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USS T-Durant Mission TDRP20-03: "J-Just Ch-Checking" 200202

Posted: 200201.0007
by Poison Toocool
Ship's Log, 200201

A suspected, unidentified Romulan agent, who masqueraded as medical Ensign known as 'Caitlin Colville,' had close contact with Admiral Poison Toocool when the Admiral was in Durant sickbay at the start of the conflict with the Romulans. Nanites were used, apparently to 'cure' the Admiral. However, she was not sick before she arrived on Durant, and those medical nanites seem to have now disappeared.

The false Colville disembarked at Space Station Alpha Therapévo, with the Admiral, to oversee her care and keeping, while the Durant continued its mission with the Fleet task force. After the battle was over, certain facts came to light which led to the start of a search for the suspected agent. Station security responded to Starfleet Intelligence's long range comms, insisting they only have a record of Colville's arrival, and that, despite an alleged thorough search of records and the facility, she has not been located. They also claimed to be going through records of ships and shuttles leaving the facility since the Admiral arrived. However, the replies to the questions transmitted by Starfleet Intelligence were intermittent at best -- and the Intel officer on the case suspected that there may be someone on the inside working to scuttle the investigation.

The Durant subsequently arrived at SS Alpha Therapévo, expecting the cooperation of the station security team and easy access to any information that would assist them in tracking the suspected Romulan agent. They also intended to pick up Admiral Toocool. Upon their arrival, the station's head of security - a civilian known as Lyudmila - insisted the station was on lockdown and that no one could come aboard. Suspecting this to be a ruse to avoid questioning and a search of the station, Commander Evelyn Rieko made some veiled threats and took the Durant to red alert to put pressure on Lyudmila to allow the Starfleet team to board the station. Lyudmila capitulated and five Starfleet officers were permitted to beam over, and have a short meeting with her. She insists Toocool is not aboard the station, but has not provided any further information about the Admiral's whereabouts.

Now Commander Rieko has asked Lyudmila to show her and her security officer around the operations deck before beaming back to Durant. Two members of the Away Team requested to go to the Promenade to get some baking to take back to the ship. Permission was reluctantly given.

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Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP20-03: "J-Just Ch-Checking" 200202

Posted: 200204.1205
by Greenlantern Excelsior

Lyudmila (Civilian), Space station security ((Leninah))
Hal Jordan (Commodore), Intelligence/Tactical ((GreenLantern Excelsior))
Rain Elton (Ensign), Helm ((Rain Torvalar))
Evelyn Rieko (Cmdr), XO/Chief Science
Rupiltania (Doctor), NPC

Left to right: Jordan, Rieko, Lyudmila, Elton

Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP20-03: "J-Just Ch-Checking" 200202

Posted: 200204.1207
by Greenlantern Excelsior

Lyudmila stands in the operations deck admiring the station. Looking around for anything that maybe shouldn't be on display and she picks up an item or two with insignia showing that she tucks away in her tunic with a sigh of relief she saw them first. After communicating with the crew and checking on communications messages, responses to her earlier requests she nods and decides to go find the rest of the visitors are really just stuffing their faces with cakes rather than their minds with notions which might become more of an issue that just indigestion. She smiles and suggests to the one visitor still on the Operations deck "Would you like to visit the promenade and sample our cakes?" Thinking to herself, 'so far so good, nothing too awkward has been asked, and so it needs to stay that way' she whispers to herself as she leads her guest to the promenade and to locate the others.

Hal Jordan stood in the Promenade near a hallway with a junction of four branches. No one was in the area to note that he and Ensign Elton were not going to stay in the Promenade to acquire pastries to take back to Durant. He looked at the Ensign and spoke softly. "Let's go into sickbay and see if we can find any traces of Rear Admiral Toocool. I will see if I can distract the medical staff so they don't see you searching through their computer records. See if you can find any mention of her presence or anything else relative to the station's mission and possible contact with Romulans."

Rain Elton simply nods, acknowledging Hal's instructions and looks to the walls for signs to Sickbay and points in the appropriate direction "Sickbay is that way."

Evelyn Rieko smiles at Lyudmila, but thinking she hopes Hal and Rain can get some valuable information about what happened to the Admiral and where she is. She says to Lyudmila, "My compliments on your space station, it is an intriguing design. I would love to see more of it, while we chat." She looks around the area, hoping she sounds friendly. She notices Lyudmila seems suspicious. She seems like she is up to something, but what?

Lyudmila acknowledges Commander Rieko's compliment. "Thank you, yes, if you have time we'd be happy to show you around a bit more, maybe let's start with the promenade and join your colleagues? This way." Leads the way for her guest down the hallway and left to the promenade, walking through the doors expecting to see the other two tucking in but to her surprise and concern sees no-one which immediately makes her suspicious. Turning to Commander Rieko. "Urmm I thought your crew were coming to get cakes from the promenade? I don't see them. Any idea where else they might have wandered off to?" As she waits for a reply, she contacts the operations deck again.
=^= Hi please locate the members of our visiting team from the Durant for me please and advise. =^=
She forces a smile through her consternation as she looks at Commander Rieko with a steady expectant stare.

Jordan looked in the direction that the Ensign was pointing and saw that there was indeed a door there marked "SICKBAY." She was a new Durant crew member, but she was on the ball already. He nodded, took a bite out of the sticky bun that he was holding, and then walked through the door. Spitting the chunk of pastry into his hand, he selected a sickbay crew member that was farthest away from the computer access portal and walked up to him. "I have a complaint about this sticky bun. It tastes awful. I believe it is contaminated with some kind of microbe or spore. Would you please analyze this for me and see if I am going to die from eating it?"

Elton goes over in her head the Station commander Lyudmila's actions since we have arrived at the station and again calculates whether she is being truthful or not. Her experience around Humans helps formulate an appropriate calculation but this one seems more challenging to read. At the same time she also calculates the odds of successfully searching the station's computer records and is confident that with the age of the systems it should be difficult but not impossible. As Hal moves to the far side of the room, she looks around and further calculates that with his huge bulk he should be able to hide her movements. She pulls out her tricorder and moves close to the terminal and inputs the commands to start working on the system firewalls while also doing cursory searches for logs and schedules that might be more easily accessible.

Rieko can tell that Lyudmila is very proud of the station, like a mother showing off her child's talents, that's good to know. Hides her disgust when Lyudmila questions the whereabouts of the away team, she smiles and says "They're probably looking around your lovely station. It is a public station. I'm sure they are just enjoying it, and will choose the pastries before we leave. Now Sub Commander, I would like to see your records on the incoming ships and the departing ships during the time our Admiral was here. There was an Ensign Caitalin Colville, medical officer attending her when they arrived. Do you know this officer, did you meet her? Where is she? I would like to speak with her."

Lyudmila: The signs of increased concern start to crack through her well maintained smile as she furtively looks around before the reply comes back.
=^= Commander, both the other guests are currently located in the sick bay, do you need a security detail sent there to escort them out again? =^=
Mila looks to Commander Rieko with a modified tone. "Hmm, I wasn't aware there was any cakes provided in the sick bay, would they be there on your orders or are they displaying initiative?" She replies to the message
=^= Confirmed, send a team to the sick bay to meet me there. I'm heading there myself. =^=
She briskly turns and calls back to Commander Rieko. "If you would like to accompany, that's fine, and I can answer your questions to the best of my ability as we go, however since the rest of your team are there, we need to be there too. Otherwise I'll be back shortly to deal with your questions and request for information. Meanwhile, feel free to enjoy the cakes on the house!" The note of sarcasm barely disguised.

Jordan watched the doctor to see if his ruse was going to work, while trying to keep his body blocking Ensign Elton's work. "These pastries are supposed to be famous across the galaxy for their indescribable flavor. But this one...there's something wrong with it and I'm worried that it's causing harm to my body. And if there is some contamination on it, then everyone on the station who has eaten one may be in trouble too. We may be looking at a quarantine situation here!"

Elton tugs at her hair a little as she taps away on the keys to the medical terminal and quirks an eyebrow. The security system in place on the computers is far more advanced than it should be for the age of the system. Turning her full attention to the terminal, she rapidly starts keying in commands and with the help of her tricorder starts downloading what little info she's able to access.

Rieko Looks at Lyudmila, hiding her disgust behind a smile, "If you wanted to restrict my officers to the promenade, you should have said so. This is a public station, and my officers are free to walk around if they choose to. You did not tell them they must stay on the promenade, so they did nothing wrong, Sub Commander Lyudmila. I did not limit them to the promenade either.

Rupiltania (Doctor) looks suspiciously at the two Starfleet officers as they enter and the one complaining about the pastries. Looks at Hal, "We'll take a look at that pastry, officer. Sit on the biobed please."

Lyudmila, paying little attention to the expiration of the short lived spirit of convivial cooperation from Commander Rieko, somewhat hurriedly bursts into the sick bay followed closely by three burly security guards. She stops and looks with a dropped jaw at the sight of one of the Durant crew seemingly arguing with her staff with a handful of half chewed cake, and the other hunched over a computer terminal. She immediately beckons to the guards already reaching for their weapons "No! I don't want violence here on my station, holster your weapons at once!" She approaches the younger member of the Durant team at the terminal, placing her hand over the screen and asks as politely as the circumstances will allow, "Ensign Elton, isn't it? Can you please explain to me what you are doing accessing the computer of this station without permission? And whose authority this blatant violation is being committed, if you have any that is?"

Jordan noticed that the doctor was showing too much interest in what was going on in other areas in sickbay, so he held out both hands. "See? In my left hand is the pastry with a bite taken out of it. In my right hand is the bite that I took. Do you have a sample dish where I can deposit these? I am worried that the contaminants could be seeping into my skin. Also, my arms are getting tired and I would like to wash my hands." He walked over and sat on a biobed as instructed, still holding out his hands. At that moment, several people burst into sickbay, including Commander Rieko, Lyudmila, and what looked like several security guards. Now things were getting a bit more complicated.

Elton is completely absorbed in what she's doing as it's taking her full concentration to get around the safeguards in place. She is for all purposes ignoring anything going on around her as she hacks the system. It registers to her that someone has walked up beside her and has asked her a question. A VERY slight eyebrow raise is all that registers to an observer as she startles and has the forethought to initiate a data dump from her tricorder to Hal's as a safeguard of what precious info she did get. "I was checking the status of this Medical Computer. It is dated and therefore I would recommend investing in more current technology. It might save more lives."

Rieko: As the station guards reached for their weapons, the 2 Durant Security officers reached for theirs, but then hearing Lyudmila's order of no violence they do not pull out the phasers, but look to Cmdr Rieko. She shakes her head no, agreeing with Lyudmila, no violence. It's always used as a last resort. She looks to Lyudmila. She hears Ensign Elton's response and is impressed. She looks back to Lyudmila and says, nodding toward the Ensign, "As I mentioned to you earlier, we are here to help you in any way we can. I only hope you will reciprocate and help us find out about our Admiral. I would like to see your records of ships that were here at that time, and a list of Romulan officers on the station at that time and this present time." She runs her fingers through the ends of her hair, "I would like to interview Caitlin Colville, it seems she is still here on this station, isn't she?" She looks to the medical person there, "I'm Commander Evelyn Rieko of the starship Durant, are you familiar with a medical officer, Caitlin Colville?"

Rupiltania (Doctor) looks at the officer sitting on the biobed and reaches out a tray so that he can place the pastry pieces in it.. she gives it to a staff member, then turns back to him, scanning him. As people burst into sickbay, she watches and listens to what is being said.

Lyudmila turns to Commander Rieko, ignoring her attempts to evade the situation, and momentarily drops the façade. "Commander Rieko, you are guests on this station. I do not expect you and your crew to be here to be sneaking around in the station or the computer looking for goodness knows what without permission. This is an outrageous breach of etiquette if not protocols, and you can be assured I will be filing a complaint with Starfleet about this outrageous behaviour! IF you want to ask questions that's fine, we can do that in my office but NOT as some distraction to allow your people to infiltrate what are my own private and NOT public records!" Takes a breath and calms down, then speaks with the security guards. "Please escort Ensign Elton along with her equipment to a holding area pending my instructions otherwise." She taps into her comms pad, sending another more discrete message it appears. She walks towards Commander Rieko, taking a position very close, leaving no personal space, and almost growls, "Do you want to discuss this in my office, or are you leaving this station? The choice is yours!"

Jordan placed the two pastry pieces on a sample plate, dusted off his hands as best he could, and lay back on the biobed. His PADD/tricorder was still recording, but it wouldn't be able to access the sickbay computer records on its own. Perhaps, scanning at close range, it could make more sense out of the partially masked lifesigns he had been reading from the Tactical console on Durant. In the background he could hear the biobed's sound output, indicating that his very healthy body had not absorbed any lethal contaminants recently. Drawing on some advanced Intelligence training, he began breathing faster, willing his solar plexus to spasm and contract painfully. The biobed began to emit more frenzied sounds, so he decided to help it by adding his own. "AARGH!! OHHH!!! Help me! Oh, the pain, the pain!!" He tried to writhe convincingly as he screamed.

Rieko smiles sweetly at Lyudmila. "Sub Commander, I do apologize for my Ensign's actions and I can understand why you feel we are not behaving correctly, but if you believe nothing else, please believe this: We are not here to harm the station or anyone, we just want some answers to our questions which we have not gotten. Our Admiral's life is at stake here. She is very important to us. We mean you no harm. If you are a public station with no covert ties to enemies of war, then you have no reason to be so secretive and aggressive. Just help us and there will be no need for problems or issues or fighting between us. To answer your question, yes I would like to join you in your office and discuss everything calmly." She looks to Rain and nods, "Go with them, Ensign."

Lyudmila: Clearly frustrated now with the response from this Starfleet visit, she taps her com badge and hears the operations deck respond.
=^= Ready to action your request on your command, Ma'am. =^=
She instantly responds.
=^= Energise designated targets now! =^=
The sickbay hums as transporter beams attempt to lock on the Durant team, all apart from Ensign Elton and Commander Rieko She orders the guards, "Disarm Ensign Elton and Commander Rieko."
=^= Ops, engage the shields as soon as our guests are delivered back onto the Durant. Block all further attempts to access our systems from outside the station! =^=
Turns to Ensign Elton and Commander Rieko "Looks like you'll be staying for dinner then."

Elton simply turns and accepts her fate as she is surrounded by security and her tricorder is taken away. She nods to her commander as she is ordered to go, and offers no resistance.

Evelyn Rieko: As the station's transporter is engaged, the fall back plan Rieko and Elton had hatched comes into play. During her brief access to the station computer, the Ensign had placed a virus into the computer system. It now reacts; SS Alpha Therapévo transporters, shields, sensors and weapons go offline. The computer makes a weird sound. Aboard the Durant, Operations swiftly responds, locking transporters onto the Away Team in an emergency beam-out. As she shimmers, Rieko turns to Lyudmila, smiles, and says "Checkmate!"

Rupiltania (Doctor) looks on at the scene before her. All that's left of the visitors from the flagship is a half eaten sticky bun.


Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP20-03: "J-Just Ch-Checking" 200202

Posted: 200204.1209
by Greenlantern Excelsior

Lyudmila (Civilian), Space station security ((Leninah))

Hal Jordan (Commodore), Intelligence/Tactical ((GreenLantern Excelsior))

Rain Elton (Ensign), Helm ((Rain Torvalar))

Evelyn Rieko (Cmdr), XO/Chief Science

Operations Center, Space Station Alpha Therapévo

Station sickbay, pastry ruse begins

Station sickbay, pastry ruse comes to an abrupt halt

Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP20-03: "J-Just Ch-Checking" 200202

Posted: 200208.0532
by Rain Torvalar
((Hey now! I worked hard to pass the academy and am no longer a Cadet, it's Ensign Rain now!))

Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP20-03: "J-Just Ch-Checking" 200202

Posted: 200208.1459
by Greenlantern Excelsior
((I apologize for the error. It's fixed in both places. I also fixed a couple of other small glitches in the narrative.))