TDRP2232: "Priorities" (220827)

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Sat August 27, 2022
OOC Preparation

STARDATE: 220827

RP STARTS: Class M Planet

Starfleet Officers:
UFS Duty Uniform
Durant Chat Relay
Medical Tricorder (Medical Officers)

Priki and Humi Tribe:
Cave people attire

MISSION LEAD/GM: Fleet Captain Evelyn Rieko

POST ORDER: Will be decided, and posted, by the Mission Leader just prior to mission start (and sometimes adjusted in the RP if necessary).

ARRIVING LATE? Ensure to enter the scene in a logical manner.
NEED TO LEAVE EARLY? Justify your exit.

The rescue team has found the Hemmer shuttle crew on a Class M planet in Sector 009D, that is similar to earth's Jurassic Period. Lt. Colonel Elsa Mitchell, Lt. Sandra Lacrima and Lt. Selina Otsuka all realize they are violating the prime directive by being seen by and interacting with primitive people that are so far from having warp technology. However, it could not be helped, the Hemmer had to land some place safe after being damaged in an ion storm. Once the primitives had seen the Hemmer it didn't matter that they would also see the rescue shuttlecraft, the La Forge.

The two severely injured officers are medical officers. The Science Officer Ensign Carol Ellsworth had some medical training, but she is no longer there to help, because she has been abducted by a prehistoric bird.

Ensign Ellsworth was taken away by a Boorik, a Pterodactyl looking creature. Lt Col Mitchell has gone to rescue the Ensign, and Sandra and Selina are sure the Colonel will succeed. Everyone is also worried about the injured members of the Hemmer shuttle. Ensign Torak and Ensign Linda Johnson. Lt. Selina Otsuka has activated the Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH), and this frightened the Priki tribe healer Una because she saw the EMH just materialize suddenly. The EMH used a tricorder and said there is a radioactive mineral in the cave walls throughout the caverns, and it is causing the tribe to die. The EMH also said they have to get the damaged Ensigns to sickbay or Ensign Torak will not survive.

Ensign Ellsworth is hiding from the Boorik in a crevice and is trying to climb down the mountain.

The Priki tribe has accepted Zark, a Humi Tribe member into the Priki tribe, and now some of the tribe members want the Strange Ones to become members of the tribe also.

Ahnee is begging Sandra to use the strong magic that the Strange Ones have to heal her people the Priki tribe, because many are dying. Sandra tells Ahnee, she does not know for sure if the magic will work on the Priki tribe, and that she has to discuss this with her friends. Sandra is trying to decide should they interfere in what is going on in the Priki tribe and violate the prime directive farther or should they stay out of it.

Ahnee hears the Strange Ones saying something about the caves and she realizes that the sickness started after the Priki moved to these caves from their old home. She thinks something is wrong in these caves and Sagundi does not want them there.

Vrook and Ruark have gone out to rescue the fire hair Strange One that the Boorik (Pterodactyl type bird) has taken. They fight with other prehistoric creatures along the way.

Ruark has decided he wants Sandra as his mate, so he will gather the gifts for her that a male gives to a female he wants as his mate in the Priki Tribe custom.

Zark is making sure the caves are safe and that there is enough food.

Ensign Torak's heart stopped beating and the EMH is trying to revive him. Sandra decides they must get back to the Durant now! ASAP to sickbay in order to save the injured and sick Ensigns. That is her top priority. ... Sector_Map

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SIM Concept: Evelyn Rieko
Historian: Hal Jordan (GreenLantern Excelsior)
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Gwydion, Pterodactyl ((Evelyn Rieko))
Carol Ellsworth (Ensign), Science Officer ((Evey45))
Una (Tribal witch doctor), ((Zania Turner))
Elsa Mitchell (Lieutenant Colonel), Marine/Security ((scottland78))
Ahnee (tribal sacrifice), ((Evelyn Rieko))
Vrook (Tribal Leader/ protector), ((Ginrai Yamabushi))
Emergency Medical Hologram (EMH) ((Scottland78))
Zark (Humi Tribe Hunter), ((GreenLantern Excelsior))
Ruark (Tribal High Priest), ((Evelyn Rieko))
Sandra Lacrima (Lieutenant), Security

Image Photo by Sandra Lacrima
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Evelyn Rieko
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Command - Commodore
Posts: 830
Joined: 160328.2122
Duty Post: Commanding Officer
Ship/Station Posted: USS Taylorholic Durant
Grid: Second Life Grid
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Gwydion fed more of the carcass to her babies, taking small pieces and then placing them into each little hungry mouth. There were 4 of them, and they were all chirping asking for more food please. She would have to go on another hunt soon, because the food from the last hunt was lost in that crevice. She walked back over to the crevice and peered down. The food seemed farther down and there was no way she could place her beak that far down to get it. she screeched loudly in frustration!

Ensign Carol Ellsworth peaked out of her hiding place to see what was happening, alarmed she tried to move and shouted, "darn it" She had been so careful and here she was, in the middle of a battlefield, she couldn't interfere nor help because her leg was stuck! "It had to be the good one!" She raised her arms and tried to make signals, but it was very dark for them to see her. She took out her tricorder and tried to position it in the right angle so it would reflect some light. Hopefully they would see her. She couldn't shout again as all the predators around would find her first. She had seen that battle; the light was enough to see it. She wondered now who had been more aggressive, the dinosaurs or the warriors. This was so unusual for her. It would be so easy to stun them with a phaser, but again, it wouldn't be right.
Her mind was shouting now... was it right to let them die then? Another shout made her look again. Another warrior was fighting the second dinosaur. She trusted those tribe warriors would locate her; their eyes were trained to see in that black-pit night.

Una: even though it appeared that the stranger was moved out of the cave, she remained behind.  Being shunned by the tribe for failing in her duties to help keep others alive meant that she was not permitted to speak, and she had to remain distant from the others.  It was the rightful punishment in accordance with tribal law.

LtCol Elsa Mitchell pulls an old-fashioned rope out of her equipmant bag and starts climbing the rope up to Ens Ellsworth hoping not to be too late.

Ahnee had knelt down to Sandra, begging her to use the Strange Ones Magic to heal her people, the Priki tribe, and stop them from dying from this sickness. Ahnee stood as Sandra helped her to her feet. She looked to Sandra and said ,"There is something wrong in these caves, many became ill after we moved here and lived here for a while." She shook her head remembering. "These caves are so pretty and we were all happy Vrook and Ruark found them, but then after a while our people started dying. You must help us, I know you have the power to do it." Then suddenly the male with the strange pretty ears got worse and one of the strange ones was trying to make him well. It was very scary the way he seemed to die, but the Strange One Healer tried to bring him back. She looked to Sandra, "Will your strange ears friend be ok?" Then Sandra said she was going back to some place, and started walking away, "Wait, Sweet Hair....wait! " Ahnee realized that Sweet Hair is Ruark's name for this one, but it is not her given name from her tribe. "Wait...I am Ahnee, what is your name? Where are you going? Wait for Ruark to get back." Ahnee followed Sandra.

Vrook takes a deep breath as the veins in his muscles are bulging. He sees the bite mark and blood dripping down the side from where the Hooreech attacked him. Looking around he sees a leaf he knew from his youth as a healing plant and snatched it off the branch. As some of the liquid paste dripped he quickly grabbed it and pressed it to his wound. Flexing his arm, he replied to Ruark, "We go now! Find Strange One."

Emmie EMH mark IV checks over the officers from the crashed shuttle while trying to not over disturb the tribal people.

Caveman Second Class Zark returned from the depths of the cave where he had been collecting firewood. He wondered vaguely how the wood had ended up so deep in the cave, but this was a strain on his faculties, so he did not pursue that line of reasoning. He was just happy to get some nice dry wood to keep the injured Strange One comfortable. The wood had been easy to find since the caves were not completely dark. Natural veins of some unknown rock embedded in the cave walls emitted enough dim light for him to see. He also wondered vaguely why the rocks were glowing. It seemed wrong and somehow evil. He had begun to feel tired and weak after collecting the wood, something very odd for him. Zark was strong, able to chase a rabbit through the jungle for hours, but today he wanted to lie down and take a nap.
He dropped the load of wood at some distance from the fire and stood back, leaning on the cave wall. He was not feeling good at all. Suddenly he jerked his hand away from the rock. He had been in contact with one of the glowing mineral veins, and it felt like he had held it over the fire. He looked at his hand, seeing no damage or redness, but it was tingling, and not a pleasant tingle either. "Cave walls are bad, hurt Zark's hand. No touch cave wall!" He moved away to stand in the center of the tunnel.

Ruark looks to Vrook, the leader of the tribe. Always so strong and always protecting the Priki. Ruark had to kill a beast so that he could present its claw as a gift to Sweet Hair. Suddenly his thoughts were full of her and how nice it was going to be to get to know her more. He wanted to gather the gifts that a Priki Male gives to a female he wants as his mate, but he could not do that now when someone else's life was in danger from the Boorik. Later after they rescued the other Strange One he will enjoy gathering his gifts, and he will talk to Ahnee because Ahnee must understand that he loved her sister, but he needs a new mate now...and none of the tribal women had made him feel this way, but now he has seen the one that will be his. He will continue to take care of Ahnee like a little sister, as he did when mated with Ahnee's sister Ena. Ruark responds to Vrook, "Yes, Vrook... we go." He runs toward the mountain where the Boorik lives.

Lt. Lacrima ran to the La Forge.. she was so focused on taking measures to bring Ensign Torak, and of course Ensign Johnson, back to the Durant immediately that she didn´t even notice the female native following her. While rushing through wild grasses towards the beach, she wondered how fast she was able to run on this planet... gravity seems a bit different from what she´s used to. She entered the shuttle via the rear hatch and jumped into the pilot seat. With some swift motions of her fingers over the controls,  she closed the hatch while starting the shuttle up and took off. The blueish dim glow of the warp nacelles lightly illuminated the dark beach, but for a better sight, she activated the spotlights in order to maneuver it closer to the cave, whereby she saw the long-haired native woman now being illuminated by the shuttle´s lamps. She let out an annoyed sigh, but expertly turned the shuttle around with the rear towards the entrance to the cave and made it land, rough, but still safely. She remembered that out here she could use the commbadge again, so she tapped it and tried to contact the Lieutenant Colonel, who was on her way to search and find Ensign Ellsworth. =^= Lieutenant Lacrima calling Colonel Mitchell, requesting a status report… have you found Ensign Ellsworth? =^=

Gwydion walked back to her babies. They are so beautiful she thinks. She feeds them more meat from the carcass. She is glad it is a large amount of food, but she will need more soon. The chirping little ones quiet down a bit now after eating, but they will be hungry again soon.

Ellsworth saw the Priki men and the Lieutenant approaching the place where she was when she had climbed down.
Thinking they would climb to rescue her, she cleared her throat slightly "over here, Lieutenant. My foot is stuck between these rocks" After some effort her foot was free. "Lieutenant, how's Torak? How's Linda? We are going to need all the help to prevent more radiation sickness. I think I know what's happening, but I need to run some tests and check the environment. We know they have a radiation sickness, worse than the terran sarcopenia, as they have been affected not only by the ion storms, there's the caves radiation too and we don't know if their water and plants are radioactive to them too." She paused for a moment to look at their surroundings. "Maybe the surface radiation had less millirads than it was needed to pose a permanent threat for the beings. but that depended on the exposure and the contaminated elements, it all depended on the soil and how long they have been here. We could scan too the area and make a tectonic analysis" While she walked close to the clearing she was pondering about the blue streaks on the walls, she had seen a big brownish rock outside too, with golden and blueish streaks. She sighed again, looking from left to right "did you see any blisters or red marks on their skin?" "Have you eaten something there"? She pressed her lips together and then bit her bottom lip slightly, closing for a moment her right eye and nodded. Yes, she was asking too many things at once.

Una continued to sit in the cave, staring at the dias where the male strange one was on.  She rocked back and forth, unsure of what she should do since one of their own had been tending to the strange one.  This was all beyond her level of comprehension . . .

Ahnee looked on as Sweet Hair climbed into the object she arrived in and it started going up higher into the sky, with lights on it. Ahnee waved her arms  up and was waving them around to get Sweet Hair's attention. Ahnee yelled, "Wait! Why are you leaving?"  Ahnee could not believe the Sweet Hair would leave her own tribe people. Ahnee yelled again, "What about your people in the caves and the one the Boorik has on the mountain?"  Ahnee wished she understood what Sweet Hair was doing. The object flew above Ahnee, and Ahnee ran to the cave to get a torch and spear, then ran toward the mountain where Vrook and Ruark were headed. She knew Ruark would be very upset.

Vrook grips the hillside as he heads up towards the nest. As him and Ruark continues up the hill, he grunts and groans as he climbs up higher and higher, he looks down at Ruark and replies, "Need help?" as he climbs up higher. Looking over at his wound, he could see that the blood was soaking the leaf, but still held in place. The paste had numbed the pain from the wound, as well as bound the leaf to him.

Zark saw nothing in the cave that required his presence. He had provided first aid care to the injured Strange One, but he had reached the limits of his medical expertise and the other Strange Ones were doing much more to help. He was feeling more and more ill, and his gut feeling (of nausea) told him that the cave was the source of the feeling. "Zark leave now, need fresh air, maybe help other tribe members to fight beasts outside. Call Zark if need help, Zark come running." He left the cave. Maybe some of the others needed help with something.

Ruark started climbing up the mountain also, on Vrooks right side and a little behind him. he said to Vrook, "I'm are injured. I saw the blood dripping from you. Go back down if you need to... Una will be able to help you heal. Bites, and cuts are things Una knows well, but with the new sickness she could not help us!" Ruark grunted as he found a foot hold and moved up on the mountain. At that moment he saw the two Strange Ones coming down the mountain. He yelled "Vrook.. let's start back down. The Strange Ones are coming down. They are safe!" Now his thoughts returned to his Sweet Hair. He wanted to see her hair free and not close to her head as she wore it. She must use some vines or twig to hold her hair close that way. She will be so happy when he gives her the gifts! He is full of happy anticipation as he starts back down the mountain

Lacrima waited for Elsa Mitchell's reply as her gaze fell on the crashed shuttle that came into view as a sun slowly rose above the horizon. She made a mental note on taking care of the wreck upon their final departure, which meant either recovering it and transferring it back to the Durant, or destroying it completely to not leave any traces. After having waited for a serious while, she scanned the region for the combadge signals of both crewmembers, locating them both with strong vital signs. This and the fact that both signals weren´t that much apart from each other, made her sigh in relief and assuming that the Lt. Colonel was just busy climbing a rock or something like that. She tried to contact Ensign Ellsworth, which hopefully might be able to receive her. =^= Lieutenant Lacrima calling Ensign Ellsworth, not sure if you can hear me, but Colonel Mitchell isn´t that far away from your location anymore..keep up! =^= Not waiting for a reply anymore, she quickly rearranged the seating to gain space for two laying patients, then went to the rear and manually released the hatch door, which plunged to the ground with a loud bang, whirling up some dust and sand. As she stepped down she noticed that the hatch had slain a snake, probably the same snake that approached her earlier. She let out an "Ew!“ and had a short moment of thinking about the Butterfly Effect, but appeased herself with a shrug and a "Naah, too late anyway.“

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Gwydion is feeling sleepy now... she hears some of the weak creatures scurrying around down below, and she gets up and looks down the mountain at them. Then she sees the shapes of some of the larger beasts roaming around in the darkness, and decides to get a larger animal when she next hunts for food. She goes back to her nest and settles down to sleep for a while. She will hunt when the sun comes up.

Ellsworth heard the Lieutenant telling her Colonel Mitchell would be there, it had been just seconds before she could see her. She had answered almost as a whisper afraid of the animals acute hearing. At least they were together now and the comms were working again. She looked at her surroundings. "Where's Torak?" "Where's Linda?" Once she knew Torak and Linda had had medical attention and the EMH had been there and now they were in the shuttle, she started scanning the area again, getting closer to the walls. She looked over the screen and raised her eyebrows whispering "interesting"
She started typing and looked at the readings. The mineral composition was so similar to Terran Caesium, she tapped the screen again and opened her eyes widely. How a similar mineral like Caesium 153 was here? She walked straight to where the light was coming. How are these people still alive? Ionic storms have caused them radiation sickness, not as severe as the one Torak presented, but still, enough for them to show sarcopenia symptoms and besides they were in a cave full of radioactive mineral. She walked to the entrance with the tricorder in hand, looking for the medical kit. Some of the tribe were showing radiation poisoning, had blisters in some areas and their skin was reddish, burn marks.. she wondered if they had had fever too. She saw a woman kneeling, she looked like the tribe healer, and with gestures started asking, repeating slowly "your medicinal herbs... to bring temperature down... where?"
she pointed to the ground, to the sky and then to the improvised furniture they had. "How many moons ago you have lived here.." She moved her fingers in a circular motion, adding "all.. in this cave?"

Una heard the strange one speak to her, but as much as she wanted to try and answer, she dared not speak and violate tribal rules again. If she did, it would mean a punishment worse than exile. She wasn't even sure what the strange one had said. She wasn't feeling well herself, and all she could do was focus on the rock table where the other strange one had lay, wondering if they really were of Sagundi . . . and if they were, why so many of them had been sick and died of illness that she could not treat.

Mitchell looks on as Carol speaks with one of the natives. Thinking about how close Carol had come to being dinner for the prehistoric bird and her babies.

Ahnee ran forward and found Vrook and Ruark... she saw the two strange ones walk past her and on to the caves. She ran to the two men breathing fast and shallow, speaking with desperation in her voice "Vrook...Ruark... the male strange one seems to be dying...I think they are all leaving now. They don't care about the Priki." Her eyes filled with tears. "They don't care. We care about them, but they don't care about us. They are leaving! I saw your Sweet Hair get into the object she arrived in and flew up and flew to the cave entrance to get her people." She wiped her eyes with the back of her hands and continued. "I think they said something is wrong with the caves... we were not sick until we moved our tribe here to these new caves. There is something in the walls that is poison.... maybe we will be ok if we move back to our old home."

Vrook feels the warm liquid drip down his arm, the binding paste which numbs him still works by numbing his arms. He can feel the blood dripping down his arm, as he the numbness moving to other parts of his body. Suddenly, he feels himself become dizzy, and lowers his gaze and replies, "Ruark... come down. Help me...." he began lowering down to the ground. As he reached the ground, he collapsed as he felt his body weak from the blood dripping down his arm.

Emmie EMH mark IV: Trying to make small talk with the native in the chamber with me while treating the crewmembers with a lifeless look on my face.

Zark exited the cave, ending up near the flying metal box controlled by the Strange Ones. They had moved it from its location on the beach to the cave entrance. He regretted not seeing it move. Did they pick it up and carry it? Did they command it to relocate? Or was this even the same box as before? As he thought about it, his foot was jostled by a large snake that was passing by. He stepped away from it and let it pass. Snakes were good, killing off the smaller creatures that competed for food with Zark's compatriots. Zark went out and killed bunnies and then the smaller creatures came in the night and tried to drag away the dead bunnies from the dead bunny storage location. It was too bad that the small scavenger creatures weren't good to eat, or Zark could collect extra food by using the bunnies as bait. Instead, he would catch the creatures and throw them to the snakes when he could. The snakes would live near the tribes, getting extra food now and then, and protecting the tribe from the scavengers. It was part of living in harmony with nature, but Zark thought of it more like allowing the snakes to do some of his work for him. Zark aspired to a life of leisure but was not quite there yet.

Ruark saw Ahnee approach them crying, he listened as she told them the strange ones were leaving. His heart sank.. a sadness enveloped him and his shoulders drooped. He felt like he did when he was a boy and he had climbed high in a tree and reached for beautiful ripe fruit, only to lose his footing and fall to the ground..the air knocked out of him his head ringing and light pain throughout his body. He felt that way now, like he did back then. The air knocked out of him..and pain. He never had the chance to tell Sweet Hair how he felt and what he planned for the two of them. She has no idea of what a wonderful happy life she could have had here with him. This was so unfair. He growled loudly in frustration! He looked to Ahnee, " You are sure? They are leaving?" He sighed, "Let' 's go back to the caves." Then he remembered the other things Ahnee had said, "You may be right about the new caves. We were healthy and strong until we moved our tribe there. We can move back home if Vrook agrees."  Just then he heard Vrook, ask for help, he turned and saw Vrook fall to the ground. He ran to Vrook, placed Vrook's left arm around his neck, then placed his right arm around Vrook's waist and grunted as he pulled Vrook up to his feet. He said "Ahnee come around and place your shoulder under his right arm! I will hold most of his weight. Let's drag him home, where we live now." Ruark was worried. He did not say anything to Ahnee, but he was very worried. He had never seen Vrook look like this, so weak. He said to Ahnee, "The Strange Ones can help him if they have not left yet."

Lacrima stepped out and looked for the female native that was following her but she seemed to have gone. Anyway, she had more urgent things to take care of now… she ran back into the cave and saw the EMH still fighting for the Vulcan Ensign´s life. She knew that at this point, she just could hope for the EMH to save him and as soon as Ensign Torak would be stabilized, they could carry him to the La Forge. To not waste further time, she decided to evacuate Ensign Johnson first. She addressed Lt. Otsuka „Selina, we´ll start with Ensign Johnson, could you help me carry her out?“

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