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USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1746: "The Arbitrator" 191117

Posted: 191116.0521
by Evelyn Rieko
Sun November 17, 2019
OOC Preparation

STARDATE: 191117
RP STARTS: 11:30am SLT
RP LOCATION: Bridge and then dinner in the Conference Room
MISSION LEAD/GM: Cmdr Evelyn Rieko

UFS Dress B Uniform - YES
Combadge HUD - YES
Tactical/Marine Security - phaser -Yes
Medical/Science - tricorders - Yes

-the ship is at the Planet Orius in the Pirandia Sector 40 LYs from Pinastri
-the alert level is: green

You should have read:
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POST ORDER: Will be decided, and posted, by the Mission Leader just prior to mission start (and sometimes adjusted in the RP if necessary).

IC Premise:

XO Evelyn Rieko gave permission to the medical officer Ensign Caitlin Colville to use the procedure using Nanites to destroy the infected cells in RADM Poison Toocool. It worked! Everyone feels relief that the Admiral will be alright. The XO expressed appreciation for the way the Ensign and medical team were able to save the Admiral's life! Romulans had succeeded in transmitting a Romulan Virus to Admiral Toocool, but she was recovering now. The Durant had delivered the Admiral to a medical space station to continue her recovery and rehabilitation from the effects of the Romulan virus that had been implanted inside her. This was one of the covert operations the Romulans used.

The Durant then became one of the ships assigned to patrol Pinastri. Now we have been given another important assignment, to go to the Pirandia Sector to bring Arbitrator Erad Soleus to Pinastri for negotiations. He is a well-known arbitrator that has offered his services to assist in negotiations to create an agreeable treaty between the Federation and New Romulus. He is known as an extremely productive and successful arbitrator, so the Federation is eager to have his assistance. The Romulans reluctantly agreed.

The Arbitrator is an El-Aurian, the race of listeners. There is something about this species that encourages others to be honest when they speak with them. This trait along with an empathic ability makes Erad an excellent arbitrator. Erad seems to have these traits in a more heightened level than most El-Aurians. He has been having a strange effect on some of the Durant crew.

XO Evelyn Rieko has a welcoming dinner for the Arbitrator and things start to get weird. He's like truth serum! The crew members that interact with him find themselves confiding thoughts and feelings that they have kept private from everyone, but find themselves telling their deepest darkest secrets, complaints, hopes, dreams, and plans to this stranger. Some things said in front of others or overheard has caused conflicts and arguments among the crew! Pirandia is 40 light-years from Pinastri. 10 days at warp 9. Ten days to get Erad off the ship and delivered into the hands of the Federation and Romulan officials! Are we there yet?:

SIM Concept: Evelyn Rieko
Historian: Hal Jordan (GreenLantern Excelsior)

Delta Quadrant Sector Map ... Sector_Map

Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1746: "The Arbitrator" 191117

Posted: 191201.0007
by Greenlantern Excelsior

Evelyn Rieko (Commander), XO/Chief Science
Janet Gelbert (Commander), Helm
Leni (Lieutenant Commander),Science ((Leninah))
Hal Jordan (Commodore), Tactical ((GreenLantern Excelsior))
T'Preea, Observer (miriamnataliakon)

Left to right: T'Preea, Leni, Gelbert, Rieko, Jordan

Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1746: "The Arbitrator" 191117

Posted: 191201.0008
by Greenlantern Excelsior

Evelyn Rieko looks around the bridge. "We have gone through a lot. I know many of us still have family and friends that are still not accounted for and we are still hoping they are alive, but duty must go on." She closes her eyes for a few seconds then says "Reports, everyone!"

Janet Gelbert reports the status. "Sir, I am maintaining a long range eye for ships or objects that might be hostile. Nothing to report just now that looks menacing." She breathes a long sigh of relief after the last few weeks.

Leni settled back in the science station seat with a definite bounce and a satisfied smile beaming over her face. Twice now the Durant had taken on supposedly invincible foes and twice now through a combination of knowledge, wit, determination and a trigger-happy tactical station, we had come through victorious. She didn't think this was totally coincidental with there being an arbitration between the new Romulus faction in the delta quadrant and the Federation, which brought her to the current mission which she had to admit wasn't reservation free. She had heard of these El-Aurians, and heard things which made her uncomfortable, and here we were hosting a super El-Aurian! She quickly checked the diagnostics summary and responded to status call "All Science systems are fully operational Sir, no problems to report all available by your command."

Hal Jordan walks onto the bridge and assumes his position at the console. "Good morning, sir. All systems are operational at this station."

Rieko: "Good, everyone." Rieko nods to Commodore Jordan as he enters, looks to the other bridge officers. "Helm, we should be arriving at Orius shortly. How much longer?" She looks to Science. "Scan the planet when we get there. Intelligence, I would like more info on the El-Aurians in general and this Erada Solarius in particular."

Gelbert taps her console and checks readings. "10 minutes, Commander."

Leni: "Aye Sir, scans ready to go when we are in range." Meanwhile, she started running some additional diagnostics on the long range sensors. The latest upgrade was ready to apply, but a benchmark was needed first before she could countenance requesting permission, however the 10 day trip ferrying the arbitrator seemed like a perfect opportunity to clear the upgrades that were waiting to be done. It was also a great time to fully test them so she was pretty sure the CO would be agreeable.

Jordan checks Tactical scans for any nearby readings. "Sir, Tactical holds no contacts at present. I am researching the El-Aurians, and will have that information for you soon."

Rieko paces a bit in front of the Captain's chair, then speaks. "I have received information on Admiral Toocool from the McCoy Medical Space Station. She is recovering from the virus the Romulans transmitted into her. She is doing fine but is in recovering stages and then will have rehab there. We may be able to visit her after we deliver this diplomat to Pinastri." She looks around the bridge. "I've never met an El-Aurian. Have any of you? I've heard they are called a race of listeners and gather a bit of info for the brief. They seem very interesting."

Gelbert taps her console, checking readings from navigational and tactical sensors, and also checking present course. "Commander, do you wish me to place us in an orbital position when we arrive at Orius shortly? I remember that they are a private species, aren't they? Listen rather well."

Leni: "Sir, good news about Admiral Toocool it will be nice to see her again for sure!" She smiles a warm fond smile at the thought. "I also did some research on the El-Aurians, and to be honest, sir," pausing to appreciate the irony on that, "I felt somewhat conflicted and uncomfortable about their abilities. They are a bit different from other telepaths/empaths I've dealt with for two key reasons. First a telepath/empath would read your feelings as an action they took, whereas this was like an active key which made you take actions! Secondly, most telepaths observed a code of conduct not to 'read' without permission, which provided for some control or protection over it, but here there was no control operating at all it seemed! So I am apprehensive about it."

Jordan completes his research and turns to the XO. "Sir, I have also done some research. The El-Aurians are physically identical to humans except for their extremely long lifespans. They are indeed known as a "race of listeners," and they may have some limited empathic abilities. Some of them use these abilities for unethical or evil purposes, but most do not. Their homeworld was destroyed by the Borg somewhere around 2265, and the survivors were scattered across the universe."

Rieko looks to Commander Leni. "I can understand your apprehensiveness about the El-Aurian. They have no ethical code to follow concerning their abilities, but I'm sure this El-Aurian is not one without ethics, and seems to be using her abilities to help others, as a well known arbitrator. It seems she is one of the good guys, I would say. Let's hope that is true, but do not let our guard down. If you feel she is affecting you or using you in some way, don't hesitate to report to me. And also thank you Commodore Jordan for that information! When will we arrive, Helm? Should be soon."

Gelbert reports the status. "Approaching orbit now, Commander." It was good to be seemingly back to normal undertaking her duties on the Bridge, not checking for enemy and hostile fire, most importantly not being on tenterhooks all the time.

Leni: Hearing the CO's advice she nodded and added "Sir, appreciated however I was more concerned about NOT being able to report rather than being in control of what I reported!" She smiled a little but shared the idea that we wouldn't be ferrying a danger to Pinastri, especially not now after all Pinastri had been through recently, and she trusted all of the intelligence and background checks would have been done diligently so there was in all likelihood no reason to be concerned here. "Commencing planetary scans now Sir, as ordered."

Jordan thinks about security. If one or more of the El-Aurians was to be beamed aboard Durant, it could pose a security problem for the crew. There wasn't much information available about their empathic talents. Hal's skin crawled a little as he thought about telepaths rummaging around inside his mind. It was usually a feeling like walking barefoot in slime, and he hoped there would be none of that during this mission. It had been said by someone that 'There are many things about the El-Aurians which can't be easily explained.' Maybe it would be better to ignore the preconceived notions and just consider the person to be honorable until proven otherwise. "Sir, Tactical scans detect several satellites in orbit of the planet. None of them are equipped with weapons. They appear to be used for communications and scientific purposes."

Rieko: "Ok, Commander Gelbert, good work." Smiles at Commander Leni's remark. Looks to Jordan, "Thank you Commodore. It seems we are ready to beam our guest aboard. Comms, open a channel."

Ensign Reed: "Aye Commander....Channel open." She smiled. She loved being on the bridge, even more now that the war had ended.

=^= Greetings, this is Commander Rieko of the starship Durant, here to get the Arbitrator Erada Solius.=^=

Gelbert checks any communication missives from the planet on entering their orbital space and places the ship in Station keeping, plotting manoeuvres into the console to keep the ship in its assigned orbit.

Leni gave some thought as she ran the scans of the planet and verified the results, to the El-Aurians again. Her mother, who had some abilities in this field, had taught her techniques for managing encroachments from telepaths and empaths and wondered if any of these would be effective against an El-Aurian's abilities. She resolved to leave her defences down at first in case such was interpreted as rude or even hostile, and resolved to speak to the CO in private about the idea of utilising these and seek permission to try. "Sir all scans of Orius show a standard M-class planet, inhabited by 250 million Pothians mainly. There are signs of warp technology sir, so its warp capable"

Jordan scans the area on Durant's side of the planet, looking for any potential threats. It is easy to get complacent if nothing obvious is happening. The trouble with complacency is that it doesn't mix well with cloaked Romulan ships. Orbiting slowly around this planet, Durant makes a huge target. He concentrates on the scanners. There would be no surprises on his watch. "Sir, I show several warp signatures in the vicinity of this planet. Most of them are almost completely dissipated, but there's one that is only a few days old. It looks like it came from a Kazon warp drive."

=^= Commander. Rieko, Greetings, this is Chancellor Orrik here, Arbitrator Solius is ready for beam up to your ship, and may you have a safe and pleasant journey. =^=

Rieko thinks, combing her fingers through the ends of her hair. Did she hear a pause when the Chancellor said have a pleasant journey? Guess that doesn't mean anything. "Prepare to beam the Arbitrator aboard!"

Gelbert keeps the ship in an orbital position. She wonders what the Pothians are like as a species. She remembers other UFS ships visiting this Sector but not this planet. She wonders what the El- Aurian will be like. Things seem to be returning to normal around the ship, but to have a passenger on board makes her feel a little nervous, and she pulls at her neck piece of her uniform as if it suddenly feels a little tight. The mention of Kazon makes her feel a little uneasy.

Leni looked up as the diagnostics completed to inform the CO. "Sir, the non-disruptive diagnostics have completed and correlated with the expected levels 100%. I'm proceeding to get things aligned for the return trip to Pinastri and would request permission on the way back to apply upgrades to the science equipment, namely the long-range sensors and the astrometrics core? These do need doing some time soon, and it would seem to be a good opportunity. It's a known route and we have the backup systems, so we won't be unable to scan long range when required."

Jordan scans the designated coordinates on the planet's surface. "Tactical scan shows one person at the beamup location. Presumably that is the Arbiter. Ready for beamup on your order, sir."


Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1746: "The Arbitrator" 191117

Posted: 191201.0011
by Greenlantern Excelsior

Evelyn Rieko (Commander), XO/Chief Science

Janet Gelbert (Commander), Helm

Leni (Lieutenant Commander),Science ((Leninah))

Hal Jordan (Commodore), Tactical ((GreenLantern Excelsior))

Orbiting planet Orius