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USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1745: " The Battle for Pinastri" - Task Force Phoenix Finale 191110

Posted: 191110.1536
by Evelyn Rieko
Sun November 10, 2019
OOC Preparation

STARDATE: 191110
MISSION LEAD/GM: Cmdr Evelyn Rieko

UFS Duty Uniform - YES
Combadge HUD - YES
Tactical/Marine Security - phaser -Yes
Medical/Science - tricorders - Yes

-the ship is joining the battle in space at the Delta Quadrant Romulan Home World
-the alert level is: red
-the crew at battle stations

You should have read:
USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1744: "Achilles Heel" ... 85&t=31641

POST ORDER: Will be decided, and posted, by the Mission Leader just prior to mission start (and sometimes adjusted in the RP if necessary).

IC PREMISE: the USS Durant will join the UFS Fleet and engage in the space battle against the Romulans. The Durant crew has just battled with the Romulan Warbird Raikai and emerged victorious against that Scimitar Class vessel! So our adrenalin is high and we are confident and ready to kick butt!!! The Romulan Scimitar ship Rakai self-destructed leaving no survivors. We want to fight the Romulans and take back what's ours!! We have been able to communicate with what's left of the UFS Command Station on the secret subspace frequency that the Federation had in place for a situation like this. We must focus on defeating the Romulans now, above all else!

RADM Toocool is in sickbay being treated. We are waiting for information on her current status.

Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1745: " The Battle for Pinastri" - Task Force Phoenix Finale 191110

Posted: 191114.1058
by Greenlantern Excelsior

Evelyn Rieko (Commander), XO/Chief Science
Hal Jordan (Commodore), Tactical/Engineering ((GreenLantern Excelsior))
Caitlin Colville (Ensign), Medical ((Janet Gelbert))
Leni (Lieutenant Commander), Helm/Science ((Leninah))

Left to right: Jordan, Rieko, Leni, Colville

Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1745: " The Battle for Pinastri" - Task Force Phoenix Finale 191110

Posted: 191114.1059
by Greenlantern Excelsior

Evelyn Rieko: The Durant crew has just battled with the Romulan Warbird Raikai and emerged victorious against their Scimitar Class vessel! So our adrenaline is high and we are confident and ready to kick butt!!! We want to fight the Romulans and take back what's ours!! We have been able to communicate with what's left of the UFS Command Station on the secret subspace frequency that the Federation had in place for a situation like this. The Rakai self-destructed, leaving no survivors. She looks to the bridge crew. "We are all saddened by the sad news of the death of Commodore Kermie Mistwallow. I know you are all worried about family and friends that are not accounted for on Pinastri, but we must focus on defeating the Romulans now, above all else! We have arrived at the coordinates of the Delta Quadrants Romulan Homeworld. Reports, everyone!"

Hal Jordan scans for enemy vessels, adding each one to the target list while avoiding the Sillepkek, which is manned by Federation forces. "Sir, multiple enemy targets are engaging the fleet. I have shields and all weapons online. Our starboard shield is still at 95 percent, unable to charge it to full power due to multiple hits from the Romulan Scimitar class vessel. Request permission to open fire."

Ensign Caitlin Colville checks in on Rear Admiral Toocool in sickbay. She has been assigned to tend to her well-being as her main duty and checks on her status, that has been recorded by the medical team. She has been instructed by Commander Reiko to report on her welfare and so taps her Combadge. "Commander, the Captain's condition is stable at this time but the medical team has not been able to figure out what the illness is yet so she is in quarantine and sedated for now."

Leni settles down at the unfamiliar helm station and checks the controls, remembering her training, not a concern. Her main concern being friendly fire, really, with a nervous glance behind at Tactical. Tension high as she steels her focus for the conflict, if any inspiration was required, which it was most definitely NOT, her thoughts turn to Pinastri and the academy and also Commodore Mistwallow as she mumbles under her breath "You shall not endure!"

Rieko looks out of the view window and can see the battle has started without them. They had to be away on a goodwill diplomatic mission when the Romulans started their attacks on Pinastri....typical! But we are here now! She listens to the reports and responds. "Tactical, we will use attack strategy revert Z784....and permission to fire granted! Medical... let me know when there is a change in the Admiral's condition."

Jordan commences firing on the Romulan attack force, concentrating on the Scimitar Class warbird, the highest level threat. He fires all phaser banks at the forward shield of the warbird and simultaneously sends a gift of two photon torpedoes to each of the five nearest enemy vessels. "Revert 784 attack strategy, aye. This will make them think twice!" Just then a huge plasma torpedo glances off their dorsal shield, slamming the ship downward and knocking the crew around.

Colville scans the Rear Admiral with her Tricorder in the hope that something may have changed. Usually tricorders are often capable of giving an effective diagnosis of medical problems. Today she looks perplexed as the situation continues to baffle her and the Medical team. There is no indication from the Tricorder, apart from the obvious readout that the sedation is working. She checks on the sick bay bed data. As the bed continuously tracks vital signs and audibly notifies doctors and nurses of a patient's status she looks for clues as to what could be causing the illness. A violent shake makes her suddenly stumble, and she quickly checks that the CO is unharmed by the effects of enemy fire.

Leni: "All helm and science systems functioning normally sir. All damage from the encounter with the IRW Raikai have been repaired. Course and speed, Sir?"

Rieko loses her balance as the Warbird fires on Durant. Rieko falls to her knees, then rises and sits in the Captain's chair. "Damage Report!" She looks to the helm..."Lieutenant. Leni..keep her steady... 123 mark 4 ...that will place us right inside the battle area but along the edge of the battle."

Colville decides to place an Alpha-wave inducer on the forehead of her patient which induces variable levels of unconsciousness. She cannot chance the Rear Admiral being stressed further. After activation, the effect wears off in approximately 15 minutes. Caitlin hopes that this will at least keep her patient stable in the battle conditions. She is worried that at present there are no signs of change in her patient regarding the mystery illness.

Leni readies the ship and sets the course, 123 Mark 4. "Aye Sir, course set and engaged!" Looking out of the scanners and view screen seeing the already heated exchanges going on, and a lot of green mist which had to be a good sign, she thinks, as the ship adds a forward motion to the jolts she was sustaining from the attacks.

Rieko listens to the damage report, taps her console intercom, and says, "Ops, clear deck 12." She looks around the bridge. "So far no one is hurt, no casualties. Let's keep it that way! Get to work on repairs on those shields! I want 100% ASAP!" She sees a Warbird explode through the view window! "Yes! Yes! get them UFS!!"

Jordan checks the board again and turns to the Captain. "Sir, the Scimitar Class vessel is turning to follow us." He fires torpedoes from the aft launcher and concentrates all phaser fire on their forward shields. Durant takes a terrific bounce as the warbird hits with its powerful weapons. "Captain," he says, picking himself up off the deck, "aft shields are down to 42 percent." Grimly he fires 3 quantum torpedoes and watches with glee as they explode on the warbird's shields. "Take that!"

Colville reaches for her bi-spectral monitor to assess the Rear Admiral's level of consciousness. She feels the ship's unsteadiness and looks around her. Medical crew are assessing wounds and injuries as people arrive from parts of the ship and are using the triage process. She quickly helps a crew member place an injured Ensign from Engineering onto the bed beside them.

Leni grabs the side of the console as the ship lurches from the blasts from the IRC Haakon, the scene outside reminding her of bonfire night firework parties on Earth, such a pretty, deadly silent dance going on out there which we were heading right into the middle of. "Sir, that Haakon is targeting the Durant specifically, does that cruiser not know this is the ship that took out the Scimitar class IRW Raikai?!"

Jordan covers his face as a plasma conduit explodes beneath an unused bridge station. =^= Damage control teams to the bridge, plasma conduit blowout! =^= He grabs an extinguisher and puts out the fire, but the console continues to spark. He fires all weapons again at the warbird, desperately trying to disable it somehow.

Rieko sees the barrage of attacks from the Romulans! "These Romulans are wild and erratic. I just saw an attack on the Sheppard, crippling them! Comms, open our subspace channel to communicate with the Sheppard!

Jordan receives the coordinates of the baryon signal from the Battle Group 3 leader and fires all of Durant's weapons at that target. He leaps into the air in glee as several bright explosions light up the darkness of space.

Colville reaches for her cortical stimulator to stimulate CNS function in the Rear Admiral. She looks at her patient and wonders if the mystery illness might be linked to the warfare.

Leni watches with some satisfaction as the lights emanating from the Durant speed across the black towards the enemy ships and light them up and force them to take evasive action. "Yay, you got em! That'll learn them!"

Ensign Reed:"Channel open, Commander."

Rieko: =^= Commander Rieko of the USS Durant to Commodore Lombardia USS Sheppard, Sir, I see that you have been attacked by a barrage or torpedoes and disruptors and damaged. If you need to evacuate your ship, we are here to transport you and most of your crew to Durant, and can coordinate with the Veracruz and Maxwell to take some of your crew as well. Let me know if that's needed. Rieko out! =^=

Rieko "Good work, Tactical!!"

Jordan watches as the Veracruz fires weapons into space and is in turn fired on by the Romulans. He concentrates fire on the last location of the Romulan ship, projecting its path from the few milliseconds that it was visible.

Colville continues to monitor the Rear Admiral, her mind is racing all the time to try and work out what the illness is and how it began.

Leni smiles as the dance outside seems to be entering a new phase as the Romulan ships appear to be falling back and seeking less aggressive postures. "They're on the run now! This battle is not over though, even if we have to chase them down to their home world they are not getting away with what they've done!"

Rieko smiles as she hears Lieutenant Leni say 'They're on the run now!' "Yes! seems we have them on the run,! The victory will be ours." She liked it when the crew was confident! She receives the response from Sheppard, and responds =^= Noted Sir, I see your Engineering hull may need assistance. Standing by to beam them aboard. =^= Looks to her bridge crew. "Damage Report! How are the shields?"

Jordan watches as the Romulan ship fires on the Temeraire from point blank range. He unloads a full spread of torpedoes into the Romulans and rakes phaser fire down their port shield. "Captain, the Temeraire is in trouble! Also, shield strength is as follows: port - 92 percent, starboard - 100 percent, dorsal - 74 percent, ventral - 100 percent, aft - 47 percent, forward - 88 percent."

Leni observing the battle was now moving into a chase. "Sir, new course and speed? Are we joining the chase or staying back to help the damaged ships? The Temeraire has been destroyed. There will be escape pods to collect."

Colville scans the Rear Admiral with her Tricorder once again as she tries out a different setting and to her surprise her hunch is correct. She taps her Combadge. "Commander, I suspected something and have just checked on the Rear Admiral's medical readings. It appears that some sort of virus was transmitted from the Romulan ship through to the CO in order to attempt to disable the ship. However, because she is a Chameloid and not human, it only caused her relatively minor injuries, and if she had been human we would have had a fatality."

Rieko =^= Taking a third of the officers in the Sheppard Engineering department Beam in complete =^= Rieko coordinates with other ships to take the remaining engineering crew. Looks to the bridge crew. "UFS is taking the space station. Let's pursue the retreating Romulans!"

Jordan falls to the deck as the Romulan ship explodes in the midst of the fleet. Debris and energetic particles crash into Durant's shields, causing them to flare into the upper violet color spectrum. He gets back up slowly and checks the panel. "That one got our starboard shield, sir. It's completely offline, emitters burned out. We're defenseless on the starboard side until the damage control teams can reroute power."

Leni looks up as the bright flash of the HaaKona explosion fills the viewscreen. "Well, what a surprise, looks like they self-destructed, couldn't face defeat! Funny the RaiKai did the same, maybe that's why they keep making the same mistake of taking us on. There are never any survivors to learn from!"

Colville uses a neural stimulator to "jumpstart" neural activity in the Rear Admiral's central nervous system.

Rieko nods and smiles at Lieutenant. "Leni, good point! They should rethink that 'I would rather die than surrender' idea, or maybe I should say they should keep it. I think they lose a lot of adequate officers that way, making it easier for us to win this war!" She looks to Commodore Jordan, "Keep me updated on the shields. How long before the starboard shield will be repaired?" Taps her console =^= Sickbay, we have incoming wounded from the Sheppard, take care of them please. Rieko out. =^=

Jordan covers his eyes for a moment as the viewscreen flares white due to another self destructed starship. "These explosions have created tons of highly radioactive debris in orbit around the Romulan planet. We will need to direct our starboard side away from the debris field until the starboard shield is repaired. Otherwise we risk high radiation doses for anyone near the outer hull. Estimated repair time is 45 minutes."

Leni alters course and speed to set a pursuit course. "Aye Sir, changing course and speed to pursue, will keep the good port side presented as we go forward and protect the starboard side shields until they're restored."

Colville taps Combadge. =^= Commander, good news. We are able to use Nanites to destroy the infected cells in my patient. Permission to go ahead with the procedure? Medical crews are ready to perform triage on the incoming wounded from the Sheppard. =^=

Rieko sends a message to Ops to prepare quarters for the uninjured Sheppard crew. Looks around the bridge and says "Good work, people!"


Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1745: " The Battle for Pinastri" - Task Force Phoenix Finale 191110

Posted: 191114.1100
by Greenlantern Excelsior

Evelyn Rieko (Commander), XO/Chief Science

Hal Jordan (Commodore), Tactical/Engineering ((GreenLantern Excelsior))

Caitlin Colville (Ensign), Medical ((Janet Gelbert))

Leni (Lieutenant Commander), Helm/Science ((Leninah))

Red Alert, as the battle for Pinastri continues!