector… Mr Jonick, can you give me warp drive yet

Lets Rock: Correction, the dialect is a base for Human communication, apparently this anomaly was responsible for human communication on earth

Poison Toocool: Ms Whisper, please report on weapon status

Karl Quar: I suggest to raise red alert

Genny7 Markus: there are six cases of the flu so far all locked down and vaccine is on its way

Poison Toocool: Red alert, full power to shields, weapons stand ready - I hope -

Whisper Carfield: the weapons are down

Karl Quar: red alert

Jonick Saxmundham.: Captain... Impulse power now available.... I am working on the warp drive... but it may take some time...

Poison Toocool: Engineering can you work with Ms Whisper to get those torpedoes back online

Poison Toocool: Ms Barbosa, battle plans ready please

Whisper Carfield: torpedo launchers online yet

Poison Toocool: Helm, set an evasive course, full impulse, take us over their bow. Ms Barbosa, stand by on phasers

Dolfke Barbosa: we have torpedo launchers back online, Captain

Poison Toocool: excellent

Jonick Saxmundham.: Aye Captain.... Ms Whisper... grab your sonic wrench I have an anti-matter container with me

Karl Quar: ay e aye Captain

Dolfke Barbosa: still some problems with our Phaserbanks

TORF: RPP> =^= qoSraj botIvjaj =^=

Johnathan Raymaker: Captain, Dr McCormick reports back that he has isolated 12 personnel, all currently assigned to galley duties.

Jonick Saxmundham.: I'm working on the phasers Officer Dolfke....

Johnathan Raymaker: He is keeping them away from the rest of the crew.

Poison Toocool: Good Mr Johnathan...

Karl Quar: vessel over their bow Captain

Poison Toocool: Tactical, lock phasers and fire

Dolfke Barbosa: thanks Jonick

Jonick Saxmundham.: Go steady with the phasers Sir... we may get negative feedback from them

Poison Toocool: Tactical, fire at will

Dolfke Barbosa: phaserbanks partly online again, Sir

Poison Toocool: ** ship rocks ** They are firing at us....Engineering, we need warp drive now

Jonick Saxmundham.: Aye... I Think we got it sorted Ms Whisper.... back to the warp engines...

Whisper Carfield: aim at target, fire

Dolfke Barbosa: a full hit, Commander

Jonick Saxmundham.: Captain... I'm doing me best, but it’s a mess down here....

Johnathan Raymaker: Captain, we have damage reports coming in from decks 9, 10 and 11. Reporting 5 injured crewmen, one heavily burnt

Karl Quar hitting again his console

Dolfke Barbosa: shields 60% captain

Poison Toocool: Medical, get teams down there

Genny7 Markus: already on it Commander

Poison Toocool: Helm, set course away from alien ship

Karl Quar: yes sir. course set outside the sector

Whisper Carfield: report alien vessel pursuing us

Dolfke Barbosa: we have 2 Photon Torpedo's online, ready for launch, Commander

Poison Toocool: Mr Jonick, keep those shields up

Dolfke Barbosa: I guess we can target their engines

Jonick Saxmundham.: Captain.... I have patched more power to the warp drive... it will give you warp 2 - 3 for about 2 minutes... I'm sorry but it’s all I can do while we are taking fire....

Poison Toocool: Ms Barbosa... target alien vessel and fire at will

Whisper Carfield: aim at target, fire

David7 Bravin: Captain I think the alien is trying to help us

Lets Rock: Captain, I found a match of language, is from the earliest dialects that was a transitional language between Apes and Humans, they seem to be a race that uses mind control to implant ideas into organic creatures allowing them to find a higher level of language

Poison Toocool: Explain Mr Bravin

Dolfke Barbosa: hey are slowing down, Commander

Poison Toocool: Mr Lets can you programme it into the universal translator

Lets Rock: This may not be an attack at all, it may be a check-up

David7 Bravin: Well it is a long story Captain ......

Lets Rock: Done Captain

Dolfke Barbosa: our torpedo's harmed their engines a little - good shot Ms. Whisper

Whisper Carfield: not much damage to them

Poison Toocool: Helm set course towards Astraios, full impulse... save warp for when we need it

David7 Bravin: But I think it can help us solve our food shortage

Karl Quar: full impulse engaged to Astraios

Poison Toocool: =^= Unidentified vessel this is USS Pemmican, stand down... explain your presence here... you damaged two of our vessels =^=

Karl Quar: calculated travel time 15 minutes at impulse speed

Whisper Carfield: not much damage to them

Poison Toocool: Mr Bravin... report please

Whisper Carfield: report torpedo launchers down

David7 Bravin: Still working

Whisper Carfield: need more power

David7 Bravin: It was a peace offering Captain

Jonick Saxmundham.huh?

Poison Toocool: In what way Science. They attacked two of our ships

Johnathan Raymaker: put it on speaker mister Bravin

Jonick Saxmundham.: Captain.... I can give you full warp for a ten second burst if you need it ??

Poison Toocool: Stand by Mr Jonick

Karl Quar: I suggest to stand down alert to yellow

Whisper Carfield: report power is back

Lets Rock: Captain, they are offering food - indicated they were defending themselves

Poison Toocool: Medical, Science, what are your findings… Offering food? Then the vegetable matter belongs to them?

David7 Bravin: Yes Captain. The alien is trying to help us. Seems to think we are starving

Johnathan Raymaker: Captain, Dr McCormick has just warned me that the conditions of three of the men in isolation are deteriorating rapidly

Genny7 Markus: the vegetable seems to have some sort of healing powers Commander

Poison Toocool: Medical, recommendations.... should we access the organic matter in some way?

Lets Rock: Captain that inclusive but an interesting hypothesis

David7 Bravin: Might cure the flea flu

Genny7 Markus: suggest we try it on the wounded patients

Jonick Saxmundham.: do they have any whisky captain??? I'm sure that will help me repair the warp drive.....

Lets Rock reports that the anomaly has offered a cure for the flu

Poison Toocool: Alright... Mr Johnathan, beam a small amount of organic veggie matter directly to science lab

Johnathan Raymaker nods.. "Let's cautiously meet with these aliens and see why they feel we are in need of their source.."

Poison Toocool: Mr Jonick, all replicators are down but I have a bottle of Orion whiskey in my desk

Lets Rock: and will send if we give them coordinates, they seem to have been able to access the entire historical database in our computers, without proper access

Poison Toocool: Acknowledged Mr Lets.... pass that info to Science

David7 Bravin: Science Lab reports receipt of the veggie matter Captain

Poison Toocool: Medical, report on veggie matter

Johnathan Raymaker: Mister Rock , let them transport a sample directly into .. cargobay 2

Dolfke Barbosa: yellow alert

Jonick Saxmundham.: Phuh...... thanks, but that but I only clean out the photon torpedo tubes with that stuff :-)

Karl Quar: yellow alert

Genny7 Markus: it is still suggesting that it has healing powers

Lets Rock: item seems safe and is there

David7 Bravin: Veggie matter could be a cure for everything Captain

Poison Toocool: OK Dr Marcus try it on our worst patient

Whisper Carfield: report lost power again

Genny7 Markus: Aye Commander trying it now

Poison Toocool: Tactical, keep weapons locked on alien

Jonick Saxmundham.: argh.... off I go again....

Poison Toocool: Mr Lets, healing frequencies.. umm hailing frequencies

David7 Bravin: It's certainly making me feel better Captain

Jonick Saxmundham.: it’s just a re-routing problem with the power...... hold on one...

Whisper Carfield: torpedo launchers online

Dolfke Barbosa: Ms. Whisper reports she keeps weapons locked on target, Sir

Lets Rock: Apparently they were an organic race that destroyed themselves, but created this ship to repopulate the universe with beings capable of higher level thought

Poison Toocool: =^= Alien vessel... thank you for your veggie matter... but what about the two ships you attacked.... =^=

Genny7 Markus: patient is responding to the veggie matter Commander it’s like a miracle

Poison Toocool: Excellent Dr Markus

Genny7 Markus: all patients are now being treated with the veggie matter

Poison Toocool: Mr Johnathan, beam aboard as much veggie matter as we can hold, in secure containers


((OOC - everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves))

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