Personal Log - Sytia Shran (Evergreen Moss)

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Fiddling with her jacket, Sytia strips it off and lays it down on a basket for laundry, followed by the sound of hopping as she unstrapped her sandals and dropped her skirt. 20 minutes she spent in the sonic shower and came out with just a soft pink towel wrapped round her middle and picked up to switch on her hairdryer. Feeling the change between damp and dry hair, Sytia then turned to her vanity area and decorated her face with a deeper blue around her eye lids and a reddish lipstick that often looked purple on her lips.

"Computer begin log" she called out and waiting for the usual chime in acknowledgment of her wish.

"I should have made my log a week ago when I came aboard the Thunderbird but I hadn't. It's one of those things that seems to slip when your busy with a new environment and plenty of people to welcome you. With the settling period it's nice to start unpacking and hanging our your personal items to make your own room. I'm lucky in that way, my wife is happens to be the ships Executive Officer and at the moment she is in charge of Beta Shift. I've knocked off the Alpha and have been running around like a lost bird ... inside the stomach of ... a bird. " breaking into silence Sytia checks her face and dresses, then walks towards to the replicator and asks for Suzie's sushi option for her dinner.

"So, yes, my wife is Suzie and .. well, our first sign of engaged eyes was fun. I came through the lock holding my gear in each hand and our eyes looked upon each other like.. it felt like the first time I saw her at a conference some years back, this conference being medical order and safe transportation to a world who contacted the Federation and was in the seat of application. I hadn't been much in touch with her when I decided to join the academy, I joined the Starfleet in the foot steps of my sister, Talas." Pondering what to say, the thoughts swirling in her mind as she picked up a cucumber maki and sampled it very delicately, not enough that rice dropped onto the plate. She lay the piece down on the plate as she ate, trying to be quiet and cleaning her fingers.

"I should call my sister and see how she is. It's been a while since our last contact and I should, she'll kick something of mine i'd like to sit on... but at least, at least things feel great, better now. I'm comfortable, the crew is good, I am starting to develop a passion for my job and being so hands on, it's great" Picking up the maki again, she put the piece inside her mouth, feeling the coolness of the crisp cucumber against the soft rice held by the seaweed.

"Ok, so I think I have done a good job so far and set a good impression to the Captain" raising her eyebrows she states "i'm kind of nervous, but as Andorian blood goes, we just say what we feel and can come direct with it, there's no stepping stones with our culture,we pretty much say what it is on our minds and there's no holding back, we will prove what is to be proven. and in saying that i'm working on my versatile reputation in the operations branch where asked" Sytia looked down at her plate in contemplation of what next to try.

"I wonder if intel had more on that ship, that was seen as a blip on Alric's scans, he confirmed there was a structure that seemed to be present and gone in intervals. He said the object was more than 750,000kms away but there had been no trade lanes in that vicinity. Because it posed no threat, I hadn't asked to increase the sensor output, doing that, would I have been overly curious about nothing?...anyway, computer end log and save."

Sytia chooses to take her meal and sit on the sofa and her plate on the table side as she read through her pad for messages.


Sytia paced along the length of her lounge as she nearly finishes writing a message to the flight deck assistant, she then ordered an Andorian dish called Alardi Partinna, which translates to a grain dish served with a cream sauce with a variety of meats and for this, she chose her sisters favourite, the Redbat and Teegh. "Computer begin log and record" she said fumbling with the order to present to the cook with its heated requirements. "So, today my sister, Talas has joined us in the Thunderbird, she is spending her shoreleave with me and I am trying to keep everything as customary to Andorian tradition as much as possible. No doubt if mum heard, she would ring my neck for not being so respectful to my ancestors in days of blessing with family present as an Imperial Guardsman would be served with a great amount of hospitality from loved ones at home.... I'm not sure if my wife has ever heard of this dish before, but she will be joining us once she knocks off shift."

Finishing with her request she turned back to the page concerning the flight deck, she perched her bum on the side of the sofa as she mumbled the message and typed back what she had in mind to say. Flipping the PADD against her fingers in thought she said "So.. yeah, it's nice to catch up with Talas and I hope she likes our holosuites, she's up there right now in practicing her combat skills and technique and I will say, i'm so happy for her getting the Vice Chief of Staff job as a fleet wide job, there is of course general concern about security measures but it's been handled to bring her safely to the Thunderbird and a scheduled flight back. After the attack I heard that she told me about in Tranquility, i'm having general concern about her. I'm glad I got to speak to her briefly and that she made the decision to come over, there's not much to say when heart breaks happen, but a hug is relieving, it makes you feel at least connected to something."

Sytia closed and locked her PADD and put the dull grey hand held device on the wooden coffee table. Settling her back against the sofa, she crossed her toned arms and idly gripped her bottom lip with her teeth. Opening her hands out in gesture she cleared her throat "Thinking about my career, I am keeping options open to the fields I have natural interest for. I'm thinking about training to do something in the academy, now that i'm settled on the ship and pushing my creativity to develop within."

She ran her hand across the glass plate of the coffee table which inside lay a traditional Andorian miners tool, the ushaan - tor that was protected in purple silk from Earth "Of course, the axe of destiny" she smiled looking at the ushaan -tor's decoration. "An awkward circumstance that united me and Suzie and bruised the ego of someone else, pretty much a story for another occasion, I think, but i've done a good job in carpentry and I hope Suzie likes it as a decorative piece instead of hung on the wall like a lot of other items of memorabilia... i'm feeling quite nervous, around me are some pretty big shoes and i'm a young officer who's only made a small dent in my Starfleet career... and I, I need to end this log and take a shower, I have three quarters of an hour till meal time. Computer, please end this log and save the file under this stardate" Sytia pulls herself off the sofa and starts to prepare herself for the evening.


Sytia uses a ladder in taking down her hand made decor from her shared quarters and called to the computer to begin her personal log to open and record.

"It's been a week since I last recorded a dear diary message and thought about updating news and random stuff" she smiled to herself as she gathered the materials and folded them neatly into a pile for replication. "I've seen Talas head back to Tranquility and she has been safe on her journeys and what we have known. I wish I could have seen more of her, but ho-hum, we can't have it all. I think she liked what I had done for her and I think the cook made a good attempt in Andorian cuisine, so i've got to give a round of applause to her, there were no complaints and we had quite a feast that i'm going to have to pay for" tapping her stomach "i've never eaten so much in my entire life, I feel so podgy and lazy" she tittered.

"Soooo, news number one, I have started working for the academy, oh yeah! just marking, but that's something I can build on and hopefully become a good influence there in getting my head down and doing what i'm supposed to." She set the decor onto the replicator pad and asked for the computer to energise the matter back into the system "I have also completed five exams today and I think what i'm going to do is to get history ticked off my list and i've only got prac-ops. three in total to complete so, i'm thinking to find out when and where I can take part, get all that done and carry on with engineering." she pulled a face for a moment "yes, i'm finding they're getting more intense, but, i'll still have a go".

Taking a deep breath as she paused for a moment "i've also updated my service jacket with having my photo taken with my operations uniform and Lieutenant Junior Grade pips on. It seems to have come out alright and I had wrote a short biography. About nine paragraphs, it's short... yeah.. so... besides that i've been giving the sensors a going over. I've had to extend the ventral sensor array to compensate for anything missed as the accuracy of study at the moment is coming from a couple of launched probes. One is scouting the system and the other is taking details of a moon and planet we have not yet identified. I think it's only by the pulsar from Pathfinders scopes has it got any recognition value at the moment. So, yes, i'll be finishing up the lateral array sensor tests with Science when they have a free minute or.. ten."

Sitting down and flipping her legs on the spongy sofa, Sytia picked up one of Suzie's soft throws and placed that over her lap. "So I met Scott for the first time too, he was off another shift and we got introduced, commander is his rank and what a lovely knowledgeable and confident chap he is. It's been a pleasure meeting him. I think from our chat, we are going to have an interesting time as we seem share similar interests and passions."

She rose her eyebrows with dimples accentuating her face "i'm going to finish up munching on some fresh Shevt'ak that sis gave me... and yes, it's a sweet, so computer end log and save on this date and time"


Sytia yawns as she came back into her shared quarters and tried to remain quiet. "computer, begin log supplemental and record"

With a heavy drawn breath she gathered her thoughts and said "I was woken up in the night and I was told that even though the level 4 diagnostic was complete, I was right into looking deeper at the pallets for a level 2. Pallet one was faulty and number two, even though that processed what was passed, visually, it failed, so I had the luxury to get out of bed and give engineering a hand to replace the pallets as other operations officers were indisposed at the time. We can only assume that this was caused by Pathfinders fight and that the pallets had received damage and were not inspected sufficiently to be replaced. Engineering were finishing off the casing the pallet onto its mount and the on duty power management operations officer is to flick the test switch."

Moving to the sink, she initiates the flow of water that senses the presence of her hands and washed her face. "I think i'm going to have myself a mug of Katheka as shift starts in a couple of hours and there's no point in sleeping. I've decided to complete all history lessons that the academy can provide as to a change in subject from engineering .. let that breathe and process a while. Anyway, enough mumbling to myself, computer end log and save time and date"

She hears the computer confirm the action as she dried her face and walked out the bathroom door.


Sytia hung round outside Tranquilities sick bay she had asked for permission to disembark from the Thunderbird on personal reasons after coming into news again that her sister had been in the command headquarters of Pinstri before it lost structural integrity and collapsed. Her sister Talas was always one to be last out... and one always to be in sick bay.

Slapping her hands a couple of times we went into the ladies room, half perched on the sink and alone she asked for the computer to save her log.

"Time again and i'm waiting on news about my sister. It seems not long ago she told me about that attack in Traquility. She has a habit, or a fetish for the scrubs I think. My dear sister, I can't tell mum, not until I know this is not severe, you know how much she worries?". Sytia was agitated, pushing her arms out fully stretched and took in a deep long breath in steadying her nerves. "It's going to be some investigation, the devastation caused is ... unforeseen in a large scale and evac took time".

As she looked into the mirror, she felt to turn away "Computer, end log and save"


Sytia wraps up her visit to Tranquility after hearing more about her sister Talas and had sat with her for a few hours. She felt so tired from all the activity that she slumped on the sofa in her quarters. Su had gone on shift where Sytia fancied that two's company cuddle. Flipping a pillow too her chest, she held the soft pillow with her chin bowed down. "Computer, begin log supplemental and record".

On hearing the chime, she starts "I heard more about the tectonic activity from below and scientists trying to work out what is what and wondering when the deep research is going to be headed, I guess it's probing time with metaphasic shields or something like.. I don't know, I don't know what Command has instore but one can guess... anyway at the minute I can't think, I have much on my mind. Im sure with a bit of sleep, i'll be fine in the morning".

She rubbed the back of her head and flexed her body back "I should start to think about dinner, food for thought and see if the missing harness has turned up before I mark it to pad on the requisition form as a definite declared missing items for replication". she drawn a long sigh "Anyway, I had the debrief with my operations team as now I formally stand as Chief and I commended them all for good efforts within this emotional crisis. I'll be popping over to SS Tranquility for resupplying and I have my list drawn up and I should visit medical before going, no doubt as non replicable items go, Biomimetic gel and possibly, maybe Inoprovaline may be on their list". Rolling her eyes in effort "I think i'm going to have a traditional dinner and serve myself up with a Shaysha tureen".

Pulling at the skin on her lip a little she said "computer, save this log supplemental and include today's date and time".


Sytia got out of bed for her third time. Feeling drained from the routed phone calls in the early hours that woke her wife up too she yawned, jumped into the shower and started to prepare herself for today. "Computer begin log entry" her dry grumpy voice felt like an echo in the room. "Last night in my ramble I stated about science and I have a right mix of probes in thought, we left ours monitoring the planet's condition that the Etanians hold presence. For Pinastri comes with a lot of geological survey which could be done on an astrometrics deck and when safe, core samples and thermal tests, liquid density and lifespan of probes are cut, there's no point using huge fancy technologies that would eventually melt as compared to rudimentary studies that would provide equal amount of data and all sides covered and yet safe". she shook her head " But it also means there's disturbance with the fisheries and that usually creates mayhem with the civilian population that use the area around the volcano for sea fishing, I know, I used to love sitting out there with a group of fishermen and be out in the open sea".

Running her long fingers through her ash white hair she said "Mums coming and I had the antenna full from that". She gave out a hefty sigh "why didn't you tell me Sytia zh' , I heard from the medical staff about your sister and I never received any message about you".... "Yeah, I know she cares, it's just a critical time for Talas and now that other staff has heard, I know that the professional air feels different, but I wouldn't mind the hand today, this means I got visitors, which mean I need to do homecoming. Talas's decor is still with me so after asking for permissions for an Andorian homecoming in the lounge as in our quarters it can be a little too personal with my brothers. I can atleast make Tanra sh's' heart feel a little less heavy... But it does mean going to the Andorian meat market from having Thunderbird command permission and getting a good quantity Redbat and to help chef put it on tonight’s menu, Redbat traditionally is a flying mammal that is cooked over an open fire and served with hari and served with a spicy Imperay sauce.. However, I was thinking to have Redbat cooked 3 ways. Hari is a flatroot, it is commonly ground into flour and made into a flatbread, but I could use this for breadcrumbs in coating the Redbat in one of the servings along with pan fried and roasted.. It sounds quite yummy just thinking about it”.

Clearing her dry throat, Sytia ordered Katheka from the replicator and placed it down on the coffee table and then checked her padd. “Ooh, that reminds me, I should get a good chance to order some Srjula tea as well and pick up some Shaysha as a welcome home dish, the crew may not take to it, I dare tell them it’s Andorian beetles”.she sniggered “Permission has just been granted for my family union and my trip to Tranquility Station.. Azdra is in sickbay, under the watchful eye of Dr Sheppard - McKay... As the Thunderbird is a family, I see that mum will be delighted in the opportunity to meet my colleagues, let alone to reunite with my wife. So, this means, Andorian luck charms, Su’s axe coming out from the display unit, vibrant calligraphy artworks with the smell of Andorian cuisine, it should be homely. It’s something for under this condition and a nice event for the Thunderbird crew to feel part of. “I’ve got to get to Tranquility for 09.00 and it’s nearly 06.00, time to shift. I will get my exercise today with all the walking round, so trouser day with safety caps and curled hair for self presentation, it’s a lot today but I know I have Su’s support”.

“Anyway, I probably won’t make another log for some time, three logs in a few hours is enough, but I have concern running through my mind and it helps getting the grrr out the situation here.. Computer, save this log please”
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