Personal Log - Suzie Setsuko

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Suzie Setsuko
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian


*Tosses the last crate of her personal belongings into her new quarters then dims the lights*

"Computer, close personal log 'Setsuko, S. Exectutive Officer', Authorisation Setsuko Alpha One Five
Open new personal log, 'Setsuko, S. Chief Medical Officer', stardate 170728."

Goes to the replicator and requests green tea, lifting the cup to take a small sip, then continuing...
"Furthermore, Computer.. arrange an appointment with Lt. Cdr Merlin's schedule earliest possible opportunity.
I managed to avoid a medical checkup for 2 years, I'm not letting the new XO get away with the stuff I pulled."

*sits back and rubs her temples, then hangs her head over the back of the chair*
"Now then.... show me everything new and wonderful in the world of medicine in the past 2 1/2 years.."
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