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Conrad Starsider
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


Visitors Log
Ensign Starsider
Stardate 181010

[03:09] Conrad Starsider: -adjusts My uniform and heads into the ship , the large doors open allowing Me to proceed to the turbo lift I press the call button, the doors swish open when it arrives, I step inside and tell the computer "bridge" the doors swish closed and the turbo lift swiftly takes Me to My destination-

[03:14] Conrad Starsider: -stepping onto the bridge I greet the skeleton crew manning their posts, I check the engineering computers (not sure of our status as far as at station or traveling) everything checks out, I check with th eother creww on the bridge making sure everything is fine at their stations, convinced all is well I head to the turbo lift, pressing the call button the doors swish open, I step inside- "medical" the doors swish shut and a moment later I am at My destination-

[03:20] Conrad Starsider: -I exit the turbolift and walk down the empty corridor, when I step into sickbay the EMH comes online saying- "please state the nature of the medical emergency" -I look at him- "no Emergancy, would you run a diagnostic on your system and report any irruglaries please" -he speaks in a more curt tone- "processing, runnning diagnostic now" -I find a seat and wait, as this can take awhile-

[03:23] Conrad Starsider: -the EMH looks at Me- "diagnostic complete, all systems functioning peroperly" -I nod- "thanks doc, computer eactivate the EMH" -the holo doctor vaishes and I exit heading back to the turbo lift-

[03:27] Conrad Starsider: -I return to engineering and submit My report, -all systems functioning properly, EMH checked at 0320 hours, no issues found, all systems show no issues at this time,

end report-
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