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Sciences - Lt Commander
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<Personal Log - Flip Thatcher> 180115.1622

I have spent much of the past two day in celebrations with fellow staff here at Astraios Colony as we recognize the achievements of the station's past seven years and its 300 missions of enduring Starfleet service. It was a wonderful celebration and I have just recently seen the many saved logs and images from the event. We have a strong community and sense of mission here, I am fortunate to have been granted this assignment in our remote Gamma quadrant.

This comes at a time when I have also recently decided to bolster my starfleet academy education with supplemental coursework from the Associate Degree Program. The Introduction to Holodeck training provided some excellent insights into how we can best leverage this technology in our ongoing professional development. One of the key take-aways was the reminder to effectively use our personal logs, a habit I've allowed to fall into neglect from the many other duties at my keeping the labs in good starfleet repair! But those are excuses and so we'll buckle down and hit the journals again.

The area that most needs documenting of course are the recent lab advances in the multi-spectral scanners. I think we can really extend our cartographic array much deeper into unplotted Gamma space. This will require three major installations: (1) a terrestrial reflector placed on a well chosen moon or planet site, (2) a geostationary orbital satellite feed into SS Astraios, and (3) a directional lead array mounted to Drone Echo. The project would be a major undertaking as it has a lot of moving parts. I think that if we can demonstrate the viability of this to Starfleet's leading Astrometric Scientists then I think we can finally and literally get Drone Echo off the ground!!

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