Georgina ( Georgie) Lane, Personnel Log

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Walks over to the Quarters section of the Thunderbird and sighs softly , as she arrives at what to be hers and Archi's room, Well was his but she now moving into it, she looks at the door and sighs softly as hes not here to just embrace her in hold her to tell she going to be ok and so on, She enter the room, seeing it all clean and proper apart from some of the stuff she already had here in his room, laying around typical for a marine she was slobby at time in her room, she chuckle to herself as she moves into the room, dumping her bag on the bed , picking up one of her leggings she left laying on the floor from her last time visiting and she folds it placing it on the table and sighs looking around the room , before moving over to a picture on the table , picking it up and smiling at it, as it was them smiling and looking happy and she rubs her fingers over his face and sighs

"Oh Archi please be safe, I'm coming for you, I promise I will get you back..."

She puts the picture back down and breath out deeply before, moving to start unpacking and setting her stuff she brought with her away, whilst in the cupboard she sees one of Archi's tops and hugs it tightly and smiles to herself knowing she get him back some how, Once she unpacked she moves to sit on the edge of the bed and picks up a Padd, looking it over and nodding to herself as she lays back and kicks her feet about.

"So well, I moved to the Thunderbird now, Try something else , See what this path brings.... , So well as I thought I'd be coming her to open arms from Archi, It turns out hes missing, Some empress has him.. Well so he no clue I'm here, But guess when we get him back, I'm here to support him and stuff, Might help him..."

She sits back up and rubs her hair letting it fall down from being tied up , and sighs as she looks back at the bed as if picturing him there sleeping

"We find you babe, I promise, I wont let them hurt you...."

She pushes herself back up the bed to hug a small teddy she had in there room and drifts off to sleep

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