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USS T-Durant Mission TDRP16074: "Binary Intuition" (181125)

Posted: 181117.0043
by Poison Toocool
NCC 780304

Previous: After decades of silence, Starfleet Command was been contacted by the Bynar. Apparently they created a kind of 'hive ship' in order to send a colonists from Bynaus to the Delta Quadrant for settlement. It was felt that having all the Bynar on one planet connected to one planetary computer was risky, especially since a supernova in the Bynar system affected their master computer in 2364. The USS Taylorholic Durant was assigned to escort the hive vessel from the Khittomer Wormhole to a currently unoccupied planet in the Maraynia Sector. This planet is deep in the Nekrit Expanse however the Bynar feel this will help shield them from outside interference. As the Durant was located near the S'Raris Sector (005M) it would take some time to cross the 150 light years between the flagship and the wormhole.

Captain's Log, Stardate 181124: We are now approaching our rendezvous with the Bynar Vessel ' 1-0-0-1-0-0-1'. We expect that they shall emerge from the Khittomer Wormhole in short order. Our recent briefing brought more than one issue to light, at this point we will defer any diplomatic visits and set course immediately for the Maraynia Sector. I remain unconvinced that the Bynar really understand the difficulties that the Nekrit Expanse presents both in navigation and communication. We will have to maintain a tight formation. My overriding concern, however, is that they are, in all probability, carrying a mirror twin of their master computer. That kind of computing power and technology is an attractive prize. I do not think our journey will be... unremarked.


LCARS: ... Sector_Map ... r_Wormhole

TDRP16073: "1-0-0-1-0-0-1" (181121) ... 85&t=30965

SIM Concept: Poison Toocool
Historian: Hal Jordan (GreenLantern Excelsior)

Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP16074: "Binary Intuition" (181125)

Posted: 181202.1821
by Greenlantern Excelsior

James T. Hode (Capt), CO ((Poison Toocool))
Hal Jordan (Lt Cmdr), Mission Ops ((GreenLantern Excelsior))
Quentin Foulsbane (LT), Tactical
Nems Johari (Lt JG), Science ((Knightspet))
Ginrai Yamabushi (Ensign), Helm/Engineering

Left to right: Jordan, Johari, Hode, Foulsbane, Yamabushi

Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP16074: "Binary Intuition" (181125)

Posted: 181202.1822
by Greenlantern Excelsior

James T. Hode stood on the bridge. "Helm, ETA to Khitomer. Mr Foulsbane, do you have the Bynar ship on sensors yet? I suppose if they are still in the wormhole we might not see them. See if you can raise them, Mr Jordan. Mr Johari, I wonder if we'll get a look at this master computer of theirs. Would be quite interesting, what?"

Ginrai Yamabushi monitors some diagnostics for the ship, and meanwhile responding on the distance, "ETA: 10 minutes, Sir."

Quentin Foulsbane scans and radios to no avail: "Nothing yet Sir but I'll keep trying".

Hal Jordan looks at the power distribution screens, noting that all is well and every department who is on the schedule to receive power is getting what they need. It is always a tricky business to get the scheduling right, so it's good to take the watch and see that the previous watchstander has been on the ball. "Yes sir, opening hailing frequencies." =^= USS Taylorholic Durant to Bynar ship. We are enroute to the exit point of the Khitomer wormhole. Are you receiving us? =^=

Nems Johari sits down at the Science station looking over his console making sure everything is in good working order don't need no surprises today. Looks up the Captain, rubs his chin, "It would be nice to be able to look at the master computer I believe it would be unique and interesting to see what they have."

Hode had been trying not to think about the fact that he is once again expected to willingly go deep, very deep, into the Nekrit Expanse to escort this Bynar vessel full of colonists - he assumes a couple hundred twins? - to a planet they wish to settle. He wonders if they have really thought this through. He runs a finger around his collar, which feels unaccountably tight. His mind shies away from the memory of the nightmare he'd had last night, where he relived the disastrous trip in the Expanse where he destroyed a repair station while having a flash back to a battle long before. "Helm, drop us out of slip stream 100,000 kilometers past Pinastri, reduce to full impulse and adjust course. Mr Johari, scan for neutrinos and see if we can pinpoint the Delta end of the wormhole. Mr Jordan, any response?"

Yamabushi replies, "Aye, Sir." He begins working on dropping the ship out of slipstream, "Moving to 100,000 kilometers past Pinastri." he remains monitoring power systems and also structural integrity as the ship drops out of the slipstream.

Foulsbane continues scanning for the ship.

Jordan watches the communications board and sees an incoming signal. "It looks like the Bynar ship is replying, sir. Putting it on audio." Suddenly the bridge is filled with the sound of a screeching data stream. He quickly mutes the audio and checks the comm board again. The display reads "01001000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 00100000 01110100 01101000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01000010 01111001 01101110 01100001 01110010 00100000 01110011 01101000 01101001 01110000 00100000 00110001 00110000 00110000 00110001 00110000 00110000 00110001 00101100 00100000 01100001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01101000 01100101 01110010 01100101 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01101000 01100101 01101100 01110000 00100000 01110101 01110011 00111111". He runs that through the universal translator. "They say 'Hello this is the Bynar ship 1001001, are you here to help us?' "

Johari hears the Captain, "Aye Sir right away." Looking down at his console as he starts to run the scans for neutrinos, rubbing his eyes as he hears his stomach growl thinking should have breakfast before coming on duty. Shaking his head as he continues to scan through deep space.

Hode finds his mind filled with inconsequential things such as the scones he had for breakfast with a lovely blackberry jam and the holonovel he was reading. He took a deep breath and focused on the viewscreen, where he hoped to see a flash of silver. If they had to do this, let it go well, and let it be done fast. He nods to the back of Hal's head, "Respond Mr Jordan, ask their position."

Yamabushi listens intently to the conversation, yet looking at the Engineering Panel to make sure that there are no lateral issues with the warp core, or the slipstream drive. He mutters to himself, "That slipstream didn't drop out well enough to my liking."

Foulsbane: "Sir, I've got something on sensors but I can't determine what it is with the effects of the wormhole. It might be our target."

Jordan responds to Captain Hode. "Aye, sir." =^= Durant to 1001001, yes, we are here to help. What is your current position? =^= The response comes back instantly. =^= We are almost at the wormhole exit but our engines have stopped and we are stuck. Can you help us leave the wormhole? =^=

Johari takes a deep breath as he continues to run his scans seeing something unclear on his screen ....scanning for neutrinos, concentration dead ahead of us.

Hode frowns. "Sounds like we'll have to go in there. Mr Yamabushi, use science data and determine the optimal place for us to enter the wormhole... ahead one half impulse..." as he said that he thought back to the last time they were in this self same wormhole, and somehow were transported to.. what was almost another dimension. He remembered the sadness when they had found the USS Essex. 'So many sad memories,' he said, almost under his breath. "Mr Foulsbane, see if you can determine if what you're seeing is the 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 (we have to find a nickname for that vessel). Mr Johari, inform astrometrics we'll be entering the wormhole and they should gather as much data as possible."

Yamabushi nods, "Aye, Sir.." taking a deep breath, he looks at the data from Science and overlays it with the map ahead, "Course laid in: 181-mark-5 at half impulse." he continues monitoring power systems and also the warp core to make sure everything is optimal on all decks.

Foulsbane: "Aye Sir, I'll see what I can squeeze out of the sensors with all of the interference."

Jordan hears the preparations to enter the wormhole and braces for a bumpy ride. =^= Durant to 1001001, we are en route to your location to assist =^= He turns to the Captain. "Sir, the name of the Bynar ship in binary translates to the letter 'i' which seems somewhat appropriate."

Johari hears the Captain, "Aye Sir right away" he replies quickly. Taps his combadge =^= This is Lt JG Nems Johari to astrometrics, we will be shortly entering the wormhole and I am needing everyone to gather as much data that they can find, or search for. Once you have that data please send that to me immediately. LT JG Nems Johari out. =^=

Hode thought long and hard and then thought again. Finally he said, "I suggest we reduce 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 to 'One Zero' for our purposes during this mission. However in communication with the Bynar we will of course use the full ship name to avoid any kind of diplomatic faux pas." Having made such a momentous decision, he sat down, tapping his combadge and ordered his yeoman to bring him a fresh supply of English Breakfast tea, hot. He commented to Nems: "See if you can record the full spectrum of neutrinos and other emissions as we cross the event horizon of the wormhole. Mr Foulsbane, best take us to yellow alert. Mr Yamabushi ensure deflector is optimal, we don't know what we'll run into in there and sensors may be affected by the wormhole's emissions. Mr Jordan, inform the One Zero we are on route." His yeoman popped onto the bridge with a large thermos cup and several PADDs. He took the cup and waved the rest away. "Put those in my ready room." The yeoman turned, tripped, tossed PADDs in multiple directions, and started to crawl around, red faced, searching.

Yamabushi begins working on the diagnostic test for the deflector. Getting closer to the wormhole, he senses a little bit of uneasiness, but it's something he has traversed over and over again with much ease. "Aye, Sir... running test on the deflector." he keeps watch over the deflector on the diagram, showing the power systems test on the deflector, "Deflector is ready sir..."

Foulsbane presses the yellow alert button and continues fiddling with the sensors.

Jordan terminates all power distribution to nonessential loads as the Yellow Alert sounds. People may be dismayed, but they knew the Alert routine. He turns as he hears an unusual sound and sees the unfortunate Yeoman picking up PADDs from the deck. He smiled, thinking of all the times that he had been awkward around his Commanding Officer. He speaks to Captain Hode. "Sir, the One Zero acknowledges that we are en route to their location."

Johari looking down at the Yeoman thinking t myself got to watch where your going, can trip on anything in here. Listening to the Captain, "Aye Sir." Looking down at his screen as he starts to determine if he can get closer to record the full spectrum or from where we are right now would be better. Takes a chance to see what he can pick up from here to the event horizon of the wormhole.

<< The USS Taylorholic Durant crosses the event horizon of the Khitomer Wormhole >>

Hode fought a sense of rising irritation as the yellow clad yeoman crawled around his bridge looking for PADDs. "Oh for..." he mumbled, trying to focus as the Durant passed into the murk of the Khitomer Wormhole. "Tactical, if your scans of the object aren't any clearer see if you can trace the source of the signal Mr Jordan is receiving and determine a location that way. Mr Jordan, ask the One Zero if they can provide information of their speed and trajectory when they entered the Alpha end of the wormhole, perhaps we can guesstimate their probable location?" He turned to Johari, "Check the orders from Starfleet with regard to the One Zero's specifications, I imagine it's about as big as we are, I wonder if the tractor beam would work to assist them if their engines are down. It might not, not just because of the wormhole emissions... but because the Durant can't pull its own weight, right?" Just then he felt the Durant shiver... "Mr Jordan, send a quick communication to Pinastri to let them know our situation. Encrypted, please."

Yamabushi looks over and checks on the power systems and runs simulations to see what kind of solution he can give, "Captain, I am working on a solution to give you a boost in power for the tractor beam." he feels a little bit of frustration as he shakes his head to see what it would take.

Foulsbane: "The fuzzy spot on sensors seems to be in roughly the same spot, so I'm going to guess that's them, Sir."

Jordan: Activating encryption, he quickly transmits Durant's location to Pinastri, including their situation and the fact that they are entering the Khitomer Wormhole to rescue the Bynar ship. The last time Durant entered this wormhole, it did not exit for several days. Although it came back with large amounts of data, there was also the sad duty of sending information to Starfleet about the deaths of the USS Essex crew. He hopes that this wormhole excursion will be a quick in and out affair. "Information transmitted to Pinastri, sir."

Johari hears the Captain, "Aye Sir. According to Starfleet's orders the specifications on One Zero are 3x's bigger than us which to my calculations is something big. I believe the tractor beam would work but with One Zero being so huge it may not work correctly. But it is worth trying."

Hode takes a deep breath, "Right, we need to get to the One Zero. Question is, does Mr Foulsbane's 'spot' correlate to the source of the comms signal? Mr Jordan, report on that please." He turns to Nems: "Three times our size? And they expect to get to their new home without detection?"

Yamabushi looks at the screen as he combines the data from both the panel from the simulation and the angle from helm, he scratches his chin as he looks at the systems simulation. As he looks at the wormhole, he feels that uneasiness again, but he works through it, "Sir, I am still working on simulations to give you the right amount of pull to keep us at safe levels and also pulling the One Zero out of the wormhole with us."

Foulsbane sends his data to Ops and subtly prepares tactical stuff in case it's a trap.

Jordan uses the ship's antenna array to triangulate on the signal source. The results seem surprising. "Captain, the signal is coming from a different location than ship's sensors are showing for the ship. I am sharing that location with Tactical. It's possible that the signal is being reflected from the sides of the wormhole. We don't have much historical data about communicating from a ship inside a wormhole to a ship outside."

Johari looks back down at the orders as he looks up to the Captain, "Thats what Starfleet orders say." He puts his glasses on to make sure he is reading that right "It says three times our size Sir. Maybe they would think no one would see them."

Hode comments: "I am impressed that the Bynar were able to communicate from within the wormhole, but perhaps their location, close to the terminus, made that possible. Or it could be they have managed to overcome some of the issues with systems that usually occur in anomalies like this, do you think Mr Johari? I wonder if they would share that intel. In point of fact, we could say, in order to converse in the Nekrit Expanse we need access to their enhanced technology, what?" He nods to himself, pleased he has thought of a way for them to get access to superior technology for Starfleet. Hode rises and moves up to the conn, standing behind Ginrai and Hal. "You're saying Mr Foulsbane's 'spot' is in a different place than the source of the One Zero's signal?" He hears a high pitched sound...

<< The Durant shakes as it is hit by a phaser blast >>

Yamabushi holds the console, as his elbows hit the console, "Ach! Darn!" he mutters as he replies being rocked by the blast, "Warp Core is fine." he checks on the power systems when he looks down at the sensors. "Structural integrity at 98 percent."

Foulsbane assesses the damage on his display and says "Hit on Starboard; orders, Captain?"

Jordan reroutes more power to Tactical systems as Durant comes under attack. Defenses would need to be strengthened. The phasers took lots of power and would no doubt be used momentarily. "Power routed to weapons and defenses, sir."

Johari Rubs his chin listening to the Captain, "I agree Sir, it is quite amazing that anyone could communicate within the wormhole from my knowledge I didn't think that was possible. But yes if they were close to proximity to the terminus they would be able to communicate. The LCARS say differently that it is nearly impossible to communicate."

Hode clings to the back of Hal's chair, the hair on the back of his neck rising, his throat tightening, "darn and blast. Tactical, red alert! Report on firing vessel! Can you lock phasers and return fire? Mr Yamabushi, evasive maneuvers. Mr Johari... damage reports all decks! Mr Jordan," he almost ducks as he hears another high pitched sound, "Inform Pinastri we are under attack." He whirls to Nems: "How did they get within weapons range without us seeing them? Some kind of a cloak? I thought they didn't work in places like wormholes."

Yamabushi remains calm, yet still worried, his elbow feels seriously painful as he tries to bend it as his fingers move across the panel. "Aye, sir! Evasive maneuvers, moving to 270-mark-21" he starts putting more to thrusters. His eyes focused on the controls, when he noticed that he did more damage to the paneling than initially thought, as the controls looked smashed.

Foulsbane: "I have a lock on the target. Returning fire." *sets red alert and begins returning fire*

Jordan activates subspace radio, sending an encrypted message. =^= USS Taylorholic Durant to Pinastri. We are under attack from an unknown assailant near the entrance to the Khitomer wormhole. We have minimal damage and we are returning fire at this time. =^=

Johari tries to remain calm, takes a deep breath, and reports to the Captain on damages. "Sir, I am reporting that we have minor hull damage on deck twelve, medical are responding to all injuries immediately. According to my data coming in they were able to get so close to us because that ship is in a different spot than what was coming in on Mr. Foulsbane's sensors." Scratches his head in amazement how that happened.

<< the Durant fires, the attacking ship seems to withdraw... disappearing from sensors until all that is left is the thick swirling fog of the wormhole and a plaintive call from the 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 asking what is happening... >>


Re: USS T-Durant Mission TDRP16074: "Binary Intuition" (181125)

Posted: 181202.1823
by Greenlantern Excelsior

James T. Hode (Capt), CO ((Poison Toocool))

Ginrai Yamabushi (Ensign), Helm/Engineering

Quentin Foulsbane (LT), Tactical

Nems Johari (Lt JG), Science ((Knightspet))

Hal Jordan (Lt Cmdr), Mission Ops ((GreenLantern Excelsior))

Red Alert