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USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1731: “The Day That Loved Me" (190728)

Posted: 190727.2112
by Poison Toocool
Sun July 28, 2019
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STARDATE: 190728
RP LOCATION: Transporter Room

**See email for instructions**
All characters to be civilian, era 1980s

**See email for instructions**

**You should have read:
TDRP1728: "End Program" (190707):

TDRP1729: "Computer? ... Computer?" (190714) ... 85&t=31468

TDRP1730: "“Bond. James Bond." (190721)

POST ORDER: Will be decided, and posted, by the Mission Leader just prior to mission start (and sometimes adjusted in the RP if necessary).
MISSION TIME: Please be ready & prepared & in place for RP to start at 1130 SLT

SIM Concept: Evelyn Rieko & Poison Toocool
Historian: Poison Toocool

ARRIVING LATE? Contact the Mission Lead when you arrive, and wait to be instructed on Post Order & Story before speaking in Local. Come up with a reason why your character would be entering the scene at the appointed time and include it in your first post.
LEAVING EARLY? You need to post out. Come up with a reason why your character would be leaving the scene. Ask for permission to go to your department, for example (RP etiquette also says it’s nice if you wait to see the replies before you actually remove your avatar from the scene).

Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1731: “The Day That Loved Me" (190728)

Posted: 190728.1234
by Poison Toocool

James Bond - James T. Hode (Poison Toocool)
Local Head of KGB - Leninah
Russian Agent - Sunny Day (Evelyn Rieko)
German Tourist - Yvonne (Cheryl Skinstad)

Russian Henchman - Vladislav Ruslan Krachenkicof (NPC)

Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1731: “The Day That Loved Me" (190728)

Posted: 190728.1343
by Poison Toocool

In the pleasant square overlooking the ocean in the old Italian city of La Perla... Sunny Day has risen from the table at which James Bond is sitting, and is moving away towards the Centro Informazioni office, where Leninah has demanded her presence. Vlad had emerged from the Gelato shop in the square, looking to Sunny and pointing to Leninah with some impatience. He then comes to take Bond's order for espresso, and returns to the shop. Moneypenny, unable to pass the note she had prepared, with so much activity around them, has taken the offered Italian newspaper and walked up the street. Maybe just the fact she was there at all would alert him that something was amiss? Just before entering the Informazional, Sunny turns back to say, "Signore! What is your name?"

Bond smiles to Sunny, "Te lo dirò quando riceverò un bacio da quelle belle labbra." (I will tell you when I receive a kiss from those beautiful lips)

Leninah waits impatiently for her agent to respond to the request that was now a clear instruction to join her in her office. Pouring a fresh cup of coffee for them both and adding the customary shot of Zyr into each cup before securing the cap again and replacing the bottle in her secret ‘cupboard’ the shoebox stuffed under the couch.

Down the hill, Yvonne sighs. "Ich bin von all den Besichtigungen völlig erschöpft. (I am completely worn out from all the sightseeing)." she announces to the world. She looks around her for signs of a small place where she might get a drink or even better, an ice cream. She can hear voices in the distance but they are not speaking German.

Sunny is surprised at the gentleman's answer when she asked his name, what a flirt she thinks. How nice life was when she was simply Sunny and worked in her parents' Travel Agency, before she got all caught up in this danger and intrigue.. spying for the KGB, lying and cheating . Seeing murders and hurting people. She was not sure she could do it anymore. This stranger was here on business, flirting and enjoying the scenery.. how lucky he is to be a mere business man. She laughs and responds to his flirtation, "Then Signore, I will never know your name!" She walks into the Information Center and sees Leni., and nods.. Yes Ma'am, reporting for duty.. "Have you been able to get any info from the microfilm?"

Bond gave his order for espresso to the man who came from the shop. Was he just a boss, a parent, or more? Bond looked to his back as Vlad walked back into the Gelato shop. Was that the stride of a normal Italian ice cream maker? No. It was... too military. While that might indicate a former time in service, it was the boots the man wore that really signified something to Bond. On a hot summer's day in old Italy, to wear a style of combat boot? Bond was aware Moneypenny had disappeared up the street with his newspaper. Whatever she had to tell him would have to wait. But perhaps he could guess she came to warn him. He was certain now that the Gelati shop was a Russian storefront. He smiles to Sunny when she says she will never know his name... 'Non essere così certo,' (don't be so certain) he whispers, looking at the menu on the table.

Leninah smiles as Sunny enters the office “Da Da come take seat” waving her hands at the chair and waiting for Sunny to sit. Meanwhile glancing into the square at the sound of German being spoken and paying it little mind while responding almost casually to the inquiry “Nyet, but it is in hand”. Taking a seat with a ‘plomp’ “That man in suit over there, you were talking to, what did you find out about him? Did he upset you?” Looking softly at her agent trying hard to take the usual brashness off her way of handling her team knowing she is under stress and probably questioning our methods. These new agents were given to that, but sometimes the old ways were still the best. ‘Dead men tell no tales’ was a maxim that stood the test of time. Notably it did not say ‘Dead people’ or ‘Dead women’ and she didn’t want to extend its scope really.

Yvonne can speak a very limited broken Italian, and that has not helped her get the best from her sightseeing tour alone. Maybe she could do better with a map. She wonders where the Tourist Information is near to here. Things do not appear to be well signposted in Italy, not like in Germany. There they are displayed properly. She pouts. "In Deutschland wird alles richtig angezeigt (In Germany everything is displayed properly)" she tells the deserted street.

Sunny looks at Leninah cautiously as she takes a seat. The man at the table is a businessman.. yet, there's something about him.. I would not rule out the possibility that he is a spy, possibly working with Bond... maybe here to help.. he would not give his name. He seemed very pleasant though.. a distinguished gentleman though a flirtatious one. She stifles a smile. She runs her fingers through the ends of her hair, "Am I correct in that my orders are to get Bond into a secluded area and kill him?"

Bond assessed his surroundings. There was the quiet Italian lady at the next table. She looked mild mannered and innocuous but who knows what she might have in her large bulky handbag. There was the possible - likely - Russian operative in the Gelato shop. There was the Informazioni woman who had taken Sunny inside. That seemed odd to him. Was it a large order? Was she a relative? And then, what appeared to be a German tourist entering the scene. Of them all the closest and therefore most dangerous was the Italian woman at the next table. But he would not discount Vlad, who was now busy making the espresso he had ordered. He murmured to the Italian woman: "È una bella giornata, resa più bella con te seduto vicino." (It's a beautiful day, made more beautiful with you sitting near.)

Leninah takes a sip of the infused coffee and sighs after hearing Sunny’s answer, dealing with it as was her fashion, obliquely. “I worry about you, I worry about him, I worry about central command, I worry about the microfilm… I worry about many things but most I worry for you!” Takes a larger sip of the strong coffee. “But something …. Not right about him, he just does not fit in here at all. Call it a developed hunch” smiling just over the rim of the small coffee cup “And tell me, how are you Sunny? You seem .., meh … distracted by something?”

Yvonne walks up the slope towards the sound of voices hoping that she may find a small bar. A nice German beer would be perfect. An Italian one will have to suffice. She sees an ice cream shop and a Tourist Information. "Well 1 out of 2 isn't bad. Nun, 1 von 2 ist nicht schlecht" she mutters under her breath.

Sunny looked to Leninah, "I'm fine, it's's just seeing Vlad murder Andrew! The analyst was an unnecessary murder of a harmless young man....and to kill him while he was ruthless , so cruel!" She realizes she could be putting herself in danger. She does not believe Leninah truly cares anything about her , she just wanted her to get the jobs done. If she wasn't careful she could end up dead. She perks up and smiles a little, "But I'm over it now.. I mean, I understand Vlad thought it was necessary.....I'm a new agent.. so I will just accept what happened and learn. You know maybe that gentleman could lead us to Bond! We should keep an eye on his movements."

Bond: "Grazie Signore," he says to Vlad, who has presented the small cup of espresso to him with a flourish. "Forse proverò il tuo piatto di formaggi. Con pane e burro freschi," he ordered Italian cheeses, fresh bread and butter. Bond caught a glimpse of hard, cold dark eyes as the man nodded, glanced to the others in the square, and strode back to his shop, shooing away a stray cat who was licking at some spilled ice cream. Bond sighed a little to himself. He was greatly enjoying all of this. Even conjugating Italian verbs. It was a lovely place. And the women... he peered through the Informazioni window... quite lovely as well.

Leninah develops a less soft expression as she returns from the uncomfortable, for her, personal relationships exercise back to business and after a pause to drain her cup “This is war. In war bad things happen, If you think the same would not, could not happen to you then you are fool! If we find Bond you have your orders and you understand them clearly. It not that I worry you don’t understand what you have to do I worry now about whether you are still the focussed determined agent you were before the London fiasco” Looks at Sunny with an expression cold as ice and strong as the vodka “Even before we find Bond that man out there he may need dealing with, and in less complicated fashion, are you still ready to do that clean and quick Sunny ? Or do I need to get Vlad to do it?” Stares at Sunny with a look that speaks volumes about the consequences of that.

Yvonne decides that an ice cream might be nice then try and buy a map. She hears voices in the Informazioni and decides to go and ask there for help even though it seems she will be interrupting some private talk. "Entschuldigen Sie bitte Sprichst du Deutsch? Excuse me please. Do you speak German?"

Sunny sees the coldness in Leninah's eyes and hears the threat in her voice. Sunny stares back into Leninah's eyes and says, I'm ready to do whatever I have to do to make this a successful mission. I know my orders and I will fulfill them....clean and quick! Inside she is thinking ..kill Bond, yes..but that gentleman outside....we don't know what he really is yet.. but if she is commanded to get rid of him, she will... she will... no matter how kind or interesting he is.. She sees the woman enter the Information Center... and looks at her with suspicion

Bond: 'Sono sposato e ho due figli,' replies the Italian lady, informing him she is married with two children. 'Non può essere, sembri così giovane!' he replies, telling her she looks too young for this. She makes a shushing noise at him and returns to her book. Bond is then distracted from his espresso by the movements of the German woman, who has entered the Informazioni now. His eyes narrow slightly. Is she another Russian agent posing as a tourist? Come to pick up the microfilm? While all the women are busy he decides to take a little action of his own. He stands, and taking the tiny cup and saucer of espresso, goes into the Gelati shop. 'È terribile. Per favore, creane uno nuovo,' he demands a fresh espresso be made. Vlad looks up from his crossword, but before he can say anything, Bond has his head in a vise. He slams Vlad's head down on the counter. The man slides down to the floor, unconscious. Bond checks that no one is watching, then swiftly moves behind the counter himself. There. A Stechkin APS.

Leninah glances into the square to check on penguin man and the ‘tourist’ that seemed to be flitting around like a bee looking for the pollen. Gestures over to Vlad, who understood immediately and started watching the tourist closely. Turning her gaze back to Sunny but before she can, finds the bee in her face “Ja ich spreche Deutsch was willst du?” (Yes I speak German what is it you want?) A look of impatience across her whole body as she wants to conclude the conversation with her agent. “Ja, sei schnell, was willst du?” (Yes be quick what do you want?)

Yvonne wonders if she will get any help. They seem unfriendly. They also seem very absorbed in their conversation. It probably is all to do with which one is going to try and date the nice looking gent outside. "I would like help buying an ice cream please but I also would like a map. Ich würde gerne beim Kauf eines Eises behilflich sein, hätte aber auch gerne eine Karte."

Sunny looks at the woman entering the Info Center, and wonders what she is up she merely a tourist, or something more.. the trouble with being a spy is you are always doubting people and second guessing what people do and say. She could speak some German though not fluent in it. She was half northern Italian and half British, so of course she was fluent in those two languages naturally but also French and Russian. knowing languages was very useful in the spy world.. She sighed.. then heard a noise come from the Gelati shop. She stood and said, "Leninah, I will check on the Gelati shop., ok? She is wondering should she leave Leninah alone with this woman.. waiting for Leninah's ok to do so.

With the presence of an Stechkin APS in the Gelati shop, Bond has established for certain that this is a front for Russian agents. He took the gun and pushed it into his belt at the rear. Given that the man now sleeping on the floor seemed to have some relationship with the woman in the Informazioni office... it was possible the two were aligned. Sunny had spent some time with that darkly dressed woman now. For what purpose? Surely an order for coffee or gelato would not take so long. He strides back out of the Gelato shop, assessing his options. If they were associated, it would not take long for the woman... or women, to miss Vlad. He decided to take the bull by the horn, and moved to the Informazioni shop. Standing in the entrance, he looked to the three women and said, "Ciao. Per favore, perdona l'interruzione, ma penso che il signore nel negozio di gelati non stia bene. Potresti chiamare per assistenza?" (Hello. Please forgive the interruption, but I think the gentleman in the Gelato shop is unwell. Could you call for assistance?)

Leninah looks back out to Vlad to rebuke him for letting this ‘tourist’ wander so freely into the office but can’t see him nor the penguin man, until the penguin appeared suddenly. Every nerve in her body tingles and she looks quickly to Sunny and with alarm in her raised voice “Что-то серьезно не так, будь готов к опасности!” (Something is seriously wrong, arm yourself be ready danger here!) In the same moment she reaches behind her back releasing the safety catch on her Tokarev TT-30 and stepping out into the square alert, to gain space eyes scanning laser like for either Vlad or the penguin or bee to make a suspicious move. “Да, следи за ее доверием.” (Yes keep watch on her trust no-one!)

Yvonne feels quite cross with the way the woman in uniform is speaking to her. This is not how people behave in Germany towards tourists. She turns to the young woman who she thinks mentioned ice cream as she was going out of the door. "Hey I did not tell you which flavour I would like. Do you sell pistachio? Hey, ich habe dir nicht gesagt, welchen Geschmack ich haben möchte. Verkaufen Sie Pistazien?"

Sunny hears her gentleman speak of Vlad being suddenly? Her first thought is I will get an ambulance..but then..she thinks..V lad was healthy and no known illnesses why would he faint in the Gelati shop when that man entered it? If Vlad was a woman she could understand him fainting at the sexy stranger's feet .. she allowed herself a small giggle at that thought... then heard Leninah's order.. "Yes...I'm prepared..." she does not take out her gun yet but touches it.. ready for anything.. keeping her eyes on the woman. Ready to shoot if she makes a strange move.

Bond almost grins to himself when Leni shouts in Russian. His appearance had prompted her to blow her cover. If she was the leader of this cell of the KGB, she'd just made a colossal mistake. He backed away from her, his hands in the air, "Mi dispiace, non ho capito cosa hai detto?" (Sorry, I didn't understand what you said?) It seemed from attitude and look, that the German was a genuine tourist. Sunny, he thought sadly... must be an agent, then. Pity. He looked to her and said softly, "La tristezza nei tuoi begli occhi ha risvegliato il mio cuore, Sunny Day. (The sadness in your beautiful eyes awoke my heart.) Conscious of the time that had passed, as enjoyable as this was... he added: 'Computer, freeze program.'

<A computer beeps. But nothing happens.>

Leninah draws her weapon from behind her back and commands to the woman in German, “Bleib zurück, beweg dich nicht!” (Stay back do not move!) Backing away towards the gelati shop and noticing the blood on the counter first as she trains her weapon on the penguin. Calling out loudly in Russian to Sunny “Влад тебе не люди, которых мы видим, прикрой женщину! “ (Vlad is down these are not the people we see, cover the woman!)

Yvonne wonders what is going on. She does not understand the language spoken by the uniformed woman. Maybe it is Dutch? That is probably why she could speak German so well. All Dutch people seem to be able to speak so many different languages so very well. Suddenly she is wielding a gun. Suddenly she is speaking German to her asking her to stay back and not move. Is this a robbery she has walked into? She freezes.

Sunny takes the small but powerful gun from inside her upper thigh garter/holster.. points it at the woman.. Come! She takes the gun and moves in the direction she wants the woman to go to.... there is a closet in the office and she gestures to it, and says: "get! Believe me it is the safest place for you...or you will be shot for sure.. if you are an innocent … you must go inside this closet now or ... she points the gun at the woman again.. or... consequences." She wants to get outside to find out what Leni is doing to her gentleman.. she had started thinking of him as 'Il mio gentiluomo'.

Bond keeps his hands up, indicating to Leninah that he surrenders. Then suddenly, in one swift move, he is inside the Centro Informazioni and on the floor, looking up at Sunny with his beautiful gleaming blue eyes. In a gentle, warm tone: "Aiuterai davvero quella donna russa, bella?" (Will you really help the Russian woman, beautiful one?). Will she change sides in this moment? But there is no time. He will be late. He shakes his head. "Computer, arch," he orders.

<A computer beeps. But nothing happens.>


Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1731: “The Day That Loved Me" (190728)

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by Evelyn Rieko
ImageSnapshot_1981 by st1pr2, on Flickr
Leni, James Bond, Sunny Day, Yvonne

Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1731: “The Day That Loved Me" (190728)

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by Evelyn Rieko
ImageSnapshot_1987 by st1pr2, on Flickr
James Bond/James Hode (Poison Toocool) - On the left. Keeping his hair in place.

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Sunny Day (Evelyn Rieko) - Will she choose the KGB or Bond? Decisions. Decisions.

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KGB Boss (Leninah) - She wants to kill Bond!

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Yvonne (Cheryl Skinstad) - Wanting ice cream has brought her into the middle of a conflict of spies, guns and possible murder. Next time she'll choose fruit.