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Ensign Science Officer Carol Ellsworth
Stardate 24220709
Duty Log
Start recording.

On Stardate 24220709 We were near the Nasari Sector, in Sector 009D. The last damaged Hemmer shuttlecraft had been repaired and Lieutenant Selina Otsuka, Ensign Medical Officers Jevuv Torak and Linda Johnsson were going on a testing flight. After requesting permission to go, I joined them.

We were near a nebula and started an exploration mission. The contact with the ship was lost when a level 7 ion storm hit the shuttlecraft. Communications were lost and after a few hours we were having electromagnetic disturbances and some instruments weren't working including the navigation systems although they were still functional.  

After being lost for a few days it was necessary to start looking for a place to land as radiation was starting to affect all the crew. My symptoms had already started with blurry vision and headaches.  Finding a place to hide from the storm and wait for it to dissipate was a priority to avoid more radiation damage. The Medical Officer Torak was hurt and unconscious. His condition was worrying.

In the northern side the sensors reported a spot. In the middle of the storm the readings confirmed it was a planet that hadn't been explored or reported. The atmospheric and geographic lectures indicated the planet was a M-Class planet. The environmental systems weren't damaged but Lt. Otsuka informed me that our shields were down to 80%. 

Lt. Otsuka maneuvered the ship to land and once we realised we could breathe out there, we decided to go out. 
Medical officer Torak had a big cut on his head and severe trauma. His medical condition was worse, but Medical officer Johnsson couldn't help as she had hit her head and was unconscious with a fractured ankle. 

Medical officers Johnsson and Torak were moved to the beach after setting a signal transmission to the Durant. The ion storm increased and the tricorder showed the planet had many creatures, including humanoids. 

We made contact with the locals, as they found us and approached. They are a pre-warp civilisation with a non-recognised language along with gestures. They are intelligent and capable of learning fast.
Pause recording

Resume recording
On Stardate 220806 the storm had passed. The sensors had detected that due to the geology of the planet there were small earthquakes and sometimes storms. The fauna was basically similar to the Jurassic era and the inhabitants looked like cavemen, living with a ranks system in small tribes. We haven't found other tribes but the planet is too big to explore.
They took us to the caves where they live. It was a safe shelter from the storm and the prehistoric animals that roamed outside. The readings alerted us the caves were radioactive. Officer Torak was in an induced coma and Officer Johnsson was sedated. 
Pause recording.

Resume recording.
Stardate. 220909
We were in the cave for many days. Luckily we were contacted by our crewmates but in my way to the shuttle a giant prehistoric-like bird took me to her nest. Lieutenant Colonel Elsa Mitchell and Lieutenant Sandra Lacrima landed on the planet and rescued me, helped by the cavemen who knew the bird's habits and nest but my phaser was lost around the area.

The caves have radioactive blue streaks. The mineral is unknown but the properties are similar to Terran Caesium. The lectures show that these people have a medical condition similar to terran sarcopenia, produced by ionic radiation and worsened by caesium radiation. The tribe people have medicinal plants which they used to try to heal Medical Officer Torak but it's too archaic to work on his wounds. The tribe is dying due to radiation and we are affected by it too, even after taking the shot to prevent radiation damage.

Lt. Sandra Lacrima and Lt. Col. Elsa Mitchell were able to activate the EMH which helped Ensigns Johnsson and Torak. His condition was grave and the EMH recommendation was to take them back to The Durant for treatment immediately.

Some of the tribe women have managed to understand part of our vocabulary and have managed to communicate with us. Maybe they understand us more than we think as they kept looking at the cave walls after we mentioned the poisoning radiation coming from the blue streaks.

We have discovered that there are more tribes, until now we know of two: the priki and the humi. 

The shuttlecraft is on its way to The Durant. Lt. Otsuka and I are trying to find the missing phaser to delete our traces from this place while exploring the planet. The Medical officers' condition is unknown.
We accepted the tribe's help to avoid dangerous animals and to have a temporary shelter, but the shelter is poisonous and the tribe is getting worse. Some herbs and mineral samples have been taken along with small radioactive material to be analysed further. An experimental cure with some herbs is in process, as we don't know how long we'll remain here and we need to be prepared.
End of recording.
Save Log.
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