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USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1730: "“Bond. James Bond." (190721)

Posted: 190719.1933
by Poison Toocool
Sun July 21, 2019
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STARDATE: 190721
RP LOCATION: Transporter Room

**See email for instructions**
All characters to be civilian, era 1980s

**See email for instructions**

**You should have read:
TDRP1728: "End Program" (190707):

TDRP1729: "Computer? ... Computer?" (190714) ... 85&t=31468

POST ORDER: Will be decided, and posted, by the Mission Leader just prior to mission start (and sometimes adjusted in the RP if necessary).
MISSION TIME: Please be ready & prepared & in place for RP to start at 1130 SLT

SIM Concept: Evelyn Rieko & Poison Toocool
Historian: Poison Toocool

ARRIVING LATE? Contact the Mission Lead when you arrive, and wait to be instructed on Post Order & Story before speaking in Local. Come up with a reason why your character would be entering the scene at the appointed time and include it in your first post.
LEAVING EARLY? You need to post out. Come up with a reason why your character would be leaving the scene. Ask for permission to go to your department, for example (RP etiquette also says it’s nice if you wait to see the replies before you actually remove your avatar from the scene).

Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1730: "“Bond. James Bond." (190721)

Posted: 190727.2058
by Poison Toocool

James Bond - James T. Hode (Poison Toocool)
Moneypenny - Lexi Crawford (bill282)

Local Head of KGB - Leninah
Russian Agent - Sunny Day (Evelyn Rieko)

Russian Henchman - Vladislav Ruslan Krachenkicof (NPC)

Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP1730: "“Bond. James Bond." (190721)

Posted: 190727.2109
by Poison Toocool

James Bond walks nonchalantly down the cobblestone streets. A lovely place, this old city. Pity he was here on business, as it were. He enjoyed the scenery very much. Especially... he eye'd a marvelous looking woman as he passed... even though she was with two small children, she looked delicious. He smiled to her but his eyes were wary and watching. He stopped to ask directions to the Gelati shop and purchased a packet of Belomorkanal. Then he stopped to empty it out where no one was watching, and put the empty packet in his suit pocket. Finally, he could see the area where the Gelati shop was said to be. Pleasant, overlooking the water. Outdoor tables. Two women sat at one. He almost misstepped when he realized one could be the spitting image of Moneypenny.

Leninah looks over the small roll of microfilm with a satisfied grin “da dis will make everything good again” allowing herself a laugh out loud.

Miss Moneypenny sits at a table outside of the cafe having a smoke and sipping on a coffee waiting for bond still unsure about to approach this her training years ago and no covert experience

Sunny Day frowns and stomps her foot in anger at Vladislav. Why? that's what i want to know, it was NOT necessary to kill the London analyst... I had the microfilm! He was unconscious... there was no need to kill him. She thinks back on the tall, pleasant young man, she had seduced into trusting her. It had been too easy, he was sweet and eager to trust her...and now he is dead. "Why kill when you don't have to..I don't understand you.. then she pauses thinking, tilting her head, then says, "I'm beginning to know you ..too well. You enjoyed get pleasure from killing!".

**Vlad does not answer her... he looks up at her with a smile and then goes back to cleaning his gun. "AARGH! "She is so angry, but tries to calm herself to serve the customers.

Bond turned away for a moment, and purchased an Italian newspaper from a kiosk. He needed a moment to think. What the hell would Moneypenny be doing in La Perla? Then he turned, moving to the balcony, pretending to look at the scenery while checking out the women at the table. One was clearly Italian. They were not speaking to each other so he presumed they were sharing the table. The other table had now cleared of patrons, so he moved over to it and sat down, putting his newspaper on the table and looking towards the Gelati shop.

Leninah studies the black glossy film under the glass but more in satisfying gloating than understanding anything. Just the knowledge that under this blanket of code lay the names of the Western agents is enough for now. Picks up the secret red phone and places a call =^= Da Moscow Kremlin, Chief Alexis Italia, put me through to cryptography branch быстро! =^=

Miss Moneypenny continues drinking her tea and smoking on her cig seeing bond sit down at the next table trying to figure a way to pass him the information without being spotted or outed by the kgb
Sunny Day: okay so she was no angel herself but she drew the line at killing the innocent. She looked at Vlad with contempt, thinking . You vile pig, but decided not to say it out loud, or she would surely end up like the analyst, Andrew, dead on the floor... instead she said I will wait on the customers and walked toward the door and out on the patio. She loved the \

Bond picks up his newspaper, shuffling it and tidying it before beginning to read, but his eyes seek out the Centro Informazioni office... and survey the Gelati shop.. especially when he hears a raised voice. He is aware Moneypenny is sitting to his left. She must be here for a reason. If she has something to tell him... this would not be a good place to try and pass any information. He is fairly certain the Gelati Cafe is a Russian hideout. From the corner of his eye, he sees movement... and a gorgeous blonde woman comes towards him, obviously distressed. He lays his newspaper down and looks to her, concerned.

Leninah looks out of the open doors across to the gelati shop and sees Sunny at her post. Frowns showing some concern about her state of mind as she waits for her call to be connected. She didn’t like threatening her agents but the farce in London had made it necessary. She had to keep an even closer watch on her now as her mission was getting to its most dangerous phase. Her arguments were still raging about that which was a sign she wasn’t really in line yet, and this increased her concerns. Another ‘oshibka’ was not going to go down well! At that moment her attention was drawn to the man in the tuxedo at the far table. “Tuxedo?” she whispered to herself as she moved in her chair “at dis time of day in a gelati plaza!?”

Miss Moneypenny sees the waitress approach bond out of the corner of her eye but makes no indication she is interested in anything happening as she pulls some useless paperwork from her bag and starts working on it

Sunny Day smooths her hands down her skirt, as if she is trying to smooth her anger away as she does it. She walks over and stands in front of the man.. she sees he is reading an Italian newspaper and tries to smile , but fails.. she inhales trying to calm herself.. her anger is still with her , but it is not this man's fault... giving up on the smile she says "Buon pomeriggio signore", and hands him a menu, "Io sono Sunny Day,. posso presentarvi il nostro menu? Ci sono molti oggetti deliziosi tra cui scegliere. ( I am Sunny Day,.. may I present you with our menu? There are many delicious items to choose from.

Bond might look relaxed and sanguine, but he was well aware of all that was around him. The slow lapping of the Mediterranean behind and below... the cry of an infant in a nearby house, two children riding their bikes over the bumpy cobblestones with glee, the two ladies to his left, one of whom was employed by MI6 and was most definitely not a field agent. A female placing a call in the Informazioni - try as he might he couldn't hear what was said. All appeared normal. But there was an underlying tension. Like waiting for a bomb to go off. His eyes were caught by the blonde tresses of the woman who came to wait on him. She spoke softly, but something in her manner made him wonder. Her lovely face seemed downcast. "Stai bene, mia cara? (Are you alright my dear?)" he said lightly in Italian. He could see her lips trembling. "Come, come," he said, rising up and holding the back of the chair next to him, "Please, sit down. Calm yourself. Per favore, siediti per un momento. Non stai bene?" (Please, sit down. Are you unwell?"

Leninah: Her curiosity about the stranger is interrupted by a response to her waiting on the line =^= Da Crypography? ‘khorosho!’ I need microfilm decoding as fast as possible …… Nyet I not sending to you too dangerous, Italia to Moscow are you insane! …. Nyet you send agent here now! I not let it out of my sight after what it cost us…… Da when? …… Da see then =^= She puts the phone down and makes a note in her journal about the dates mumbling “Much faster than photo shops in Italy !” Her attention returns to the summer penguin at the far table who she watches closely, her years of training brought to bear on what looks like an anomaly.

Miss Moneypenny keeps an eye on bond out of the corner of her eye as he talks to the waitress still trying to figure out how to get the information to him without being noticed

Sunny Day looks at the handsome customer, and her heart feels heavier when she hears his calm tone of voice and the caring words.. he noticed she is upset, and seems to really care that she is strange but his kindness brings tears...but she has seen so much meanness and hurtful things and never shed a tear. She looked down at you..."I... Sir, I'm alright...just an argument with my boss... it's nothing really.. a few personal issues on my mind also, but I will be fine." She wipes the tears away... "Do you need time to look over the menu or should I stay and await your order?"

Since she did not sit down, Bond returned to his own chair, but reached to take her hand gently, "Ti chiami Sunny Day? You certainly do bring the sun," he smiled to her. "Sei bellissima. Più bello del sole e della luna messi insieme." (You are very beautiful. More beautiful than the sun and moon combined.) His voice was low, soft, and his accent was perfect. A gold watch glimmered in the sun at his left wrist. His tux was the best money could buy: Kiton. His shoes were Stuart Weitzman. His blue eyes looked at her with appreciation, concern... and something darker. While dealing with her, another part of his mind was focussed on Moneypenny and how he could get an opportunity to connect with her. And his acute senses were aware of the positions of the woman in the Informazioni and the man in the Gelati shop... his back to the balcony... he could see both the lanes that lead to this cobblestone square.

Leninah rises from her seat and steps partially out of the door onto the plaza, eyes still fixed on the penguin man and his increasing interaction with Sunny. Wait what was that, did she see tears? This was most unusual, Sunny was not one given to tears, and tears indicated emotional disruption and instability in an agent. She taps the glass door making a sound and beckons to Sunny to come over. Returning into her office as soon as she believes she has the message and adjusts the two comfy chairs around the small table and takes a seat, mulling over what she has in mind to say.
Miss Moneypenny keeps her eye on bond figuring she could ask for his paper but needed to wait and see if the waitress would walk away she makes a quick note about the kgb knowing he is here on the bottom of her notepad page and rips it off putting her paperwork and notepad back into her bag

Sunny Day smiles as she listens to the compliments to her flowing from his lips so beautifully in perfect italian...flowing so easily and expertly like champagne on New Year's Eve, but though he is no doubt a ladies man...she can also hear the sincerity in his voice, and she smiles at him... just as she is about to sit..she hears a tap, tap, tap....tap, tap, tap..which is Leninah's way of calling her over.. she hesitates and looks back toward Leninah... but then decides she can not resist this man's offer twice...and she sits, looking him over... he is quite handsome and distinguished looking., she says,"Thank you, Sir I will join you for a moment. What brings you to La Perla, if I may ask?

Bond naturally quickly stood as she sat down, but gently kept her hand in his. He also saw the rather drab female in the Informazioni tap on the window and beckon to Sunny. "I don't want to get you in trouble, cara" he said, looking into her beautiful face. "I am here on business... but now, I am enjoying the pleasure of seeing you." He lifted her hand to his lips, his eyes on her face. "Le tue labbra sono deliziose come una rosa fresca, il più affascinante." he murmured (Your lips are as luscious as a fresh rose, most alluring). No one would know, seeing him speak to her and be so interested in her beauty, that he was aware tension in the square had risen. His instincts were on fire. And he knew exactly where every... player... was on the current field. But he looked entirely relaxed and engrossed with the girl.

Leninah waits patiently, well, waits impatiently as is her way. Peers out of the door from her seat and sighs as she sees Sunny still sat with the penguin despite hr instructions. As she waits, deciding not to inflame her mood further right now, she reviews recent memos and by pure luck the incomplete one from central bureaux is right there on top of her pile regarding Bond heading for Italy. She pauses as the cogs click. It couldn’t be?! Then again, why couldn’t it be? She looks out again at the penguin and notices the details of his attire and unmistakable marks of quality “hmmm” she mumbles to herself “If he at any point orders a dry shaken Martini?” Deciding she needs to get Sunny over here, she rises to her feet and heads back to the door beckoning Vlad over this time and gesturing between him and Sunny in such a way as to clearly without the need for spoken words make her point she wants Sunny over in her office immediately and it wasn’t a ‘request’, before turning to return to her seat.

Miss Moneypenny stands up clammy and walks over to bond and leans over his shoulder "excuse me Sir if you have finished with your paper may I borrow it?" holding the scrap of paper in hand in a way it wouldn't be seen so if he passed the paper she could drop it into his hand shooting a look at the waitress

Sunny Day smiles again at the gentleman, " Your sweet compliments will surely go to my head faster than any alcoholic drink could, if you continue" She laughs at her comment..then looks over at Leninah, and realizes the man is right she will be in trouble if she does not obey the KGB boss!! She sees a woman come over and ask for his excuse to get his attention, she thinks, and smiles.. he is irresistible to women that she is sure of.. She sees Vlad coming toward the table and she rises...and says.. I must go, Sir, you are right.. I will be in trouble if I don't leave now...I hope to see you again.. Someone will come for your order... she gets up and starts to walk away, but suddenly stops and turns...and asks.. " Signore! What is your name?"