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USS T-Durant Mission TDRP20-07: "Feeling very still..." 200301

The USS Taylorholic Durant is considered to be the Flagship of the UFS Fleet. We are honoured to have Admiral Mike Calhoun as our former CO and as a current crew member, as well as other luminaries. We support UFSA as much as we can and we provide mentorship to the JOOP & CGSD graduate programs.
We roleplay in-world on a drop-in and scheduled basis. We also add to our history and environment by writing RP Narratives, Mission Logs & Personal Stories for the UFS forum.
Inspired by the ship's namesake, the late Admiral Taylorholic Durant, crew members work to exemplify the behaviour, actions & vision of United Federation Starfleet in everything they do. Our first rule: to be kind to one another. And have fun.
Please note we practice Post Order (P.O.) and One Post in our Roleplays. For further info, contact the C.O.!

Roleplay Times: Sundays 11:15am SLT
Commanding Officer: Poison Toocool
Executive Officer: Evelyn Rieko

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Sun Mar 1, 2020
STARDATE: 200301
MISSION LEAD/GM: Cmdr Evelyn Rieko (XO)

Official UFS uniform

-the ship is at: 1/4 impulse
-alert level is: yellow
-we left Pinastri 5-6 weeks ago
-we are in Klakkr's Drift, Sector 004D Polenta

Regular crew, please arrive no later than 11:15am SLT and obtain your mission card from the XO -- be sure to read it before RP begins.

POST ORDER: Will be decided, and posted, by the Mission Leader just prior to mission start (and sometimes adjusted in the RP if necessary).
MISSION TIME: Please be ready & prepared & in place for RP to start at 1130hrs SLT, expect RP to run to 1315/1330hrs SLT
ARRIVING LATE? Contact the Mission Lead when you arrive, and wait to be instructed on Post Order & Story before speaking in Local. Come up with a reason why your character would be entering the scene at the appointed time and include it in your first post.
LEAVING EARLY? You need to post out. Come up with a reason why your character would be leaving the scene. Ask for permission to go to your department, for example (RP etiquette also says it’s nice if you wait to see the replies before you actually remove your avatar from the scene).

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http://wiki.ufstarfleet.org/wiki/index. ... Sector_Map
http://wiki.ufstarfleet.org/wiki/index. ... nta_Sector

SIM Concept: Evelyn Rieko & Poison Toocool
Historian: Hal Jordan ((Greenlantern Excelsior))

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Evelyn Rieko
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Command - Commander
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Evelyn Rieko (Cmdr), XO/Chief Science
Rain Elton (Ensign), Helm ((Rain Torvalar))
Bodan Landar (Ensign), Tactical))
Bruno Bonj (Ensign), Ops ((benjilabonj))
Hal Jordan (Commodore), Intelligence ((GreenLantern Excelsior))
Rachel Reynolds (Lt.) Medical ((Janet Gelbert))
Alien (DurantNPC) ((Poison Toocool))

ImageDurant RP 200301 photo by GreenLantern Excelsior,Left to right: Jordan, Elton, Rieko, Bonj, Reynolds - not in photo: Landar and Alien
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Evelyn Rieko
Command - Commander
Command - Commander
Posts: 349
Joined: 160328.2222
Duty Post: Executive Officer
Ship/Station Posted: USS Taylorholic Durant
Grid: Second Life Grid
Has thanked: 24 times
Been thanked: 46 times



Commander Evelyn Rieko looked around the bridge, her thoughts racing. The power had gone out for a few seconds and then came back on, she looked to Ops, " Ensign Bonj, can you find out what caused us to lose power, for that moment, and is it likely to happen again? Ensign Bodan, any more telemetry from the probes in this nebula. What is swirling around us? Any data on why it is so dense?" She'd made the decision to turn around and leave this dark nebula instead of trying to go through it. "We don't know what lies ahead in this nebula, it could very well get denser as we travel forward...and that would make it difficult or maybe even impossible to get through. Although going back out the way we came in is not necessarily a great idea with the possible cloaked ships out there, but it's the best idea. Ensign Elton, how is navigation going? Reports everyone."

Ensign Rain Elton calls out to the Commander, "Navigation is, to borrow a term, like moving through soup. I regret to say that I can only estimate we are tracing our return route. This area of space is most odd" She then glances up at the viewscreen briefly but keeps her attention to the console in front of her as she concentrates on the information flowing from her screens. Her thoughts lingering upon the information previously conferred with Science, that the density of the surrounding space seemed, fluid. Using dead reckoning and internal gyros the ship said we were moving, but it was almost like... her trail of thought is interrupted as the screens flicker and momentarily lose power but comes right back on. Reaching up she absentmindedly tugs on a strand of her hair.

Ensign Bodan Landar keeps his eye on the shields whilst cycling through the telemetry coming in from the probes and attempts to consolidate. It's patchy at best, but it would seem some are detecting the same thing. He taps away again to confirm "Sir, I can confirm that at least two of the aft probes are detecting Kinoplasmic radiation. Likely that the others are too, just can't pin down a confirmation yet."

Ensign Bruno Bonj begins looking over the screens in front of him, waiting patiently as the various interfaces and systems reset themselves. "Just gathering data now in order to get a greater picture of what is going on. The probes should give us some idea.." He falls quiet for a moment, eyes scanning the screen. "There's not much going on here, I'm not receiving any telemetry from 2 of the 9 probes, the others are looking patchy too. It feels as though this cloud around us may have something to do with it. I'll keep working on it now...."

Commodore Hal Jordan sat back down at the COMM console, watching what the computer was doing. His internal dialog was telling him that we were really lucky that the computer didn't lose all of the search parameters and screen setups that he had entered. But then he reminded himself that it was skill, not luck, that made Durant's systems as efficient as they were. And then he remembered the old joke about how it was okay to talk to yourself but arguing with yourself was a problem. He glanced up at the viewscreen for a moment. Seeing nothing of note, he turned to the XO as he heard her ask everyone for reports. "Sir, I have decrypted nothing of interest except the number 'nine' in Iconian and a slang word that sometimes means 'Starfleet' in Romulan. Other decoded words appear to be nonsensical. I am beginning to wonder whether this data contains the secrets we seek. I have isolated this workstation from ship's control circuits so it can't take control and fly us into an asteroid." He turned back to the console, moved a control, then pulled it back and looked with unfocused eyes, deep in thought. He turned back to the console, moved a hand toward a control, then pulled it back and looked with unfocused eyes, deep in thought.

Lieutenant Rachel Reynolds checks her hair is tidy as she heads out of Sickbay towards the Bridge. She feels very wary of entering the Bridge for the first time, being relatively newly assigned to the Durant, to then have to be the bearer of bad news. She also feels quite awkward about the whole Ensign Colville business. Her team all worked with the false Caitlin, all were taken in by her too. She was so convincing. It still is rather embarrassing though. The false Caitlin was a very good actress, and they all fell for it. She bites her lip as she hopes nobody will mention anything about the incident. On her way, the turbo lift lights flicker and the lift itself pauses for a millisecond. She eventually arrives outside the door to the Bridge. She pauses, feeling extremely apprehensive. She decides she needs to compose herself before entering.

Rieko looks to Ops, "Kinoplasmic radiation....." She looks to the new medical officer on the bridge..."Lt. Reynolds, what does that mean for the crew? When we were in the Nekrit Expanse we were given hyposprays that helped with the effect of the radiation.." She looked to helm., Ensign Elton..do your best, that's all we can ask of you. Commodore sorry to hear there's no progress on the decoding....Ops, how are shields holding up? Shield integrity? What is this density made off? Cmdr. Leni suggested it may be organic.. do your best to find out more from the probes.

Elton continues moving the ship through space but starts to notice a discrepancy, "Sir, ships helm has started to show what I estimate to be a roughly 750 millisecond delay from input to action. It does not seem to be an internal issue yet I cannot explain the problem." Taps a few keys, "and also, what little information I'm getting is at least consistent, the space around us seems to be denser than just a few minutes ago."

Landar tries every which way to try and reconfigure the tactical sensors but to no avail. They have given up the ghost and the location of the Romulan vessel is now a mystery. His forehead becomes more furrowed as the ever changing information unfolds before his eyes. He has confirmation on the Kinoplasmic radiation from 3 probes now, but his eyes widen when the next item on his panel goes red. "Sir, hull integrity is dropping 9...9.5...10 percent, shields are being adversely affected by the denser clouds but they are for the minute at least still holding....just... but it's like we are being slowly squeezed."

Bonj: With a few flourishes on his console he continues his analysis of the data, using all his knowledge from his days at the academy. "There must be something here..." He mutters under his breath, wiping a few beads of sweat from his forehead. "I'm just looking at the front facing probe, it's like we're feeling our way through the dark. I'll look at increasing the signal. These power strains aren't making it easy for me, darn astrometrics are offline. I'll see if I can cross reference the telemetry to confirm if we are indeed experiencing Kinoplasmic radiation." A few clicks and a head turn from now and Bruno switches his attention to the other side of his panel. "Shields are beginning to feel the strain at the sides of the ship. It seems to be having an effect upon our impulse engines and mobility too. It's like we're being pushed back in some way, which might explain why these probes are behaving erratically. I've got some changing course, some have got telemetry faults, some are drifting. Readout is like spaghetti junction! I'll report further tests when they come through."

Hal Jordan looked into the distance with the fabled thousand-yard stare, thinking of all that had transpired since they beamed over to the space station. The staff there had not been forthcoming with information, and had actively attempted to get rid of the Durant crew. The crew had covertly taken information from the station's computer and brought it back to Durant for analysis. The library computer had been unable to decipher any meaningful messages from the data, except for a couple of words. Those words could have been placed there to make someone think that the data contained more secrets. But Durant's computer, updated with the latest decryption and translation algorithms, could not find any secrets.
Perhaps the data consisted of coded computer instructions. That was why he had isolated his console from other ship's systems, since whoever put the data there would assume that it would be dumped into a ship's computer for decoding. The data had come from his tricorder, which was disguised as a common Starfleet PADD. He looked at the device, sitting on the console next to him, and his eyes went wide with alarm. He grabbed it, turned it on, and began to look at what it was doing.

Reynolds, not having been on the Bridge in a formal capacity before, is very surprised that the doors take longer than usual to open, in fact she has to push them the rest of the way. Not the best of entrances, to add to the anxiety of everything else. She looks around the Bridge. She is not quite sure where environmental controls are in order to be able to check life support systems. She takes a huge breath and begins. "Greetings Commander, Lt Rachel Reynolds reporting to the Bridge. I am gravely concerned that the Kinoplasmic radiation levels are rising. This type of radiation is known to affect biological systems and humanoid brains I am going to monitor environmental controls and check life support systems from the Bridge. I need to ask about shield integrity in order to protect the crew. I can administer a hypospray that will help with the effect of the radiation."

[Unknown]: ....
*Lights flicker on the bridge of the silver ship*
*Some sitting there might imagine a soft wind on their face*
*That touch feels warm. Soothing*
*In that gentle breeze, some might imagine they
hear a breathy, low, rich, tender sound*
"...kandar se..."....

Rieko: "The space around us is getting denser? We're being pushed back by the density of this cloud? We're moving forward though, slowly through this eerie part of space, but we are moving. What is the shield integrity percentage Ensign Bonj. Re-route 20% power from auxiliary systems to the shields. " She sits in the Captain's chair.... thinking maybe it was a bad idea to come into Klakkr's Drift. She nibbled her bottom lip and ran her fingers through the ends of her hair. Suddenly she wished Jim were here on the bridge, taking command, giving orders and she were following them along with the crew. He'd always seemed to know just what to do in any given situation...Adm. Toocool also. They both had more experience and more knowledge than she did, they each had confidence, strength of character and that special something... an undefinable quality needed to be a starship captain. Did she have it? She believed she did. She'd gotten the crew and ship through a few terrible situations. She glanced at the medical officer to ask her more about the effects of the radiation....then suddenly she heard a whisper...some type of sound. She looked around the bridge, "What is that? Did anyone hear something strange... kan...dar something? Where is that coming from?!"

Elton processes the information being relayed around the bridge from her crew mates, "Commander, it is becoming apparent that our forward progress is being impeded." She adds a little more power to the impulse engines, and after the delay the ship responds sluggishly and yet from what she can tell it doesn't seem to move any faster and quite remarkably, "Sir the ship appears to be slowing although I am slightly increasing speed. At this current rate I calculate we will no longer be moving in approximately seven minutes. In its simplest terms, it is as if the space in front of us is blocking our passage."

Landar just resists thumping the console with the side of a clenched fist in frustration. His concern is clearly evident to the rest of the bridge crew as he reports "Shields are buckling under the strain Sir. Down to 80%." The density of these gas clouds is beyond ridiculous he muses. "I recommend taking phasers offline a like most things around here it's unlikely they will work and more importantly there is every chance that they will in any case ignite the gases in the drift. If we need firepower then I suggest we rely on good old photon torpedoes."

Bonj's face lights up, he gives out a sigh of relief. "Finally some results! I can confirm that from the data I've managed to gather, that we are in the midst of Kinoplasmic radiation. I never thought I'd be so pleased to say that, just glad to have some kind of data to go by." He suddenly stops, his eyes closing in reaction to a subtle wind on his face, blowing his fringe upwards. He shakes his head, blinking it off. "I... Er... Er… Right, yes. Erm.. Shields now at 75%, they're struggling. Rerouting aux power to shields now... Erm..." He hears a small voice in his ear, not quite being able to make it out. "Erm… Sorry, I don't know what... I'm going to open up the database and see some transport logs, see if anything we're experiencing here relates to other journeys." He begins typing, acknowledging his console lights dimming.

Jordan watched as the PADD display turned on, showing for an instant a screen filled with commands, like the underlying commands behind a graphical user interface. As an Intelligence Officer, he knew how to analyze PADD operations. He forced the PADD to tell him what it was doing, and the answer was alarming. He flipped the PADD over, opened the back cover, and removed its power cell. As he did so, he thought he heard someone speaking at a distance, but he didn't quite catch the message. "Sir, the PADD that contained the data we liberated from the space station was using that data as machine instructions. It had tried to access some of our control systems, which may be why the power went out on the bridge a few minutes ago. But even worse, it was sending a periodic low intensity electromagnetic pulse. That may be why the ship that's following us was able to track our movements. I have removed power from the PADD, but retained its contents in memory for later analysis. Whoever is trying to track us will not have it so easy now. And I thought I heard someone speaking, but I didn't catch what they said."

Reynolds checks life support systems and environmental controls. Thankfully, for now, they are within acceptable levels. She is aware that science speculated that the density closing in on the ship ‘demonstrated some characteristics that seem organic’ and she wants to know more about those characteristics. After the Commander reported a strange feeling, she also felt a warm breeze and a sound that could be someone whispering "..........something then ... se..." she thinks she should ask. "Commander, do you think that the density closing in on the ship could possibly be organic? Any kind of life or intelligence?"
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[Unknown]: ....
*Tender swirling clouds hold the silver one*
*Some may hear that soft low voice hum odd musical tones*
*Black ships appear through the mist of familiar vapor*
*A tail flicks, holding fast to the silver one,
taking it away. Deeper*...

Rieko sits in the Captain's chair, then stands again repeating info from the reports, "75% shield integrity.. no firing of any weapons." She taps her console, -^-Engineering Rieko here, I want phasers off line until farther notice, Rieko out .-^- "We will be at a full halt in 7 minutes. Something is stopping our movement!" She turns to Intel as Hal gives his report. Anger rises inside her so intense for a few minutes it pushes aside the dread and uncertainty she has been feeling. "How ingenious and diabolical to have the data from that space station rigged to access our control systems! Sending info back to that Romulan ship and who knows where else.. Good work Commodore." She clenched her teeth..."these Romulans...so devious and calculating! Lt. Reynolds, yes it could be something organic around the ship...that whisper... the sounds... do you hear them... and the air moving oddly in here...something is wrong... Hello!!" She looks around the bridge expecting to see some type of entity but nothing is there. "Hello! Who are you?" Then more quietly, "What are you?"

Elton, trying to ignore the strange whisper that seems to come from nowhere and everywhere at the same time, Rain tugs again at her hair, her brow actually furrowed in concentration as she works out the issues the ship is facing trying to calculate the distance moved versus the reported figures and the speeds involved. She takes initiative and brings the ship to now half impulse and finds that nothing has changed velocity wise, "We are at half impulse and our situation continues to remains the same".

Landar: The CO was correct, devious indeed, but then we are talking about Romulans here. He takes a sudden glance behind him as he provides a further update to the bridge "Hull integrity is at 87% but seems to have stabil..." He scans the console again in case the tactical sensors have decided to work but nothing. He raises his hands to his face and rubs it up and down in an attempt to relieve some tension. "Please tell me someone else heard that...?"

Bonj flicks from report to report, looking over all kinds of vessels. Racing against time, Bonj speed reads a few reports. "I've looked over a few reports, this part of space, this Drift seems to be surrounding some kind of inter-space anomaly. Best course of action would be to leave the... Leave..." The chaos in front of him takes fold as something appears on sensors. Bonj is immediately thrown into confusion as the XO begins to shout out behind him. Taking a moment to contain himself, he looks upon the systems. "Shields are down to 65% now... Looks like... ships approaching!!"

Jordan looked at the deenergized PADD, and had a thought. A few minutes too late, maybe, but he swung into action. He looked at his console's internal software workings and noted what it was doing. Just like the PADD, it was attempting to send EM signals and take control of ship's systems. The difference between it and the PADD was that this console was now forbidden to communicate with the rest of the ship, so its attempts (to do what?) were not successful. At the same time he wondered whether the PADD had been able to transmit a virus into the ship's computer. Initial indications were negative. He suspended the decryption routines temporarily and ordered his console to list all commands that it was trying to run. As the list began to display, he heard the distant voice again. He turned to the XO as the full command list was displayed. "Sir, if this console had not been disconnected from ship's control systems, we would have had life support failure on deck three, a depressurized shuttle bay, number four deuterium tank vented to space, and a long list of what might look like systems failures all over the ship, culminating in a warp core breach. Someone really, really hates us! Also, I heard the voice a little more clearly this time. I don't know what it means, but I am mostly tone deaf when it comes to telepathic influence." He gazed at the viewscreen, watching as the Durant moved in the swirling soft clouds of mist...that appeared to be full of ships!

Reynolds thinks that the Bridge crew are possibly experiencing some weird phenomenon . She checks life support systems which actually do not show any signs of alterations to any brain scans as yet. She bites her lip as things do not add up. "Commander, I must bring your attention to what we all seem to be experiencing. I thought at first it was some kind of hallucination, but life support systems do not exhibit any readings to clarify this theory. Science is suggesting that the Drift is surrounding a subspace anomaly. That could be the source of the radiation."

*Feels the silver one try to go faster, hugs it tenderly*
*On the bridge of the silver one, a gentle breath stirs*
*A thread of soft tone sings -- sounding eerily like Commander Evelyn Rieko.
"...oooo...who are yoooooo...whoooooouuuuu..."

Rieko: "Helm, good decision to go to half impulse, but get the okay from me before doing anything that affects the ship and crew. They're my responsibility, and I must make the decisions on what we do and how we do it with input from all of you. Although this is minor it has to be ingrained into the officers, or there could be chaos... that's why Starfleet is structured this way." She makes a mental note, when they are out of this, she will have a meeting with the Ensign in her Ready Room. She stops there but thinks to herself we can't have Tactical shooting off photon torpedoes because an officer thinks it's a good idea or medical hypo spraying the crew with some untested substance because the doctor thinks it's a good idea. It all has to go through Command..one final voice after hearing many suggestions. She admires the Ensign's ingenuity at the same time. She turns to Hal, listens to his report and says simply "I hate Romulans." She looks around the ship again...".I heard my words repeated back to me.... yes who are you? Who? What are you? You must let us go... can you understand me? You must release us." She feels a warm gentle breeze caress her face. It feels...soothing. She shakes her head to clear it and says to the crew .."I think...I believe we are...captives of some unknown entity. I heard it repeat my words. We seem to be caught in it or held by it."

Elton responds with a quick and simple, "Aye sir" as she is reprimanded and then quickly plots out evasion courses at the mention of other ships approaching. Not knowing their immediate threat level she continues with what she's been doing when a screen gets her attention showing the engines are using more power than they should at this speed, "Sir, the Impulse engines are starting to show signs of stress but are still within safe limits-" and pauses as the sound of the whispering takes on the qualities of her Commander's voice and can't help but glance behind her to see her reaction as she talks out loud to the air around her.

Landar looks at the viewscreen as black ships appear. "Where the helll..." he mutters. He runs his fingers across the panel passing a series of instructions to the torpedo bays and ensuring the photon torpedoes are primed and ready. "Photon torpedoes armed and ready sir....but it would seem we are sitting ducks."

Bonj: The console in front of him sparks and flickers as the XO speaks. Bruno flinches back, watching as the screens go mad for a moment, readings all over the place, they then settle back to their status before. Bruno unsettlingly looks over. "Shields at 50%..."

Jordan saved the information about the commands that he had prevented the console from running, and placed the decryption and translation routines back into action. Now he began to worry about his PADD/tricorder, which had been sitting on the console for the whole time. It could have transmitted commands to the ship's computer, just like his console had tried to do. He moved back to the "AUXILIARY SYSTEMS I" console and set it to analyze the data transmitted from the PADD. That data would have been sent over a wireless connection protected by a data scanner that filtered out commands to ship systems unless authorized with the correct command codes. As expected, the PADD had also tried to depressurize the shuttle bay and vent the deuterium tank, but was prevented by the data scanner. There were several other data commands that had not been prevented, since the PADD was required to be able to implement some low level actions in coordination with the ship's computer. But so far there was no indication of a virus transmission or any other negative actions caused by the PADD. He almost wondered whether the strange voice was a result of his PADD interfacing with the comm system, but disregarded that thought, as the words that he had heard had not come out of the ship's speakers.

Lieutenant Reynolds pauses in thought.

[Unknown]: ….
*the voice repeats*
"...whooo...hate Romulans…"
*the tail flicks again, taking the silver one deeper into the Drift*

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ImageDurant RP 200301 by GreenLantern Excelsior, Evelyn Rieko (Cmdr), XO/Chief Science

ImageDurant RP 200301 by GreenLantern Excelsior, Rain Elton (Ensign), Helm ((Rain Torvalar))

ImageDurant RP 200301 by GreenLantern Excelsior, Bodan Landar (Ensign), Science Two ((bodan))

ImageDurant RP 200301 by GreenLantern Excelsior, Bruno Bonj (Ensign), Ops ((benjilabonj))

ImageDurant RP 200301 by GreenLantern Excelsior, Hal Jordan (Commodore), Intelligence ((GreenLantern Excelsior))

ImageDurant RP 200301 by GreenLantern Excelsior, Rachel Reynolds (Lieutenant), Medical ((Janet Gelbert))

ImageDurant RP 200301 by GreenLantern Excelsior A new face joins the bridge crew.
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