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=^Colony Commander
Fleet Captain Poison Toocool
The colony commander is a member of UF Starfleet who has been appointed with the huge responsibility to represent and support all UF Starfleet efforts on their appointed grid, and may appoint UFS members to Colony-related administrative positions if required, as well as recommend deserving dedicated staff for OOC awards. Everything from the provision and use of UFS buildings, to the uniform vendors, to the design of the UFS Region(s) falls under the authority of the Colony Commander. The CC may also plan, manage, and oversee grid-wide roleplay in liaison with the Commanding Officers of UFS ships of the line based on 3rd Rock Grid and in conjunction with the Office of the Chief of Starfleet Operations. The Colony Commander of 3RG is also responsible for effective outreach to roleplayers on their home grid and on the hypergrid, in order to promote UFS and its activities to them. The Colony Commander reports directly to the Admiral.

UFS Event Management @ the Colony:

Captain Genny7 Markus
The Events Manager works in liaison with the Colony Commander to plan, schedule, manage staffing, host and publicize Colony Events. Any event representing UFS on 3rd Rock Grid must have the prior approval of the UFS Events Manager for the Colony.

UFS Communications Management @ the Colony:
Cmdr David7 Bravin
The Communications Manager works in liaison with the Colony Commander to ensure all communications are accurate and represent UFS and the Colony in an appropriate manner. All communications that represent UFS or UF Starfleet Astraios Colony must have the approval of the Communications Manager before being distributed or broadcast.

Colony Morale Officer:
Capt Dolfke Barbosa
The Morale Officer is responsible for ensuring that visitors, guests and new members are made welcome to the Colony and assisted to obtain information, uniforms, supplies or tour the facilities.

Colony Master-Builder:
The Colony Master-Builder works in liaison with the Colony Commander to provide all necessary infrastructure for effective use of the Colony (Welcome Centre, UFS Academy, Cadet Barracks, Offices etc.) He or she is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure of the Colony. All builds that represent the UFS Colony and UFS must have the approval of the Colony Commander and the Colony Master-Builder, and ownership of the same must be given to the Colony Commander by provision of a modifiable copy of the item. Currently the Colony infrastructure is managed by a Master-Builder team: FCapt Poison Toocool, FCapt Osky Oldrich, and Capt Karl Quar. Others are welcome to contribute with the pre-approval of the Colony Commander and if they are willing to abide by UFS regulations in this respect. See below.
"Items created for United Federation Starfleet
All items created for UF Starfleet, classes, digital media, computer code, etc., once accepted by UF Starfleet, become property of UF Starfleet and may not be used without the expressed permission of UF Starfleet. In simple terms, when a member makes something for UF Starfleet, it becomes property of UF Starfleet and the member surrenders ownership of said item. If said member refuses to transfer ownership to UFS, then these items will NOT be used for United Federation Starfleet, and said member will no longer be counted upon to create an item for UFS.

In the event items that were commissioned by UFS and became thus property of UFS but later were removed by the creator out of spite, then this can lead to demotion or even removal from UFS

What falls under items created for United Federation Starfleet?
- Sims owned by Mike Calhoun and donated to UFS
- Builds and items Commissioned by UFS
- Uniforms commissioned by UFS
- Logos used on Fleet and Sector level
- Logos for Fleet and Sector commissioned by UFS
- Logos for Ships of the Line commissioned by UFS

In short, if you create something and put either UFS or United Federation Starfleet on it....then it becomes property of UFS

In case you have a problem with that:
* Do NOT place either UFS or United Federation Starfleet on it
* Do NOT use the UFS Logos
* Do NOT use it for United Federation Starfleet
* Do NOT OFFER to make something for United Federation Starfleet
- UFS Policies & Procedures Manual
Colony Chiefs:
The Colony Chiefs represent their branch on the grid, and are responsible to/work in liaison with, the UFS Fleet Branch Commanders. They welcome members to their branch, as well as providing information on the branch and how to roleplay an officer or crewmember in that branch. They may also organize branch-specific roleplays or branch events or teach branch specific classes.

Colony Chief, Civilian - Indie Author
Colony Chief, Engineering - Captain Karl Quar
Colony Chief, Intelligence - Commodore Hidalgo Dorchester
Colony Chief, Medical - Commander Morath Landfall
Colony Chief, Operations - Captain Genny7 Markus
Colony Chief, Science - Commander David7 Bravin
Colony Chief, Security - Captain Dolfke Barbosa

=^Commanding Officers:
Commanding Officers are responsible to the UF Starfleet Chief of Staff (OOC reporting), the Office of the Chief of Starfleet Operations (roleplay provision & planning), and the Admiral, in managing the members and the provision of activities on their ships. The Commanding Officers of the UFS Ships of the Line on 3rd Rock Grid are:

SS Astraios
FCapt Poison Toocool

For all ship-related questions, concerns or suggestions, crewmembers should contact their ship XO or CO.

=^UFS Academy Astraios:
Campus Director
Comm Hidalgo Dorchester
Responsible for ensuring in-world classes, practicals and sims are available to cadets, officers and crew who require or request them. Oversees the instructors and training of instructors, the provision of class materials to in-world instructors, the welcoming and education of cadets. Reports to UFS Academy Command but liaises with the Colony Commander in the provision of facilities and faculty for the Academy and UFS members.

Kepler Squadron Leader
Responsible for welcoming new members of UFS to the Academy, ensuring they obtain their required classes, tracking their progress, and mentoring them through the Academy training period until they successfully graduate. Reports to the Campus Director.

For all Academy-related questions, concerns or suggestions, cadets should contact their Squad Leader, Instructors and UFS members at large should contact the Campus Director.


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