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USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1737: “The Paradise Code" (190922)

Posted: 190921.1345
by Poison Toocool
Sun Sept 22, 2019
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STARDATE: 190922
RP LOCATION: Transporter Toom

Shore Leave Crew: 2400's casual holiday attire, Combadges
Durant Officers Assisting: Standard Duty Uniform, Combadges

-the ship is: in orbit of Sephori
-alert level is: normal
-we left Pinastri 6 weeks ago
-we are currently on patrol in Telos Sector
-17 light-years from Pinastri

**You should have read:
“Vanished Paradise" (190908) ... 85&t=31554

“Midnight at the Oasis" (190915) ... 85&t=31562

POST ORDER: Will be decided, and posted, by the Mission Leader just prior to mission start (and sometimes adjusted in the RP if necessary).
MISSION TIME: Please be ready & prepared & in place for RP to start at 1130 SLT

IC PREMISE: The Captain agreed to Commander Rieko's suggestion that the crew deserves some shore leave after their collective experience with a temporal anomaly. The ship is in orbit of Planet Sephori in the Telos Sector. The XO took a group of bridge officers down to the 'Paradise Oasis' to relax and explore. But a member of the crew did not show up at the Oasis bar as arranged, and has yet to be located.

SIM Concept: Evelyn Rieko
Historian: Hal Jordan (GreenLantern Excelsior)

ARRIVING LATE? Contact the Mission Lead when you arrive, and wait to be instructed on Post Order & Story before speaking in Local. Come up with a reason why your character would be entering the scene at the appointed time and include it in your first post.
LEAVING EARLY? You need to post out. Come up with a reason why your character would be leaving the scene. Ask for permission to go to your department, for example (RP etiquette also says it’s nice if you wait to see the replies before you actually remove your avatar from the scene).

Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1737: “The Paradise Code" (190922)

Posted: 190923.2228
by Greenlantern Excelsior

Evelyn Rieko (Cmdr), XO/Chief Science
Hal Jordan (Capt), Intelligence ((GreenLantern Excelsior))
James Williams (Cadet), Security ((adomsisko))
Rachel Stoneberry, Resort Owner ((Leninah))
Wadi, Resort Host ((Leninah))

Left to right: NPC skeleton, Rieko, Jordan, NPC Pub Wench, Williams, Stoneberry

Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1737: “The Paradise Code" (190922)

Posted: 190923.2229
by Greenlantern Excelsior

Evelyn Rieko: The Durant bridge crew on shore leave find ourselves missing a crew member. Commander Sprout. Where can he be? After giving Hal permission to contact the ship, and have them scan for Sprout, she has gone to her room quickly and removed her jewelry and changed into comfortable shoes. There is no telling where this investigation will take them, and she dreaded the idea of prancing around in those high heels, killing he calves and distracting her. This is a situation where there can be no distractions. She arrives back at the lounge area, "Hal, report. What are the results of the ship's sensors? And have them send down a Security officer please."

Hal Jordan says to Evelyn "I am just preparing to contact the ship." He looks at his tricorder again and then signals the ship. "Jordan to Durant. Commander Sprout, from the shore leave party, appears to be missing. I am unable to locate him on my tricorder. Commander Rieko has asked that you scan the surface to try to locate him. I am sending you the coordinates of his last known location. Also, please beam down a Security officer to aid in the search." He transmits the information from his tricorder, including the position of Sprout's cabin and the three "Red Palm" areas with the anomalous energy readings, noting as he does so that one of the Red Palm locations lies between the beach and Sprout's cabin. There is no need for special instructions, as the scanners will detect the information and Science will analyze it.

******* Security Officer Materializes from Transport *****

James Williams beams down and as he materializes, he looks around, taking in the surrounding environment. He looks to the people to meet him, "Good morning, sirs. Cadet James Williams reporting for duty. I've read the report on what is going on. Where was he last seen and by who?"

Rachel Stoneberry smiles warmly to her guests as she glides through them taking Wadi by the arm and guiding over to a corner to a table and gesturing at the arrangement as if making an observation, but out of audible range of the guests "Wadi, if this, 'Sprout' is his name? is anywhere 'normal' let them scan, I'm sure if he was we'd have located him already so we need to find out if he has managed to inadvertently or more likely stupidly got himself into 'ina n-aonar'" pauses a moment and glances directly at Wadi with a consoling half smile, "Sorry 'Solitude' I believe you call it in your language. Anyway if that's where he has gone" glances at her time piece before continuing "then we need to get him back out of there in the next handful of hours or it will be getting perilously close to being too late. At least too late to recover the situation without a lot of damage!" Turns with Wadi between her and the guests as she checks their places and continues in an even lower volume. "Listen carefully. This is what I need you to do immediately."

Wadi listens carefully, shooing away the staff to maintain their privacy and also keeping a watchful eye on the gusts whom he still finds it hard to trust completely, and the arrival of a security officer raises his distrust level even further as he says to Rachel, "Did you hear that they just called for a security officer now!"

Rieko looks at the Security Officer, Cadet Williams. "I am Commander Evelyn Rieko, and this is Captain Hal Jordan. As you know from the brief, Commander Sprout is missing. I last saw him on the beach, walking toward his cabin and waving to the group of us. We had made plans to meet here, but he never showed up. Captain Jordan's scans have not located him." Looks to Hal, "Do you have data from the ship?" She sees Mrs. Stoneberry and Wadi whispering and then walking off quickly. She wonders what they are up to. They should be trying to help us find Sprout..interviewing people and staff..she will suggest that to Stoneberry.

Jordan watches as Mrs. Stoneberry moves away from the group and appears to speak urgently to Wadi, the resort host. Something is definitely "out of kilter," as his grandfather might have said. In public, Rachel shows no great concern for Sprout's status, but she certainly seems to be worried about something now. He scans again with his tricorder, then passes the coordinates to Williams so he can use his tricorder too. The ship calls. "Durant to Jordan. We have located all of the life forms on the surface, but Commander Sprout is not within sensor range. We are noting some particle and electromagnetic anomalies in three locations, feeding the scan results to the library computer to search for correlation with known phenomena. We will call back when we have results."

Williams looks over the readings as he looks around again. He studies his readings again and looks around, rubbing the back of his neck, "Do we know what is in these areas? Caves? Buildings? Anything?" He looks at the two, then toward Stoneberry and waves her over for a moment.

Rachel continues her conversation with Wadi. "Don't worry about the security officer, he's just another pair of hands. It's not a concern for us unless he's an inter-dimensional being, which looks unlikely to me!" She allows herself a small giggle before resuming. "As quickly as you can, I need you to check no stone has been left unturned in our search, make sure he's not somewhere we just overlooked. It's better we locate him but it's not serious if our guests do. So, do that after you get one of the idirghabhálaithe down here right away and arrange for us to meet them by the beach. If by the time we meet both searches have failed to find the fool then we will have to deal with real likelihood he's in..." pauses "Solitude" smiling at Wadi as if she'd just done him a gracious service. "Now hurry, time is not our ally with this. I'll keep the guests from tearing the oasis apart in the meantime while you do those two things."

Wadi nods and quietly and efficiently after sharing the infectious giggle with a smile, takes his leave and moves out of sight to attend to matters as he had always done and was confident in achieving as expected of him and again demonstrating his importance in the Oasis and for him his importance to Rachel. Notwithstanding a harsh unwelcoming glare at the newly arrived security officer.

Rieko looks around the lounge area feeling despair creeping closer to her, looking at Hal and Cadet Williams, "This is a most unusual situation. The ship's intense sensors should be able to find Sprout, if he was anywhere on the planet. She bites her bottom lip thinking, "So that leads me to believe Commander Sprout is not on the planet. He could have been abducted, but why? Williams, go to the receiving desk and get all data on ship arrivals and departures yesterday and today. The other possibility is somewhere on this planet there is some type of force field that can defy the ship's sensors, and Sprout is being kept behind it...but why?" She shook her head looking to Hal ...waiting for more data from the Durant and for Cadet Williams to come back with the info she requested in his PADD.

Jordan places his tricorder back into its holster on his waist. Commander Rieko is in charge of the shore leave party, which has now transitioned into a search and rescue away team. He will not be causing an interstellar diplomatic incident by questioning the resort owner about what she may be hiding. That's up to the team leader. But he does want to get a good look at one of the anomalous areas, which can be done while searching. "Commander, I recommend we go to Sprout's last known location on the beach and then retrace his path back to his cabin. If something happened to him along the way, we may find evidence of it." 'And nothing on this planet will prevent me from scanning that anomaly at close range,' he thinks to himself.

Williams looks to the commander, "Aye sir," He looks around, "Uh.....Where is the welcome desk-Ah never mind," he holds up his tricorder, "Have the map. I'll be back in a moment, sirs."

Rachel acknowledging the security officer's beckon, she rejoins the main group and, in the process, the familiar customer friendly smile spreads all over her face and demeanour once more. "Ah how is your search going? Has your fantastic ship been of assistance? Trust me we are also conducting an exhaustive search and my dear Wadi is attending to that matter personally so its in the best hands it could possibly be in. I'm sure your Sprout has just wandered off enjoying the scenery or something that caught his eye, it happens a lot here there is so much to see." Smiling reassuringly, "How long has he been out of your sight for now exactly?

Wadi disappears through the door and off to the hole on the hill.

Rieko looks to Cadet Williams, he is big and strong and if all we needed was brute force she is sure he would accomplish what needed to be done, but this was a mystery. It took a keen mind and excellent investigation skills to find out what happened. Williams seems capable in that area also and Hal was definitely one of the brilliant minds in Starfleet, together the three of them should be able to solve this mystery. She suddenly saw Mrs. Stoneberry approaching and heard her comments. Stoneberry and Wadi definitely knew more than they were sharing with Starfleet. Stoneberry had a very self satisfying smile, Rieko smiled back at Stoneberry, "Mrs Stoneberry, how nice of you to ask about our search. Yes our fantastic ship has given us some data, that shows Commander Sprout is not showing on scans as being anywhere on this planet. That is so strange!" She narrowed her eyes looking at Stoneberry, "Do you have any idea where Commander Sprout could be? Any suggestions?" She looked toward the entrance an saw Cadet Willaims approaching.

Jordan pulls out his tricorder again and looks at the display. "Commander Sprout was last seen on the beach one hour and twelve minutes ago," he says, responding to Mrs. Stoneberry's question. There was no telling when he had disappeared, since no one had been scanning the shore leave party continuously. He places the tricorder back into its holster again, wishing that he had a phaser on his other hip. There was some danger associated with retracing Sprout's steps. They might fall into the same trap he did. He reaches into the pocket of his shorts and taps his commbadge in a sequence indicating that the ship should keep a transporter lock on the away team at all times and beam them out at the first sign of trouble. He hears two muted clicks from his pocket, the 'message received' indicator, and smiles grimly.

Williams comes back after a few moments, "Alright, according to their roster, there has been no arrivals or departures. There's nothing scheduled to come in or leave today either," He looks to Mrs Stoneberry and gives a warm and welcoming smile and extends his hand to her, "Hello, ma'am. we'll do our best to keep from interfering in your business here. But I, personally, do have a few questions, if you don't mind. I'll try and take as little time from you as I need."

Rachel, sensing the growing feeling of a purpose in the group and the need to re-ground her eager guests, offers some reassuring gestures and a few chosen seemingly strangely well-rehearsed words. Clasping her hands in front of her, in a consoling sympathetic tone making deliberate definite eye contact, Rachel says "I am truly truly sorry for this incident, but please rest assured if it's not just a temporary romantic escape, which wouldn't be uncommon here, but no matter even if that's what it is, we will find your crew member and return him to you as soon as possible. I have assurances from the security details here that no effort will be spared in locating your ... Mr Sprout isn't it? And getting him back with you within hours!" Forces a smile and stretching one of her clasped hands to lay it reassuringly on the arm of the officer. "Obviously your own efforts are welcome too, and I do agree it is strange that neither of us can locate Mr Sprout, but not unheard of here." Turning to the new arrival, she responds, "Yes of course, ask anything you wish I am here to help." Taking his hand lightly and smiling. "Welcome to Paradise Oasis" slips out before she considers the situation fully.

Wadi calls Rachel to report the status. It seems to take her a while to answer, but he figures she's probably placating the neurotic guests from panicking themselves to distraction so he waits patiently.

Rieko hears the quiet beep from Hal's shorts and stifles a smile, thinking Hal has requested the ship keep us locked in in case we need to be teleported back. What a great intelligence officer, he's great at his if he could only find Sprout. She walks closer to Stoneberry and smiles a friendly smile, "Mrs. Stoneberry, you have lived here for some time.. you and your husband...has there ever been cases like this? Where a person here just disappeared? And if so, what was the outcome? Please, if you know anything that could help us find our friend, please share it. Answer me, and then Cadet Williams has questions for you." She glances at Cadet Williams.

Jordan looks over at the attractive 'pub wench,' as she calls herself. He would still like to speak to her in private, to see what she might know about happenings at the resort. She may have signed a nondisclosure agreement, but she could still relate rumors and legends about the place. He listens to Mrs. Stoneberry's speech and notes a possible inadvertent revelation. He would have asked her how often resort guests go missing, since she said that it's not unheard of, but he notes that Evelyn is on the ball as usual and has already asked.

Williams keeps smiling, "First of all, you have a beautiful place here. When I graduate, I'd like to schedule some shore leave here with my wife. But back to business. Is there anywhere in this resort that someone could go to in order to hide? Somewhere isolated and private? And do you know what are located at these locations?" he asks as he spins around his tricorder to show the three locations with anomalous readings.

Rachel, hearing the officer's rather direct question, maintains a light touch and responds quickly. "Yes of course we have people wandering off all the time, they're usually found within a few hours and I think you said Mr Sprout was seen about an hour or so ago? So this is not unusual at all. It's also not unusual for sensor readings to be interfered with, we have some anomalies on the planet here that have always been here, they flare up and dissipate over relatively short times as well as the more semi-permanent ones." Pauses as the security officer asks his questions, and now suddenly feeling just a little like she's being interrogated, reaches to the table for a drink.

Wadi rummages through his pockets as he waits.

Rieko listens to Stoneberry saying yes, people wander off but are usually found within a few hours. Then she talks of anomalies here on this planet and how they can interfere with sensor readings... She nods looking at Stoneberry, but feels the woman is not being completely forthcoming. She is not sharing important information. Evelyn can tell by reading her body language. She sighs with disappointment, then she gets a beep from the ship. She presses her combadge =^= Rieko here!" =^=

=^= Science Officer Lt. Merce here Commander, We have located the area on the planet with the highest concentration of electromagnetic particles.. standing by to beam you there, Sir. =^=

Rieko looks at the small group and then at Stoneberry. "Would you and Wadi like to join us? We are going to be teleported to a certain area that may help in our investigation."

Jordan notes the Security officer's questioning with approval. He may be new, but he already knows what he's doing. And what was the team doing? Standing around talking while we should be searching. He moves around impatiently, anxious to get on with the search before Sprout...what? Gets too far away? Runs out of air? Is tortured and killed? There is no telling what kind of danger he might have encountered, and time is ticking away. He is grateful to the top notch Science team on the ship for communicating the location of the most active anomaly. "We should approach the anomaly with caution, in case it has something to do with Commander Sprout's disappearance. We don't want to disappear too!"

Williams nods, "It's a paradise resort. Of course people are going to be missing for an hour or two," he leans forward and smirks, "That's how I got my kid," He straightens up. "But you may have misunderstood me, ma'am. I didn't ask if there was anything natural that could cause interference. I asked what was there. If there were any caves or buildings. It's quite possible Mr. Sprout either fell asleep in a building in one of these areas or, worst case scenario, fell. And he's unable to call for help. So, ma'am. I'll ask again. What is in these areas? Caves? Buildings? Giant walking talking marshmallows?"

Rachel looks up at the security officer ready to check her response to the previous question covered his own when her communicator sounds. Reaches for the device discretely built into her striking necklace "Excuse me a moment will you please it may be important news about Mr Sprout" and answers a call she already knows is from Wadi =^= "Hello Wadi dear" listens attentively, turning away a little before continuing more quietly "Yes I know Wadi but you know too, we always take their concerns to heart and make every effort to find him. I am glad you have done the first thing also thank you. I will join up with you shortly where we agreed yes? Good" =^= Turns back to the group with a broad smile "I will pop over to see Wadi momentarily, we'll soon find your friend, don't worry, at least one of us will I'm quite certain!" Laughs and turns back to the security officer "To answer you directly, there are buildings, huts, caves, holes in the ground, rocks anything in these areas. They are areas where if you like cloudlike things materialise and stay for a while till they're blown away again. Yes, they do interfere with sensors, annoyingly, but they're quite harmless really." Smiles and adds "But no, I am not aware of it ever being the case that two went in and more than two came out. Although I suppose depending on gestation periods with some species that might be possible? But no, we haven't had that happen here as yet" Glances back at the senior officer. "Yes of course, I will just call Wadi and let him know the change of plans."


Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1737: “The Paradise Code" (190922)

Posted: 190923.2231
by Greenlantern Excelsior

Evelyn Rieko (Cmdr), XO/Chief Science

Hal Jordan (Capt), Intelligence ((GreenLantern Excelsior))

James Williams (Cadet), Security ((adomsisko))

Rachel Stoneberry, Resort Owner ((Leninah))