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USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1743: "Romulan Conflict" (Task Force Phoenix 191027)

Posted: 191028.0339
by Evelyn Rieko
Sun October 27, 2019
OOC Preparation

STARDATE: 191027
MISSION LEAD/GM: Cmdr Evelyn Rieko

UFS Duty Uniform
Combadge HUD - YES
Tactical/Marine Security - phaser -Yes
Medical/Science - tricorders - Yes

-the ship is: Orbiting New Ferasa in the D'Noria Sector
-alert level is: red

You should have read:
USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1741: "Invite to New Ferasa" ... 85&t=31604

POST ORDER: Will be decided, and posted, by the Mission Leader just prior to mission start (and sometimes adjusted in the RP if necessary).
MISSION TIME: Please be ready & prepared & in place for RP to start at 1130 SLT

IC PREMISE: After the destruction of Romulus, there was a void in the Romulan Empire. Empress Sela attempted to consolidate power but there was another faction that wanted to form the new Romulan Republic. This power struggle eventually dragged in both the Federation and the Klingon Empire. Seeing the writing on the wall, a large number of Romulan ships fled to the Delta Quadrant and found an area to carve out a new Empire. (from Task Force Phoenix-R.Lombardia)

Goals of the Romulans:
Get revenge on the Federation, specifically UFS which resides in the Delta Quadrant and could be a direct threat to the fledgling empire. The Romulans have captured Pinastri and have control of Peedy Thor and the UFS Academy. As many people as possible were evacuated from these UFS areas, but many remain unaccounted for. They are dead or missing. (from Task Force Phoenix-R.Lombardia)

Goals of UFS:
To defeat the Romulans, and regain our UFS HQ Peedy Thor Space Station, Pinastri colony and the academy. At present we have lost many battles but we MUST NOT lose the war.
On the Durant, the Commanding officers are receiving communique from the UFS command station, and we, the Durant crew, of course, want to join the fight! (from E. Rieko)

At present, the Durant is at New Ferasa. The Durant tactical reports one of the carefully laid probes has picked up an ion trail. A Romulan warbird is on an intercept course with the Durant. The Durant beams aboard the Diplomatic away team that was visiting New Feresa, along with the new C'Mow/leader of New Ferasa, and the ship has gone to red alert! (from E. Rieko)

Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1743: "Romulan Conflict" (Task Force Phoenix 191027)

Posted: 191030.0000
by Greenlantern Excelsior

Evelyn Rieko (Commander), XO/Chief Science
Janet Gelbert (Commander), Helm
Kai Hope Carpathia (Cadet), Ops ((samsyfurwolf))
Hal Jordan (Commodore), Mission Ops ((GreenLantern Excelsior))
Leni (Lieutenant Commander), Science ((Leninah))

Left to right: Carpathia, Jordan, Rieko, Gelbert, Leni

Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1743: "Romulan Conflict" (Task Force Phoenix 191027)

Posted: 191030.0004
by Greenlantern Excelsior

Evelyn Rieko: The diplomatic away team has been beamed up from New Ferasa. The Ceremony declaring their new C'Mow was very historical and Evelyn was honored to have been a part of it. She was surprised when M'Grash asked her to be his second. This was of cultural interest to her and she would like to come back at another time. However more important issues have arisen. There has been an attack on Pinastri by Romulans, and at this moment a Romulan ship is on an intercept course with the Durant. The new C'Mow M'Grash was beamed aboard with the away team and confined to quarters while the ship is now on Red Alert. Rear Admiral Toocool has taken ill and has gone to sickbay. Her parting words were. "You have the Conn, Number One." Evelyn looked around the bridge, "Reports, everyone."

Janet Gelbert checks readings from navigational and tactical sensors, and also checks present course. She has read the report that one of the carefully laid probes has picked up an ion trail. A Romulan warbird is on an intercept course with the Durant. "Sir, I confirm that it is a Warbird on an intercept course with us and I am at present investigating their weapons capability."

Kai Hope Carpathia looks at the ops bay and then looks at the viewscreen then back at ops. "I have recalibrated Operations systems and they are now at or close to peak performance, Sir."

Hal Jordan looks over the Tactical board, configuring its systems for Red Alert. "Shields are up, phasers and photon torpedoes are ready. Romulan warbird is still on an intercept course but not yet within weapons range. I estimate another three minutes before they can fire on us."

Leni straightens her tunic, having hurriedly changed out of dress uniform for the ceremony on Mew Furrysa .... Checking herself immediately .... New Ferasa! "Must stop calling it that!" she whiskers to herself. Especially as the C'Meow ... C'MOW !!! has returned with them to the Durant. She never knew it would be so tricky to avoid a diplomatic incident! she muttered to herself as she made her way back to the Durant ... "New Ferasa .... C'Mow ... no furry and no meow! Why is that so hard to remember!" Hearing the XO's request for a report, responds: "All science systems functioning optimally Sir. I concur with Helm re the presence of a Romulan ship, currently also analysing the probe reports and assembling a profile on it which will have ready for you shortly Sir."

Rieko looks around the bridge at the fine officers at their stations. The changes on the Durant had happened so quickly. Captain Hode is gone and Rear Admiral Toocool is here but in sickbay. She hopes Toocool will be okay. Looks at the bridge team, "Good work everyone. I want information on that Romulan Warbird, the class of ship, and of course as much info as possible on the areas of their warp core, weapons, and shields. Tactical, do a scan to find out if there are any other ships in the area. Would be good if there is an ally close by, and hopefully no other enemies. Helm, how close is the warbird, and estimated arrival time with us? We will not run...we will try to communicate. Science, are there any spatial anomalies in this area?

Gelbert checks that she is ready with the ability to execute quick course changes from the helm as the situation becomes tense. She checks her readings against the Tactical data. "I confirm that they are less than three minutes now from being able to fire on us, should they decide to do so."

Carpathia: "I am routing information from the probe to main Science. Tactical, how do we look?"

Jordan silences the Red Alert sound, leaving the red lights flashing throughout the ship. "The warbird's shields are up and their disruptors appear to be fully charged. The artificial quantum singularity that they use to power their warp engines looks like it is at full power. We have weapons locked on and can fire at any time. The Tactical board shows no other ships in the immediate area, although I am seeing some anomalous readings just outside my scanning range."

Leni: Going over the probe reports of a Romulan warbird on intercept course, Leni double checked the scanned ship characteristics with the database. It was worryingly consistent. Clearly their departure to the Delta quadrant hadn't been done in so much haste as to not leave well prepared. Feeling this was significant to reinforce what helm and tactical had already reported she added "Sir, just to add to that, correlated data on the configuration of the pursuing Romulan vessel available is concerning sir, that is certainly no remnant of a defeated fleet. It's showing all the signs of being either Scimitar class or upgraded to Scimitar capabilities, and it's bristling with Reman technology. I don't know why we're even seeing it, I can only assume they didn't detect the probes or just don't care that we know they're coming" Pauses for a moment. "I do hope it's the former" before adding "Nothing on anomalies in this area to report"

Rieko: "Good work, everyone. It seems we will have a battle with this ship. We will not fire first of course, so raise shields! Helm, stay alert. We may need evasive maneuvers! Tactical and Science, search for any weaknesses on that ship. They may appear invincible, but somewhere there may be an Achilles heel. There has been a battle raging in Pinastri. Hopefully there is some damage or weakening of this Warbird. Communications, open a channel..."

*Suddenly the Warbird has opened a channel to the Durant*

=^= Unidentified Starfleet Vessel, this is the IRW Raikai, Commander Teres speaking. We order you to surrender your ship and crew. We have taken your Pinastri, Space station Peedy Thor, and your academy. You are already defeated. Why let your crew die? =^=

Gelbert checks sensors on hearing the mention of Tactical crew seeing some anomalous readings just outside the scanning range. She cross checks her access to communications, and monitors ship-wide status as she feels the stress of the situation mounting. She replies "Aye, Sir" to Commander Rieko on the order for readiness with evasive maneuvers. Suddenly, on hearing the communication from the Warbird, her blood runs cold and she feels herself trying to quell the fear that this voice brings.

Carpathia checks the operations panel and starts to try to communicate. =^= Is there no way we could both work together towards peace, Commander Teres of the IRW? =^=

Jordan maintains the target lock on the warbird. Tactical scanners still show a flickering almost-contact at the far limit of sensor range. Possibly another Romulan ship using their cloak. He keeps one eye on it while the Romulan communication comes in. He moves his hand closer to the weapons section of the panel while responding to the XO. "Sir, shields are still activated, reading one hundred percent."

Leni feels a chill as she hears the communication from the Romulan ship, but responds to the XO's request for analysis of weaknesses. "It's formidable Sir, advanced cloaking device which if they turn it on we are not going to penetrate without a telepath, and they can fire cloaked, so the first we'll know could be when they hit us with those disruptors and/or plasma torpedoes. Self repair, and both primary and secondary shields. I'm not seeing the signs of a Thalaron generator ... yet ! .. which is the only possibility of good news, that and we are getting scans still! As for weaknesses, maybe they like talking too much?"

Rieko looks at Leni, "That's the only good news? That ship sounds like it is invincible..." She considers running....but will try to communicate first.

=^= Commander Teres, this is Commander Evelyn Rieko of the starship, Durant. We are aware of the situations in Pinastri. I suggest we be the first to talk and come to some peaceful conclusion. As you said there is no need for either of our crews to die. You and I could be the beginning of a peace between our two peoples. Consider a peaceful talk with me. =^=

A few tense seconds pass with no response from Commander Teres, and then suddenly....They fire on us! The Durant shakes and moves! "Tactical, return fire! All stations report!! What type of weapon was used? Damage report!"

Gelbert checks the ship Standard maneuvers, a sequence of movements and tactics, pre-programmed in. She taps her console to ready the computer to alter the pattern to properly suit the distance to the enemy vessel, its location, and the ship's speed, if the Warbird opens fire and the Commander ordered to return fire. She then repeats the procedure. In contrast, with evasive maneuvers.

Carpathia: =^= Commander Teres, please listen. Please, consider a peaceful talk with us. Even if it's just our two ships, at least it will be a start. =^=

Jordan growls quietly to himself as the full meaning of the Romulan communication hits him. Peedy Thor and Starfleet Academy captured? It must have happened while the away team was attending the New Farasa ceremony. He steadies himself as the enemy fire impacts the shields, then runs his fingers rapidly across the Tactical panel. "Phasers firing, sir. Photon torpedoes away. Our shields are mostly holding, but the starboard side took a big hit and is down to 87 percent."

Leni continues analysing the Romulan vessel, and also searching the crew manifest for any species aboard with any telepathic capabilities, and before long chimes in to notify the XO. "Sir we have one half Betazoid aboard, in medical. Maybe if we get her up here, we can at least know where they are, and that may surprise them if they get careless? We'd need time to get her up to speed and ready. Can you keep them talking, Sir? ..." Her train of thought shattered as the ship heaves under fire and she quickly holds onto the console and checks the scanners. "Disruptor fire, Sir! Heavy but thankfully no plasma torpedoes as yet! I don't understand why they haven't engaged the cloak?!"

Rieko: When the warbird fires on the Durant, she falls but then stands again. "Well, I think we have our answer form Teres. There will be no peace talks today." Rieko then looks to the Ops cadet, "Cadet Carpathia, you are not a commanding officer. Stand down and wait for your orders. The two Commanding officers, me and the Romulan Commander, will decide what our ships will communicate and do, not a cadet." She shakes her head, "Cadet, please do your job on Ops and leave the negotiations to me." She looks to Tactical. "Good work, Commodore Jordan! Report on the damage to the Warbird! Ops, any casualties to the Durant crew? Good work Helm. Commander Leni, that is a great idea. Get to work on getting that half Betazoid up to speed and on the bridge ASAP. They are probably not using the cloak because they feel they don't need to hide from us. They believe they are the predator and we are the prey. We have to find a way to turn that around. Any suggestions on how to make that happen? The Romulans are known for taking captives and using them as slave labor. That will not happen to us!"

Gelbert: The Romulan communication words hit her like a sledge hammer, just like the enemy fire on the ship does. Peedy Thor and Starfleet Academy captured! It surely must be a ruse to get them to make mistakes. She decides to dismiss all ideas of any casualties and fatalities, especially people she knows back on Pinastri. She concentrates on executing evasive action, an evasive pattern – pattern delta, a maneuver of rocking the ship hard from port to starboard.

Carpathia turns to the Commander. "No casualties so far, Commander." Leaves the communications open for the two ships' Commanders to communicate.

Jordan listens to Science's report. Flying around uncloaked is very abnormal for a Romulan ship. Romulan tactics involve secrecy and stabbing people in the back when they aren't looking. To approach openly and communicate prior to battle is unheard of. "Maybe Delta Quadrant Romulans don't have a full grasp of current battle tactics. They are still uncloaked and their forward shield is down to 47 percent. I'm concentrating phaser and photon torpedo fire on it. Our starboard shield is back up to 92 percent." He falls against the Tactical panel as the Romulans fire again.

Leni: Finding her thoughts turning for a moment in the tense atmosphere to recall the distressing stories emanating from Pinastri and now seemingly confirmed by this vessel. The idea of the Peedy Thor station and the Academy taken by the Romulans was almost too shocking to believe. Those poor cadets, what has happened to them, even if they're safe how would they react to such an event so early in their Starfleet careers. She felt for them most and found that the most motivating cause of them all leaving no micro particle unturned as she looks for some weakness, some small flaw. The XO's analysis of why they aren't using their cloak sounding likely, their behaviour reeking of pure arrogance seemed consistent with Romulans. Was there something else though ..... wait!" Looks and taps again into the console "What's that ?!"


Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1743: "Romulan Conflict" (Task Force Phoenix 191027)

Posted: 191030.0005
by Greenlantern Excelsior

Evelyn Rieko (Commander), XO/Chief Science

Janet Gelbert (Commander), Helm

Kai Hope Carpathia (Cadet), Ops ((samsyfurwolf))

Hal Jordan (Commodore), Mission Ops ((GreenLantern Excelsior))

Leni (Lieutenant Commander), Science ((Leninah))

Red Alert, and the battle begins!