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USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1739: “In Search of Solitude" (191006)

Posted: 191006.0020
by Poison Toocool
Sun Oct 6, 2019
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STARDATE: 191006
RP LOCATION: Transporter Toom

Shore Leave Crew: 2400's casual holiday attire, Combadges
Durant Officers Assisting: Standard Duty Uniform, Combadges

-the ship is: in orbit of Sephori
-alert level is: normal
-we left Pinastri 6 weeks ago
-we are currently on patrol in Telos Sector
-17 light-years from Pinastri

**You should have read:
“Vanished Paradise" (190908) ... 85&t=31554

“Midnight at the Oasis" (190915) ... 85&t=31562

“The Paradise Code" (190922) ... 85&t=31571

“The Silence of the Clams" (190929) ... 85&t=31585

POST ORDER: Will be decided, and posted, by the Mission Leader just prior to mission start (and sometimes adjusted in the RP if necessary).
MISSION TIME: Please be ready & prepared & in place for RP to start at 1130 SLT

IC PREMISE: The Captain agreed to Commander Rieko's suggestion that the crew deserves some shore leave after their collective experience with a temporal anomaly. The ship is in orbit of Planet Sephori in the Telos Sector. The XO took a group of bridge officers down to the 'Paradise Oasis' to relax and explore. But a member of the crew did not show up at the Oasis bar as arranged, and a fruitless search began. After local and shipboard scans, as well as some interrogations of the Oasis staff, Durant crew came up with a probable location. But, it is believed that Commander Russell Sprout has entered an area used only by the indigenous Sephorian people. And, they seem very reluctant to provide any information in this regard.

SIM Concept: Evelyn Rieko
Historian: Hal Jordan (GreenLantern Excelsior)

ARRIVING LATE? Contact the Mission Lead when you arrive, and wait to be instructed on Post Order & Story before speaking in Local. Come up with a reason why your character would be entering the scene at the appointed time and include it in your first post.
LEAVING EARLY? You need to post out. Come up with a reason why your character would be leaving the scene. Ask for permission to go to your department, for example (RP etiquette also says it’s nice if you wait to see the replies before you actually remove your avatar from the scene).

Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1739: “In Search of Solitude" (191006)

Posted: 191011.2318
by Greenlantern Excelsior

Rachel Stoneberry, Resort Owner ((Leninah))
Evelyn Rieko (Cmdr), XO/Chief Science
Hal Jordan (Commodore), Intelligence ((GreenLantern Excelsior))
Wadi, Resort Host ((Poison Toocool))
Nems Darkstar (Lt), Security ((Knightspet))
Russell Sprout (Cmdr), ((Poison Toocool))

Left to right: Jordan, Stoneberry, Wadi, Rieko, Darkstar, Sprout

Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1739: “In Search of Solitude" (191006)

Posted: 191011.2319
by Greenlantern Excelsior

Rachel Stoneberry looks around the group with a small amount of impatience at Wadi's sustained reluctance to expand on the details of Solitude for what she was starting to consider these rather pushy Pocu. They already knew too much about it, even its existence was too much in her view! and now they wanted to go there, and goodness knows what chaos that would evoke! These 'Pushy Pocu' would leave like careless tourists after wreaking their havoc and it was the Sephorians and herself that would be left to clean up the mess! She was feeling a growing resistance to 'helping' them now, and a growing pressure to do something to protect the people of ina n-aonar so she takes a deep breath and her expression visibly and perceptively changes from her usual painted on guest friendly happy smiley one to something more sombre and eerily knowing yet distant. "Alright, since you are clearly going to persist with pursuing yourselves what you want above all other considerations, including the wishes of your hosts..." and stares a deep soul stare into the eyes of each and every one of the group at the same time and then waits to give them a last opportunity to stand down from this course.

Evelyn Rieko looked at the the little animals scurrying around this area and wondered what drew them here. It was clearly their home... then her mind went back to why they were here. It seemed like Russ had been gone days instead of hours. Now finally when they are almost certain he is in this place, Solitude. Rachel and Wadi do not want to help them. She turns to Rachel, "Of course we want to be good guests and adhere to our host's wishes, but you don't seem to realize the urgency or the danger or frustration of having a friend missing. Anything could have happened to him. We must find him, and if he is in this place, we will enter and bring him out." She turns to Hal, "Your readings...that human life it Sprout?" She turns to Nems. "Nems, you will be our security officer for now. Keep watching everything and everyone closely, and Wadi, why so secretive? We need your help."

Hal Jordan stands at the entry point to the ... wormhole? Tricorder readings are unfamiliar, but that is the assumption. One of the small animals in the area runs up to the group, looks around, then runs off again. Maybe they are friendly, or maybe they simply take no notice of other life forms. It could be that they live in some sort of dual existence, part appearing in this world and the other part anchored in Sanctuary. There are many possibilities but it is best not to jump to conclusions. It is too easy to mistake assumption for reality and thereby miss a source of danger. He looks down at the tricorder again, still puzzled at what he is seeing. "I still show the same readings as before, showing several life forms in the direction of the entry, one possibly human and the rest indeterminate. I can't even tell if there's a breathable atmosphere on the other side. We should be ready to step back through in case there isn't."

Wadi stood reluctantly by the group of Starfleet personnel insisting that they enter the Sephorian's most sacred area. He was of two minds. One, let them enter and be swallowed up if the ancient place decided that was what they deserved. But that might lead to all kinds of complications, including more of them coming here, insisting on looking for the others. Two, help them find their crewman and then build a large, thick, high and impenetrable fence, since, clearly putting up signs that said PRIVATE NO TRESPASSING had no impact at all. Rachel's body language and statement inspired him to snap: "This whole affair could have been avoided if your crewman had stayed out the areas that are off limits. To us this shows a lack of respect for our people and our culture. Hardly what one would expect from the Prime Directivable, non-interferous Starfleet. Eh?"

Nems Darkstar turns to Commander Rieko, "Yes of course I will keep my eyes open and my ears ready to listen for anything that may be suspicious going on." Starts to read Rachael and Wadi's body language intently. They are definitely hiding something, just wish we knew what. I would hope if they lost someone they would do anything to get them back.

Stoneberry: Unsurprised at the continuation of the thinly decorated aggressive presumptuous attitude of the humans, and visibly sympathising with Wadi's albeit emotive response, she picks up from where she left off both in manner and tone "Very well then. If you truly wish to find your friend, first you must agree that whatever you hear or see from now on will remain strictly private, not recorded on your logs, or ever spoken of again. If not, then we will not assist you in this folly of yours and will have you returned to your spaceship and Wadi and myself will handle the return of your crewmate without your presence. It's quite superfluous anyway." The matter of fact way she said 'returned' was emphasised in some intangible way but was convincing in a way love or fear was, words being but a fraction of the communication. That soul penetrating stare now in full flower, her question projecting more like an instruction than a question "Do we have an accord? Or do we not?"

Rieko looks at Wadi, the little warmth he displayed earlier is gone now. "Of course you are right Wadi. This all could have been avoided if our friend Russell Sprout..that's his name." she added his name hoping to make Wadi and Rachel feel that this is a real person, in need of help. She continues, "Russ should have obeyed the sign, but we don't know what happened, or why he went inside. We won't know until we find him. Maybe there is a reason he entered...a good reason. Anyway, we have to get Russ out of there." She looks at Rachel staring at them, now staring into Evelyn's eyes. It feels eerie. The gracious, smiling Rachel is gone. Evelyn listens to her statements and question. "Rachel, are you saying you and Wadi can rescue Russell? Explain how, please." She frowns and says "we are on shore leave that has become an away mission, but we will agree to not recording some things. We must report on what happened, of course, but we do not have to give details of what is inside Solitude." She looks to Hal. What do you think, Hal?""

Jordan looks at Wadi and Rachel, somewhat puzzled at their growing anger, and a bit alarmed at Rachel's veiled threat to "have them returned" to Durant. "You may recall, Mrs. Stoneberry, that we were not informed of the meaning of the Red Palm signs until Commander Sprout was away from our group. Therefore he would have had no idea that there was danger or cultural significance associated with this area. Also, consider the fact that we have the capability to place a satellite warning beacon in orbit when we leave, informing any visiting ships about the danger associated with wormholes on the surface. That could put an end to the tourist industry here, or it could open the floodgates to bring in hundreds of egghead scientists probing everywhere. Now we are going to proceed through this entry point, and I would advise you in all friendship not to try to stop us." He puts his hand into his pocket again and clicks another code into his combadge. Two clicks in response assure him that an armed Security team will be ready to beam down when called for. He smiles a big toothy grin at Rachel.

Wadi waited to hear the response from the Starfleet. While he could understand their need to find their crewman, at the same time, their attitude was arrogant. They didn't trust him, or Rachel. "You blame us for your man disappearing," he said. "You think we either made him vanish, or that we are trying to trick you. You don't understand. And you're not trying to understand. You aren't listening. You don't care if your actions could devastate the indigenous people here. You don't care if your presence inside our sacred place could interfere with centuries old traditions. You just want what you want." He thrust his large hands into his small pockets with some difficulty.

Darkstar tries to put together the thoughts and conversations that are going on right in front of his eyes. Thinks to himself "Why would Wadi and Rachel care if we recorded everything that happens here, why if there is nothing going on that is wrong why would they care if we record things?" Kind of suspicious to myself if you ask me."

Stoneberry considers the responses as a whole, excluding Mr Jordan's misplaced open yet unbeknown to him empty threats, and briefly whispers inaudibly to Wadi discussing what they have before them before returning to the group "Very well we will take that as a solemn agreement." Rachel touches Wadi's hand in re-assurance and an assuming of the mantle before stepping out into the group. "As you have already been told, there is another dimension present, 'Solitude', or 'ina n-aonar' as it is called within, which has many portals all over the universe and a few here on Sephori too. This dimension can be entered in one of two ways. The first is dangerous and is what's called 'cur isteach drochbhéasach' roughly translated that means 'Rude Intrusion'. The other is by 'Aithne' which in your tongue means 'Introduction' which is the correct and safe way to go into ina n-aonar. To enter the second way, you need the aid of an 'idirghabhálaithe' or 'Intermediary' to provide the introduction." Stoneberry pauses, knowing this would be somewhat unsettling for these people knowing what she believes she does from discovery about them so far, the fact they have no real control was not going to sit easily on them. "I fear your ... Russel Sprout ... may have entered by cur isteach drochbhéasach in which case you need to allow us to handle his return or you may not see him again."

Rieko listened to Hal threatening Rachel and Wadi, and not giving any consideration to what Rachel had said about her and Wadi rescuing Sprout, but if it was so easy why hadn't they done it already? They were both acting strange and defensive. She believed being understanding and kind...well...using honey instead of vinegar would help them succeed in this situation, but hearing Hal's comments and then Wadi's made her realize maybe it is best to use fire against fire. She looked at Wadi, "We don't blame you for our man missing. It was an accident. It happened. We can't go back and change that. We just want to get him out of there. Of course we care about the indigenous people here...that's why we are asking for your help. We want to go inside Solitude and get our friend out, but in a way that is the least disruptive or destructive to the people here. That is why we are asking for your help. You would know this, you know how to get Sprout out." She shakes her head then stares at Wadi. "There is already someone inside there that does not belong. it's already been desecrated in some way. Don't you want to get him out of there? You should want it as much as we do. Help us!" She turns and looks at Rachel as she starts to speak of Solitude, another dimension and the different ways to enter it. She says to Rachel, "So Sprout entered as a rude intrusion but we could enter as an introduction which is safe. How do we find an intermediary to help us? We will be going inside to rescue Russell."

Jordan listens to Rachel's speech about the ways to enter Sanctuary. He thinks about the consequences, and speaks in a polite manner, keeping his finger near his combadge. "Assuming that Commander Sprout walked between these rocks in that" (pointing) "direction, would that constitute a rude intrusion? What, exactly, is the danger associated with such an entry? Can you provide us with the proper introduction form of entry? We don't want to jump unknowingly into danger if there's an alternative, but we do wish to accompany you in a respectful manner into Sanctuary, to assist with the rescue of our friend."

Wadi considers that, if someone has been unhappy at Paradise Oasis, they may write or complain to Paradise Customer Service (which consisted of the intrepid bartender, who penned mighty letters of apology in response as needed), and also to the greater organization of Delta Oasis, which linked together a number of tourist havens like this one, throughout the quadrant. With this in mind, he said: "We want to speak to your Captain. The person in charge. Or maybe one of your Chef Joints. The one who oversees ship deployments and crew jaunts." It was the last possible thing he could think of in order to stop the Starfleet's entering ina n-aonar. Or maybe, at least buy Rachel some time to make her arguments. He stood, feeling perplexed, looking at Rachel. He would follow her lead.

Darkstar: Wish I knew what they are both hiding, trying to read Wadi and Rachel is somewhat difficult. "Why couldn't we send in one person and we wait here? Or we are wasting valuable time the more we stand around here the more danger our crewman could be in." Crosses my arms staring into both of their eyes, thinking the more pressure we put on them the more likely they will just give in.


Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1739: “In Search of Solitude" (191006)

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by Greenlantern Excelsior
Stoneberry feels more assured as both Evelyn and Hal speak in more co-operative terms and turns to Wadi. "Wadi dear, please can you summon the idirghabhálaithe and have them come down here to meet us? Thank you." Returning her stare to the group, she explains. "If you wish to come into 'ina n-aonar' you may under the terms of our accord, once the idirghabhálaithe has made the introductions on our behalf. I will need to know who wishes to come and who does not?" Rachel's expression is now settling back to a less stern one and the previous warmth begins to rise again to the surface. "I will tell you now I fully expect your Sprout to be well and for him to return with us. The fact it is said that people do not return from ina n-aonar is mostly because they are recovered under accord and no one ever speaks of it, it takes much to anger these people, but it has been known on occasion to happen."

Rieko nods to Rachel as she tells Wadi to summon an intermediary to bring them inside Solitude. She wonders what this human woman's connection is to the Sephori. She seems to be deeply embedded into everything here with so much knowledge of the Sephorians' ways and secrets. However, none of that matters at the moment. She answers Rachel, "I'm going!" She looks at Hal, and then Nems. "I don't feel I should give an order to you two to go, I'm sure with the intermediary's help I could go alone, and get Russell out safely." She looks to Wadi and says, "There is no need to speak with our Captain. I'm in charge..anything you want to say, you can say to me."

Jordan relaxes a bit as both sides seem to be stepping back from their original hard line stances. Friendly cooperation is much better than anger. These people know more about Sanctuary than they were telling, but at least now they are admitting that danger is involved. It seems like there is much to be learned if the Durant crew can get into Sanctuary safely. They can certainly honor an agreement to refrain from adding the experience to their logs, but it should be possible for the team to see and hear (and scan) enough to "independently" discover a way to enter Sanctuary on their own. He looks at the small animals as they frolic in the meadow, thinking that somehow they are involved in this process. He turns his tricorder to scan one closely as he replies to Evelyn: "I volunteer to enter also. I agree to act respectfully in Sanctuary, in accordance with local customs."

Wadi looked down at the little creatures who ran about in the brush. They were charming, and seemed innocuous. Since Rachel had given the instruction, he sighed and shrugged his shoulders. Bowing down low to the ground, so low his large head almost hit the grass, he whispered some unintelligible words in a low voiced chant that might have sounded a little like a strangled fog horn. Soon one of the little creatures ran to him, it's head cocked to one side, nodding its wee head. He kept chanting for some minutes, until the creature said: "Idirghabhálaithe." Two more of the stoat-like creatures joined it. Then Wadi, with a wince or two, straightened his long body back to an upright position. "She is ready. And her attendants prepared. They will take you into ina n-aonar. Once there. Listen. Listen to the creatures. And the fairies. Always listen to the tiny winged ones," he said, almost wistfully.

Darkstar looks to Commander Rieko, "Sir, as part of Starfleet I am a Security officer. I will not stay behind. I will follow my crew, as we do not know what we are walking into. I believe no one should stay out here, everyone should go including Rachael and Wadi. That way you both would be tour guides and we could get in and get out safely."

Stoneberry As the idirghabhálaithe arrives, Rachel puts a hand on Hal's shoulder, wiping off a smear of barbecue sauce in a friendly helpful way, and speaks in softer tones "I do understand your concern for your friend Russel Sprout..." She says his name deliberately with a smile to Evelyn "..and we are trying to help you with what you want, but you just need to try really hard to let us, who know this path better than you do, lead you down safe ways. I do not say this as a threat, just as a warning you would be wise to heed. The people of ina n-aonar are ancient and pervasive, you do not want to make enemies of them, and you have no need to do so, they are essentially peaceful and friendly unless you make them otherwise. Try hard to trust me, I know them very well." Licks her fingers. "mmmm barbecue sauce delish!"

Rieko's worry for Sprout is still there inside her, but she begins to feel hopeful again. She looks at Hal and then Nems, and nods to each of them feeling pride in them. They are truly great Starfleet Officers. She says to them, "You two are excellent officers that I know I can always depend on. No matter what happens inside, I want you to know how much I appreciate you both." She looks at Wadi doing his strange ritual, and her eyes widened as the little creature comes to him. So they do have a purpose for being here. She looks at Wadi. "So they are the intermediaries!" She looks to them and bows her head slightly and lifts it, not knowing what is proper to say, she says simply "Thank you." She looks to Rachel. "You seem very much a part of Sephori. Thank you also for helping us."

Jordan tries to keep the shock from showing on his face as the tiny creature speaks to Wadi. He is even more shocked when he looks at his tricorder. The animal is solid all the way through, like a potato! No circulatory or nervous system, no internal organs, no musculature, no brain! How could this possibly...? He is distracted when Mrs. Stoneberry runs her finger across his shoulder and then puts the finger into her mouth. What kind of ritual is this? Maybe it was a DNA sample in preparation for entry to Sanctuary. Maybe the woman was just lonely. "Glad you enjoyed it," he says to her, smiling. Then he realizes that her action stopped him from further analyzing the homogeneous internal structure of the creature. No matter, the information was saved in the tricorder for further analysis on Durant. He turns toward the wormhole entrance, noting a somewhat pudgy animal also facing it, sitting peacefully. "So, are we ready to go? Shall we just follow the mellow thick stoat?"

Wadi nodded and stepped back with a gesture of surrender.

Darkstar stands firm with his hands in his pocket holding tightly onto something in his safety. Waits for everyone to start moving as he watches closely in what happens next.

Stoneberry laughs at Hal's remarks and smiling, "No need for that" as she gathers the group together as the idirghabhálaithe group wiggle and snuffle a short ritual, almost a gesture, and suddenly the world fades away, rock diminishes to air, ground falls away to a fine mist and the skies take on a bright silver light that shines everywhere, but most surprising is the penetrating feeling of peace and love, the calm, the soul cleansing consistency of certainness and eternal longevity. A figure appears with silvery glistening skin in a humanoid shape, open armed and welcoming Rachel and Wadi, then looking to the humans, and bringing forward a figure of a human who appears well and smiling in wonderment. As a new world materialises around them, no words are spoken yet the feeling is communicated of welcome ... do not fear ... all will be well.

Rieko: Soothing and calming feelings go through her as she enters Solitude with the peaceful...such a wonderful feeling. She sees the bright silvery light and the silvery figure welcoming them. This seems like heaven. She looks at her officers. "It's so peaceful here" she whispers. Then she sees the silvery being bringing Sprout forward to them and smiles happily. "Sprout is it really you? We have been so worried" She looks at the group that brought them inside Solitude and knows they will come out safely. She almost wishes she could stay longer. But now, as the silvery one said, all will be well.

Jordan materializes, if that is the correct word, in a forest area beside Evelyn and Nems. A tiny winged humanoid figure flies around near them. He looks at it with as much respect as he can put into his facial expression, and tries to think friendly thoughts. Commander Sprout is showing up clearly on the tricorder, 93 meters to the northwest. "Sprout is there," he says quietly, nodding in that direction and gesturing with his tricorder. As he does so, a feeling of well-being washes over him, reminiscent of certain medicines he had been given in sickbay. At the same time, a veil drops from his eyes and the forest colors fairly leap out at him, while his hearing is similarly intensified to the point where he can hear the fairy creatures tiny wings beating. He follows Evelyn toward Sprout, feeling the softness of the forest floor right through his shoes.

Wadi let the others go ahead, and brought up the rear.

Darkstar's thoughts float around his head as we move into Solitude thinking, hoping we will find our crewman. It is so peaceful and calm here. Rubs his eyes seeing a reflection that looks like our crewman. Oh yes it could be could we really have found him this easy.

Russell Sprout looks up at his crewmates, particularly the lovely young lady practically standing on his lap. "Oh, there you are at last!"


Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1739: “In Search of Solitude" (191006)

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by Greenlantern Excelsior

Rachel Stoneberry, Resort Owner ((Leninah))

Evelyn Rieko (Cmdr), XO/Chief Science

Hal Jordan (Commodore), Intelligence ((GreenLantern Excelsior)) being surveilled by a stoat

Wadi, Resort Host ((Poison Toocool))

Nems Darkstar (Lt), Security ((Knightspet))

Jordan scans the stoat-like creature

The idirghabhálaithe, solid all the way through, like a potato!

Arrival in Sanctuary, now being surveilled by a flying fairy

The rescue of Commander Sprout