Mission Gamma Omega Leg 2 (200621)

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Stardate 200621
Mission Name: Gamma Omega Leg 2

CO: Cmdr Kem Vala
XO: Cmdr Morath Landfall
Tactical Cpt Dolfke Barbosa
Intel Ens Alaina Fraina
Eng: Lt. Eboneezer Franklin
Med: Lt(jg) Rondo Cattaneo
Science Cmdr Flip Thatcher

Log Entry:

USS Niel Armstrong:

We are closing in on the edge of Sector G-008B having been enroute for just over a week. Along the way, Science has logged 2 unexplored solar systems, one of which has 12 planets orbiting its sun. That should be an interesting follow-up on our return voyage.

As we were traveling, Engineering requested that we slow down to Warp 6 in order to allow the warp core to cool down. We did so and as we did, we noted a ship approaching our flight path from the rear.

After a while, the ship pulled up even with us and hailed us. It was a Jem'Hadar Cruiser and the commanding Vorta extended his friendly greetings. I noted that, knowing the Vorta, he was not being friendly but diplomatic. He explained that we appeared to be on the same flight path and asked if we were also heading to the planet Azon. I explained we had never been to sector A before and had no idea where "Azon" was. Azon, he explained, was a single planet orbiting a binary star. It was kept stable by an ancient Hur'Q Artifact on the planet's surface. He also told us that he was going there to investigate the artifact and suggested that we might want to meet him there. The Jem'Hadar ship then accelerated and continued on its way.

Tactical and Ops both agreed that something was amiss. It just didn't sound right, and the Vorta was simply being "too nice". I agreed but told Tactical not to activate the Yellow Alert, so as not to appear that we were planning for any aggression toward a species with whom we had a peace agreement. We went back up to Warp 8 after the core cooled down, and continued on our course... which appeared to be taking us to the planet Azon.
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