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USS T-Durant Mission TDRP20-02: " Sneaky Sneaking" 200126

Posted: 200124.1113
by Poison Toocool
Ship's Log, 200124

Arrived SS Alpha Therapévo. Upon contacting the station for docking permission, we were told that it is under lockdown and that we are not permitted to dock or come aboard. Reasons given seemed flimsy at best. We are currently in orbit around the station, running at yellow alert due to concerns over the attitude displayed towards the flagship of the fleet. Life form readings are odd and our Intel Chief feels sensors are being jammed. We were informed by the station's head of security, Lyudmila, that Admiral Toocool is no longer aboard the station. She seemed reluctant to answer our requests for information. The situation is puzzling and disconcerting. Why are we being stonewalled? What is Lyudmila trying to hide? More importantly, where is the Admiral? Is she still aboard and being hidden from our sensors? If she left, when did she go, with whom, and why? Surely she knew we were coming to get her? Too many questions and not enough answers. The Durant bridge crew is on the case.

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Past logs reported that SS Alpha Therapévo, located in the Polenta Sector, on the border of sectors 008H and 008I, on the far side of Klakkr's Drift, is a civilian owned facility that was created to be a commercial and recreational location for travellers. It sits on the cusp of lesser known sectors and is visited by a variety of species. It is particularly well known as a great location to sample foods of all kinds. Visitors rave about the sticky spicy buns available from a tiny bakery on the main deck.

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Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP20-02: " Sneaky Sneaking" 200126

Posted: 200129.1107
by Greenlantern Excelsior

Evelyn Rieko (Cmdr), XO/Chief Science
Lyudmila (Civilian), Space station security ((Leninah))
Rain Elton (Cadet), Helm ((Rain Torvalar))
Nems Darkstar (Lt), Security ((Knightspet))
Morgan Morris (Ensign), Security
Hal Jordan (Commodore), Intelligence/Tactical ((GreenLantern Excelsior))

Left to right: Jordan, Elton, Morris, Darkstar, Rieko, Lyudmila

Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP20-02: " Sneaky Sneaking" 200126

Posted: 200129.1110
by Greenlantern Excelsior

Evelyn Rieko: =^= Sub Commander Lyudmila, I'm sure you realize we must come aboard your station to conduct the business we are here to conduct. Where is Admiral Toocool? When did she leave, why and with whom? =^= Reports everyone. Commodore Jordan, any intel on Lyudmila? Also, give me info on their weapons system. Ensign Rain, stay ready to dock. Lieutenant Darkstar, report on Engineering, conditions of our shields and weapons.

Lyudmila looks around with alarm at the station crew following the somewhat unfortunate response from the Durant, wondering to herself if she could have handled that better. As she does, the Alpha Therapevo operations station reports that the station is being scanned and that our own sensors also detect the Durant going to a high alert status and its shields being raised. Mila looks again at her crew with a sigh and a new resolve as she feels the situation escalating and now becoming threatening. "Everyone! Look lively! Adopt defensive protocols immediately, bring the shields up to full power the moment we detect any weapons activity aboard the Durant, but not before, we don't want to appear provocative. Communications, get a channel to Starfleet open, the liaison officer for our sector, tell them we require assistance as we're being threatened by one of their warships. Also get a channel to our Romulan contacts open and request assistance ASAP!" Having issued those orders, she takes a deep breath and hails the Durant again herself =^= Durant, this is Lyudmila here again. May we speak more calmly before this situation gets totally out of hand? =^=

Rain Elton is keeping the ship in a parking orbit around the station and awaits further instructions. In the meantime she checks her commbadge as the computer is telling her that it's putting out an error, and she runs it through a diagnostics program to see if it will spit out the error.

Nems Darkstar looks to Commander Rieko, reports quickly as he looks down at his console. "Shields are at full power 100 percent Sir, Our weapons are full of power and ready to go off on your command Sir."

Morgan Morris: "Sir, i think we need to prepare for danger of an attack, and we must stay alert." He looks down at the console and thinks of the dangers.

Hal Jordan checked to find any Intel data on Lyudmila. Even Starfleet Intelligence had its limitations this far out, it seemed. He scanned the station from the Tactical console. "Sir, I have very little information about this Lyudmila other than her reporting date to Space Station Alpha Therapévo, which was about nine months ago. Her rank has been stated as Sub Commander, which sounds like a Vulcan or perhaps Romulan rank, nothing in Starfleet like that. The station appears to be armed with three banks of standard Starfleet phasers and about 35 photon torpedoes. Its shields would be no match for our firepower."

Rieko looks around the bridge, "Thanks for your reports, everyone." Smiles when she hears Jordan's report of the station's weapons system. =^= I'm very calm, Sub Commander, we would simply like to visit your station. Our Admiral is supposed to be there waiting for us, and now you say she is not there. Surely if one of your valued employees or relatives disappeared from a space station you would want answers, wouldn't you? Please permit us to dock. =^=

Lyudmila takes her time and tries to lower the exchange in terms of both pace and heat. =^= I confirm we can have Admiral Toocool's medical records with you by return. Please provide a secure channel for us to transmit them on given their confidentiality status and we'll get them right over to you. As I have tried to explain, we are in lockdown, and that means we are unable to allow anyone to enter or leave the station apart from my core crew. I hear your request, I'm not ignoring it, I can only repeat our offer that should you wish to discuss anything face to face we would come to you, assuming that is we can all calm down a little and foster a feeling of trust rather than suspicion here and we feel safe in leaving the station. Please advise if this would be amenable to you. =^=

Elton is satisfied her commbadge has repaired itself for the moment, although she makes a mental note to take it in later and see just what happened and whether it was a software or a hardware glitch. She keeps the ship steady and is mentally preparing herself for if this exchange with the station goes the wrong way, of which the current odds stand at approximately sixty two point three percent.

Darkstar: Moving his hands as he makes sure our torpedoes, all our weapons are online. Looking down at our radars on that ship, something is just not right. Why would they think we are here to cause danger? We are just here to bring home Admiral Toocool. They must think we are a threat, the way they are acting.

Morris is running computer simulation on the station for any resistance and location for people to attack them if they get to the station. As the simulation is running, there are few things that come up that there are parts of the station that are good ambush points to attack him and the officers of the crew. He tells the computer to run a simulation to counter the ambush attack and then waits for it to finish.

Jordan scanned the station top to bottom, front to back, side to side, looking for any traces of Rear Admiral Toocool. Finding nothing, he checked the normal energy readings from the station and reported to the Commander. "Sir, I am still finding no trace of our missing CO. If we could get over there, I have ways of performing scans at close range that might turn up something. The most likely place to look would be in their sickbay. I also scanned the station to try to determine why they are in lockdown. I see no evidence of raised shields or warp core instability, and their brig is empty of inmates. We detected several ships in the vicinity when we arrived, and none of them seem to be in lockdown either. So I wonder if this is simply a delaying tactic to keep us from beaming over."

Rieko looks to Hal, "It is a delaying tactic, I agree," then to the sub-commander Evelyn speaks softly but very firmly so that the sub-commander will understand she is calm now, but determined. =^= Sub Commander, I too would like to foster a feeling of trust between us rather than suspicion, but when you prevent us from finding out what happened to our Admiral, it fosters suspicion. When you say you are on lockdown but will not state the reason why, it fosters a feeling of suspicion. Could you consider us on the level of your "core crew?" They are allowed to come and go. Our reason for coming to your station is just as important and vital as any reason your core crew would have to leave and return. =^= She looks around the bridge, then continues. =^= We can't help but feel you are stonewalling our investigation. Your offer of coming to the Durant is kind, but we have to come there. We must speak with your doctor, and question people. =^=

Lyudmila takes a message from the station's comms officer and nods a few times before thanking her and returns to the conversation with the Durant =^= OK, I hear what you are saying, and here's what I am prepared to do, to try and turn this into a more cooperative experience for us both. I don't particularly feel secure with you at the moment, so given recent developments, I'm reluctant to leave the station, so I will acquiesce to your demands to come aboard, but 3 people no more, and access will be restricted. A managed visit is acceptable but not an invasion. Please confirm who will be coming down, and we will see if this can't turn into a more appropriate exchange. May I also point out, you have shields raised, we do not. We are a commercial station not a warship. As a gesture of good will may I ask you that you lower your shields first as well? =^=

Elton upon hearing the exchange from her commander and the station, she revises her odds significantly downwards to twenty three percent towards a negative exchange, and is satisfied for the moment that there should be no immediate threat to the ship. Tapping a few keys, she adjusts the orbit around the station slightly to keep the broad side of the ship to the station, and plots various tactical solutions to keep her mind occupied.

Darkstar looks down at his console. He monitors the ship's systems and waits to see if we will be allowed to dock.

Morris looks at the computer and sees that the simulation has finished. He begins to look at the ways of ambush, and starts to take all the information into his mind. He is trying to remember all the different information to keep the officers alive and safe on the station if they decide to beam over to it.

Jordan scanned the other ships in the vicinity, looking for information and clues. "Sir, scans of the other ships in the area shows that none of them have their shields up, and conditions on board appear to be stable for all. Also, I see no human life signs on any of them, so our CO is not present there either." He was getting impatient with the communications from the station.

Rieko: =^= Of course we will lower shields, Sub-Commander. We are only here to find our Admiral, not to engage in warfare. We want to find out where she is and what happened to her. I'm sure you have boarding records. I appreciate you allowing us to dock and come aboard your station, but there will be 5 of us please. We need 2 security officers with us. =^= She says to tactical "Lower the shields," hoping this will show Lyudmila we are reasonable and peaceful. "Go to blue alert."

Lyudmila listens to the response from the Durant and nods. =^= Very well, Durant, I appreciate your compromise in lowering your shields and hope this can set a new tone for our discussions. If you wish to bring five people, I must ask you to accept the presence of my security team at our meeting then. If this is also acceptable, we're sending you the access codes to get through our transporter filters without making scrambled eggs. I will meet you there personally. =^=

Elton is confident that we're no longer in any danger and yet continues to plot various escape routes simply for the challenge, and awaits orders from her commander.

Darkstar continues to monitor the ships systems, making sure they are full on power. Monitors the ship to see if we can safely dock. Thinks to himself that this ship is just going to meet our needs. A gut feeling that something is not right.

Morris starts to keep the information in his mind and begin to think all the things that he would have to do if they beam over there.

Jordan reviewed travel information for the station, noting the statement "Space Station Alpha Therapévo is particularly well known as a great location to sample foods of all kinds. Visitors rave about the sticky spicy buns available from a tiny bakery on the main deck." He shared the information with his PADD/tricorder and began to formulate a plan of action. Those "sticky spicy buns" could be a way for them to access sickbay. He reached over and manipulated the controls on the Tactical Station. "Shields down, sir. We are at Blue Alert and ready for docking, if desired. Also, I have received the station's transporter access filter code. The code is '12345.' That's the kind of thing an idiot would have on his luggage. Maybe this won't be as difficult as we thought."

Rieko laughs at Hal's comment about the code =^= Thank you Sub-Commander Lyudmila I appreciate you allowing us to come down, and we accept the presence of your security team with no problem. We just want to find out what happened to our Admiral. =^= Looks at Hal. "Wow, It feels like it is more difficult to get into that public space station than it would be to get into the Tal Shiar headquarters." Looks to the relieving officers taking their positions on the bridge and says. "If anything happens to us, fire on that station's weapons area and destroy it, and report to the Federation for back up and restrictions on this station. OK, away team. Commodore Jordan, Ensign Elton, Lieutenant Darkstar, and Ensign Morris, let's go."

Lyudmila waits patiently by the transportation pads and has internal discussions with her comms officer.

Elton nods as her name is called for the away team and she quickly logs her station notes for the relief officer as he takes her place at the helm. She makes her way to the transporter.

Darkstar: Hearing the Commander command her crew to head out to the transporter room, taps his combadge letting Security know to stand guard till he returns.

Morris follows the XO to the transporter room to begin the away mission. He will keep the crew on the away mission safe, as that was one of the duties he had to do. He waited to be beamed over with them.

Jordan followed the Commander to the Transporter room and set up the transporter codes on the console. Then he stepped around to the front of the console and poised his finger above the activation button. "Access codes entered, sir, ready for transport."

Rieko: "OK team, let's go. They stand on the transporter floor and are energized, and appear at the space station. The lights from the transporter fade away and she looks around the room. Security is there as promised. and a woman she assumes is Lyudmila. She takes a step toward her. "Greetings, I'm Commander Evelyn Rieko from the starship Durant, and my away team (introduce yourselves, please)."

Lyudmila watches the party materialise in the transportation chamber and then offers a hand, the one without the sidearm with a smile to take Cmdr Rieko's "Greetings and welcome to Alpha Therapevo. If you would like to follow me, I will take you to my ready room where we can talk more about what it is you want from us. This way please." Lyudmila guides the party through two sets of doors to the operations centre and then across the floor of the deck as her crew all watch carefully and the comms officer tips her a wink to which she smiles in acknowledgement as she ushers the part into her ready room. "Please take a seat, though we don't have enough seats for five people, just three guests, maybe your security detail and ours can wait outside? Would anyone care for some tea?"

Elton moves off the teleporter pad and states, "Ensign Rain Elton, Ops." She wonders if there's only tea as she prefers coffee, but doesn't say so. She follows the team when they are led by the Sub Commander.

Darkstar stands on the transporter as the whole crew is beamed to the space station one by one. He disappears fast. "Greetings, I'm Lieutenant Darkstar from the starship Durant, and I am part of the Security team." Looks around, checking the space station out, seeing what is around us.

Morris beams down with the crew to the station and starts to scan the area with his eyes straightaway for danger. He keeps scanning the area.

Jordan materialized aboard the station, grateful not to be turned into scrambled eggs. He looked at the woman who was waiting for them at beamin time. She was armed with what looked like an ancient projectile weapon, a "slug thrower" that probably dispensed low speed solid objects that would penetrate the fragile skin of lifeforms. "Hello, I am Second Officer Hal Jordan, pleased to meet you. I am eager to sample some of your widely famous sticky spicy buns."

Rieko smiles at Lyudmila. "Thanks again for allowing us aboard the station. You have a very nice office here. Now what is the reason you had the lockdown? Maybe we could help you with that. I don't want to be enemies with you. We want to help you, and you could help us." She looks around and then back at the sub-commander, thinking we need some answers, and hoping a sweeter attitude and friendship offer will help a little. She looks at Lyudmila again. Something about her... Evelyn still does not trust her one bit. "How can we help you?" The team has their orders and are alert.

Lyudmila sighs a little as the security detail doesn't wait outside, but enters the ready room with the rest, but stays calm and ignores it. She takes her seat as the others settle as best they can, sitting or standing. As she sits, she calls through to the Promenade =^= Please bring to my ready room a selection of cakes, and especially the spiced sticky buns along with the tea and something called 'coffee' if we have it. Thank you =^= Looking back to the gathered party... "I will explain the lockdown in a moment, but first I share your concern for better relations. Perhaps we just got off on the wrong foot as it were? So I think the question is, how is it we can help you exactly? What more is it you wish to know from us? Obviously, we wish to be helpful, within our capabilities and interests to be so. If you can be specific about what it exactly is you want, we can try and satisfy you."

Elton glances around at the station as she walks through it, noting the inferior technology of the station compared to the Durant, and once again is satisfied with her choice to enroll in Starfleet to have access to better equipment in which to learn. She walks behind her superior officers and simply follows the group as it's led to a small room, then stands quietly in the back of the room

Darkstar Looks around, keeping his hand on his phaser, as he listens to the conversation in the office. Pulls his hand backwards as he pops out his tricorder. Without anyone seeing, he scans the space station, looking to see what is on this station.

Morris started to walk into the office and began to scan the area and check everything with his eyes. He had developed a sense for danger from a young age. He started to think there may be danger soon, as he started to look at the walls. He walked to the walls to see if there was anything that could be used as a weapon. He checked if he could reach it if a fight were to break out.

Jordan followed Lyudmila down a hallway, through what could be a command center, and into an executive office space. He looked around casually, seeing some display screens that were not displaying anything of interest, Intelligence-wise. After having studied the station layout from the Tactical station, he knew exactly how to get from here to sickbay. The only thing standing in his way was a good excuse to go there. He held up his PADD, which displayed what looked like a disgusting pastry coated with sugar and molasses. Turning the display to face Lyudmila, he pressed the tiny button on the back that began continuous scans. "Is this one of your famous buns?"


Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP20-02: " Sneaky Sneaking" 200126

Posted: 200129.1112
by Greenlantern Excelsior

Evelyn Rieko (Cmdr), XO/Chief Science

Lyudmila (Civilian), Space station security ((Leninah))

Rain Elton (Cadet), Helm ((Rain Torvalar))

Nems Darkstar (Lt), Security ((Knightspet))

Morgan Morris (Ensign), Security

Hal Jordan (Commodore), Intelligence/Tactical ((GreenLantern Excelsior)), thinking about sticky buns

Durant bridge at Yellow Alert