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Conrad Starsider
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Transporter check RP

[18:19] Conrad Starsider: -entering the transporter room I open the scanner panels and using a tricorder I start to check them, making note to any damages-

[18:21] Conrad Starsider: -closing the scanner panels I check the wall panel with My tricorder- "Hmm" putting My tricorder away I turn and check the main panel-

[18:22] Conrad Starsider: -using the interace and My tricorder I confirm My earlier findings, I then head to the other transporter rooms before going to the bridge-0

[18:24] Conrad Starsider: -once on the bridge I have the computer run a diagnostic, while it does that I find a seat and start making My log in my pad-

Transporter check LOG

[18:31] Conrad Starsider:
Engineering log
stardate 18.10.17
the transporter needs to be shut down, Isolinier chips need to be tested in bank 3 beta as well as bridge engineering station 1 bank 4 , new isolinier chips may need to be made, suggestion transporter room 1, cargo transporter and bridge controls for transporter be taken offline during repair, then check transporter room 2 to make sure it is functioning properly,if not the entire transporter system will need to be taken offline I need to discuss with thte captain some of My tools that may help in these repairs, also I will need to download the entire isolinier chip backups into My computer for safer reconstruction and reprogramming,
end log
Conrad Starsider
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Transporter Repair RP
Part 1

[04:29] Conrad Starsider: -with coffee in hand I walk onto the bridge, walking to the engineering station I toggle the computer then speak- "computer, calculate, system, all transporters, item, Isoliner chips, querry, how meny isoliner chips are duplicated throughout all transporter stations " - I stop and drink My coffee as I await the reply-

[04:34] Conrad Starsider: -the computer replies- "there are 230 duplicated Isoliner chips and 400 non duplicated chips " -I nod to Myself as I think- "computer, query, what size jel pack would be required to hold all Transporter Isoliner chip data and configurations" -I take another drink, I just get the coffee in My mouth when I get a reply- "1 Medium Jel pack 12 inches by 18 inches would have enough room to hold all transporter data and circuit configurations-

[04:38] Conrad Starsider: -I nod to myself as I take another drink then I take a breath before speaking again- "computer lock out all transporters except transporter room 2 code Starsider Alpha Gamma Zeta 316 -Lock- , confirm " -the computer replies- clearance is not given without an Alpha level clearance" -I nod- "computer how meny lives could be lost waiting for the clearance?" "23 lives if normal transporter usage is allowed"

[04:42] Conrad Starsider: "query, your lack of inaction will cost lives, put the transporters on lockdown until you can obtain said clearance so no lives are lost" "an Alpha 1 " -I cut it off- "computer scan prime directive" "starfleet" "stop, scan computer archives, directives, section, computers and androids, sub section Asimov's robotic law, compute and lock out transporters"

[04:45] Conrad Starsider: -there is actually a pause as the computer thinks- "the first law requires the lock out of transporters, starfleet procedures require an alpha 1 clearance" -I grin- "ok, can you lock out transporters and put a operator warning on all transporters but transporter room 2?" -again, silence-

[04:48] Conrad Starsider: "affirmative, that is a safeguard I can impliment without Alpha 1 level clearance" -I nod- "then lock out transporters with that contingency" "complete, message being sent to the captain requesting alpha 1 clearance for full shutdown" -I nod- "good, now I can get to work " -I leave the bridge-

[04:50] Conrad Starsider: -I walk to the turbo lift, pushing the button the lift appears, I step inside and speak- "engineering" -and am whisked away to engineering. the doors slide open and I step out, walking to the table I set up I power up My computer and other equipment-

[04:53] Conrad Starsider: -walking over to 1 of My 2 replicators I speak- "Neural fibers in a jel pack with connectors to My personal computer station,, size 8 inches by 12 inches, execute" -the replicator starts to work-

[04:57] Conrad Starsider: "walking to My other Replicator I give new orders- make Isoliner chip blanks standard size federation configuration, Akira class ship, begin" -the computer asks" please state amount required" -I think a moment- "start with one thousand" -the computer chirps- "processing, replication, 1000 blank Isoliner chips commencing"

[04:59] Conrad Starsider: -I walk back to the first replicator and remove the empty jel pack, taking it to the jel pack incubator I set it inside and close the door, pressing start the readout displays 3 hours and the machine starts to hum as it lights up, I go and read the logs on damage as I wait-
Conrad Starsider
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Final RP's [09:16] Conrad Starsider: -I walk onto the bridge, computer and box in hand, seeing the others here I nod as I proceed to the engineering station- "afternoon Sirs"

[09:16] Archi Merlin: Greetings, Ensign.
[09:16] Archi Merlin: What do you have there?
[09:18] Conrad Starsider: -setting down the box I set My computer on the counsel, hearing the XO I stop and turn around-"sir I am about to copy and download the ships Isoliner chip configurations for the transporter circuts into this new jel pack" -I nudge the closed box with My foot- that way I have a clean copy and can make new Isoliner chips faster

[09:20] Conrad Starsider: -smiles- My tools can make blank Isoliner chips then configure them into a predetermined chip by the number on the old chip

[09:21] Archi Merlin nods, "Excellent."
[09:22] Archi Merlin: Do you need help with anything?
[09:24] Conrad Starsider: once the download is complete yes -I pause- Oh yes (one moment RTI)
[09:24] Adam Reynolds (adammareyn01): Nice ship you have here, Commander.
[09:25] Adam Reynolds (adammareyn01) looks at Archi, and then at Conrad, noticing his yellow uniform and tools, made an assumption he was an engineer. "Are you the Chief Engineer here?"
[09:27] Conrad Starsider: (back) -hearing the other Man I turn- "no sir just an Engineeri is all " -I smile-
[09:28] Adam Reynolds (adammareyn01): Well, Chief or not, an Engineer is an Engineer.
[09:29] Adam Reynolds (adammareyn01) holds out his hand, "Commander Adam Reynolds, at your service."
[09:29] Conrad Starsider: -turning back to the XO- "I had to trick the computer into shutting down all but transporter room 2, could you be so kind as to give it an Alpha 1 authorization to lock down all but transporter room 2's systems
[09:29] Conrad Starsider: -shakes your hand- "god to meet you"
[09:30] Conrad Starsider: I am Ensign Starsider, most people call Me Conrad
[09:31] Conrad Starsider: "Sir, did you get My request about the logs from the last mission so I can see what else needs fixing
[09:31] Conrad Starsider: (could not find the link)
[09:31] Archi Merlin: ((Oops. I haven't gotten around to posting it yet. Sorry about that XD))

[09:34] Archi Merlin: Captain on the bridge
[09:34] Azdra Fall - Nikolaidis (azdra): Continue
[09:35] Adam Reynolds (adammareyn01): Fine ship you have here, Captain.
[09:35] Azdra Fall - Nikolaidis (azdra): Thank you Sir. I'm sorry...we haven't been introduced yet
[09:35] Adam Reynolds (adammareyn01): Commander Adam Reynolds, Ma'am. 12th Fleet.
[09:36] Marc-Man Paris (jax316) is online.
[09:36] Azdra Fall - Nikolaidis (azdra): Welcome aboard Commander.
[09:36] Adam Reynolds (adammareyn01): Thank you, Captain.
[09:36] Conrad Starsider: -as we talk I hook up My computer to the engineering stations, then I connect Mine to the new jel pack- "muddywater computer backup start scan for transporter Isoliner chip files, and download, scana for corruption , if 100% add to jel pack and commence until finished, begin -the computer , very old school speaks- "working" -I turn to the conversation at hand now-
[09:37] Azdra Fall - Nikolaidis (azdra) smiles. "Ensign...are you finding many issues?"
[09:38] Conrad Starsider: -stands at attention- greetings Ma'am
[09:38] Azdra Fall - Nikolaidis (azdra) nods to Conrad. "As you were. I'm not all that into formality."
[09:39] Conrad Starsider: the Isoliner chips to the transp[orters have damage, I am making a back up to keep seprate from ships systems for recoding blanks to replace damaged systems, the computer did not want to lock down the transporter systems without an Alpha 1 security code so I had to -grins- trick it into doing it but it is not a full ock down Ma'am
[09:40] Conrad Starsider: -relaxes-
[09:40] Azdra Fall - Nikolaidis (azdra) nods. "We have been through quite a bit here lately. Honestly...I'm not too sure what the ship has been through with "Holly" having been messing with us."

RP repairing

[16:53] Conrad Starsider: "alright people let Me show you how this works first pull bank 3 beta and lets take a look, the transporters should be off line, all except 2" -I pull the board out and sit next to My tools, taking out My tricorder I scan the board- ok we have 10 bad chips and 5 others that need checking so I pull the first Isoliner chip- "We know this one is bad so, take a blank put it in the resequincer, then take the old chip" -I look at it_ "and we can read these numbers, so type those numbers in and press configure" -the machine buzzes –

[16:58] Conrad Starsider: "take the new chip put it in the circut tester like this" -the ship slips right in and a red flashing light starts- 'if it goes green were good, if it goes solid red, toss it and starrt over I am going to the bridge and will need a runner -I find a cadet- "you with Me , questions call me" -I head to the bridge-
[16:58] 6 - Engineering Port: Calling lift. Please wait...
[16:59] Conrad Starsider: -at station 1 I remove bank four and taking out My tricorder I scan the board-

[17:00] Conrad Starsider: "engineering, send a team with a runner to the cargo bay and start on that transporter" -I typ[e the numbers into My pad and send the cadet back to engineering-
[17:03] Conrad Starsider: -the cadet returns with the chips- alright cadet take a new chip, check it like I did, once it is green we remove th eold chip and keep going" -He nods and tests the first new chip, after a momemnt it returns green and He hands it to Me, and inserts another- "good _I nod, finding the bad chip I remove it and replace it, we work together until all chips that are bad are replaced-

[17:05] Conrad Starsider: "engineering how goes the job?" -good, these tools help except, we need more of them" -I nod- "yes I did not have time to make all that we needed I am powering up the bridge station in a moment if that powers up then we will test yours " "acknowledged"

[17:07] Conrad Starsider: -I take out My tricorder- "computewr station 1 beta 10 % power to the transporter circut, then slowly increase " -the computer does so, one of th eold chips pop and sparks- "computer power down station !"

[17:08] Conrad Starsider: "this is where We have fun, as power resumes any damaged circuts that did not show up will fail, I type in the bad chip and send him off-

[17:11] Conrad Starsider: -the cadet returns and I swap out the chip, this time the circuit holds - "well that fixes that now we go to Transporter room 1 " "engineering here, transporter circuit repaired and holding " -I smile- "good, once were done we will have to test the scanners and calibrate " -we head to the lift-

[17:12] Conrad Starsider: _we set out thet tools and start repairing this unit it takes time but after another circut fail the system is fixed and tested-

[17:19] Conrad Starsider: ok crew test and adjust the scanners lets get this finished it takes a few hours and some intrestingly twisted test containers but the transporters are functional, I go to the computer and key it- "computer Transporter systems are online and functioning release lockout and allow normal useage " -I collect My tools and head back to engineering-

-I sit in a chair as I dictate My log-
"Engineering log, subject Transporter repair, status supplemental.
after replicating a Jel pack and bringing it too full maturity, I copied and downloaded the Thunderbirds entire transporter Isoliner chip data and configuration files to keep a separate and safe storage, the blank Isoliner chips did well, it took awhile but the Transporters are now back online and fully functional, I will reclaim the old test cylinders tomorrow it feels good to get something accomplished and now, the cargo bay can transport up larger repair tools and supply's.
the engineering crew and cadets did a fine ob today, side note: make more tools in case this happens again.

End log
Conrad Starsider
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Port Warp nacelle flow regulator and Converter replacement RP

[07:44] Conrad Starsider: -I head to the main terminal to find out what repairs are needed, I can not find the file for the damage incurred recently, so I look over new issues- "flow regulator, port nacelle " -nods to myself and gathers My tool case, heading to the port side warp engine I look over the systems there-

[07:45] Conrad Starsider: -taking out My tricorder I begin a scan as I slowly increase the flow, it is not long before I isolate the area the issue is in, I close My tri corder and put it away-

[07:47] Conrad Starsider: -I head upstairs to the new engineering replicator and replicate a flow converter and a flow regulator-

[07:51] Conrad Starsider: -heading downstairs I check that the engines are off line, I call up to the bridge- "engineering to bridge" -I get a reply- "Bridge here go ahead engineering" -I nod to Myself- "shut down all power to the port nacelle being at station keeping the starboard nacelle should give us enough power, I am shutting down the matter antimatter stream and fixing the flow regulator and converter" -the same voice comes back after a moment- "affirmative Engineering, powering down port nacelle now" -I smile- "I will contact you when I am finished, engineering out"
[07:54] Conrad Starsider: -the new parts in hand I walk over and shut down the matter antimatter flow, then after purging the system I go into the jefferies tube to replace the parts -

[07:59] Conrad Starsider: -crawling inside with My tool box and parts ahead of Me, I push them forward as I go, I get to the problem area, I open the panel and set it aside, then taking out a spanner I remove the converter first, setting the old one aside I put the new one in place, then I remove the regulator and replace it, once I have tested My connections I pack up My tools and hit My comm- "Engineering, this is Starsider, give Me 3 % flow to the port nacelle please " -I get an affirmative then the flow starts , I take out My tri corder and run a check making sure everything is working and tight-

[08:01] Conrad Starsider: "looks good, on My way out" -I exit the jefferies tube and pull out My tool box and old parts carrying them to the main terminal I call the bridge-

[08:06] Conrad Starsider: -once checked I have them power down the systems then recycle the old parts-

Engineering Log
star Date 181024.0806

I found the port Nacelle flow was restricted, I replicated a flow converter and a flow regulator, after the flow was shut down I replaced the parts, then rechecking the tflow I had all systems powered up for a test, everything is functioning now, systems powered back down

-End Log-
Conrad Starsider
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Maintance checks, repairs and pre mission status check RP

[21:01] Conrad Starsider: -I walk into engineering with 6 padds, walking to the main council I see the new night shift gathered- "evening ladies and gents, We have orders from the Captain's staff meeting, -I had out the Padds- We have a mission and Alpha shift did what they could, here's our assignments, pair up" -I watch who goes with who and I hand out the padds accordingly- "you twop, warp drive" -I take the next padd- "impulse" -I go through all six padds" "slipstream, life support and Medical, weapons and Shields, and I will take transporters and the tractor emitters, if there is damage it will be noted, other wise this is a routine maintance and pre missino check"-I see them checking their Padds- "We hve our assignments, lets get this done" -the team slips up and I grab a cadet fresh out of the academy- "your with Me whats your name?"

[21:05] Conrad Starsider: "Johnson Sir" -I nod and smile handing him the padd- "well Johnson glad to have you aboard, go and get what you think We will need for maintenance checks and I will gather some tools for repairs" -he takes the Padd- "yes Sir"

[21:06] Conrad Starsider: -I go upstairs and replicate a few parts I know need replaceing, then I grab My tool kit and head back down stairs-

[21:08] Conrad Starsider: -meeting up with cadet Johnson We head to the turbo lift, I key the door and when the lift arrives We step inside- "transporter room 1" the lift doors close and were off, a moment later We step out and head to transporter room 1-

[21:13] Conrad Starsider whispers: -we set our things down and I go through the checks -
[21:15] Conrad Starsider: "ok Cadet take the tri corder and open the transporter pads" -once they are open I start My procedure list- "Powering Heisenburg Compensator,Confirm power flow to scanners" -this will take him a moment so I check around the room as He works and I listen for questions-

[21:19] Conrad Starsider: -He confirms all scanners functioning, I nod and continue- "Energizing circuits, Power to Bio Filters and Pattern Buffers " -I am watching the panel as I go through each step- "Power to Bio Filters and Pattern Buffers , System Check Transporter trace systems, checking for previous pattern, confirmed archived pattern." -everything checks so I power down the system and We move onto the next room, until all the transporters have been checked-

[21:21] Conrad Starsider: -I smile- "good job cadet, lets go to tractor control" -He looks a bit pale- "you mean?' -I smile as I had that same feeling the first time as well- "yes cadet, the bridge, lets go" -We go to the bridge-

[21:25] Conrad Starsider: -I set My equiptment down- "ok lets pull off that panel, that system is powered down" -I hand Him 3 Isoliner chips- replace those, two are in bank 4, 1 in bank 5" -I move to the next station- "computer, tractor beam simulation, confirm with existing components" -the computer beeps then states "ready"-

[21:28] Conrad Starsider: "run simulation, targeting lock, deploying beam, lock onto a 90 ton ship" -the computer simulates locking onto a 90 ton ship, testing the system, We increase the tonnage to the safe maximums- "computer , report"

[21:32] Conrad Starsider: "tractor emmiter has a phase variance of .035 positive, adjustment required, all other systems check" -I nod- "ok then, I pick up My spanner, open a lower panel and start working-

[21:34] Conrad Starsider: -the cadet finishes the Isoliner chip replacement and checks the circuits, then using a Isoliner chip circuit tester he sees if he can find out why those 3 failed-

[21:37] Conrad Starsider: -I finish My adjustment- "computer confirm repair and rerun simulation" -the computer beeps then starts talking to itself, I listen as I watch the cadet- "so, how did it go cadet?" -sitting on the floor he looks up- "Isoliner chips replaced Sir, I am checking to see if I can find out why these three failed" -I smile and nod- "good job, keep Me posted"

[21:39] Conrad Starsider: -I tap My com_ "Beta shift report" -I start getting reports back- "warp drive checked, impulse and battery systems checked, weapons and shileds checked, had to replace a shield emitter in the aft array, Medical, EMH and life support, check" -there were a few minor issues and some standard maintance but all in all it went well-

[21:42] Conrad Starsider: -the computer beeps and I look at the screen- "good, end simulations, switch to normal mission mode and power down tractor beam system" -We gather our tools and head to engineering- "so, why did those 3 chips fail?" -He looks at Me- "it seems to just be standard wear and tear" -I nod- check the library computer for that panel and get back to me, those are new chips"

[21:46] Conrad Starsider: -the cadet stows the gear and goes up to the computer with the 3 chips inhand, I already had an idea what happened but I wanted to see if He could figure it out, the rest of Us gathered in main engineering- "any other reports?" -I get a resounding no _ "then jacks it is your turn to be shift leader, hayes, you help jacks and take the bridge stations if needed, the rest of you, good job, dismissed "

Engineering Log
Star Date 181026.2146
-I key up the computer- "An Aft Shield emitter aft needed replacement, Tractor emitters needed a .35 adjustment , 3 Isoliner chips needed replacing, I put Cadet Johnson on it to see if He can find something as to why 3 new chips failed, these chips effect communications, and though they have been replaced We should be ready for failure again until We find the issue, these new ones could fail as well , if that happens primary and secondary communications will be out.
all in all a good shift, the Thunderbird is as they would say on old earth, Ship shape and ready to sail

End log
Conrad Starsider
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


to the Captain and XO

I hate when I have a great RP, then forget to add something so, feel free to use this or ignore it, the slipstream is off line due to a needed large component
it will arrive in a few RL days -just thought it would make things interesting-

have a fun RP tomorrow
Conrad Starsider
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


[03:59] Conrad Starsider: -walking up to the shuttle with My tricorder out I run a scan of the outer hull, warp nacelles plus giving it a visual check –

[04:00] Conrad Starsider: -I open the rear hatch and walk up the ramp, My boots echo on the metal, once inside I proceed to the front seats –

[04:04] Conrad Starsider: -sitting down I touch the L Cars panel and it comes to life, once it is online I speask- "computer, prepare for engineering systems check and power simulation of all systems switch propulsion to simulation made, confirm" -the computer responds- "confirmed, systems are now ready for maintenance check procedures"

[04:07] Conrad Starsider: I smile and nod- "good", I set My tricorder on the dash of the shuttle, I key up the battery backup systems, I watch the Lcars as the computer talks- "battery backup systems online" -I go through My checklist in My mind- "confirm secondary systems are functioning" -the computer replies- "confirmed, secondary systems online, and operating properly"

[04:09] Conrad Starsider: "life support check" -I touch the L cars screen and the computer speaks- "life support systems off line due to station keeping status" -I sigh- "Yes yes I know, override station keeping status, power up life support and run diagnostics"

[04:17] Conrad Starsider: "also while I am here report any systems that need routine maintenance, failing or not" -the computer acknowledges Me then states- Oxygen scrubbers and filters need to be replaced by stardate 181101" -I nod and taking out My padd I make note that has to be done today- "all oter systems functioning within parameters" -I look over the panel- "return life support to thunderbird atmosphere control and set to offline" -I hear it beep, "running structural integratiy check," -I watch the L cars change as that is being run- "structural integratity at 99.8 percent " _ close that L car- 'end check"

[04:21] Conrad Starsider: "power up the communications array" I turn and press the L cars to My left, then I press a button on the main panel- "Eagle to Thunderbird, this is a communications test, confirm" -I hear a female voice come back- "Confirm Eagle you are coming in loud and clear" "computer begin distance simulation, stay with Me a moment, testing distance power output" -the bridge replys- "confirmed Eagle awaiting your instructions"

[04:23] Conrad Starsider: -1 parsect checks out, then 1 lightyear, then 10, I finish with mamximum range and all checks out- "thank you Thunderbird, Eagle out" -I push a control on the L Cars powering down communications-

[04:26] Conrad Starsider: "clear shuttle bay for engineering check, open outer door 1, lower forcefield once everyone is out and bay is locked down" -it is a standard procedure, one time the computer glitched years ago and the shuttle launched causing damage to the USS Texas -I now power up all systems-

[04:28] Conrad Starsider: -I check the impulse engines, reactor checks, flow checks, outputs checks- "computer begin impulse simulation check 1/4 impulse" -the computer runs through the test, the problem is with the warp drives but I am testing everything –

[04:30] Conrad Starsider: -I run the simulation throgh ful impulse- "computer shut off impulse engines then end simulation" -it beeps and I hear the drives power down, all the while I am watching their power output, flow and integrity –

[04:33] Conrad Starsider: "computer lock down magnetic clamps and run maneuvering thruster checks at 1/8 power-

[04:46] Conrad Starsider: -the thrusters check out, I power them down- "release magnetic clamps prepare for warp drive check"

[04:52] Conrad Starsider: -I power up the warp systems- "dilythium crystal check" -I look over the board- "Dilithium Crystals within parameters" -I check the flow restrictors, and power flow, as well as warp core containment, I sit back- "where are you, you little gremlin" -once the warp drive is tested I power down the system, then stand, walking to the back of the shuttle- "Thunderbird, reestablish force fields and close outer doors, and resume atmosphere- I open the rear hatch- "computer power down, end all simulations" -I hear it beep, then I hit My comm badge- "thunderbird, all systems checked, only the flight test is left on the eagle please locate available pilots for a flight test later today” -I hear that same female voice- "confirmed Lieutenant checking duty rosters and will have a list to you within the hour-

End RP

-Engineering log-
subject shuttle inspection, shuttle Eagle
all systems checked out, I am having the O2 scrubbers and filters replaced before the flight test, I have found no reason for the power drain at warp 3 sustained, that is why I will need to do the flight test, Ops is looking for an available pilot for Me so I can clear the Eagle for usage, the Hawk is down until further notice due to a hull breech I will work on that once the Eagle passes inspection

End Log
Conrad Starsider
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Test Flight and searching for power loss on the Shuttle eagle

[20:48] Conrad Starsider: the computer chimes and I hit the button- "starsider here" -a voice comes across- "Lieutenant we found a pilot it is McPhearson"
"Excellent, have him meet me in the shuttle bay , I will be on the eagle" "Yes Sir" -the com goes dead-

[20:58] Conrad Starsider: McPhearson arrives not long after I do, I see His pips, Lieutenant" -He nods- "call Me Dan" -we are the same rank so I smile- "call Me Conrad", "very well Conrad, so what is this all about" -I nod towards the Eagle- "power drop off at warp 3 sustained" -he nods- "ah" "shall We?" -He nods and goes to the shuttle, opening the back hatch
[21:00] Conrad Starsider: He goes to the cabin and sits in the pilot chair, I call in to Him- "Dan preflight check" -He gives Me a thumbs up and touches the council- "lights" -I walk around the shuttle, ending up at the back door- "check" -I step inside and close the hatch-
[21:00] Esh (eshana.melody) is offline.
[21:01] Conrad Starsider: -this time I speak- "hatch seal?" -there is a pause then I hear him say- "check"
[21:03] Conrad Starsider: -I walk to the co pilot seat and sit- "cabin pressure" "check" -I touch the panel on my side- "life support" "check" battery system" "check" "thrusters" "check" "Impulse engines" -I check- "on stand by system is green" , "warp drive" _ I press the panel again-

[21:18] Conrad Starsider: "matter antimatter system, online, Inertial dampners, online, magnetic restricters online, all systems go"

[21:21] Conrad Starsider: "Dan touches the com- "ThunderBird this is Eagle, ready for test flight, please clear the shuttle bay, open the outer doors" -a voice returns- "confirmed test flight warp 3 for 1 hour" -then we hear the speakers in the shuttle bay- " clear shuttle bay, prepare for launch of the eagle, depressurization in 5 minutes"

[21:27] Conrad Starsider: "thrusters at 1.5 meters" -the ship lifts- "lower the forcefield" _we watch as it drops- "here We go, ahead 50KPH " -the ship flies out of the shuttle bay - "increasing to 200 KPH, ready for 1/4 Impulse" -the Thunderbird chimes in- "clear for warp Eagle have a safe trip" -Dan increases to 1/4 then 1/2 impulse-

[21:35] Conrad Starsider: "ready?" -I nod and open My tri corder- "computer start power flow diagnostics, and matter antimatter flow" -the computer speaks back- "starting diagnostics" -I look over and nod then look back forward, Dan touches the panel and the stars blur as the shuttle jumps into warp- "warp one" -I check- "confirmed" "increasing to warp two, now" -a moment later I see the read out- "confirmed warp two" -I keep an eye on the read outs as We go- "please maintain warp 2.5 for 10 minutes" -hearing Me he nods- "coming up on warp 2.5 and holding"

[21:49] Conrad Starsider: -on the 10 minute mark He increases to warp 3 - "computer maintain warp 3 , in 20 minutes reverse course back to the Thunderbird" -the computer confirms the order- "so Conrad, what do you think the problem is?" -I shrug- "that I don't know, yet" -the course change comes and we bank and head back then I see the computer do a few changes, checking My tri corder I speak- "computer, why were changes made and no vocal warning?" "vocal warning disabled," -I frown hearing the computer tell me that-

[21:57] Conrad Starsider: "all right then, lets see whats happening, Computer display power transfer and condition of the flow regulators" -the screen changes all the while I am confirming it with My Tri corder-

[22:00] Conrad Starsider: -I look at dan- "drop to warp 2.5 please" "computer over ride vocal silence and start analysis of the warp system" -dan speaks- "warp 2.5 and holding" -I nod- as long as there are no more problems We should be able to maintain 2.5" -He nods and contacts the Thunderbird letting them know problem found and we will be a bit late-
[22:07] Conrad Starsider: -We arrive back at thunderbird, I thank dan for His time then go and inform the Captain as to how long the repairs will take-

-Engineering Log-
the Eagle was test flown today, I found the problem, I do not know who disabled the vocal warning system but I would like to beat them into space dust, the EPS manifold is getting hot, the computer was changing to a back up system that has an Isolinder chip issue, plus the matter anti matter flow regulator was over worked so, tomorrow I will repair the shuttle, and it should be ship shape and ready to fly , Computer.
end Log
Conrad Starsider
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


[22:41] Conrad Starsider: Finally, after not feeling well for a week or so I get back to work, I grab My tools a new EPS conduit, new Isoliner chips I made. and a new matter antimatter flow regulator, I place them on a small hover cart and go to the shuttle, it is a quiet night and thats fine I do not mind working alone, first I go inside the eagle and remove the panel, using My tri corder I find the chips that are bad and now I replace them with new ones, I power up the panel and they all light up, I wait and so far, no issues so I power the panel down and close it up, now I go outside the shuttle-

[22:53] Conrad Starsider: -I crawl under the shuttle and remove the cover there, carefully I take out the matter antimatter flow regulator, setting it aside I lift up the new one and put it in place, securing it down I close up the panel and scoot back out with tools and the old part, I set the bad flow regulator and isoliner chips on the cart, then I take the EPS conduit and walk over to the port nacelle and slide that cover back, removing the old EPS conduit section, I replace it with new, walking back I set the old EPS conduit on the cart, then organize My tools before closing my case, job down I go back inside the Eagle-

[22:55] Conrad Starsider: -sitting in the pilots chair I speak- "computer run a diagnostic check on the Eps conduits, matter antimatter flow regulator and the Isolinder chip set, begin" -I sit back and wait-

[22:59] Conrad Starsider: -I watch the read outs as the computer goes through the checks, once done I giver it one more task- "computer check all vocal waning systems, make sure they are activated" -I hear the computer confirm that they are- "now add this to your program, if anyone tries to mute the warning systems, log time, stardate and who requested it, upon docking reset all voice warnings back to on, confirm" -the computer confirms it so I stand and exit the shuttle, now ready to fly-

[23:03] Conrad Starsider: -I take the cart down to recycling and put in the old parts, turning the recycling unit on I take the cart and My tools back to engineering, as I step through the door i hear the computer- "all items are now broken down and returned to replicator rations, any waste has been disposed.."

Engineers Log
the old isoliner chips have been replaced, the section of EPS conduit as well and finally the matter antimatter flow regulator also has been replaced, I had the computer run a diagnostic, all is right, the eagle is ship shape and ready to fly, returning her to active duty status."
End Log
Conrad Starsider
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian



[21:13] Conrad Starsider: -the ship is quiet most of the crew are off at Star Base and on shore leave, it has been awhile now and as I am the highest office on ship, I find My self in the big chair, it is not a position I wish to maintain, I like My engineering post, checking over ships logs I see for the most part we are ship shape, I make a note on My padd about a few engineering issues, mostly replicators and latrines simple hum drum stuff really, security is doing sweeps per the Captain, Medical is restocking what it needs, for the most part a slow shift,I can not help but think there is an issue with the bridge turbo lift doors, I was sitting here when they opened then closed on their own, strange, I will look into it tomorrow, side note, why do I hear tribbles ?

[21:20] Conrad Starsider: -the darn cooing could put an android to sleep, speaking of - "computer personal message, Ensign Alphaseries, Alpha I hope you are settling in well there I am an engineer on the USS Thunderbird, yes I know, Me on a star ship, what was I thinking, well the Captain and crew here are treating Me well, like you I am on the night shift, except for a few crew members and some tribbles all is quiet, I tell you Alpha those tribbles are like crickets you always hear them but never see them, anyways by your last communication you mentioned security or science, any decisions yet? I think for now I will go as I am on duty , take care My friend .. Boom on .. Conrad . " "computer end message and send standard delivery " -the computer beeps then confirms message was sent-

[21:26] Conrad Starsider: -I stand and start to pace the bridge, checking stations as well as checking for dust, yeah I know, as if- all stations are at keeping, power level minimal, the comm beeps which nearly makes me jump- "security to bridge" -I hit My comm- "bridge here go ahead" 'all decks clear, nothing to report continuing checks" -I reply- "affirmative security, bridge out" -I hit My comm again putting it on standby-

[21:28] Conrad Starsider: -the turbo lift doors open and in steps My relief- "Lieutenant your relived " -I nod- yes sir, I stand relieved" -I think to myself and how, I leave the bridge-

Engineers Log
slow shift all is well,. nothing to report.. personal notes, find the tribblels and assign crews to minor troubleshooting repairs

end of log
Conrad Starsider
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


-Bridge Turbo Lift doors- (Ghost in the Machine)

[05:00] Conrad Starsider: --collecting My tools I go to the bridge, once there I have the computer shut down access to the port turbo lift bridge level, I then open the panel and look at the circuts, taking out My tricorder I scan the panel-

[05:02] Conrad Starsider: -not finding an issue I replace the panel and check the door servos and motors for a short, again there is no reason for the doors to open or close on their own-

[05:23] Conrad Starsider: -I have the computer call the turbo lift then when the door opens I have the computer halt the lift, I step inside, remove it's panel and use My tricorder there as well-

[05:25] Conrad Starsider: -again no luck, I replace the panel step out of the lift, then I have the computer lift the restrictions on the lift so it is back to normal operations, I am stumped, I gather My gear, and head to My quarters-

[05:29] Conrad Starsider: -once in my quarters I set My case down and sit at My desk- "computer , prepare a message, Alpha Series, begin: " -I think a moment before speaking- "Alpha, I have an interesting problem here the Bridge turbo lift doors aare opening and closing on their own, I checked all circuits and there is no issue, do you have any suggestions? Your Friend Conrad" -I pause- "computer, send message, normal delivery" -the computer beeps then acknowledges the message was sent-

[05:30] Conrad Starsider: -I lay down and rest as I am off duty, this was just a personal irritation I needed to investigate-

Engineering log:
Subject: Bridge turbo lift doors.
Issue: opens and closes on their own.
findings: no issues found on any circuit controlling those doors.
resolution; contacted a friend about the issue, perhaps a fresh look at it is what I need.
Conrad Starsider
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


_replicator repair and maintenance-

[05:25] Conrad Starsider: -again, collecting My tool Kit I head to the mess hall to work on the replicators, 1 is regular maintenance the other needs repair-

[05:28] Conrad Starsider: -opening the outer case I go through the one replicator and clean it and check it's processor and memory, once done I put the cover back on and move to the reportedly broken one, taking the cover off there I set it aside-

[05:30] Conrad Starsider: -taking out My tricorder I scan the systems, it seems to be a bad power link, I go and have a new one made in engineering, while I wait I order a coffee from the working replicator-

[05:34] Conrad Starsider: -an ensign shows up with My power link, I take it then dismiss him, going back to the replicator I replace the power link then energize it, it comes online, I test the replicator and it fails, I check the memory and find the issue, I have the computer rewrite the memory chip with uncorrupted data, this happens some times when there is a surge in the system and thats what looks like happened, once the computer is done I recheck it, it works fine so I put the cover back on collect My tools and go back to engineering -

Engineering Report
location: Mess Hall
job 1: Maintenance on a replicator.. finished
job 2- Repair a replicator .. finished
End Log
Conrad Starsider
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


[13:04] Conrad Starsider: -I go to the bridge for any updates on our status, there does not seem to be any so I head down to engineering-

[13:07] Conrad Starsider: -taking the duty padd I check it over, nodding I take My tool kit and head out-

[13:10] Conrad Starsider: -I test the forcefield, seeing it is surging I take out My tricoder and check the emmiters, then I remove the panel and check the circuits-

[13:14] Conrad Starsider: -finding the issue, I power down the cell after checking with security, I call engineering and have an ensign make a isoliner chip and to configure it to circuit A-5687-B2, once done he brings it to Me, I remove the old chip and install the new one, powering up the system I check the new chip, then I have security power on the cell force field checking it again I nod to myself and smile, I replace the cover over the control panel and head off, putting the bad chip in my pocket-

[13:18] Conrad Starsider: -I go to the armory and check the charging circuits, the ensign follows Me as I have yet to dismiss Him, I see whats wrong, double check it with My tri corder then dismiss him, taking out a power relay I power the room down , putting on My wrist light before hand I replace the power relay then power up the room, shutting off My wrist lights as I put My gear away I watch the phaser rifles charging lights start to go from green to red, I close My case and taking the bad part I head to engineering -

[13:22] Conrad Starsider: -I step into the turbo lift and run into the chief of security I fill him in on what I did, He steps off the lift and simply says well done Lieutenant, the doors close and I am taken to engineering, I step out go to the reclaimator and put the bad parts in, they vanish and I put My case back-

Engineers log :
replaced, Security, Cell forcefield, isoliner chip for circuit A-5687-B2.
replaced Armory charging power relay.
Recommendation: check Junction box for surges causing the problem : Submitted to chief engineer

End Log
Conrad Starsider
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


[20:02] Conrad Starsider: -standing at My post as usual, no one around, I never hear talking or seeing people, I wonder if the ship has been decommissioned or perhaps is a ghost ship and no one bothered to tell ME -

[20:05] Conrad Starsider: -I take out a rag and wipe down the counsel- even if no one uses it, I need to keep it ready-

[20:15] Conrad Starsider: -I check the engines , everything is nominal, checking out the computer core, no issues there, so as I do not have permission to leave the ship or engineering I take a seat on the steps and wait again for My relief to come-

End report
Conrad Starsider
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian



[12:06] Conrad Starsider: -I walk the halls of the deserted ship, perhaps the crew are asleep, or abducted I do not know, I go to the bridge to see if anything has changed-he crew are s
[12:06] 6 - Engineering Port: Calling lift. Please wait...
[12:07] 1 - Bridge Starboard: Calling lift. Please wait...
[12:08] Conrad Starsider: -all the councils are dead, no one on the bridge, I check the rest of the ship-
[12:08] 1 - Bridge Starboard: Calling lift. Please wait...
[12:09] 2 - Medical Port: Calling lift. Please wait...
[12:10] 3 - Science Port: Calling lift. Please wait...
[12:12] 5 - Security Port: Calling lift. Please wait...
[12:14] Conrad Starsider: -all decks, empty, there are 2 doors open to space, perhaps thats what caused it, I return to engineering and hunker down, listening -

End Report
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