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Hidalgo Dorchester
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


*walks into his office and lets himself fall into the chair with a loud sigh*

K.....that was a masterpiece ..... well done, well done....but I will get back to you...sooooon

*his voice has turned dark and evil..but the smile on his face speaks a different language*

Reprogramming  my Instructor HUD...darn that was a good one.

*he leans back and laughs a little bit*

I was literally chasing Tribbles from screen to screen at the class....and those darn things were multiplying. Once I shut down one screen..two more popped up with them.

*he takes his coffee cup and sniffs it carefully before he dares to take a sip and tastes it for quite a while until he decides that the coffee seems to be OK*

Well... lets begin with the log.

*he reaches over to take the PADD but it wouldn't move a single seemed to be glued to the desk. He sighs, rubs his face and leans back again and starts talking to the computer*

Computer, start new personal Log!

Well, the transition from Intelligence to the UFS Academy went smooth and without any trouble for me. Some people seem to have hard feelings towards me for leaving Intel but well...I am sure they will get over it and see that it wasn't anything personal at all. All I wanted was a new challenge and something new to explore. And the new Sim-Division seemed to be the best chance for me to do exactly that. I am really looking forward to the time when we are done with the preparations and actually will begin with the work we are supposed to do.
Lt Allen seems to be just as eager to begin and is full of great ideas for the job. She also is getting very many ideas and inputs from other for the Division she told me. I am very glad that so many people are willing to help to get our little baby up and running. I hope the Cadets will enjoy the work we will be doing for them as well once we are getting started. It should really help to bring the Cadets closer to UFS and UFS closer to the people.

*he takes another sip from his coffee.....not noticing the black ink in it which seems to be tasteless ... but still full of black color...which is the exactly how is teeth look by now...BLACK*

Well, I moved all my personal items from Nimbus to my new home at the Academy and think the condo looks pretty good by now. A few more things here and there and it should be fine to life there. It sure is nice to have solid ground to walk on...and not just some old asteroid with a little cave in it.

Well...I think that should be it for today. I will have to reset the Instructor HUD now before I will begin with the preparations for my 0300 class. I hope some Cadets will show up for it.

Computer, safe log and encrypt! Dorchester Omega 2 Bravo Alpha 4
Hidalgo Dorchester
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


*sits down in his quarters ans sighs relaxed*

Computer, start personal log-entry!

*computer beeps and starts recording*

It has been quite a while since I made my last entry. I was very busy with the Academy and my new job at the Sim-Training-Division. Since my boss is not around because of a UFS-TDY. I have to run the whole Division on my own an and get things started and running. But it looks like it is working out so far.
I got three confirmed CTO's so far who's SB-Orders should be coming out today or tomorrow I guess. Three guys to start with isn't very bad. I also have two Cadets who are just waiting to graduate to join the division as well. A few more people have expressed their interest in the position as a CTO as well...but I could need more.

Commander Mistwallow is a great help with the setup of the Division has has lots of great ideas of how we should try things out. We had a little meeting yesterday and he confirmed some of my ideas and the CTO's as well. I have already contacted my CTO's as well and we will try to have a Division meeting asap to talk things through and make some decisions.

I am looking forward to work together with the people and with the Sim-Program. My people are eager as well to start with the work.

I will have to contact the CCO's now soon as well to discuss their thoughts about how to handle the new upcoming paperwork. I already talked to Lt Swansong from the alphas and he agreed with me on my idea of how to do it. We want to keep it very simple. So... I hope the other CCO's will agree as well once I got a chance to explain my plans to them.

Otherwise I have been pretty busy at the Academy as well with teaching and working on different classes together with other Instructors. We hope to have a Class on Away Mission up and running soon on which I work together with Commander Mistwallow as well as some Intel-classes on which I work together with Ensign Ravenheart. Promising classes as well. I hope we will manage to get them done and up by the end of October. The Away-Team class should be ready to be approved within the week.

I still have good contacts with my old friends from Intel and see one or two of them from time to time. They seem to be doing well and I heard that they have some more cadets on the line to join Intel after graduation. that makes me very happy for them as they really can use some reinforcements.

Well, I have send of a few recommendations for awards and commendations for this month. I hope they recommended people will get them as I think they really do deserve them.

I also spoke about a few new-ish ideas for the cadet-corps with Commander Mistwallow's..well his ideas which he told me. I liked them and hope he can manage to integrate them into the Academy. We also got a reprimand system for not-well behaving cadets this week. It is sad but it was long overdue that we got something like that. We also are going to establish some cadet inspections during the week to ensure that they are properly dressed and know how to wear the uniform.

I think that should be all for today.

Computer, end recording and safe file!
Hidalgo Dorchester
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


*walks into his living room and lets himself fall onto the couch with a loud sigh*

Computer, start personal log!

Just a short entry today. I got a fourth CTO's today. I am very happy of having her with us now as well. We sure do need every CTO we can get.
One of our CTO's seems to have requested to be put back from officer into the enlisted program. A little bit unusual but well...who am I to judge? I just wish him the best I can and hope he will be happy with this decision for a long time.

Today I also submitted the new "Intro to UFS Operations on which Ensign Teresa Firelight and I were working on. I hope to see it online soon. Teresa will teach the first class. She did the major part of the work I think so in my opinion she deserved to teach the very first class of it.

So far I still haven't heard from my CO. I hope she is ok and that she will at least send me a short note at some point about her wellbeing and about what is going on.

Hm.... I think that should be it for today. Oh .... right....Teresa also had her very first Sim-Class yesterday. She was very excited and had 7 recruits...and several officers observing. Even a Guest Admiral was around. Very impressive audience for an Ensign I think. As far as I can tell she did just fine with her class. I am sure she will be doing great later on after her CO has helped her a little bit more...well at least that is what Teresa said...I would said she already did fine job with the class and the preparation.

So...that should really be it for now.

Computer, safe log and encrypt! Dorchester Omega 2 Bravo Alpha 4
Hidalgo Dorchester
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


*He stays in front of the window in his condo at the Welcome Center, drinks a big cup of coffee while he looks over the beach*

Computer, start personal log!

I got word from my home world that my cousin is going to get married. I shall be his best man. I have requested some time off from the Academy command and the little green guy *chuckles as he says that* has granted it to me without hesitation.

I will take my Yacht, the "Nessum Dorma" to fly to my home world on Wednesday. The trip will take quite a while but it won't be too bad. The computer can fly the ship for most of the trip on its own so... I can just relax. I will have to think of a good and fitting present for my cousin and his wife to be. I just don't have the slightest idea WHAT....

Oh...I also got my promotion to full Lieutenant last week. I was very excited and quite proud to be honest. I hope I can keep climbing up the ladder soon again.

The Sim-Division is getting into shape es well. I found 8 CTO's so far which I was able to recruit and hire. Two others came to me on their own as they have heard about the CTO-Position from the Superintendent.

The other day I got a chance to dance again at the club. It has been a very long time since I had that chance. Lt Offcourse, Dana, danced for quite a while with me and it was just pure fun. I hope she enjoyed it as well. At least there will be a lot of dancing at the wedding of my cousin. And I even will not have to wear the gravo-generator. I am kinda looking forward to that a little bit.

Ensign Hermans, Ben, has agreed to sub my classes for me for the time I am gone. I am very grateful he agreed to do it. I will have to find something to thank him for that as well.

Well... I think that should be it. I should get my stuff packed for the trip and have engineering look over my ship once more just to make sure she is in perfect shape for the long trip home.

Computer, safe file and encrypt, Dorchester Omega 2 Bravo Alpha 4
Hidalgo Dorchester
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


*The Lieutenant enters his condo at the Welcome Center, drops his two big duffle bags in one corner and walks over to the replicator and orders big cup of coffee which he takes to the living area where he sits down and relaxes after the long flight back to Pinastri 4 from his homeworld*

Computer, start personal log!

I am back from my trip home to participate in the wedding of my cousin Ligoretto. It was a very nice and pretty big ceremony and it was a lot of fun being there and being his best man was quite the honor to say the least.

I enjoyed having all of my family around me for a few days. Normal gravity around me without the generator was very nice as well. It is a small device but it really bothers one if it is forgotten or turned off. More then once have I hit my head on the cealing as a reminder to trun the generator back on.

*takes sip of his coffe and leans back on his couch*

It is nice to be back here and being able to talk to all my friends and associates again. I really have missed that bunch here a lot.

The "Nessum Dorma" did a great job on the trip and her engines where working at peak efficiency I would say. The computer did most of the flying to I was able to work on a lot of paperwork for the sim-Division. Saddly there hasn't been any contact with my direct CO Sileena for weeks now. She doesn't react on subspace masseges or any other for of communication attempts. I hope she is ok. Maybe I should ask some of my old connections at Intel if they know something about here whereabouts. But I doubt it. That isn't really their job I think.

Well, I have talked about the Sim-Division and I should keep doing that.
Yesterday I had a long meeting with Captain Mulgrave Dwi who has taken over the task of training my CTO's in the art of being a simulation instructor for the Sim-Division and the Academy. She is doing an awesome job which also goes towards Ensign Teresa Firelight who has really gone above all duties related to her position as a CTO and I shall make sure that this will not go by unnoticed.
I have also begun to set up a little personell archive for the division so that we can easily keep track of personnel..progress of individuals and the propper education of all CTO's.

I have also contacted the Superintendant with a little wishlist of possible additions to the CTO clearences and abilities. I hope for a quick responce so that we can begin to set up scenario-sets with Engineering for the simulations at Holodeck 2. I also asked for a greater involvment of Stations and Ships for the Cadet Mission. Captain Dwi already offered her ship for this taks and is honestly looking forward to see the cadets do their training on her ship.

Well, I guess it is time for me to unpack and then get down to the Division Office to get back to work. We have to get ready to launch the system now ASAP as we have wasted more then enough time with that already.

Computer, safe file and encrypt, Dorchester Omega 2 Bravo Alpha 4
Hidalgo Dorchester
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


OOC: EVERYTHING in here is strict RP and NOT a real issue. :)

*He sits in his new, nice office and enjoys a hot cup of coffee when he gets the feeling that he should record a personal log again as it has been quite a while since his last time*

Computer, start personal log!

Well....where to begin. Ah ...yes....Commander Mistwallow and I have worked on the reproting system for the Sim-Division and I am proud to announce that it is up and running and seems to be fully functional. It was really nice of Kermie to jump in and help us out there. We also have several new sets for the Sim-Division in progress. Some are already functional and ready to be used. The Sim-certifications of my Staff is going very well as Captain Dwi has told me in the last meeting I asked for.

The sad news for today I that Lt Sileena allen has retired from UFS as of now which leaves me with the Division. I hope she will be ok and that she will be able to sort everything out so that she might be able to rejoin us someday. This means now I will have to take fully charge of the Division as I have done already while the Lt was on privat leave. I think I can handle the task and am looking forward to the new challenge.

Another news is that we got a new CO for Alexandria station. Ensign Willowind. The brother of Diamond. He seems very eager to clear his teritory and to make clear of his authority. I hope he will not forget how do behave and I hope it will be able to stay friends with him. On one side he says he wants to work very closely with the Academy and my Division...on the other hand he does not like the Academy being station on SS Alexandria. He seems very disappointed that we have so much space and rooms here to do our job. I think it was very sad the he insisted on me calling him Commander even while we were under 4 eys and talking like least I thought we were. I reached out my hand at some point to let it be and make a step forward but he seems to not have gooten what I was going for as he got somehow mad at me and soon after that we were arguing a little bit. I pointed out that I was holding out my hand for him and that I would be there if he wanted to talk or was in need of advice. I hope it was just because of the problems they had in the station yesterday with the missing person. That might have brought him on the edge a bit and I hope that we can talk about it over a drink soon.

On the bright side...he seems to really like my little welcome present which I gave to him upon taking command of the station. I used my family trust to buy him a brand new and fully equiped Danube-Class ship for his personal use.

*chuckles a little bit*

I also got the same model for myself as a little early xmas present. She is a fine ship and I named her USS Weser NCC 45440.

So... I think that was it for today. I should go back to work

Computer, safe file and encrypt, Dorchester Omega 2 Bravo Alpha 4

OOC: EVERYTHING in here is strict RP and NOT a real issue. :)
Hidalgo Dorchester
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


*The massive figure of Lt Dorchester sists in the new Sim-Division office at the big desk and leans back into the comfortable chair. He looks around the room which he now can offically call his office.*

Computer, start personal log!

Another happy day. Two good news in one day. First I finally passed my certification to be a Sim-Instructor and...more importantly they issued orders for me which make me the new Sim-Division Director.
I think my parents will be so darn proud once they here that.

But now I have a difficult task at hand....I will have to find a new Asst. Director for the Division. I have two people in mind. One Commander and an Ensign.

The Division itself seems to be working out fine and the CTO-Training under Captain Mulgrave Dwi seems to be doing just fine. She offeered to stay with the division even after the launch as an Advisor. I still hope that we can make her more then that but her Ship might prevent us from including her in a more official position.

Another Holoset has been finished and added to the Holodeck for us. Some others are still in production. Classes are been written for the practial intros to the branches.

Well, now it is time to celebrate the human holiday which they call Christmas. It seems a nice tradition and I have agreed with myself that it is worth taking that one over. The Academy will be closed on the 25th for that. I took a few more days off. I think I will fly out with the WESER, my newest Danube ship. I am eager to test her to her limits and fly again through space. I miss that a lot from time to time.

Well, I guess I go back to work and I want to take one more class at the Academy before the holidays.

End log!

Computer, safe file and encrypt, Dorchester Omega 2 Bravo Alpha 4
Hidalgo Dorchester
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


*The Lieutenant sits in his Condo at the Welcome Center and enjoys a cup of tea while preparing his personal log.*

Computer, start personal log!

Well...lets say it was a good day so far. I got the ok from Commander Pema Nakamura to issue her transfer orders from the Shepard to my Division. She will fill the spot of the Asst. Director of the Sim-Training Division. So that is very good news and I am very happy that she accepted the offer.

On the downside I seem to have lost two CTO's on the way. Lt JG Kazia Ravenheart notified me that she has too much work with her primary occupation at the time so that she can not spare the time needed for the CTO position. And Ensign BenjaminBastian Hermans as well. He has too much work with the new Online Academy he told me and no time to direct and lead simulations at all at the presend time. I hope that both will come back at some point to rejoin the program.

Today they highed the alert status of the fleet to DefSta 3. We seem to have more trouble at the moment then we first thought. Security-, Intel and Marine Officers now are armed at all times. I will talk to Academy Command if at least the Senior Officers of the Academy should be armed as well. Just in case we encounter trouble at the Academy and need to protect our students. I hope they will agree with me that this is a nesessary step to protect the cadets and recruits.

End log!

Computer, safe file and encrypt, Dorchester Omega 2 Bravo Alpha 4
Hidalgo Dorchester
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


*The Lieutenant lies in the biobed at PRF Sickbay still recuperating from the exchange of fire yesterday. He still is a bit weak as his neural network was overloaded by two highly loaded shots which he took before he went down.*

Computer, start log!

What a day yesterday. I just arrived at my office on Alexandria when a Cadet came to me asking for help as he was wounded by a associate from the Orion he said. HE was fired upon. I grabbed my rifle, which I keep next to my deck at the current DefStat and ran to the cadet. Another Cadet was with him and a Doctor showed up only seconds later.

The individual who did the damage was there as well. I tried to arrest him but he resisted and opened fire on me. He did not hit me at the point and I fired as well in self-defense. I called several times for security and later on for all hands to assist us. Ensigns Po Toocool and BenjaminBastian Hermans arrived shortly after that. We left the cadets under the watchful eyes of the Doctor and went to chase the intruder down. We got our next contact with him on the Bridge of Alexandria which was deserted at that time. Another exchange of fire took place at that time and we might have wounded the intruder but he escaped again. We keeps doing a sweep of the station and encountered the individual again after he attacked Ensign Po Toocool. We managed to corner him but he set one of his weapons to overload and the explosion enabled him to escape again.
Again we started the sweep and encountered the intruder again on the same deck. I was able to take him out with my rifle set to kill. Unfortunately I got hit twice s well and the staff here at PRF Sickbay told me that I had suffered a severe overload in my neural net as well as in all nerves. They said that a minute later without help I wouldn't have made it. I also suffered pretty bad phaser burns which they treated as well. Dr. Zoon was my attending physician. I have no memories about the time between been shot and then again waking up her at sickbay this morning. They will not let me go yet as they say they need to ensure that my neural balance is back to normal and until my body has fully regenerated from the bursts.

Well....the good news is: It seems to be that the suffered wounds have saved the cadets and also the two Ensigns Toocool and Hermans. I heard both got injured as well but have already left sickbay again. They baby is also in good health and will develop normally the doctors told them. I am very glad that the price was worth been payed .... even if it was the second time already I have been shot down badly in the line of duty. I hope this time it will not leave a problem behind like the tingling sensations I still encounter from time to time from the last time an alien weapon hit me. I wonder if this will be worth something.

*The Lieutenant sighs and moves his massive body around in the biobed a bit and moans from the discomfort that causes him*

I will now rest again for some more time and then I hope I will be allowed to leave sickbay to start working again.

I really wonder who exactly the intruder was and what his objective might have been. I hope we will someday find out. Getting shot and very nearly killed is one thing..but then not to know WHY one got shot is another story.

*The Lieutenant's voice had become fainter with every word and with a last deep breath before he falls asleep again he tells the computer to end the log and encode it*

End log!

Computer, safe file and encrypt, Dorchester Omega 2 Bravo Alpha 4
Hidalgo Dorchester
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


*The still a little bit shake walking Lt enters his condo at the Welcome Center and went straight to the couch where he sits down and starts his personal log.*

Computer, start log!

I have been released from sickbay this morning but have also been told to keep it down for at least two more days until I am fully recovered from the fight.

The wounds have healed..the fur will grow back soon And then everything will be back to normal. I have not heared much as of now if the intruder is still alive and what his reasons and goals where. I will ave to get into that a little bit more once I am feeling better.

Today will be the group picture of the last years members of the fleet. I am looking forward to it and hope I will be able to make it somehow to be there as well.

Something else new was that I have got notice that Ensign BenjaminBastian Hermans has been appointed Sector Commander for the 3rd Grid area in the new regions we have encountered. that was quite a surprise to seen an Ensign being assigned for that post. It makes me very proud to see him go far beyond what we have seen coming for the close future and knowing that I have been his mentor, his instructor...and foremost and still am his friend.

I hope to run into him soon so that we could talk a little bit about what has happened...and what the future might bring.

End log!

Computer, safe file and encrypt, Dorchester Omega 2 Bravo Alpha 4
Hidalgo Dorchester
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


*With a great sigh the heavy Equiner lets himself fall onto his long couch in his condo and stretches his arms over his head before he grabs the goblet filled with bloodwine from the table.*

Computer, start log!

darn it has been a while since I have filed a log. So much has happened in the past few weeks since the last entry.

At the Admirals Banquet I got surprised by being awarded with not one but three annual awards at once. A very great honor. Specially the "rising Star" award. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw that on the list. Many of my friends and former students got annual awards as well. That made me very proud to see them make their way in UFS and being acknowledge for their great afford and work. I also took Command of the Alpha Cadet Company in January as Val...uhm Commander Swansong has been appointed the new Chief of Operation of UFS. Commander Triellis is the new Commander of Starfleet. A very big honor for the both of them and I am proud to be able to call both of them my friends.

The Simulator Training Division finally got its official launch with a big celebration and opening ceremony at the ceremony hall. Commodore Zed Drebin was there to hold an introductory speech. Then it was my turn. I did not say all that much I think as the Division speaks for itself I think. I explained the new procedures, asked for patience during the transition form the old protocols to the new ones and thanked a few members who had helped a lot with the set-up of the Division. I hope that I at least got close to articulate of how much I appreciate every bit of help which I received during the past 7 month.
Now all we need is a few more CTO's and we will be able to offer all the new classes for every timezone and for every cadet.

We are still very busy with training new CTO's at the moment and we are getting a few more interested people into the field but we still could use a few more. The new classes seem to be a full success and have quite a few fans under the cadets and graduated members of UFS.

At the opening ceremony I also had to perform a sad duty....I had to relive Commander Pema Nakamura of her duty as she requested to be temporally retired due to personal reason. I retired her right after the speeches at the ceremony and wished her the best of luck for her future and assured her that we will always have an open slot for her if she ever wants to return.

I was also very pleased with the latest Award I received. The Superintendents Award. I am very proud that I got that one awarded for my work with and for the Academy.

*He takes a very long sip from the goblet which leaves that one nearly empty before he continues to speak.*

Since Captain Skinstad retired we had a few changes at the Academy. Zed...uhm...I men Commodore Drebin has made a few changes in the command structure. He pulled Lieutenant Natalya Karu and myself into the command ring and stated that from now on we fife will be involved in every major decision made in and for the Academy. I got quite busy shortly after that as I have been appointed for a total refit of the Academy records which I have already finished. Our records are again 100% up to least according to my research. I hope it was successful.

Several of my old students from the alpha company seem to make their way pretty well in UFS. Ensign Starr just got appointed CoS of PRF, Ensign Yven is a new UFSA Administrator and the Dean of the College of Command, Ensign Ravenheart is back at the UFSA and a Professor and Staff Def Expert. Lt Kazia Ravenheart got appointed as the new Head of the Diplomatic Corps. Also a very great honor I think. I myself became a Diplomat to help her and the whole UFS out a bit more in my spare time. I went to a first meeting with Kazia and some group called Sector Nine. They are planing a big meeting with all the major groups in the sector very soon. I am supposed to go with Kazia again as her Bodyguard and diplomatic escort. I think I can handle that very well. I can shoot pretty well I think and my former intel-training should proof useful for this mission. And well...if something goes wrong then being used to 3.3G's might not be a bad thing either. But I hope that it will be a peaceful meeting with a nice ending and some well phrased treaties at the end.

*He gets up and get a fresh goblet full of bloodwine from his kitchen and sits down again on the couch, takes sip and places the goblet back on the table. Then he begins talking to the log again.*

I also was faced with a very difficult decision the other day when I got offered the position of the Commanding officer of SS Alexandria and the Executive officer position of the USS Shogun. Both very respectable positions in the fleet. It was one of the greatest honors bestowed on me so far. But with a sad expression on my face I declined both offers. I feel like I am not done with my work for the Academy. I feel like I still can do some good here for the Academy and the future of UFS. Even more then I could on those two positions. And I do not want to abandon my friends at the Academy....neither do I want to leave my superiors how have put so much faith in me and my work on the past 7 month. I hope Commander Swansong and Captain Bechir know how very much I appreciated their offers. And I hope they understand my reasons.

The last thing is...I am up for my TiG as Lt Commander. Commodore Drebin said he had put me in for the promotion right on TiG and now I hope that the promotion board agrees with him on that one. I know the chances are slim but I will not give up hope on that one. I have been working hard for it and looked forward to it for a very long time now.

Well, I guess thats it for now. I will have to be more consitens with filing my personal loga again. But darn....I have never been good at it...but I will at least try to do it more often then just every couple of month.

*He empties his goblet again and smiles quit smug thinking how lucky he is that alcohol does not effect his body at long as it is not mixed with anything that contains thein.*

End log!

Computer, safe file and encrypt, Dorchester Omega 2 Bravo Alpha 4
Hidalgo Dorchester
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


*With a tired expression the tall equiner sits down in his condo and takes a long sip from his big tea cup.*

Computer, start log!

Wow, it has indeed been a VERY long time since I last recorded a personal log. I guess it is time to do so once more. So much has happened since the last one. I don't even know where to start. I guess I will go chronological about this task.

Not all that long ago after my last entry Commodore Drebin had to step down from the position as UFSA Superintendent. We all were very surprised by that. Even more surprised was I when he notified me that he had appointed me as his successor and the new Superintendent. That was quite the surprise after just being promoted to Lt Commander a few days before that.
I wasn't sure if I would ever be able to fill the gab he and Cheryl left behind and am still not sure I do. But I do my best on every day to get as close to them as possible.

Not long after I took that appointment I sadly had to ask the old Commandant to step aside as other occupations kept him from efficiently working for the Academy. He became an Advisor to the Academy and Lt Ethan Yexil was made the new Commandant. At his side we agreed to hire Ensign Urul Yven as the new Vice Commandant. They were a great team and it was very sad when, by then Lt Commander Yexil had to leave us due to personal reasons.

I appointed Lt JG Urul Yven as the new UFSA Commandant and after a while of searching we also found a new Vice Commandant. Ensign Aaron Blaser. I have confidence that he will learn the job well and "wears his horns down" a bit. an expression from my home world. he still needs to learn a bit about etiquette and protocols but he shows great signs of activity and he seems to care a very great deal about the Academy and the Cadets. So does Lt Yven. Together I think we have a very good team leading the Academy again and I am proud of how well the two of them work.

*He takes another sip from his tea, smiles slightly and then keep recording his log.*

Well..where was I? Right...the changes in the Academy. We also have grown in personnel strength again and can work at a much greater efficiency again then we were able to for quite a while. I hope we will be able to keep growing as we still can use some more hands at the Academy.
We are still working on some very interesting changes but those are not fit to be mentioned in a simple, personal log quite yet. but we have great hopes that said changes will improve the Academy experience by multiple levels. So far most cadets seem to be enjoying their time with us and the Team of CCO's and Company staff are working a great deal to make it as easy as possible for them.

We have also begun to hold monthly "Graduate Recognition Ceremonies". The people seem to like them a lot and we get very good responses about it. One of the nicest things about said ceremonies is that I am now able and entitled to hand out the "Boothby Award" on my own digression. A very nice award I think. And the young Ensigns are very motivated after they received one. And the cadets do their best to be elected to get it after their graduation.

*The heavy guy empties his cup and orders another one from the replicator after recycling the empty one. With the new, steaming cup he walks back to his couch and sits down again. after a first, careful sip he begins to talk again*

Hm, what else to say? Let me think for a moment. Oh right. Miles and I are trying to work on a way to have the Marine Academy and the Fleet Academy work closer together to ensure a better understanding of the different protocols and to help the two sides to work better together. there still are some minor incidents from time to time between Marines and Fleet-members. But those are really just minor and usually do not cause any big trouble.

Oh yes, I also finally wrote a class about my species and send it in for processing. I hope it turns out to be an ok class which some students might like and enjoy taking. After all it never hurts to know more about different species I think.

I also was able to maximize the efficiency of my runabout. It now does not take me longer then 5 days to reach my home-world if I want to go for a visit. My parents like that fact quite a bit. And well...I do not hate it either to be honest. It is nice to see the old folks again from time to time.

*He takes another sip from his slowly cooling tea and begins to feel the effects the theine has on his body.*

Well, we are working towards a better future for the Academy and with it the Federation. We are currently reviewing most classes and try to get them updated if needed. We are working on numerous new classes to add them to the curriculum of the academy to be able to provide even more knowledge to our cadets and the fleet.

Well, I think this shall do for a .....little review log over the past 5 month. I will try to record another one within a month but well... I know I am not very good at it.

Computer, end log!

Safe file and encrypt, Dorchester Omega 2 Alpha 5
Hidalgo Dorchester
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


*With a loud sigh and an alarmingly loud creaking coming from the couch, the tall Equiner in the Intelligence uniform lets himself fall back. He puts a large mug on the table and puts his hoofed feet right next to it. He leans back, closes his eyes and begins to talk *

Computer, open personal log. new entry.

*he waits for the computer to confirm and then he talks again*

I can not believe it has been a good year since I made my last entry here. And so much has happened since the last time i did.

where to begin.... Let me see. Ah yeah.

We have had many changes within UFS. Some for the better some for the worse but changes non the less. After a long conversation with Mike, I mean Admiral Calhoun I have resigned from my position as UFSA Superintendent and therefor as UFS Joint Chief.
I am still a part of Fleet command just in another function. I took the role of the UFS Quartermaster once again and am active in that capacity.

Next to that I have also made another big change to my live. I have left the Pinastri sector and have moved my office far away into the Astraios Sector.

* He leans forward and takes a sip out of his mug...which takes about a good liter out of it and puts it back on the table*

I also changed branches. I moved back to my old and first assignment. I am back in UFS Intelligence. I am working here as the Regional Director of Intelligence and am the Intelligence Command Liaison from HQ to SS Astraios Command. And because old habits die hard I am also assigned as the regional Campus director for the UFSA Campus here on Astraios.

I have made mane new friends and am missing many of my old friends from Pinastri to be honest.

I have met a young and promising little human/trill female. She is a MD here in the sector and also works for the Academy as Dean and Professor. She also dabbles rather successfully in engineering and has constructed a ship with a new and experimental engine design. I will keep a close eye on her and her development within UFS and do what I can to help her advance. I do not know why but I like her and feel like I can help her grow a bit.

* He opens his uniform jacket and stretches his arms a bit before he talks again*

I met her the first time when it was around the time of the year for my annual exam. And she was the doc in charge of it. I humored her and actually showed up to it. there should be a recognition just for that I dare say!

I think it is very safe to say that we became something like friends over time and we meet rather frequently on the planet.

Another big news bulletin would be that my people have finally decided to open our first outpost in over 50.000 years. And they opened it on Astraios to keep a protecting eye on the planet and I guess me. The Matriarch also granted me a ship from the home-world. So I no longer am required to use a shuttle or Runabout to go places. I now can use my 400 meter spherical ship equipped with everything an Equiner can hope for. the ships consciousness is called Loki ... a rather fitting name as I have come to understand.

More then have I offered Moira.. uhm Dr. Brôgdram the medical facilities of my ship to have her outdated mechanical implants removed or at least updated but she keeps refusing my offers. She seems to be very conscious about being different and does not want that taken away from her.

Sometimes it is hard to now have the ship and all our technology available but being forbidden to use it at the same time to help my friends and the Federation. But i still enjoy my time here with the Fleet and do not consider leaving anytime soon. Now with the outpost being build I will soon have more of my people here available to me and who knows...maybe even meet a special someone at some point.

* He takes another sip from his mug and pulls his jacket off completely, now enjoying the cool 14degree Celsius air around his fur on his upper body*

It is weird sometimes do be the only Flag Officer in the Sector but most of my friends here seem to understand that I do not put heavy weight on it during entertainment or casual meetings and alike. I also try not to push myself into anything that as established before I arrived here and try not to make anyone feel like I am pushing them away. But that does not change the fact that I am rather alone....despite my friends here. I am the only one of my species here, I am taller then anyone I have met here and without my graviton generator I break about every chair, door or couch I try to use. And don;t even get me started on the doors... I think very soon I will look like something the humans call a "Unicorn" just from hitting my head on doors and low ceilings.
But that will not drive me away from here. I love my little human friends, the federation and my life in it and with them.

Computer, end log. encrypt with code Dorchester Omega 2Bravo Level 8
Hidalgo Dorchester
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


*The heavy set Equiner takes a seat at his desk, stretches his legs out and places them on the table before he grabs the goblet filled with bloodwine from it and takes a long swig.*

Computer, start log!

I have just returned from my short mission to the Caberna System in the beta Quadrant. I got what I went there for but... I am not sure if it will actually be as helpful for the Crocker test flight as I hoped it might be. Loki warned me that it most likely will not be but I took the trip there anyway. be honest it was kinda fun to get a chance to let my body play around on a 0.93G world. I guess sometimes it still shows that I am not all that old for my species after all. I hope it stays like that for a while longer.

*He takes a very long sip from the goblet which leaves that one nearly empty before he continues to speak.*

I have already transported a couple of sealed cargo container aboard the Crocket. I think I prepared for even the most unlikely event during the test flight. I had Loki calculate and print a list of items we might need according to probability. All in all it has come down to 4 containers. Loki even made me pack a Dakarcom for long range transmissions if required. And dehydrated highly concentrated food cubes. I shudder when I just think about having to eat those. But I am sure Loki has good reasons to recommend it. He also put two combat suits from my people in the container. It has been a while since I used one of those. Maybe I should go to a holodeck and train a little bit with one of them. Just in case.

*He empties the goblet and has the computer replace it with a full one. With a little smile he takes a sip from that one and then keeps talking.*

The Matriarch has send a message informing me that our fleet will be standing by for the day of the test flight of the DC and be placed in a 40k light-years radius around the jump point to be able to assist us in case something goes wrong and we are stranded far out like the Voyager was. I am quite impressed that she went so far for this but I am also happy she does. I think she begins to understand why I like this young race so much and why I am spending my life with them rather then growing up on my own world. I have to be honest and say I am getting a little bit excited about the test flight. I have never been on a jump-ship test flight before. I think it will be quite interesting to see and study the reactions of the crew during the flight.

Loki keeps checking up on the Crockets computer systems, settings and the engine specs and settings to ensure best possible outcome but even with that he can not guarantee success on the first attempt. I guess we will see what happens when we leave for the flight.

*After another long sip his second goblet is just as empty as the first one was and he seriously considers a third one.*

Well, I guess I need to work my way through all the intel files for the Astraios sector before I can go on the flight we go. YAY for paperwork or something like that.

Computer, end log and safe file. Encrypt Dorchester, Omega 2 Bravo Alpha 8
Hidalgo Dorchester
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


*The silvery haired Equiner sat in his wide chair on the bridge of his ship and starred onto the surrounding panorama screen..*

Loki, let's make a log entry and please transfer it to my personal log file on Astraios as well

Loki answers with his soft and always slightly amused sounding voice " Of course. You can begin whenever you feel like it"

Well, where to start. It has been a few eventful years with the Fleet and I am currently on my way home to enjoy some well earned rest I think. Not quite sure yet what I am going to do when I am home but I was thinking about some climbing, some hiking and maybe even some ... how do some humans call it " Bar hopping" might be in order. It will be quite relaxing to once again not be in uniform and just be myself with my own people. Its not that being with the Fleet is tiresome it just gets difficult sometimes when you are the only one of your kind I think. And Loki is not always a 100% replacement for another Equiner I have to admit.

Just like it is Loki's nature he picks up on that remarks and can not help himself but to comment on it "I have never been designed to be a full replacement. All I am is the consciousness of the ship and your servant when it comes to its functions"

Oh be quiet Loki. I wasn't talking to you.

Now where was I again? .... Oh right...the trip home and my plans. My family is also looking forward to seeing me once again. It has been a couple of years since I last steered my ship towards these coordinates. I guess they will have a neat little celebration in petto once I land. I will not mind that at all I think. It has been years since I really went out and danced. Not since the incident where I accidentally stepped on that poor young ladies foot. She did make a full recovery though....but it took a couple of weeks to reconstruct her complete foot.

*He watches amazed as Loki initiates the next linear flight and how the screen picture changes from the normal space to the slightly red glow with the slow moving bubbly like objects of the space between the 4th and 5th dimension*

The last few years have been eventful and we have discovered many new technologies. New for the Federation that is of course. We also have met a couple old friends once again like the Borg who seem to have risen once again to power. I hope we will not have too many problem with them but we sure have to keep a close eye on them. My department has worked quite some overtime to collect and process all relevant data about our old friends out there in our Quadrant but I think we can keep up for now. More personnel would be great but there is non in sight for now I am afraid.

*He picks his feet up and places them carefully on the control console in front of him and leans back with his seat..*

Lt Brogdram is nearly done with her new ship on which she has been working for the past few years. Quite exciting actually. It is a very small ship....smaller then a Corvette from our own fleet but that does not make it less remarkable. It's twin cores are supposed to allow the ship to make the jump through space instead of a straight flight like the old warp engine did. I am excited to try that new engine out. The matriarch is less excited and will still have our full fleet on stand by to pick the Crockett up in case she gets lost on her first test flight with the new engine. We will see what's going to happen I guess.

*He smirks slightly as his next thought strikes him*

I also think it is once again the time to use all my skills to avoid the annual medical check up. not quite yet but we are getting there. I think it will be quite entertaining to see how it takes them this time to hunt me down and get me under theirs scopes.

I think that shall be it for today. I will go to the mess and get something to eat and then I will lay down and get some sleep I think. It is only a couple more hours till I will arrive.

Loki, end log and safe file. Encrypt with Dorchester, Omega 2 Bravo Alpha 8 and store a copy in my Astraios file!

And here goes Loki again " You seem to be getting old. You already told me to send a copy to Astraios...why do you repeat yourself? an order given once should be enough"

Just do it Loki and leave me alone!

" As you wish sir"
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