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“Signal from Cait for you, Ensign,” sayeth the operations officer who’d buzzed up to his room at Pinastri.

M’erow rolls his eyes. Ears laying back, replies, with an audible sigh, “Mmmm put herr thrrough, Sirr.”

Computer beeps, screen flickers. Image of his mother appears. She’s already talking. “Prrr did you know C’tras is going to have another litterr, it is too much, K’rom has no considerration (she never speaks nicely about C’tras’s mate) she alrready has six to look after in that tiny little den of a ‘cottage’ so drafty and their kittens are so misbehaved they brroke one of my special glass bowls the last time they were herre with not even an apology beforrre they left!”

“Hello Motherr,” sayeth M’erow. “Nice to see you. Again. You know once I am onboarrd ship I won’t be able to have cawlls everryday. How is Fatherr?”

“Yourr fatherr, prrr, yourr father eats too much at dinnerr then won’t sleep! Prrowwling arround the house like an oold tom.”

“The house is too big. Sell and go somewhere nicerr. Near the sea.” Tail twitches.

“The sea! Mmnnnn no, too many inssects in the sand. Too farr away from our kittens. You are the furrthest away. I miss you. You can’t be safe therre it’s lightyearrs from herre and in a different quadrrant! And we need you, your fawtherr needs you even morre than I need you, M’erow. Come back. If you leave noww you’ll be home in time for Cr’ular’s nameday, he’ll be thirrty years old. Thirrty and not yet mated, I don’t know what’s wrong with him Aunt Mr’avel intrroduced him to a perrrfectly nice scientist who works at the Caitain Biological Insstitute and comes from a family of ssixteen. Very swweet girl.” Sniffs plaintively.

His alarm went then, blessedly. “Mother I have to go, I’m expected at Flight Contrrol Trraining. Can’t be late or will get on rreport. I’ll send you a message when I get on boarrd the Durrawnt.”

“Then there is yourr sister M’osha she neverr calls me it’s been weeks since I heard from herr, bet it’s that boyfriend of hers… what? Please come home yourr too farr away sweet baby M’erow,” sadly.

“Have to go Motherrr, love you talk soon,” reaches for the switch.

“Wait! I forgot to–” beep.
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