Change of Command Ceremony 200607

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On Sunday 7th June (stardate 200607) a Change of Command Ceremony took place in the History Building, Majel region, Astraios Colony (3rd Rock Grid) at which Commodore David7 Bravin stood down as the Astraios Colony Commander and the Commanding Officer of SS Astraios in favour of Commander Kem Vala as follows.............


The Chief of Staff, Commodore Luciano Skar-Machado stood at the lectern and said....
"It is my first Change of Command Ceremony I am holding. But I am honored as I had the honor to have met Genny and David in RL. And for me with the jobs I had before now, it was such an ease and a joy to work with David (and Genny of course).
Dedicated, quick, and helped whenever he could so everyone would feel welcome. SS Astraios has been home to a dedicated group of people who love Commodore Bravin and will also be sad today.
But with the change of the new Commanding Officer, and the future of Astraios. I’m sure it’s in great hands. Unfortunately I have only held the job for a month so I’ve not had the longest time working with him in my current position. *smiles*
Astraios is in great hands, I know Kem Vala will have big shoes to fill but he will make it. And with an eager new XO such as Morath Landfall, they will strive to make it grow even more. I am looking forward to working more closely with Kem and Morath in the future.

 I now hand you over to Rear Admiral Poison Toocool, a former Commanding Officer of UFS Astraios Colony and SS Astraios, to speak about the existing Commanding Officer of UFS Astraios Colony and SS Astraios, Commodore David7 Bravin".............


 Rear Admiral Toocool went to the lectern and said ......
"Oh how the years have flown. I first met a ‘young’ cadet the name of David7 Bravin in the summer of 2011. He graduated from UFS Astraios Academy on 110816 and was appointed to the position of Science Officer aboard SS Astraios soon after. Little did I know the significance of this event.
By October of that year, I had clearly begun to understand the extent of David’s abilities because I appointed him Communications Director for the Colony.
I distinctly remember him being the best possible yeoman a Captain could ever wish for. He was always on the ball, always got things done, offered his perspective and suggestions, and - most importantly - reminded me of things I had said I’d do or places I had said I’d go, for which I was profoundly grateful. Most of the time :P
In those early days we suffered from the ‘Astraios effect’, which was both mysterious and frustrating. We would, say, texture consoles in sickbay and, the next day, inspect the facilities and find no indication of the work we’d done the day before.
We’d join prims together and build some necessary piece of infrastructure. We’d arrive a few hours later to look at the build and see it was back in the same state it was before we’d done that work. Like someone had turned back time.
We couldn’t offer phaser training due to issues with perms. We couldn’t fly shuttles. Scripts that worked a peach in SL could crash a whole sim in 3RG.
 We had a very small Academy, with a prompter that couldn’t work with most of the lectures we had on notecard due to some problems with the script and coding in the text itself. So we had to laboriously copy and paste everything we taught into local chat.
So there were local problems, most of which have been since been resolved with open sim updates and a lot of ingenuity and creativity.
One thing we were lucky enough to have back in 2011 was the 3rd Rock Grid Community. We began our outreach to them, attending their events, and soon found ourselves welcome members of the 3RG family.
 We supported them, and they supported us, the foundation of a relationship that has continued to this day.
There is no doubt in my mind that David has been a huge part of that association. He has attended community meetings, chaired them, and provided detailed minutes to boot; welcomed our neighbours if they visited and invited them to all our events.Over the years there have been colonies established in various different grids but this is the only one that has been successful to date. I believe this connection to 3RG, this sense of being part of something, being good neighbours, and offering support in presence and in sharing skills and time, is a big part of the success of UFS Astraios.

Then there are the people who have served at Astraios. Some came from the distant land of SL, but many came from the residents who lived here and expressed an interest in Star Trek and UFS. They were welcomed and fostered and engaged. They are the other reason for the success of Astraios. A ship is only as good as its crew and Astraios has had the luck of finding and keeping some amazing officers.
Leaders like Commodore Genny7 Markus and Commodore David7 Bravin have demonstrated through their consistent dedication and willingness to be there, to provide activities and missions, to do their jobs well and just be the good people they are… what it can mean to a station and a colony when the leadership has ‘the right stuff’.
They have both served UF Starfleet with distinction and been exemplary examples of what being a Starfleet officer should mean.
David, thank you so much for the years of work and dedication to Astraios and UFS.
 It’s sad to see you go but, if I know you, those you leave behind will have the skills and the knowledge they need to carry on.
I hope you will now have more time for the grandchildren and the other lovely things that ‘real life’ holds for you and Genny.
I wish you all the best, my friend. Live long, and prosper.
*smiles through her tears*

 I now hand you back to Commodore Skar-Machado"

Commodore Skar-Machado returned to the lectern and said ...."Thank you Admiral Toocool for that amazing speech.
I would now like to hand you over to Rear Admiral Cheryl Skinstad, the former UFS Chief of Staff, to speak about Commodore David7 Bravin and the designated new Commanding Officer for Astraios Colony and SS Astraios, Commander Kem Vala".


Rear Admiral Skinstad then went to the lecture and said........
"David has been a superb CO, attending SL meetings, events and ceremonies, as well as being the rock of Astraios.
 I had a special working relationship with him, when I was UF Starfleet Chief of Staff. David was a great assistance writing minutes for meetings for me when I had no Vice present at CO Round table meetings. *Grins and nods in thanks*.
David is reliable, hard working, diligent and caring. A real gentleman. He has been supportive to his crew and a wonderful role model to other COs.
SS Astraios has been home to a dedicated group of people who have stayed because they have been valued, respected and made to feel part of a family that is special. I wish him well in his retirement from Command, and hope he will pop in and see us from time to time, with Genny by his side. *Smiles warmly*
However, I know that the station will be in safe hands with the designated new Commanding Officer,  Commander Kem Vala. Kem began as a freighter pilot who was so impressed with Starfleet he sold his ship and joined us. Kem is “home grown” and has spent all his Starfleet career at Astraios.
He began in Operations, then changed focus and transferred to Intelligence and then finally to the Marines. Whilst in Starfleet, Kem has been awarded numerous Ribbons and has had the UFSA Excellence award presented to him twice. Kem is reliable and hard working, also firm, precise in his following of rules and regulations but he is always respectful.
He is a very respected and valued member and I wish him well in his career as CO of such a significant outpost.

I now hand you back to Commodore Skar-Machado" ......

Commodore Skar-Machado returned to the lectern and said ........
"Thank you, Admiral Skinstad. I will now give Commodore Bravin the opportunity to say a few words. If he wishes to of course. *grins*


Commodore Bravin then went to the lectern and said.....
"Thank you Admirals Toocool and Skinstad for those kind words *smiles & blushes*
It doesn't seem that long ago that I was a Cadet sitting in the Galileo Classroom in the nearby Starfleet Academy Building here on Astraios Colony, with Poison Toocool giving lectures and meeting with other members of the crew, including Genny7 Markus, Karl Quar, Dolfke Barbosa, Alia Soulstar and Astro Balut.
However it was in fact some 9 years ago when I graduated from the Academy and became an Ensign and Science Officer aboard SS Astraios.
Over the next 4 years, I continued serving aboard SS Astarios, eventually becoming its Chief Science Officer and 2nd Officer with the rank of Captain.
 It was also during this time that I became the Vice Commander of Astraios Colony, in support of the Colony Commander, Poison Toocool.
 It needs to be said that without Poison Toocool, Astarios Colony, as we know it,  would not exist. It was her determination that enabled the Colony to survive and prosper.
 Astraios Colony grew to such an extent that in addition to SS Astraios, it spawned two further Ships-of-the-line, namely the USS Davy Crockett and the USS Longtalker, both of whom left Astraios to set up other Starfleet Colonies elsewhere in the Galaxy (on other OS Grids).
It was as the Commanding Officer of the USS Longtalker, that Poison Toocool left Astraios some 5 years ago.
But before doing so, she appointed me as her successor as the Astraios Colony Commander and appointed her then Exec. Officer Genny7 Markus to be the Commanding Officer of SS Astraios, with myself as Executive Officer.
 Between us, Genny and I have continued in command of Astraios for the best part of 5 years, until we felt it was time for us to go and hand over command.
So on the 1st March this year, at a Change of Command Ceremony, Genny stood down a Commanding Officer of SS Astraios and I stepped up to take her place and appointed Kem Vala as my Exec. Officer.
Which brings us to today, when I can now step down as Astraios Colony Commander and Commanding Officer of SS Astraios in favour of Kem Vala.
Kem will make an excellent Commanding Officer and will have the experience and support of Morath Landfall, as his Exec. Officer, to count upon.
 I would love to go on to mention every single member of the crew - but time sadly does not allow.
 Thanks to everyone for coming here today, including members of the Universe Fleet Beta Quadrant (with whom we have an alliance). 
As they say "All good things ....must come to an end".
So it is time for me to bid farewell to you all as a Commanding Officer.
However, like Genny I shall remain in Starfleet as a Civilian.
 Thanks my friends for everything !


Commodore Bravin stood back from the lectern and handed back to Commodore Skar-Machado, who said.."Commodore Bravin we thank you for your service.....
 Please transfer command of UFS Astraios Colony and SS Astraios back to Starfleet Command".


To which Commodore Bravin said .."Computer, Transfer command of UFS Astraios Colony and SS Astraios to UF Starfleet Chief of Staff, Commodore Luciano Skar-Machado, authorisation Bravin Zero Zero Seven Gamma".

The Computer beeped, announcing  "Transfer Complete".

Commodore Skar-Machado *smiles and nods at David* before saying..
"Commander Kem Vala, please step forward"


Commander Vala stepped forward and Commodore Skar-Machado said
"Commander Vala, please recite the Captain's Oath".


Commander Vala recited the oath as follows...
"I solemnly swear to continue to uphold the regulations of the United Federation Starfleet as well as the laws of the United Federation of Planets: to command UFS Astraios Colony and SS Astraios in its continuing mission to be a base from which to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new life and new civilizations; to boldly go where no one has gone before".

Commodore Skar-Machado then said...
"Computer, Transfer Command of UFS Astraios Colony and SS Astraios to Commander Kem Vala, authorization Skar-Machado Zero Zero Two Alpha.

The Computer beeped, announcing "Transfer Complete, UFS Astraios Colony and SS Astraios now under the command of Commander Kem Vala".


Commander Vala went to Commodore Bravin and said "I relieve you".
To which Commodore Bravin replied "I am relieved, Commander"

Commodore Skar-Machado then said... 
"I would now like to give Commander Vala the opportunity to say a few words".



Commander Vala tugged at his jacket in a Picardesque manner as he approached the lectern and said....
"It wasn't that long ago that Commodore Markus welcomed me onto the crew of SS Astraios. I was humbled to be accepted into a group of such knowledgeable officers, and I swore the oath, fully intending to carry it out.
Now, a new oath and greater accountability humbles me all the more.
 When I stop to consider the history and the work that went into Astraios Colony and SS Astraios, the responsibilities of CO seem almost overwhelming. I face that task with a strong conviction to maintain and develop Astraios with sincerity. Astraios has been iconic to 3rd Rock Grid, and those who came before me have been iconic to Astraios. RAdm Poison Toocool, Commodore Genny7 Marcus, and Commodore David7 Bravin have commanded my utmost respect for the work and dedication that they have applied to pave the road for those who follow.
 The crew of SS Astrios are exemplary in the roles they carry out, often going beyond their call of duty and augmenting other Branch functions. It is a great comfort to me, knowing that I am about to become the CO to such a seasoned group of people. You make me proud, and you make UF Starfleet proud.
 I look forward to maintaining the continuity of Astraios missions, and to provide interesting and fun activities for you all.  Our crew compliment has grown since I first joined UFS, and by continuing on our present course, I trust it will grow even more.  And now...

As the Commanding Officer of SS Astraios, I hereby appoint Commander Morath Landfall to the position of Executive Officer, with your approval Commodore Skar-Machado".


Following which, Commodore Skar-Machado said
"Computer, transfer Commander Morath Landfall to Command and to the position of Executive Officer aboard SS Astraios, authorization Skar-Machado Zero Zero Two Alpha".

The Computer beeped, announcing "Transfer Complete, Commander Morath Landfall is now the Executive Officer aboard SS Astraios".


Commodore Skar-Machado turned to everyone and said
"We have now reached the end of the ceremony. My thanks to you all for attending today.I understand that everyone is invited to the Starfleet Boogie Venue on Enterprize region for a drink, dance and friendly chat........Dismissed".


After leaving the History Building on Majel region, everyone went to the Starfleet Boogie Venue on Enterprize region for a drink, dance and friendly chat........


= Photos taken by Captain Dolfke Barbosa =

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