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USS T-Durant Mission TDRP16062: "Debugging" (181010)

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NCC 780304

Preamble: The Durant was heading home from the Baylaar negotiation when various members of the crew started complaining about odd symptoms. It appears that somehow a contagion has been able to get aboard the ship, and is spreading. Whatever it is seems to affect each person a bit differently. Chief Medical Officer Dr Rhys Axel has ordered crew to appear in sickbay for examination after their duty shift is complete. Despite the grumbles, this is a necessary precaution.


http://www.ufstarfleet.org/wiki/index.p ... Sector_Map

SIM Concept: Data Axel
Historian: Hal Jordan (GreenLantern Excelsior)
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Intelligence - Commodore
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Rhys Careli Axel (FCapt), ((Data Axel)) - CMO
Bob Achoo (Crewnan), ((Poison Toocool)) - Orderly
Hal Jordan (Lt Cmdr), ((GreenLantern Excelsior)) - Chief Intel
Leni (LTjg), ((Leninah)) - Science Officer
Kesri Hesse (Ensign) - OPs Officer
Jason Holza (Ensign), ((Clegayne)) - Helm Officer

Left to right: Achoo, Leni, Hesse, Jordan, Holza (not shown - Axel)
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Intelligence - Commodore
Intelligence - Commodore
Posts: 584
Joined: 170814.0903
Duty Post: USS Taylorholic Durant
Ship/Station Posted: USS Taylorholic Durant
Grid: Second Life Grid
Location: Iona, Idaho, USA
Has thanked: 24 times
Been thanked: 46 times



Leni looks up from the console and scratches her head. Turning to Lt Cmdr Jordan “Sir if I may be excused I think I should visit sickbay, we … I mean I am not feeling myself”

Rhys Careli Axel looks over his PADD on his office desk checking to see who to call up first.

Hal Jordan sits at the console checking the comm system. Everything looks okay for the most part but his eyes are not focusing properly. He rubs them and looks back at the console. Okay now. "Sure, please be excused."

Leni: “thank you Sir hopefully it’ll be nothing and I’ll be right back to finish these projections” Gets up slowly and walks toward the door expecting to stumble the way she feels but no she can walk in a straight line as stably as normal

Axel: "Sickbay to Mr. Jordan. Please come to sickbay for health check."

Jason Holza is thankful Beta shift are due on duty, as he feels like crap. Blurry vision, head pounding

Kesri Hesse smashes her hand down on the 'pool table' as she can't figure out what going on with this warp nacelle, is it or isn't it showing an anomaly, she just can't focus!

Bob Achoo wakes up slowly. He'd found the perfect place for a little catnap, just behind some standard supply containers in a lesser used area of Sickbay. He yawns wide and opens an eye. It must be almost lunch time, surely?

Jordan looks at the console again curiously. The buttons are in their normal places to start with but suddenly they appear to be rearranging themselves like a swarm of bees. Maybe he should check in at Sickbay also. Just then he receives the call from Doctor Data. Can't push the comm button because it is changing position too fast, so he clicks his combadge. "Jordan to Sickbay. I am way my on to location your." That didn't sound quite right, so he heads for one of the three turbolifts.

Axel hears a yawn from his office and stands up and starts looking around. "Bob! What on planet Pinastri are you doing?! Get up to work!"

Hesse kicks the console and is sure it's conspiring against her.

Achoo stretches gently. He peers around the containers to be sure no one is in sight. Suddenly jumps back. The CMO! His heart starts to race a bit, and he suddenly looks down to the floor, and picks up a hypospray. "Found it!" He said lamely...

Axel looks at Bob with a dull face "Greetings, Commander and Lt."

Jordan: "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" He slides into Sickbay and falls on his back. "Hello, Lt Leni. It. made I Doctor, hello."

Holza sighs with relief when he Beta shift helmsman appears. "qalegh glad jIH, 'ach Qel Sumqu" he says to him in what bizarrely sounds like Klingon

Axel: "I know you can give a better lie than that, Bob. Black out, that you tripped. So many lies you could use. Please follow me, and lay down on a biobed."

Leni looks surprised at the number of people in sickbay “Oh wow! Something is clearly not right this can’t be coincidence!” she exclaims to the closest person around

Achoo gets up, pulling on the container to help him, trying to look like he's been awake and working. "Was prepping some hypos and one of 'em got away from me, how it goes down here I don't know. They're all ready but this one, Sir, all of 'em." That much was true. The nurse had done them before she left.

Hesse walks over to the replicator, she needs something strong, 'maybe i'll try that Raktajino everyone is always talking about', she tries to think to herself, above the other voices going off in her head

Axel still finds it hard to believe Bob, but doesn't say anything about it.

Leni: Standing quietly in the corner patiently waiting, Leni can be observed debating with herself and having a quite lively conversation all alone there.

Axel: "How are you feeling, Hal?"

Jordan hears the Doc saying something in a friendly manner but the words seem all jumbled and in the wrong order. He does recognize "follow" and "biobed," so he tags along and flops down on one of the unoccupied beds. "serious? is have we whatever that think you do Doc,"

Hesse: "computer, raka.. rakta.." =^= Unable to comply, please specify your selection. =^= 'how does it go, if only i could focus', she thinks to herself, then slams her fist into the replicator so hard it actually cracks the screen and cuts her hand.

Achoo was about to dash over to the CMO to ask about lunch break but was stopped in his tracks by people. There were people in sickbay. A rare occurence. Usually only by appointment, when he, and they, reluctantly did the chore of confirming the young bright things were indeed fit for duty.

Hesse looks around for Captain Allen, thankful he doesn't seem to be present to see what she's done.

Hesse: 'I can't deal with this anymore, i need to head to sick bay', she tries to get a word edgewise in her own mind.

Holza staggers out of his chair and pats the Lieutenant replacing him on the back saying "ghaH 'IH Hoch lu'. yep Qaw'!" Jason is now concerned at the Klingon, he's even thinking in Klingon.

Axel: "Anyone who is a patient may lay down on a biobed. Incompetent medical personnel or functioning medical personnel may help crew get set."

Leni: Hearing the Doctor’s instruction makes for one of the biobeds. Finds herself one moment walking very gingerly taking her time then the next energetically skipping along.

Hesse walks into sick bay, and very visibly frowns, clearly annoyed, looks around for the doc, then spots him and walks over to him

Achoo eyes Rhys with disapproval and slowly opens his mouth to make a retort when Leninah's actions catch his gaze. "That's weird," he says unhelpfully. The doors swish and someone else comes in. His heart sinks a bit. Lunch looked further and further away. The look on the operations officer's face had him take a step back.

Jordan lies on the biobed looking up at the ceiling and cogitating. It seems like everyone was getting sick at the same time, or were they? Something was seriously wrong at the moment, which he was proud to conclude as the straight lines between the ceiling panels became curvy and jagged and grew hair. 'Can't trust my eyes, apparently, can't understand people's communication either,' he thinks. "time. same the at sick get all us make to happened what wonder I," he wondered aloud, as Ensign Kesri entered the area.

Leni sees Kesri walk in with a disgruntled look and opens her mouth to speak then closes it again as if unsure about whether to talk or not. Just waves to Kesri instead.

Holza strolls out off the bridge rubbing his temples to try and ease the headache. Stepping into the turbolift he sets off for sickbay

Hesse looks over at Leni, and says, "best not to" but waves back, almost as if she knew what Leni was thinking

Axel takes out his tricorder to scan Hal quickly. Looking up at Bob and says "Feel free to bring over some hyposprays."

Leni waits patiently for her turn the number of people here needing help way above and beyond the capacity for the sick lab compliment. Raises her hand to offer to volunteer to help but quickly thinking twice about that and drawing it back… before raising it again … and then putting it down again. ”What is going on with me!” she mumbles to herself “nothing you’re fine stop being a hypochondriac and get back to your duties” she sort of hears herself saying

Holza walks into what is a suprisingly busy sickbay. Ignoring everyone else in there he just blurts out "doc, vay' HInob nach 'oy' Dagha"

Hesse look sat the doc and bluntly states, "please make them all shut up? I can't take it anymore!", then looks down at her hand dripping blue blood over the brown carpet, then adds, "and I cut myself.."

Achoo began to understand something. It had taken him some minutes to reacquaint himself with the world around him, as well as correlate the data of his senses. He looked at Hal, Leni, and Kesri. He saw Jas come in the door. The helmsman said something incomprehensible. He looked, gazed, observed from afar. In the end, he concluded: "They're all sick." He nodded to Rhys and went to get the 'sprays.

Leni sits bolt upright on hearing Jason hurl that Klingon insult, reaching for her absent phaser “Patak!” before wondering why she’s clutching at her hip?

Axel looks over at Kesri: You need to relax and calm down, it will pass hopefully.

Holza was now mildly irritated. Nobody had responded to him so he said again, louder this time "doc, vay' HInob nach 'oy' Dagha"

Axel hears Jason shouting "Calm down, I will get to you. I know you are not well."

Leni mumbles something about Bat'Leth and Jason's head

Achoo: as he came back towards Rhys, he gingerly kept away from Kesri and Jas. He could swear he saw Leni levitate off the biobed. He shook his head and presented the tray of colourful hyprosprays to the doc. "Sir."

Hesse scowls at the doc, "what about that neuro... neuro..", and seems to be interrupted by something, then yells, "if you must think aloud do it in a language i fully understand, I barely speak Klingon!"

Axel looks over at Bob "Thank you, now go make sure Jason does not attack any of the females. Fixes up a hypospray trying to find a suitable combo of drugs to help since so many of the crew are different species or races of human.

Jordan listens to the Doctor's pontifications. "You know us well, Doctor? But well do you know us? Well, but do us know you? Why are we all sick???!!" A moment of clarity is visible but quickly dissipates into a swirl of confusion again.

Achoo looked down at Rhys with surprise and reluctance. He doubted he could stop anyone from anything. "B-b-b-b-b-butt I'm an intern, not a marine!"

Leni smiles at the Dr then scowls at Jason "You come near me you won't need a Doctor you'll need an undertaker Grrrrrrrrrr" before relapsing into a confused state once again

Axel smiles as he hears Bob's nervous voice "None of us are, but that is why we got forcefields to enable around biobeds as restraints."

Hesse suddenly blurts out "neuro suppressants!" as if she finally got a moment to think for herself

Leni jumps up from the bed "Look I'm fine there's nothing wrong with me I'll just pop back to the bridge and get on with stuff" Hitting her face on the forcefield then rubbing her nose mumbling "Why did I do that?"

Holza: Why was everyone speaking a different language? Why were they not speaking English? He walked closer to the doc and slammed his fist down on the foot of the biobed "tuHmoH SeHmo' SoH tuq Qel. 'oy' nge' pagh SoH treat jIH rur Ha'DIbaH!"

Achoo looked at the incomprehensible helmsman. Looking more like a skittish fawn than a Starfleet anything, he approached the man. "Allons déjeuner," he said, pointing to an empty biobed.

Axel sneakingly gives Bob a hypo with a sedative for reassurance.

Jordan tries to sit up, but is overcome by a wave of dizziness. He wonders how the others were able to stand. Thinking about the illness and the mission, he becomes even more confused. "What could we how should we why did we all get sick when only some of us most of us none of us was on the planet with the rest of us?"

Hesse looks angrily at Jason, and says "they are speaking English", without explaining why she said it. Looks at the doc almost pleading with her eyes, "they won't shut up."

Holza looks at the medic with absolutely no idea what he was saying to him, but assumed if he led on the biobed he would get some attention

Axel mixes up some meds for the hypospray and injects it into Hal to see how he reacts to it.

Leni starts to feel agitated by the confused conflict going on in her head becoming fidgety and restless twitching and looking around at all of the people here

Holza starts to relax as the biobed encapsulates him "Qapla'"

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Hesse whispers to the doc, "i can't regulate it, it's all coming in at once", as if she expected him to know what she meant.

Leni shouts as she hears the beeping "OMG I'm flat-lining !" ..."No you're not you're as fit as a fiddle, get back to work !"

Achoo scrunches up his shoulders as the hypo hits his neck. "Calme-toi un peu, avoir quelque chose à manger!" he said to everyone. He was glad to see his command had an effect and Jas got on a biobed. He went to fiddle with the controls. No matter what he did, though, some kind of alarm went off. Maybe the bed was broken? He tried Leni's too. Same thing. "Ces lits sont durs..."

Axel hears what Kesri says "Give the sedative to Kesri, she needs it."

Jordan desperately needs to communicate his thoughts, but communication seemed out of the question. The Doctor shot him up with some pressurized happy juice from a tiny container, the name of which escaped him at the moment. He tried unsuccessfully to sit up again, then understood that Doc was looking at him seriously, hoping to see if the injection had any effect. "Doc I think that you have given me a great gift and I want to thank you so much. I never had a friend like you until today. And I didn't even get you anything!" He bursts into tears.

Holza: "Who are these people? and where the hell am I?" Jason thinks to himself as he finds his eyes getting heavier and heavier. Almost too much to resist

Hesse before being given the sedative, she whispers to the doc, "Hal wants you to be able to understand him, he is thinking clearly, but can't communicate it", then readies for the sedative, hopeful for some relief

Achoo looks at Rhys, his own face confused, he then raises his voice: "Est-ce que tout le monde pourrait S'IL VOUS PLAÎT parler Fédération Standard ??"

Hesse tries to keep the blood dripping from her hand off the carpet but fails.

Leni's eyes blink and flicker "Can't someone shut the bleeping off?" her strident attitude dispersing into a flood of mixed up feelings and emotions

Axel looks at Hal for a bit before moving over to Leninah to inject her and see how she handles it.

Jordan as the injection slowly takes effect, his mind is clearing, but not quickly enough. Somehow he must tell them. "Doctor, I think...umm I think it's a needed need or a...umm requirement? Is it? We have to do something, and this is something, so we have to do this!" He notices with approval that the lines between the ceiling panels are beginning to straighten out and the hair is withdrawing back into the cracks between the panels.

Leni looks up at the Dr “Thanks for seeing us.. I mean me.. Doctor, yes me too!” as she loses consciousness rapidly

Hesse gets onto a bio bed to lay down, hopeful a sedative will quiet the voices

Holza falls silent as his eyes become too heavy to keep open. His mind now occupied by a dream state. He could hear voices but was unsure whose they were or where they were coming from

Achoo somehow manages to read the biobed readouts. They are almost incomprehensible. He never was great at that stuff but he knew enough to read the data and write it down. He grasped at it mentally, he had to tell Rhys, he turned to look at the CMO, gesturing to Jas and Leni, and back to Jas who looked like he was falling asleep, and said urgently, "Lui et elle ont bas ... bas ... il y a quelque chose de trop bas!"

Axel hears what Bob says "English please."

Achoo: "JE PARLE ANGLAIS SIR," he sputters, and then leans on the biobed feeling suddenly weak.

Jordan: a wave of nausea strikes him, but he is still unable to move, so things might get messy. His thoughts are becoming more orderly but the communication might still be a problem. He tries again. "The crew, some were down there and some were up here. Nobody got sick up here or down there until the ones down there came up here. Then the ones from down there and the ones from up here all ALL got sick! See?" He relaxed, proud of himself.

Hesse groans, "French, Klingon, everyone thinks they are speaking English but no one is! Can you all stop thinking so loud and give me a sedative!", she yells

Axel hears Hal's voice and starts to think about what Kesri said earlier. "Good one. neuro blockers." fills vials with the drug and neuro blockers.

Leni thinks one of me hears a jumbled mess of voices, drifting between thoughts that weren't real and signals from the sick bay not sure what to make of any of it or if she's even still here

Achoo manages to get out, "not... not well," in Fed Standard... He moves to Kesri and puts a blanket on her, "chut vous irez bien," turns to Data and points urgently to the readout over the bed.

Axel sees where Bob points, and nods

Hesse starts to fade out, thankful that the voices are finally stopping

Jordan listens to the song of the biobeds. They are singing in unison, almost as though one had said 'Let me play you the battle song of our people' and the others joined in. But that wasn't important right now. What was important was the thought currently bubbling to the surface of the thick green soup that was his brain. "DOC WHY AREN'T YOU SICK TOO??!!??" he whispers.

Axel hears Hal's continuing questions "I am already dead, Hal. Takes more time to get infected without blood running in my veins."

Hesse wishes that Hal wouldn't think so loudly, she was finally almost asleep

Axel injects Hal with a neuro blocker to test it.

Achoo struggles... he feels... duller than usual. As he watches Kesri begin to slide into unconsciousness a spurt of adrenaline comes from somewhere. "Bran... no, not bran... scan... no, not scan... yes scan but... brain... brain... problem with brain, il y a un dysfonctionnement dans le cerveau..." he gasps.

Leni's face switches between contrasting emotions and expressions as if she's having two entirely separate dreams at the same time

Jordan thinks, thinking more, adding thoughts to the mix and stirring it all together in a pot of cogitation. Doctor Data shoots him up with more joy juice and his mind starts to clear rapidly. "Hey what did you give me there, Doc? I am starting to feel better. And you know what they say, things are more like they are now than they ever were before."

Axel: "Can you sit up straight?"

Jordan tries to sit up and succeeds. "VICTORY!!!" he whispers.

Axel: "Well time for you to get your behind up, and start help me inject them with the neuro blocker, and we can work from there. Bob, now is your time to shine on a biobed."

Jordan jumps out of the biobed, does 20 pushups, takes a lap around sickbay, and runs up to the Doctor, smiling. "Sure, Doc! Glad to help. Just point me to the next target."

Axel: "Start on the left, and calm the heck down." *smiles*

Achoo looks to Rhys. In the fog of things that matter, shining on a biobed wasn't one of them. Just watching Hal makes him more exhausted. "Je serai en retard pour le déjeuner," he said sadly. No lunch for him.

Axel checks the values on the biobed screen above Len to see how it works for her.

Jordan takes the hypospray (yes I remember the name now!) from the Doctor and walks over to Kesri's bunk. "Here, this won't hurt a bit, or much," he says, injecting a few cubic centimeters of fluid into her neck.

Hesse seems to react quickly to the injection and hears... nothing. Sweet silence at last! She slowly sits up and realizes that she still needs to treat her hand and they are clearly busy. She gets up and goes looking for some supplies to treat her hand with.

Leni: Eyes opening slightly, squinting at the vague shape looking at the bed and emanating some sounds at her “huh?”

Hesse cleans and treats her wound then goes back tot he doc

Axel: "How are you doing, Len?"

Leni: As the sounds morph into words and the words into sentences “I… We… don’t know….. feels strange in my head as if not here but both here … I think its better than before don’t we? ….. yes I’m sure we don’t “

Achoo reminds himself if the Doctor ordered him to go to bed, that was a good thing. Sleep and lunch veered between themselves in his choice of what was his favourite thing. One had to be awake to enjoy lunch and wake up after a long sleep to enjoy the fact that one has slept. "Dormir, Data. Dormir..." he murmured

Hesse smiles, "silence at last, thank you doc. How can I help?", much calmer now.

Jordan moves over to Jason's biobed and checks him out. Both eyes in the same socket, wonderful. "This should bring you back to normal, my friend," he smiles as he shoots Jason with the healing spray of wonderfulness.

Holza: The fizz from the hypospray on his neck jolted Jason from his slumber. He blinked repetitively for a few moments as his blurred vision came into focus. He looks at the Commander stood over him "Qapla'" he said with a wink of the eye and a short chuckle. "Thank you"

Axel goes to the console and takes out a dermal regen so she can help herself as he sees her hand.

Hesse starts to use the regenerator on her hand.

Axel does a new scan of Len to double check his readings.

Jordan watches Jason as he seemingly returns slowly to normal. "You're very welcome. How are you feeling? Are you able to sit up?"

Leni blinks a lot.

Achoo continues to whisper things in French, mostly to do with French pastries and French fries and other continental delights.

Holza sits up for a second whilst his head clears. "So, do we know what the hell happened to us?"

Hesse now clearer headed is very aware of the people around her, she wants to tell the doc what she knows, but decides to wait with so many around

Axel gives Bob a new does of neuro blockers, and minor sedatives to talk his body down.

Jordan considers Jason's question. "What happened is that no one was sick until the Away Team returned to the ship. After that we were all sick, and it was very sudden. It's like someone sprayed a contagious gas through the ventilation system, or...something."

Hesse walks over to the doc and whispers to him so only he, and perhaps Bob, can hear, "they were thinking clearly, but couldn't communicate properly, didn't the Ambassador get sick first, after getting that gift amulet?"

Achoo winces at yet another hypospray... as the medicine enters his bloodstream he says softly, "There's no place like home."

Leni slowly starts to see things again, the confusion definitely lessening into a feeling she's not alone, but certainly coming under more self control as she sits up

Axel hears what Kes is saying in his ear: Not sure, but I will pass any medical information form here on to anyone who may have been near something similar"

Hesse nods to him, "i think it was made of asteroid", she says quietly

Leni: Composing herself in a welcome moment of lucidity and straightening her tunic with a slight tilt of the head "ooookaaay that was stranger than strange !"

Hesse nods in agreement with Leni, "very strange indeed"

Axel checks Bob's pulse before giving him a wakeup call

Leni looks up at Kesri "what was made of asteroid?"

Holza looks at Leni and nods. "I don't even speak Klingon"

Hesse quietly responds to Leni, "the amulet that the Ambassador got as a gift".

Leni: "Ohhhhh you can't be too careful with asteroids, you just don't know where they're been!"

Jordan turns to the Doc as he works on Bob. "So Doctor, what was in the hypospray? It sure did fix our problems quickly."

Hesse smiles at Jason, "I think maybe you do."

Axel: "Neuro blockers, to try avoid any contaminations."

Leni looks at Jason too "you have a ripe choice of Klingon there Jason use that in a bar and that'll be the end of you !"

Hesse: upon reflection, realizes that while it is nice to have some silence, it's also strange to have no control over it.

Holza laughs "I don't plan on being in too many Klingon bars if I can help it"

Axel looks around to see who looks capable. "Hal, you get to try out and keep an eye on Bob while the drugs work. And I will go report to the captain."

Jordan widens his eyes as he hears the Doc's response. "Neuro blockers??? An injection of that wouldn't block a pathogen, would it? It would just block...external inputs of nerve stimulation. Like raising shields around the body?"

Leni nods at Jason "Wise choice, wise choice"

Achoo: With Rhys out of the room, decides to feign sickness and sleep.

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Intelligence - Commodore
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Rhys Careli Axel (FCapt), ((Data Axel)) and Leni (LTjg), ((Leninah))

Leni (LTjg), ((Leninah)) and Hal Jordan (Lt Cmdr), ((GreenLantern Excelsior))

Leni (LTjg), ((Leninah)) and Hal Jordan (Lt Cmdr), ((GreenLantern Excelsior))

Kesri Hesse (Ensign) and Rhys Careli Axel (FCapt), ((Data Axel))

Jason Holza (Ensign), ((Clegayne))

Bob Achoo (Crewman), ((Poison Toocool))

The victims and their caregivers in Sickbay
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