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Artistic creation has deep meaning...

The Astraios Art Gallery opens a new exhibit on Sunday August 7th, featuring artwork by real life artist Lizzy Austin.


"Each piece captures an emotion poured onto the page in a meaningful way. It has become a way to escape the realities of my life, There are days when I miss a loved one so deeply that I drown in it. These are the days that I turn to art to express my emotions. My usual go-to for relief is a canvas and medium representing what I am feeling at the time. It is a chaos wrangler that pulls me out of the abyss of whatever pain I feel.

My biggest inspirations are butterflies, roses, and cats, but also my loved ones and movies or shows on television. Cats are unique in that they are simple creatures. That simplicity can bring order to the world around you. Roses are inspiring because they are beautiful but yet they have thorns. They show that everything has a good and a bad. That with beauty comes the ugly. That with care and love, even the thorniest rose can become something beautiful. Butterflies have to be the most inspiring. My art represents my struggle with PTSD and anxiety. My art is deeply emotional and meaningful to me.

I usually start with a light pencil drawing. I want to get the shapes down and what the piece will be before I lay pen to paper. I want to capture my feelings without the interference of color or ink before I begin. Once I have the piece shaped out on the canvas, I begin to decide how I will capture the emotion. I either go with the ink, oil pastels, or watercolors. Sometimes I will include all black with a splash of color representing an emotion I am facing."

'Butterflies & Roses' will be shown from August 7th to August 31st at the Astraios Art Gallery, located on the UF Starfleet Astraios region (3rd Rock Grid). The talented Khiron Ametza will perform from noon to 1:00 pm Pacific on Sunday, and the artist will be present. Dress is casual and all are welcome to attend. ~

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