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USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1747: " The Imitation" 191201

Posted: 191201.0657
by Evelyn Rieko
Sun December 1, 2019
OOC Preparation

STARDATE: 191201
MISSION LEAD/GM: Cmdr Evelyn Rieko

UFS Duty Uniform - YES
Combadge HUD - YES
Tactical/Marine Security - phaser -Yes
Medical/Science - tricorders - Yes

-the ship is en route to Pinatri
-the alert level is: blue

You should have read:
USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1746: "The Arbitrator" ... 85&t=31667

POST ORDER: Will be decided, and posted, by the Mission Leader just prior to mission start (and sometimes adjusted in the RP if necessary).

IC Premise:

The Arbitrator is an El-Aurian, the race of listeners. There is something about this species that encourages others to be honest when they speak with them. This trait along with an empathic ability makes Erad an excellent arbitrator. Erad seems to have these traits in a more heightened level than most El-Aurians. He has been having a strange effect on some of the Durant crew.

XO Evelyn Rieko has a reception for the Arbitrator and the ship is en route to Pinastri. The arbitrator is like truth serum! The crew members that interact with him find themselves confiding thoughts and feelings that they have kept private from everyone else. The Arbitrator seems to be a disruption on the ship instead of a calming effect, and now there is a ship pursuing them.

SIM Concept: Evelyn Rieko
Historian: Hal Jordan (GreenLantern Excelsior)

Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1747: " The Imitation" 191201

Posted: 191221.2216
by Evelyn Rieko

Evelyn Rieko (Commander), XO/Chief Science
Erad Soleus (The Arbitrator) (Hal Jordan) ((GreenLantern Excelsior))
Leni (Lieutenant Commander), Science ((Leninah))
Texa Osa (Cadet) ((gailahorn)), Tactical/ Security (Guest -Cadet ridealong)
Captain Rusu (CO of the Orius ship Kerr) ((Evelyn Rieko))

Left to right: Osa, Rieko, Leni, Erad Durant RP 191201 photo by GreenLantern Excelsior


[Cmdr. Evelyn Rieko]: looks at Erad Soleus, he has been on the ship for 6 days, so only 4 more days before we arrive at Pinastri. The dinner party we had for him was very nice and we had a chance to chat with him, but it seemed that he was doing more listening than chatting and everyone that conversed with him was telling him about themselves. She realizes he knows more about some of the crew than any of us knows about them. Also, other than his reputation as a famed Arbitrator., and that he is El-Aurian, she does not know much about Erad Soleus. "Mr. Soleus, do you realize you've caused a sought of mild chaos aboard this ship? I will have to limit your contact with the crew. You will only have contact with the bridge crew for the rest of the journey." She looks around the bridge, "reports everyone."

[Erad Soleus]: stood on the bridge next to the Ship Commander, inspecting the different stations. Of course the El-Aurians and the residents of Orius had warp capable spacecraft, but nothing like this. He was impressed by the cleanliness of the ship, the complexity of its controls, and the friendliness of the crew. For some reason he couldn't understand, the crew tended to open up when he was around, stating their deepest feelings and wishes, even if those were hurtful to others. He brought out honesty in everyone, which was why he was in high demand as an arbitrator. It's too bad that his "honesty field" had no OFF switch. He turned to the Commander. "I apologize for being the cause of disruption on board your ship. People are normally honest and forthcoming when they are near me. I don't know how to stop that other than not having anyone near me. And please, call me Erad, because Mr. Soleus is my father."

[Cadet Texa Osa (gailahorn)]: *Texa continues her sector scanning for alerts to any non-Federation ships in the area, better safe than sorry and have a friend of Erad's sneaking up on them. Not that there were many El-Aurians anymore. "Nothing on tactical sensors, sir." The feeling she got from Erad seemed harmless and well meaning enough but you never knew.

[LTCmdr. Leninah]: Takes her station running the usual diagnostics looking around at the two new faces as she does. The new cadet looks to be adjusting well, but the El-Aurian has already causes something of a stir as it were, and she can feel the ‘vibes’. Some of the reports were concerning and it does just prove there are somethings about your colleagues it is better not to know! She sighs and has a look that says its going to be a long trip! Then turns down and continues with the diagnostics finishing her status report for the CO then looks up “All science systems performing optimally Sir, and all available at your command!” Feeling a little relived hearing the CO restricting the El-Aurian’s scope to do further disruption though, even if it did exclude the bridge crew.

[Evelyn]: "Erad, considering the arguments I had to settle and the reprimands I had to give, limiting your contact is the best decision I can make. Did this happen while you were on Orius? It seems being an El-Aurian can be a blessing and a curse. Is it that you can't control your affect on others?" She looks to the bridge crew. Good Cmdr. Leni, and Cadet Osa continue scanning. The war with the Romulans is over but there may be a few rebellious ships out there.

[Erad]: looks around the bridge. No fights or arguments yet. That was good. "My specific combination of qualities has this effect on almost everyone. People tell me things in private that I would not dare reveal in public. I have no way to control it, and it even happens when I am asleep, or so I am told. I have no problem with being isolated from the crew if my presence is causing disciplinary problems for you. It is best for all of us if we have a smooth and uneventful journey."

[Texa]: does as she is commanded, setting the scans to revolve after completion and adding multiple processes so she could also scan multiple wavelengths. "Aye, sir." After a few moments of beep booping, she speaks up. "Commander, I'm picking up a ship on short-range sensors. They are 956 kilometers out. It appears to be an Orius ship."

[Leni]: contemplates the overheard discussions between Erad and the CO and mulls them over. It was indeed strange that he was unable to control the effects of his talent and that it had never come up before. She looks at Erad with as blank an expression as she can muster hiding a somewhat suspicious feeling, which she had no justification for. The idea that we just continue uneventfully was highly impractical in her mind, even restriction to the bridge was a liability probably a bigger one that restricting him to quarters, but the CO was striking a balance between the crew and the El-Aurian's needs, she could appreciate that much, no matter how much she felt maybe even the brig would be safer still! … and hoped he wasn’t picking that up! Hearing the cadet identify a ship taps into the scanners to verify it’s origins and type. “Confirmed Orius vessel Sir!”

[Evelyn]: lifts her brows as Erad mentions he can effect others even while he is sleeping. "Erad, so you effect others even when you are sleeping? How can that be? If someone is with you they talk to you even when you are trying to sleep?" Then she hears the two reports of an Orius vessel pursuing them and she turns to Cmdr. Leni frowning. "We just left there a few days ago...why would they pursue us? She slowly turns and gazes at Erad..."Do you know of any reason the Orius would follow us?"

[Erad]: listened to the Tactical and Science officers reporting about the ship from Orius that they detected. A cold wave of uneasiness washed over him, and he began to worry. He reached down and brushed his hand across his right jacket pocket. It appeared to be fairly flat, with no unsightly bulge that would reveal that it wasn't empty. He tried to catch a glimpse of the information from the Tactical station, but he was in the wrong position to see it. "People don't talk to me when I am asleep but I have heard reports of arguments and rude behavior in the vicinity of my quarters." He looked at the viewscreen, hoping they would project an image of the ship so he could be sure. "A vessel from Orius? The space around that planet is full of ships and satellites and space debris. They are probably just traveling in the same direction we are, not following us. But it might be prudent to speed up, so we get to our destination sooner."

[Texa]: keys in to raise the shields at a moments order. It was clear that the CO didn't trust Erad and perhaps that extended to the rest of his people so she was prepared to take on any order thrown her way. "Should I raise the shields, Commander?" Texa scrutinized Erad closely as he responded to Commander Rieko's questioning, trying to feel if he was being truthful. It seemed a little suspicious that he didn't want that ship to catch up. She couldn't tell but she could tell that he was a little worried.

[Leni]: scans the Orius vessel and responds to the CO “I don’t know why they are there Sir, what I can say is they are armed, weapons not activated though and are not a match for the Durant anyway, Shields may be taken as provocative.” Pauses for a moment and a glance at Erad. "Perhaps Erad is correct and they are just more traffic in a busy area of space?” Notices him fiddling with his pocket which arouses even more suspicion, but no definite justification all just feelings.

[Evelyn]: Looks at Erad through narrowed eyes, he seems uneasy , almost like he does not want the ship to reach us. She turns to the cadet, Cadet Osa, good job, stand by...we will not raise shields may give a sign that we expect a fight.. stand ready though." She looks to Cmdr. Leni, "Commander, no match for us hmm? That's good to hear. That means if they start anything, we'll finish it! Probably nothing serious though."

[Erad]: looked around at the bridge crew and their commander, trying to gauge whether his emotional distress was "leaking" through to them. They were all concentrating on their work in a professional manner, but who knew what was going on inside? He fidgeted a bit and then had a brilliant idea. "If you will excuse me, Commander, I need to return to my quarters and unpack a device from my luggage. I believe I may have left it energized, and I don't want to run down its power cell. Do I need an escort, or will the ship's elevator respond to my voice?"

[Texa]: was not convinced, mostly due to the reaction from the El-Aurian on the bridge. She kept a close eye on the readings to make sure they weren't closing in or charging weapons. She looked up from her console, however, when he asked to be excused. Texa respected the CO's own authority so she said nothing of course but she did have to resist the urge to stop him right where he stood! He was becoming more and more fishy by the moment. Her suspicion was disrupted, however, when a little blip came up on her console screen. "Commander Rieko, the Orius ship has neared and they are hailing us."

[Leni]: Nods an acknowledgement to the CO “I doubt they would pick a fight with us they will have heard of our recent exploits and won’t be that hasty to even threaten us I suspect.” Looks up as Erad suggests he return to quarters and then back to the CO with concern written all over her face. Did he not hear the CO’s instructions he should be confined to the bridge? Her attention quickly snaps back to the approaching vessel and runs a few more scans to determine any threat level change or suspicious signs the CO may need to know before we communicate with them.

[Evelyn]: looks at Erad, even more suspicious of him now. What is it that has him so fidgety? One moment he was cool, relaxed and charming , then a mention of an Orius ship and he seems on edge. " No, Erad you will remain on the bridge as you've been instructed. A power cell running down in a device is not a tragedy!" She looks to the cadet, and Cmdr. Leni.."Thank you Cadet...Commander, accept the hail...on screen!" She sits in the Captain's chair as the Orius CO appears on screen.. "Greetings Orius...I'm Cmdr. Evelyn Rieko of the starship Durant... how may I help you?"

[Erad]: walked casually around the bridge, looking for the elevator doors. He couldn't recall where he came in. He returned to his place beside the Commander and casually looked over his shoulder at the "TAC 1" console behind him. He approached it from the side, making it look as though he were quietly admiring the technology. The console appeared to be offline, but was definitely the Tactical position, with control of weapons and shields. In two steps he could be close enough to activate the console and fire the weapons. But what was the activation code? "Commander, I would advise caution when speaking with those people. They can be quite deceptive, and I might also note that they are beyond the range where my presence compels them to be truthful."

[Texa] Perhaps she should offer to go and get the device for Erad herself, she would bet he would decline that offer right quick. Texa glances from her console readout to the man in question, trying to feel him out a bit more but doesn't take more than a moment.

[Leni]: looks up from her console with a last firm tap into the screen, "Nothing to suggest hostile intent from their actions, stance or anything else detectable, Sir." As the CO accepts the comms. The appearance of the CO of the Orius vessel on the screen at least means they want to talk, and her eyes widen at the possibilities of what they might learn from some further dialogue with them. She notices the El-Aurian’s movements predicting his intentions and turns towards him with her hand covering her hip where her phaser was usually positioned, and she looks straight at Erad and commands authoritatively, "Stand down Sir!” glancing back at the CO for confirmation.

[Evelyn]: listens to Erad's suggestion that the Oriuns may be untrustworthy, and deceptive. She hears his movements behind her and sees Cmdr. Leni stand and order him to stand down. "Good work Commander. Keep him covered, I don't trust him." She gives her attention back to the view screen.

[Captain Rusu]: The Orius CO looks almost apologetic when he nods , but then his expression turns stern as he says "Commander, I'm afraid you are harboring a thief on-board you ship!" He frowns, "That...that... El-Aurian, Erad Soleus is a thief ..he has stolen a very important and precious item from Orius, and we will have it back!!! "Uh...with your kind assistance of course."

[Erad Soleus]: opened his mind a bit more, trying to measure the emotions of the bridge crew. The Science officer shouts at him and approaches the TAC 1 console. No special empathic link was needed to determine that she would not allow him to approach the Tactical console. He turned to look at the viewscreen, placing one hand on the back of the Commander's chair where she was sitting. Maybe there was some way he could influence her responses to the Orius ship commander. He was not confident in that possibility at all, because misdirection was his talent, not direction. He looked at the Science officer. "There is no need to shout at me, young miss. I was merely looking at the console." He turned back to the viewscreen. "That person is lying, Commander. It is most likely that they misplaced their item. Their housekeeping is notoriously sloppy!" /More

Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1747: " The Imitation" 191201

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by Evelyn Rieko

[Texa]: "Commander, I suggest a security team to make their way to the bridge. Commander, Erad is lying. I can sense his avoidance of the thought, but he is guilty of their charges." Her hand went to the phaser at her station, pulling it out and fully aiming it at the offending El-Aurian. On stun, of course.

[Leni]: “Sir he was getting suspiciously close to the tactical console and I don’t know but something told me he was not acting purely out of benign intentions!” Feels for the phaser controls and ensures its set to stun but doesn’t draw it just in case that escalates the situation totally unnecessary and making sure to stay out of the view of the comms screen not wanting the Orius people to see us at this particular moment. She keeps her eyes narrowed and fixed on his movements and maintains an almost clear mind so he would find it harder to read her thoughts she just filled her head with one word ‘pew’ and nothing else, over and over again.”

[Evelyn]: "Yes Cadet Osa, call security." She glances at Lt. Cmdr. Leni and the cadet, "Good work, both of you."

[Captain Rusu]: The Orius CO gives Erad a furious look... " crimiinal mind!! We are not fools! We know you have our highly valued plasma injector prototype and the activation key for it! You will return it immediately!" His gaze goes back to Cmdr. Rieko, "Cmdr. Rieko, my apologies.. I did not introduce myself, I am Captain Rusu of the Orius ship, Kerr. Commander we have received important information from the Soleus Foundation that this person... is not the real Erad Soleus... he is a clone of Soleus. A thief, nothing like the true Arbitrator. The real Soleus was injured badly in an accident, having no children to take his place, he and his group of scientists decided to clone him. This clone is a thief! A criminal!"

[Erad]: looked at the screen in dismay as he saw who appeared. He had that old familiar feeling of constriction in his chest, meaning that the net was closing around him. Again. It wasn't enough that Rusu from the Orius ship knew what he had done. Oh, no. The Durant crew just happened to have a telepath manning the Tactical station, not ten feet away from him. How convenient and nice for them, and how very clumsy he had been to get caught. Again. He shook his head, looking down at the deck sadly. "This always happens. The same thing, every time."

[Texa]: made sure to still be looking between Erad and her console for any signs of aggression from the Orius ship but her main focus was certainly on the aggressor right in front of her. She wouldn't take any chances as he was still quite close to the other tactical station so she advanced on his position carefully, always keeping him in full view, so she could man that station and defend it from any attempt at tampering. "Commander, the security team should arrive any moment. Should I place him in the brig?"

[Leni]: hearing the Orius CO allege Erad was a thief had a kind of expected feel to it. Joins the cadet in drawing her weapon too based on this and waits for the security detail called by Cadet Osa to arrive. Speaks clearly and firmly to the El-Aurian: "If you can detect anything know that we are prepared to fire so you need to co-operate. Keep your hands clear of anything on your person or away from it just let them hang in the air until the security people arrive. It’s in your interests to do so, we don’t usually miss a target and stun can give you a nasty itch afterwards which you won’t appreciate!”

[Evelyn]: looks at Erad, "You will give me the prototype immediately. Where is it? In your quarters of course...that's why you were so anxious to go there. Now everything is falling into place and makes sense." She stands, looking at Erad and shakes her head, "You could have carried on the original Erad's work... like a son.. you could have made him proud of you instead of turning to crime." She runs her fingers through the ends of her hair and continues, "Whatever your reasons are for becoming a criminal...they are not good enough."

[Evelyn]: looks at her two officers feeling proud of them, and the way they are protecting the ship and the crew. "Good work Cmdr. and Cadet. Take him to the brig! " She presses her console button, "Security search the quarters of Arbitrator Erad and bring his travel case and anything that looks like a Plasma Injector Prototype." She looks to the view screen, "Captain Rusu, you will have your prototype returned...we are happy to cooperate and help you."

[Erad]: watches in further dismay as the Tactical officer approaches, holding a weapon that is pointed at him. The Science officer also aims a weapon. He noticed absently that the Tactical station was now unmanned. If the officer had left it unlocked, maybe he could... But no. They would blast him down before he could take two steps, and he would need a few seconds of study anyway to learn which button fired the weapons. He thought briefly about taking the Commander hostage and using her as a shield, but he had no weapon, and with his luck today, she would probably knock him unconscious. He turned toward the two officers, his face twisted into a snarl. "You two trigger-happy buffoons could be rich beyond your wildest dreams with what I have in my quarters, but instead you have to wave those weapons around like they were... dangerous." He turned toward the Commander. "The activation key for the prototype plasma injector is in my right coat pocket." (More)

[Erad]: speaks directly to the Commander. "The 'real' Erad Soleus was a saint, a generous man who had nothing and no one in his life. He was injured in some freak accident, so he created a clone to carry on for him. That's me. I had no say in the matter and no input about what my life's work would be. My resentment knows no bounds, but I must pretend to be a nice Erad because of my innate ability to arbitrate. So I went rogue, and was doing fairly well for myself until I started getting caught. So take me to your brig. I'm sure it is far superior to an Orius jail cell."

[Texa] nodded curtly, lowering her weapon slightly but still fully able to catch him in the leg should he try anything funny. "Yes, Commander." she said, moving towards him but letting him say his piece. "Don't think you won't end up in their hands. Starfleet won't hold you forever. Now come on, move it. Commander Leninah, lead the way." she requested, keeping her weapon trained on the man now that they were on the move.

[Leni]: moves to the other side of Erad, marshaling the El-Aurian towards the turbo lift door and the arriving security detail who look much fiercer than she can manage. His demeanor however left her feeling he was not going quietly. She quickly steps between Erad and the CO to protect her, and tilts her head in a ‘dare me to’ kind of way at him. “Oh, I suspect you will find the relative comfort of our brig short-lived! Now move it, mister !”

Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1747: " The Imitation" 191201

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by Evelyn Rieko

Evelyn Rieko (Cmdr.) XO/ Chief Science

Erad Soleus/ The Arbitrator/ Hal Jordan ((GreenLantern Excelsior))

Texa Osa/ Tactical/UFS Academy Cadet ((gailahorn))

Leninah (Lt. Cmdr.) Science

Erad on the bridge.